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Tough Draw Talks

Tough Draw Talks

By Tough Draw
We are HUGE fans of the sport of rodeo and love everything about this culture and community, and with this podcast, we hope to give y’all an all access pass to some of the cowboys and cowgirls both inside and outside the dirt that make up this community. Appreciate you being along for the ride!
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Tough Draw Talks - Ep 9 - Mason Taylor
We are excited to bring you an all access look today discussing the upcoming 2021 PBR season; appreciate you being along for the ride! Today we are joined by the Maypearl, TX product, Mason Taylor! Since his rookie year in 2019, Mason has been a staple on the Unleash the Beast tour and is one of the stickiest guys going. He started off the year hot at the Cowtown Classic and has his sights set on more than just a Top 15 finish!
January 15, 2021
Tough Draw Talks - Ep 8 - Blake Sharp (Sharp Bucking Bulls)
We are starting off 2021 in a big way and we look forward to bringing you the all access pass to the community and the sport you love all year this new year! Appreciate you being along for the ride! Speaking of BIG, today we have Blake Sharp of Sharp Bucking Bulls joining us. Blake has deep family ties to the contracting world and has been around the bull game for a while now. He’s involved with the PBR and is a shareholder of the ABBI which he’ll be competing in this weekend.
January 1, 2021
Tough Draw Talks - Ep 7 - 2020 Recap
Coming off of an amazing 2020 NFR, our entire team here at Tough Draw has a lot of thoughts and emotions about the first NFR in the state of Texas since 1961 and 2020 overall. In today's episode; I’ve got James Trawick and Sam Sengoll here with me from the team.
December 18, 2020
Tough Draw Talks - Ep 6 - Cody Rostockyj
With today’s episode, we are excited to have Cody Rostockyj join us. Cody has been such an amazing friend through my journey in the sport and has been a huge contributor to the Tough Draw team.
December 12, 2020
Tough Draw Talks - Ep 5 - Aaron Pass
With today’s episode, we have a bull rider that is known around the bull riding community as quite the hand; bull rider Aaron Pass. Aaron is a veteran of the sport and we are grateful for his incite and him being here with us today.
December 11, 2020
Tough Draw Talks - Ep 4 - Bryce Redo
With today’s episode, we hope to honor and give a platform to one of the oftentimes undervalued members of the rodeo performance, bullfighter Bryce Redo! Contestants get on and they have one job, but guys like Bryce have to be on their toes the entire event and put themselves in harms way for the love of the game ride after ride! Bryce has become a great friend to the Tough Draw team and we have so much respect for what he does for the sport.
December 10, 2020
Tough Draw Talks - Ep 3 - Taylor Hearn
With today’s episode, we talk all things Globe Life with not only a southpaw stud for the Texas Rangers, but also a man that’s got some deep ties to the roping world, Taylor Hearn. - I just recently got connected with Taylor, but I feel like this is gonna be a fun time.
December 9, 2020
Tough Draw Talks - Ep 2 - Eli Vastbinder
In today's episode our guest is a man that has achieved success in bull riding throughout his career and has been a huge factor in giving me incite to the sport and community I love so much; Eli Vastbinder. Eli has been a great friend and resource for the Tough Draw team throughout the last several years and we were excited to sit down and talk about life, success and rodeo.
December 8, 2020
Tough Draw Talks - Ep 1 - Stetson Frost
With today’s episode, we have the man behind the Lane Frost Brand,  Stetson Frost. If you don’t know about Lane Frost Brand, you need to  check out all their gear and what all they’re doing for the sport of  rodeo all in honor of one of the greatest cowboys the sport has ever  known...Lane Frost. From his world championships, to his tragic death in  Cheyenne, Lane’s story has been immortalized in several ways and  throughout my journey of creating content for the sport, I’ve been  fortunate to get to know Stetson and the Frost family.
December 7, 2020