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The Mechanics and Economics of Social Media | Ep 24

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The decline of liberalism and rise of illiberal ideas necessitates an informed critique of current events through the lens of traditional thought. Trad Dads Podcast focuses on economic, cultural, political, and family issues and provides traditionalist commentary on the big issues to an audience of traditionalists, libertarians, liberals, socialists, and people of other political identities.
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The Mechanics and Economics of Social Media | Ep 24
Levi B and Levi R discuss social media platforms. Should we be expected to just build another social media platform or are there barriers to the creation of new platforms? Do we have alternatives to Twitter and Facebook now? Why aren't they bigger?
September 4, 2019
Community-Focused International Trade Policy | Ep 23
Levi R discusses the economics and politics of international trade as if communities mattered. Yes, unlimited trade makes many of us wealthier, but at what cost? IHS Press - Economics for Helen (order by phone or email)
August 29, 2019
Anti-Anti-Distributism | Ep 22
In this somewhat unusual episode, Levi R has some harsh words for the Anti-Distributists. Distributism was an attempt to apply the social teaching of the Church to the problems of the early 20th century. It has a ton of great ideas, some of which are very useful today. The most important thing is that you form your economic policy perspectives around Church teaching, rather than the other way around. Unfortunately, there are far too many Catholics who insist on doing the latter. This episode is a response to them.
August 21, 2019
Family vs Rugged Individualism | Ep 21
The Levis talk about the importance of prioritizing family and reasons why doing so is so difficult in the modern world.
August 7, 2019
Should We Protect Agriculture? | Ep 20
Levi R and Levi B discuss agricultural policy, specifically tariffs and subsidies designed to benefit agricultural producers. Should countries protect their domestic agricultural industries? Do some policies go too far? The Levis discuss. You can order "Economics for Helen" from IHS Press Everything I Want to Do Is Illegal by Joel Salatin
August 1, 2019
The Common Good | Ep 19
Levi R did a livestream with Anthony Stine of the YouTube Channel Return to Tradition. This episode is the audio from that conversation. Please enjoy!
July 25, 2019
John DeRosa on the Problem of Evil and Suffering | Ep 18
Levi R interviews John DeRosa, host of the Classical Theism podcast on the problem of evil and suffering. We talk a lot about the need for sacrifice today, but what are the intellectual and theological foundations of sacrifice? Why do we have to live in a world with evil and suffering? Classical Theism Podcast Website Talking Points
July 17, 2019
Sexual Revolution and Political Control | Ep 17
Isaac discusses his take on Libido Dominandi by Dr. E. Michael Jones and it's implications for today. The Levi's ask questions.
July 10, 2019
Primer on Usury | Ep 16
NOTE: I made an error regarding Fr. Pesch's book. The IHS book is a direct translation of Pesch's Ethik and Volkswirtschaft. Levi R lays out a few definitions of usury and speculates about possible effects of banning usury today. Show notes: Usury in Christendom - Hoffman Usury FAQ - Zippy Catholic (RIP) Ethics and the National Economy - Fr. Pesch (kindle) Vix Pervenit - Pope Benedict XIV Catholic Economics: Debt and Usury - Levi Russell Compound Interest Video
July 3, 2019
Pesch on the State and the Economy | Ep 15
Levi R reads chapters 2 and 3 of Ethics and the National Economy by Fr. Heinrich Pesch, S.J.
June 26, 2019
The Minimum Wage | Ep 14
Isaac and the Levis discuss minimum wage policy, its effects, and alternatives like the family wage. Is government policy sufficient to ensure a just wage or does society itself need to be reformed. 
June 19, 2019
Godly Fatherhood | Ep 13
Levi R interviews Charles, an autodidact theologian on the issue of God and fatherhood. Can we know God if we don't know what a good father is? Can we be good fathers without knowing God? Charles answers these questions in a compelling, Thomistic fashion. This is a must-listen!
June 12, 2019
Heinrich Pesch on the Just Price | Ep. 12
Levi R reads chapter 6 of Fr. Heinrich Pesch's book Ethics and the National Economy, which can be purchased here.
June 6, 2019
Mere Catholic Economics | Ep 11
Levi R replays a lecture he recently gave via YouTube livestream to the Canis Society. He lays out a positive case for economic policies based on Catholic Social Teaching. Lecture Notes Original lecture stream
June 1, 2019
Men's Role in the Pro-Life Movement | Ep. 10
Levi B and Levi R discuss Levi B's recent participation in a pro-life march in Edmonton, Alberta.
May 24, 2019
Can You Be Humble and Masculine? | Ep 9
Isaac and Levi R discuss the importance of understanding humility properly. It is not weakness and it is not self-deprecating. How should men act humbly in accordance with their masculinity?
May 15, 2019
Homer Dads - Being a countercultural father | Ep 8
Levi B and Levi R discuss strategies for pushing back against the dominant cultural narrative that infantilizes and disrespects fatherhood.
May 9, 2019
Brian Kemple - Continuum Philosophical Insights | Ep 7
Levi R and Isaac interview Brian Kemple, PhD about his new venture Continuum Philosophical Insights
April 30, 2019
The Anti-Pets Episode | Ep 6
Levi R and Levi B discuss the reasons they don't like pets. Rest assured that the other half of Trad Dads don't agree with them and you'll be hearing from them on this topic soon!
April 22, 2019
Andrew Yang vs. Tucker Carlson | Ep 5
Within the small group of commentators and prospective politicians who question the liberal economic consensus, there are some significant differences. In this episode, Levi talks about the differing perspectives on automation using Ben Shapiro's interviews with Andrew Yang and Tucker Carlson. Yang and Shapiro Tucker and Shapiro
April 19, 2019
Overview of Catholic Social Teaching | Ep 4
Isaac and Levi discuss Rerum Novarum and the basics of Catholic Social Teaching. Show Notes: Rerum Novarum Series on Catholic Economics Quadragesimo Anno Isaac on the Family Fun Pack
April 15, 2019
Kids' Tech Use | Ep 3
Levi and Levi discuss how they manage their own children's use of devices and screen time. They provide advice on goals and the key component of screen time management. In their discussion, they separate device management for young kids from device management for teens. Tucker Carlson on Young Teens' Use of Cell Phones The Light Phone
April 10, 2019
Why You Should Buy Local
In this episode, Levi Russell discusses the economics and ethics of the "buy local" movement. Though many economists oppose this idea on theoretical grounds, there are good reasons, even theoretical ones, to buy local. Trad Dads Show notes: Article - Criticisms of "Buy Local" Don't Make Economic Sense - Levi Russell
April 4, 2019
Can we critique the free market?
In this episode, Levi, Isaac, and "Other Levi" discuss a recent episode of Taylor Marshall and Tim Gordon's podcast. We address some criticisms of so-called Distributism and Marshall and Gordon's problems with government intervention into markets. We then provide a positive case, rooted in the Catechism and Papal Encyclicals, for government intervention in the market in some cases. Show Notes: Our website Against Catholic Distributism - Taylor Marshall, Jay Richards, and Tim Gordon Social Justice Reconsidered - Edward Feser Socialism Versus the Family - Edward Feser Catholic Socialism, Stalwart of Liberalism - Isaac Miller Catholic Economics: Neither Socialist Nor Capitalist - Levi Russell Free Markets and Families - Levi Russell
March 31, 2019
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