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An episode of Nonprofit Biz Talk™

By Tracy V. Allen
Let's get your nonprofit organization together and on the path to success. We discuss tips and strategies to build and grow a profitable, sustainable, and compliant nonprofit infrastructure.
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S2E1 | So You Want To Start A Nonprofit - Now What!
Learn what it takes to start, build, and grow a sustainable nonprofit organization.     Want to get 50% of my signature course Nonprofit Made Easy™ send me an email at and mention that you saw this video.  Check out the course details here:  #NonprofitDevelopment hashtag#FundDevelopment hashtag#Nonprofit hashtag#Fundraising hashtag#Sustainability hashtag#Volunteerism hashtag#Nonprofitsuccess
September 4, 2019
S2 Intro
What’s new in Season 2? Listen to find out more.
May 29, 2019
S1E31 - The Corporate Binder: What is it and Does the Nonprofit Need One?
I get asked a lot about record keeping for the nonprofit, and I also meet a lot of nonprofits that have no idea where to put their hands on the documents needed to complete a grant or pass an audit. Here's what you need to do if you haven't already done so. - Nonprofit Biz Talk™  _____________________________________________ Learn more about the course and services I offer here: 👉TVA Academy - 👉TVA Consulting - 👉YouTube (Vodcast) - 👉Email - 👉Facebook Biz Page- 👉Facebook Group: 👉LinkedIn: 👉Instagram - 👉Twitter -  
December 27, 2018
S1E30 - Year-End Campaign in Overdrive
Kick your Nonprofit Year-End Campaign in Overdrive with these 7 Keep It Strategically Simple (K.I.S.S.) Tips.  Listen to Learn More! _____________________________________________ Learn more about the course and services I offer here:  👉TVA Academy -  👉TVA Consulting -  👉YouTube (Vodcast) -  👉Email -  👉Facebook Biz Page-  👉Facebook Group:  👉LinkedIn:  👉Instagram -  👉Twitter -
December 20, 2018
S1E29 - It's An Emergency
Is your nonprofit organization in a state of emergency?  Do you have a virus that has invaded the organization that you cannot find and have no idea how to cure it?  Are you struggling to treat your mission with all the wrong remedies.  Well, listen to find the prescription for the cure!  __________________________________________  Learn more about the courses and services I offer here:  👉The Nonprofit ER -  👉TVA Academy -  👉TVA Consulting -  👉YouTube (Vodcast) -  👉Email -  👉Facebook Biz Page-  👉Facebook Group:  👉LinkedIn:  👉Instagram -  👉Twitter -
December 13, 2018
S1E28 - Assessing Profitability, Sustainability & Compliance
Have you started to analyze the impact or lack of impact your nonprofit made in 2018 and planning to rectify that in 2019? Let's got through 5 key points that you need to evaluate and make changes to so that you can achieve optimal success for your organization in 2019. Let's start assessing profitability, sustainability, and compliance. Is the content of this podcast of value to the success of your nonprofit? If you think it is then help make this podcast possible by showing your support with a money pledge. Click here to donate: _____________________________________________ LET'S STAY INTOUCH Website: Facebook Business Page: Facebook Group: LinkedIn: Instagram: @tracyvallenllc Twitter: @tracyvallenllc YouTube Channel: Podcast: TVA Academy: - for all you nonprofit and business knowledge.
December 6, 2018
S1E27 - Nonprofit Tech: What Do You Really Need?
Is your nonprofit organization going from one software program to the next trying to find the right one to keep accurate records and streamline all of your internal processes?  Are you less than tech-savvy and doing minor tasks take you longer than you anticipated and leaves you feeling frustrated and annoyed?  Listen to today's guest, Tech Expert, Ed Troxell, A.K.A. Tech Man, break it how to figure out what software you need and give us his top 6 picks.  Don't forget to: SUBSCRIBE, LIKE, SHARE, COMMENT, & RATE this podcast. ABOUT THE GUEST  Ed Troxell -  Making online business easy!  My job is to save you – the business owner – from today’s technology.  I show you how to easily implement tech so that you can keep the business moving forward, attract new customers, increase your sales, and engage with your audience in a whole new way. In the process, I help you save money and give you your time back! Website: Tools page: Dubsado: G-suite: QuickBooks: Trello: ____________________________________________  Learn more about the course and services I offer here: 👉TVA Academy - 👉TVA Consulting - 👉YouTube (Vodcast) - 👉Email - 👉Facebook Biz Page- 👉Facebook Group: 👉LinkedIn: 👉Instagram - 👉Twitter -   
November 29, 2018
S1E26 - Should I Start a Nonprofit
Is starting a nonprofit the best way for you to serve the community? Here are some strategies to validate your mission or take on an alternative route, that lets you answer the question, "Should I Start a Nonprofit." _____________________________________________ STAY INTOUCH Website: Facebook Business Page: Facebook Group: LinkedIn: Instagram: @tracyvallenllc Twitter: @tracyvallenllc YouTube Channel: Podcast: Academy:
November 22, 2018
S1E25 - Common Board Questions and Answers
In today’s episode of Nonprofit Biz Talk™, I answer some of the most pressing questions that people usually ask about the Nonprofit Board of Director’s (BOD). If you have a question and I didn’t answer it in this episode leave it below, and I’ll answer it if it’s simple, or I'll addresses it in another episode if it is complicated. Don’t be selfish and keep all this amazing information to yourself, be sure to LIKE, SHARE, COMMENT, RATE, and SUBSCRIBE.  ________________________________________ Check out the Knowledge Hub:  👉TVA Academy -  👉TVA Consulting -  👉YouTube (Vodcast) -  👉Email -  👉Facebook Biz Page-  👉LinkedIn:  👉Instagram -  👉Twitter -  The podcast is available on multiple platforms/apps.
November 15, 2018
S1E24 - Success Planning Through Program Design
Latest episode of Nonprofit Biz Talk™ Programs can easily be referred to as the lifeblood of the nonprofit organization because it is the pathway to funding and sustainability which leads to SUCCESS (Mission Accomplished). It is not however acceptable for an organization to put something together haphazardously and say that they have designed a program. Like with everything else in life Success Planning Through Program Design follows a step-by-step process needed to become fundable by grants. In this episode, Ronessa Strickland-Roberts takes of the process step-by-step. So, GRAB your pens, paper, or phone and get ready to start taking notes. ABOUT THE GUEST: Ronessa Strickland-Roberts is the owner and principal consultant of Volcano Consulting, LLC and the Volcano Consulting, LLC Professional Development Center. Volcano Consulting is a multidisciplinary public health consulting company located in Sanford, FL and serving clients nationwide. Ronessa leads the company with more than 20 years’ experience in Public Health Management and Administration and Allied Health experience. Ronessa holds a Bachelor of Health Science, a Master of Public Health, is a Medical Assistant, a Certified Health Education Specialist, and a Certified Allied Health Instructor. Among her areas of expertise are research methods and protocol development, evaluation, health education, allied health training, grants, and program management, technical writing, and grant writing. Get in touch with Ronessa here: Website: Facebook Business: Facebook: Check Me Out - Tracy V. Allen : 👉TVA Academy - 👉TVA Consulting - 👉YouTube (Vodcast) - 👉Email - 👉Facebook Biz Page- 👉Facebook Group: 👉LinkedIn: 👉Instagram - 👉Twitter - PODCAST AVAILABLE ON MOST PODCAST PLATFORMS
November 8, 2018
S1E23 - Volunteering to Career Advancement
Latest episode of Nonprofit Biz Talk™ Do you think that there are no benefits to volunteering? Do you think it’s a waste of time that could be better spent doing other activities? Well, click to find out how volunteering can be the gateway to a better job, new career, and marketable skills from Career Strategist Melanie L. Denny-Salomon. ABOUT THE GUEST: "Melanie is a Certified Résumé Expert, LinkedIn Strategist, Personal Branding Specialist, Speaker, Author and a trusted resource for all things job search. She has been featured on countless radio shows and invited to speak to national organizations and local non-profits across the US on career topics from resumes, LinkedIn, interviewing, personal branding, networking and career development. Melanie empowers brilliant, corporate women or as she calls them, “brilliant professionistas” who have reached their professional plateau to gain the confidence and tools they need to overcome their own self-sabotages and finally take their seat at the big BO$$ Lady Table where they belong! Her “never settle for less” attitude inspires her clients to realize their true value and exude the confidence they need to stand out in today’s job market so they can secure the high paying Manager, Director or VP role they’ve only dreamed of. She absolutely loves working exclusively with each of her clients to gain insight on their personal strengths, passions, and unique value to pinpoint their distinct personal brand so they can package, market and sell themselves in today’s fast-paced corporate environment." LinkedIn: IG: @careercoachmelanieldenny Twitter: @melanieldenny FB @melaniedennycareercoach _________________________________________ Check me out here: 👉TVA Academy - 👉TVA Consulting - 👉YouTube (Vodcast) - 👉Email - 👉Facebook Biz Page- 👉Facebook Group: 👉LinkedIn: 👉Instagram - 👉Twitter - PODCAST AVAILABLE ON MOST PODCAST PLATFORMS
November 1, 2018
S1E22 - Funding Come Through Programming
Latest episode of Nonprofit Biz Talk™ Nothing significant happens in a nonprofit organization without well thought out and implemented programs. Programs are the lifeblood of every nonprofit organization. It is one of the most important markers for the good done in the community you serve. Moreover, it is one of the areas where funders determine if the organization is worthy of being funded. Let’s listen to Nonprofit Success Strategist, Tykeysha “Ty” Boone break it done for us. ABOUT THE GUEST: The Nonprofit Success Strategist, Tykeysha “Ty” Boone, MPH, CNC, is a wife and home-schooling mom with three children; serves her community as a published author, speaker, volunteer SCORE Mentor, and nonprofit success strategist. With nearly 20 years of experience in academic and clinical research, community program planning, and nonprofit management and development, Ty has a reputation for helping people secure and sustain nonprofit status without the traditional headache or hassle, while equipping them with the tools necessary to increase their capacity for nonprofit success. Ty is a Certified Nonprofit Consultant and holds formal degrees and training in psychology, public health, and community health education. Ty’s work in the academic/research institution setting proved pivotal in helping to establish and sustain relationships between the university and its community partners. It was during this work that Ty observed the desire of community-based organizations to reap the benefits that came along with having major partners or securing substantial amounts of funding. However, many of them either lacked the capacity or were not properly positioned to do so. As a result of wanting to work more closely with the community, Ty became department director for a community-based AIDS service organization. Under her leadership, the organization reached new and improved levels of community outreach, solidified relations with organizations such as the United Way, more successfully diversified funding efforts, and developed new partnerships and increased capacity, which ultimately resulted in millions in funding from federally recognized agencies including CDC and SAMHSA. Ty is the owner and chief consultant at Ty Boone Enterprises. She is published in several peer-reviewed journals and is the author of Show Me the Money: Quick Reference Guide to Funding your Nonprofit. Book a Strategy Session:…/tyfixmynonprofit/ Facebook Group: ___________________________________________ Check me, Tracy V. Allen, out on these platforms: 👉TVA Academy - 👉TVA Consulting - 👉YouTube (Vodcast) - 👉Email - 👉Facebook Biz Page- 👉Facebook Group: 👉LinkedIn: 👉Instagram - 👉Twitter - PODCAST AVAILABLE ON MOST PODCAST PLATFORMS
October 25, 2018
S1E19 - Tell Me More: Strategic Engagement for Success
In this episode of Nonprofit Biz Talk™ - Sometimes the message we try to convey to our audience and the manner in which we try to convey that message is not being received or creating the reactions we anticipated. Does this sound like a problem that your nonprofit organization is currently having on social media, email marketing, and face-to-face interactions? Let’s hear what tips and strategies Ben Bisbee, Nonprofit Consultant and Owner of Rhino Consulting has to say about leveraging nonprofit engagement to acquire more members. Email: Website: Facebook: 31st Century Nonprofit __________________________________________ 👉TVA Academy - 👉TVA Consulting - 👉YouTube (Vodcast) - 👉Email - 👉Facebook Biz Page- 👉Facebook Group: 👉LinkedIn: 👉Instagram - 👉Twitter -
October 4, 2018
S1E16 - Next Year Never Comes
Is your organization acting like a hamster on a wheel? Watch to find out! 28% of nonprofits raise between 26–50% of their annual funds from their Year-End campaign. Most of these donations are made in the Fall and early part of Winter; September-December, with a majority in November and December! Still, haven’t registered for the Year-End Fundraising Superhero's Bootcamp™? Then you're saying that you are comfortable operating your nonprofit in the deficit. You're also saying you're not interested in creating surplus revenue for your nonprofit. If this isn’t the case register today to start your Superhero’s Training today! 👉TVA Academy - 👉TVA Consulting - 👉YouTube (Vodcast) - 👉Email - 👉Facebook Biz Page- 👉Facebook Group: 👉LinkedIn: 👉Instagram - 👉Twitter -
September 13, 2018
S1E15 - The Board - Choosing the Right Ones
In today's episode, of the Nonprofit Biz Talk™, I have a special guest and seasoned Nonprofit Board Member Joe Waxman with me to offer some candid insight about approaching, selection, and working with right board members to achieve the mission. We also discuss what a potential board member should look for in an organization before saying, "yes." Knowledge is power! Without knowledge, it is impossible to "Level Up" your nonprofit organization to achieve profitability, sustainability, and compliance. I have created a plethora of courses, workshops, and downloadables to help you "Level Up". Use the links to check them out for yourself. 👉TVA Academy - 👉TVA Consulting - 👉YouTube (Vodcast) - 👉Email - 👉Facebook Biz Page- 👉Facebook Group: 👉LinkedIn: 👉Instagram - 👉Twitter -
September 6, 2018
S1E14 - What You Don't Know Will Hurt You: Nonprofit Tax Issues
In this week’s episode, the goal is to help you stay out of jail and remain compliant with the tax laws in regard to donating and operating a nonprofit organization. This is one scenario where what you don’t know can get you in serious hot water. So, come on in and let’s clear the air of all the myths, falsities, and tricks. Visit my website at or email me at Also, check out all of my courses on Teachable: Today's Guest: LuSundra Everett is the Home Biz Tax Lady, and owner of Everett Tax Solutions which specializes in Home Business Taxes, Cryptocurrency, and Business Entity Formation. She is Army Veteran, mom of 2, and the founder of the Tax Players Club, a Facebook group. LuSundra is an Enrolled Agent, the highest certification awarded by the IRS. Find the "Home Biz Tax Lady" on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter. Blog: Email: _____________________________________________ Check me out here: 👉TVA Academy - 👉TVA Consulting - 👉YouTube (Vodcast) - 👉Email - 👉Facebook Biz Page- 👉Facebook Group: 👉LinkedIn: 👉Instagram - 👉Twitter -
August 30, 2018
S1E13 - About Those Financials . . .
Are you pulling the right reports on a weekly and monthly basis and using them to drive the trajectory of the organization? Find out what should and should not be done to settle your nonprofit financials. 👉TVA Academy - 👉TVA Consulting - 👉YouTube (Vodcast) - 👉Email - 👉Facebook Biz Page- 👉Facebook Group: 👉LinkedIn: 👉Instagram - 👉Twitter - ________________________________________ Today's Guest: Jaime Campbell, CPA, MBA, CGMA CTT, MCT is co-founder and CFO of Tier One Services, LLC, a firm serving organizations as outsourced accounting departments. Jaime’s passion is to open pathways to freedom for others, and her tools are financial clarity, security, and planning. Jaime is dedicated to designing new ways for mission-driven organizations to attain financial sustainability. You can contact Jaime and find out more about her here: &
August 23, 2018
S1E12 - Turning Your Donors Into Fundraisers
On today's episode of Nonprofit Biz Talk™, we will discuss how to turn your faithful annual donors into ambassadors for your cause and become fundraisers. If you find this podcast informational and want to support us monetarily you can do so here: Check out some of my new courses, Year-End Fundraising Superhero's Bootcamp™ at and my website, 👉TVA Academy - 👉TVA Consulting - 👉YouTube (Vodcast) - 👉Email - 👉Facebook Biz Page- 👉Facebook Group: 👉LinkedIn: 👉Instagram - 👉Twitter -
August 16, 2018
S1E11 - PR For Nonprofits: Why You Need It and When.
Have you ever wondered if, why, or when a nonprofit organization would need to hire a Public Relations Expert? In today's episode of Nonprofit Biz Talk™, all those questions and more are answered by PR Expert Brianne Miers. ABOUT THE GUEST: Brianne Miers is based in Boston, Massachusetts, and has nearly 20 years of experience in public relations. She's the principal of Kind Communications, a consulting firm that she founded four years ago to provide nonprofits and social enterprises with strategic communications services including messaging, public relations, social media, and content creation to help them tell their stories with limited resources. She is also a travel blogger and freelance travel writer. To connect with Brianne, you can find her here _____________________________________________ Check me out here: 👉TVA Academy - 👉TVA Consulting - 👉YouTube (Vodcast) - 👉Email - 👉Facebook Biz Page- 👉Facebook Group: 👉LinkedIn: 👉Instagram - 👉Twitter - Check out some of my new courses starting August 1, 2018, Year-End Fundraising Superhero's Bootcamp™ at and website,
August 9, 2018
S1E10 - 5 Ways to Market to Donors
In this episode, we will be discussing the art of romance when dealing with your organization's major donor. This is an episode you don't want to miss. ____________________________________________ Check me out here: 👉TVA Academy - 👉TVA Consulting - 👉YouTube (Vodcast) - 👉Email - 👉Facebook Biz Page- 👉Facebook Group: 👉LinkedIn: 👉Instagram - 👉Twitter - #NonprofitStrategist #TheNonprofitMinute #NonprofitLife #NonprofitBizTalk #Fundraising #HowtoStartingaNonprofit #Nonprofit
August 2, 2018
S1E9 - Professional Development for Nonprofits
On today's episode of Nonprofit Biz Talk™, we have CFRE Ayda Sanver, who will talk about the need for professional development for board members and staff and how it relates to moving the mission forward, sustainability, and compliance of your nonprofit organization. Ayda Sanver, MBA, CFRE - She has 20 years fundraising experience; author of "Tag, You're IT-Now Raise Us Some Money"; Speaker, Trainer, and Coach. You can find out more about Ayda be visiting here:, Twitter - @AydaSC, and on LinkedIn and Facebook as well. ___________________________________________ Check me out here: 👉TVA Academy - 👉TVA Consulting - 👉YouTube (Vodcast) - 👉Email - 👉Facebook Biz Page- 👉Facebook Group: 👉LinkedIn: 👉Instagram - 👉Twitter - #NonprofitStrategist #TheNonprofitMinute #NonprofitLife #NonprofitBizTalk #Fundraising #HowtoStartingaNonprofit #Nonprofit
July 26, 2018
S1E8 - HR Conflicts Resolutions for Nonprofits
On today's episode of Nonprofit Biz Talk™, we have HR Specialist J'Anmetra "Jojo" Waddell, who will break down the do's and don't's of hiring staff and volunteers for your nonprofit organization, and how to solve some common conflicts that may occur. You can find out more about J'Anmetra "Jojo" Waddell, by visiting her website or connecting with her on social media:,,, Instagram - janmetra, YouTube -, Twitter - janmetra. __________________________________________ Check me out here: 👉TVA Academy - 👉TVA Consulting - 👉YouTube (Vodcast) - 👉Email - 👉Facebook Biz Page- 👉Facebook Group: 👉LinkedIn: 👉Instagram - 👉Twitter - #NonprofitStrategist #TheNonprofitMinute #NonprofitLife #NonprofitBizTalk #Fundraising #HowtoStartingaNonprofit #Nonprofit
July 19, 2018
S1E7 - Advisory Boards - What Are They?
Never heard of an advisory board? Heard of them but are not sure how they work? Wondering how they can benefit your organization? Take a listen to find out the answers to these questions. ___________________________________________ Check me out here: 👉TVA Academy - 👉TVA Consulting - 👉YouTube (Vodcast) - 👉Email - 👉Facebook Biz Page- 👉Facebook Group: 👉LinkedIn: 👉Instagram - 👉Twitter - #NonprofitStrategist #TheNonprofitMinute #NonprofitLife #NonprofitBizTalk #Fundraising #HowtoStartingaNonprofit #Nonprofit
July 12, 2018
Starting a nonprofit organization may seem like a novel idea, but there is a lot of work that goes into launching, running and sustaining a great nonprofit. They require an immense amount of resources, time, communication, and knowledge. Before starting one, you may want to consider these 6 alternatives while doing your research to determine the validity of the expense and the many hours of work to come. Follow me on social media @tracyvallenllc Check out some of my courses and website: 👉TVA Academy - 👉TVA Consulting - 👉YouTube (Vodcast) - 👉Email - 👉Facebook - 👉Instagram - 👉Twitter - #NonprofitStrategist #TheNonprofitMinute #NonprofitLife #NonprofitBizTalk #Fundraising #HowtoStartingaNonprofit #Nonprofit
July 5, 2018
S1E5 - The Art of Acquiring Sponsors and Major Donors - Part I
In this episode, we talk about the artful process of acquiring and cultivating the relationship with potential sponsors and major donor to meet your goals. Follow me on social media @tracyvallenllc Check out some of my courses and website: 👉The Nonprofit University - . 👉 Fundraising Everything: Creating Multiple Streams of Revenue - . 👉The Nonprofit Minute Youtube page - . 👉My website - #NonprofitStrategist #TheNonprofitMinute #NonprofitLife #NonprofitBizTalk #Fundraising #StartingaNonprofit
June 28, 2018
S1E4 - Tell Me That GOOOD Story!
Becoming a GOOOD Storyteller is essential for the success of gathering donors and email campaigns. Learn how to tell GOOOD Stories that build suspense, garners engagement and funding. 👉The Nonprofit Biz University - . 👉 Fundraising Everything: Creating Multiple Streams of Revenue - . 👉The Nonprofit Minute Youtube page - . 👉My website - #NonprofitStrategist #TheNonprofitMinute #NonprofitLife #NonprofitBizTalk #Fundraising #StartingaNonprofit
June 21, 2018
S1E3 - Hook Me, Hold Me, Ask Me. . . The Romance of Effective Nonprofit Communication
Did you know that any and every interaction you have on a daily basis can be compared to a romantic encounter? We initiate or respond to every interaction with an expected outcome. Learn how to get that desired outcome via email campaigning or through face to face interactions. If you find this podcast informational and want to support us monetarily you can do so here: 👉Nonprofit Biz University - . 👉 Fundraising Everything: Creating Multiple Streams of Revenue - . 👉The Nonprofit Minute Youtube page - . 👉My website - #NonprofitStrategist #TheNonprofitMinute #NonprofitLife #NonprofitBizTalk #Fundraising #StartingaNonprofit
June 14, 2018
S1E2 - 7 Ways To Lose Your Nonprofit Status
Do you know all of the ways that you can possibly lose your nonprofit status? It is not guaranteed that you keep it because you got it you have to do certain things in order to stay compliant. Click the play button and find out what they are. Join Nonprofit Biz University for professional development and training. If you find this podcast informational and want to support us monetarily you can do so here: 👉Nonprofit Biz University - . 👉 Fundraising Everything: Creating Multiple Streams of Revenue - . 👉The Nonprofit Minute Youtube page - . 👉My website - #NonprofitStrategist #TheNonprofitMinute #NonprofitLife #NonprofitBizTalk #Fundraising #StartingaNonprofit
June 7, 2018
S1E1 - 6 Strategies for Effective Email Fundraising
Did you know that your email list can be an effective way to generate funds, volunteers, and Community Partners for your nonprofit organization? Click play to hear more. Join Nonprofit Biz University If you find this podcast informational and want to support us monetarily you can do so here: 👉TVA Academy - 👉TVA Consulting - 👉YouTube (Vodcast) - 👉Email - 👉Facebook - 👉Instagram - 👉Twitter - #NonprofitStrategist #TheNonprofitMinute #NonprofitLife #NonprofitBizTalk #Fundraising #StartingaNonprofit
May 31, 2018
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