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The Soul Full Lounge

The Soul Full Lounge

By Tracy Manu
Tracy's goal is to see people empowered, enabling them to live their best life.

Are you feeling inspired and in search of the support you need for expansion, or stuck and desire tools for transformation?

Tracy's conversations with, trail blazers, rad human's making a difference in the world, those who have overcome adversity, entrepreneurs and thought leaders will ignite the fire in your belly, connect you to what's truly important, motivate you to honour the call of your Soul and provide actionable tools and strategies, which empower you to make this, your best life.
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Gaia Chinniah - Understanding your blueprint and living with purpose.

The Soul Full Lounge

Gaia Chinniah - Understanding your blueprint and living with purpose.
Gaia's story is inspiring!  When she was 33 (and hence the name of her business - Soul 33) she visited a renowned Maori Healer. The Healer told Gaia she possessed some very unique gifts that few possess, pushing her out of her comfort zone, and into her hidden destiny. Gaia experienced a very different few sessions with the healer, who made Gaia work on her, and Gaia’s unique gifts were brought into the light. "I thought I knew who I was, I was going in a direction that society had conditioned me to believe. It was through the gifted Maori Healer I was seeing at the time for traditional holistic treatments, who reminded me of my gifts that I had not recognised before. She encouraged me to trust myself and be confident that I didn’t need to intellectually analyse what I was doing. I just had to trust that I was connected to something much deeper than what I could see with my physical eyes" explains Gaia. In this podcast we chat about Gaia's podcast, which is supporting people from all over the world and how knowing our blueprint can bring about my purpose and meaning to our lives.  Get cosy and join us in the Soul Full Lounge. The Beacon by Soul 33 is available now for download on both Apple and Android devices. Search ‘Soul33’ in your App Store. Website: Facebook: Instagram:
April 8, 2021
Belinda Wiley - Reignite Your Sex Life
Belinda Wiley is a certified Sex, Love and Relationship Coach who works with women and couples, specialising in bringing vibrancy, joy and hot AF sex back to long term relationships.  She inspires each of us to prioritise our own pleasure.  Belinda’s guidance and practices are inspired by ancient lineages, modern philosophy and her own experiences. Join Belinda and I in the Soul Full Lounge as we discuss, sex, relationships, vulnerability, men, communication, orgasms and even chocolate!  I loved our conversation, I hope you do too x  You can learn more on her website or join her private Facebook group 💗Dull + Deprived to Radiant + Thriving💗
February 22, 2021
Lisa F Miller - Understanding The Brain and Honouring Your Deep Knowing Within...
Lisa found herself in the midst of the toughest year of her life. At the time she'd left a violent relationship, had no credit, was raising two children and taking care of her mother who was unwell.  She knew things had to change and she was determined to create a better life for herself and her family.  She began asking herself questions and opening up to the possibilities, that her life could be better.   Join us in the Soul Full Lounge as Lisa shares her story of going from an incredibly challenging time in her life to transforming her life and how she now supports others to do the same.  Lisa's perspective about our brain and subs-conscious beliefs are eye opening and the nuggets she shares will support you to create a life you truly love. 
January 20, 2021
Eve Ahern - Co-parenting, Dating and Living with Purpose
Eve has experienced heartbreak, taken big leaps of faith and been on an incredible healing journey, which has culminated in Eve owning her power and embracing her purpose.  We sit down together to discuss, where Eve is now and how she co-parents after her break up, dating and making sure she honours herself in the process.    With a wealth of knowledge and a deep connection to her Tūpuna, Mother Earth and her own healing journey, Eve's mission is to support the healthy expression of emotions and to unlock the emotional blocks within each of us. She believes that as we unlock our ability to express, we raise our consciousness and in turn raise the well being of the collective. "I am the light but I am also the darkness. My expression is a constant process of moving from the shadows to the light and back again, back and forth, lost and then found, blind and then seeing. This is what I am here to live and what I am here to guide others through" - Eve Ahern Get cosy and join us in the Soul Full Lounge x
December 15, 2020
Christie Houghton - A Holistic Approach To Exercise
Positive, enthusiastic and motivating, Christie Houghton has built a reputation for supporting women to achieve their health and fitness goals by catering to their individual needs and stages. She believes in balance in all things and understands that fitness is not just physical but an emotional process too. She felt that women could be better served in the fitness industry and set out to build a company that offered the support, education and motivation they needed to thrive. Christie has been recognised at the New Zealand Exercise Industry Awards, named NZ’s best small group trainer in 2019. Join Christie and I has we discus how to use your menstrual cycle and energy levels, to get the most out of your fitness regime. We look at how a holistic approach to well-being can be incredibly beneficial and we chat about doing what scares the shit out of you. Get cosy and join us in the Soul Full Lounge x
November 8, 2020
Emma Wright - Size Doesn't Matter
When Emma was nineteen, she told her parents she had bulimia. They didn’t believe her. Or at least believe it was the life-threatening problem that it was. They told Emma she was beautiful and asked if she ‘was over all that now’ and then hardly spoke of it again. Emma's parents were great in so many ways. But they didn’t know how to speak about bodies, food and long-term health to their kids in a way where they felt positive and protected from a culture that values thinness and promotes weight-loss like it’s the panacea for every darn thing. Having now recovered Emma is giving other smart, dedicated parents the language to talk about bodies that her folks never had. Through coaching, speaking events, the 10,000 Mothers club and her workbook, Emma's helped 100’s of parents create inner narratives that support self-worth and resilience, and live a far richer life. Please note:  If you're not a parent it doesn't matter, what we speak about in this podcast can be transferred to our own mindset around our bodies. Get cosy and join us in the Soul Full Lounge, I have a feeling you're going to get loads of gems from this podcast x If you'd like to find out more about Emma and the fantastic work she does in the world, go and check her out. She offers many different options which will support you to love the skin you're in. 
October 18, 2020
Erin O'Hara - From Unwell To A Wellness Centre
Erin O’Hara’s dream was to become a medical doctor, however a mystery illness which the medical profession was unable to explain, left her bed ridden and ultimately walking an alternative path. In this episode Erin and I discus how she went from unwell to becoming a professional athlete, to creating Golden Yogi, plus the lessons she learned along the way and we chat about the power of meditation and the mind.   This is a goodie, so get cosy and join us in the Soul Full Lounge. Erin is Golden Yogi Director & Founder, a Yoga & Meditation Teacher, a Qualified Naturopath, a medical herbalist and a passionate health & wellness lover. She practices natural and preventative medicine, combining knowledge of Naturopathy and Science. She has spent over a decade gathering knowledge and qualifications in health and wellness through: study, scientific research, personal illness, racing as a professional athlete, and an intrinsic passion for health naturally. Drawing from this experience and knowledge she focuses on prevention, education, and natural medicines - “pure cures”. She integrates a natural approach to conventional medicine, including natural alternatives to prescription drugs, vitamin and nutrient supplements, nutritional advice, yoga, and meditation. She takes an integrative approach looking at the patient’s physical, mental, and spiritual health.
August 17, 2020
Kaytee Boyd - Take Charge Of Your Health
Kaytee's wisdom when it comes to health and well-being is vast, so make sure you take notes during this conversation, there's loads of gems.   Kaytee has been involved in the Health and Wellness industry for over 25 years. After graduating from Otago University with a double degree in Human Nutrition and Sports Science, she went on to become a member of the Nutrition Society of NZ and became a MINND foundation practitioner (specialising with Autism). Kaytee has continued on with further study within CHEK Institute – Holistic Lifestyle Coaching disciplines, ACNEM, and was also awarded a Prime Minister’s Scholarship. Kaytee is also an advisor on the board of Breast Cancer Network Foundation, which a foundation close to her heart. Kaytee has competed for New Zealand in BMX, Mountain Bike, Road racing and is a World Cup Gold Medalist in Track cycling, she has also competed in the Commonwealth Games. Her skill base has great depth and knowledge of the human body making it extremely helpful in diagnosis and treatment, as well as constructing exercise programs. Get cosy and join us in the Soul Full Lounge x
July 16, 2020
Nikki Rhodes - Sex, Intimacy and Relationships
Nikki Rhodes is a passionate advocate for authentic relating. She believes that a positive sexual education is our birth-right and coaches both men and women in all things sex and relationship related. She facilitates workshops, coaches people in all things sex and relationship related and is an international speaker at various festivals and retreats. She has degrees in psychology, childbirth education and Ancient History where she was a lecturer at the University of Auckland in Ancient Greek and Roman Medicine specialising in issues surrounding women's health and sexuality in the ancient world. A devoted traveller and student of life always, she continues her study of traditional Tantra in India each year, as well as presenting workshops at various festivals and retreats across Australia and New Zealand.  She is also the co-founder of Spirit Festival NZ, which I've attended and absolutely love! If you are interested in learning about Nikki's upcoming  course called WOMANHOOD, registrations have just opened. Go find out all the info at
June 17, 2020
Savannah Atai Petero: While Others Cut Poppies, Let Us Honour The Kauri
Nau Mai, Haere Mai Feeding 450,000 people in need, sounds like a massive goal, however Savannah Atai Petero is up for the challenge.   If you too are passionate about making a difference in the world, listen in.  I'm sure the topics we cover in this korero, will inspire you to take action.  She has inspired me to use more Te Reo Maori, which I'm embracing with a great big heart! Savannah has a passion for the advancement of women and indigenous people, and is a strong advocate for human rights including the right to value indigenous world views. These values resonated in her at a young age and are values shared with her by her family, whakapapa and faith. These beliefs motivated her to study commercial law during which time she co-founded the Maori and Pacific Law Association. With a background in performing arts, pacific island nutrition and personal fitness training, Savannah is equally passionate about her personal wellness as she is about wellness within the world.
April 29, 2020
Janelle Brunton-Rennie: Live Until You're Alive Again...
Janelle lost her Soul Mate Kurt, a beautiful man both inside and out.    Before Kurt passed, they both decided to share their journey on social media.  Their story wasn't another highlight reel filled with filtered pics, this was a raw and vulnerable journey, which included all the highs and lows. I sat down with Janelle, to chat about where she is now and what she's learned from this immensely painful experience and I think like me, you'll be inspired by her honesty, optimism and the strength she has to continue to have an open heart after so much pain. Get comfy and join us in the Soul Full Lounge x
March 15, 2020
Natalie Tolhopf: The Beauty Of Imperfections...
Does perfectionism hold you back?  Is fear stopping you from reaching your goals? If you answered yes, join Nat Tolhopf and I as we discuss, being brave, taking imperfect action and Nat also opens up about one of her biggest life lessons and how it changed the way she see's herself. Get cosy and join us in the Soul Full Lounge...
February 16, 2020