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Trade Finance Podcast

Trade Finance Podcast

By Stefano Virgilli
Trade Finance podcast is brought to you by Mitigram, the number one trusted network in trade finance. #fintech #innovation
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Ep.#14: IMF World Economic Outlook Report
An analysis by Victoire de Groote - Mitigram Macroeconomist Adviser and Global Head of Country Risk at HSBC.   0:48 - Disruption in supply chain  1:30 - Impact of the conflict in Ukraine  3:10 - China is slowing down  4:37 - Monetary policies  5:56 - Major identifiable risks  6:35 - Impact on trade and conclusions
May 16, 2022
Ep.#13: The impact of the Russian war on Ukraine on the world economy
An analysis by Victoire de GrooteMitigram Macroeconomist Adviser and Global Head of Country Risk at HSBC.   0:47 - Main exports of Russia and Ukraine, and impact on prices  2:44 - Impact on the USA   3:30 - Impact on emerging markets  4:40 - Impact on shipping and logistics globally, with focus on China  5:42 - The opportunities for India and France  6:20 - Long term consequences and conclusions
March 30, 2022
Ep.#12: Today’s market trends in trade finance
An analysis by André Casterman, Mitigram Advisor to Strategy and Market Engagement, and Chair Fintech Committee, ITFA.    1:01 - Model Law on Electronic Transferable Records (MLETR)  5:19 - Non-bank Financial Institutions - Trade Finance Funds  6:54 - The International Trade and Forfaiting Association's DNI initiative (Digital Negotiable Instruments)
March 16, 2022
Ep.11: Recovery: adverse winds or groundswell?
Talking points: 0:23 - Short term indicators point to a strong recovery and only temporary headwinds 0:55 - Inflation is temporary considering that 2:10 - Monetary policies 3:33 - Strong recovery... but already stabilizing 5:20 - Structural factors are not positive 6:45 - Geopolitical tensions 10:09 - China slowdown 12:12 - What to expect for trade: Recovery has varied per region and still depends on the pandemic 12:50 - Asia is a major driver in 2021, commodity exporters will catch up in 2022 but it will not offset the global slowdown 13:29 - Most sectors recovered except textile but growth is slowing down 14:02 - Conclusion
December 22, 2021
Ep.#10: Are inflation and stagflation here to stay?
An analysis of the current inflation and stagflation, evaluating both the signs pointing to a temporary outcome as well as a long term repercussions. Talking points: 0:20 - Possible reasons for temporary inflation 2:48 - PMI on manufacturing 3:48 - The status of GDP 4:33 - Wages and unemployment 5:34 - Possible reasons for long lasting inflation 6:58 - Implications and relationship with trade 9:35 - Conclusions
November 18, 2021
Ep.#9: Trade Finance Podcast by Mitigram with Victoire de Groote
Victoire de Groote, Head of Global Country Risk at HSBC and Chief Economist at Mitigram shares about the current status of Trade Finance.  Talking points: 0:41 Long terms trends 1:21 Short terms effects 1:57 Growth stabilisation 3:19 Role of Trade in world's growth 4:26 Type of recovery base on different regions 5:19 Oil and commodities 5:45 Trade and recovery in Asia 6:35 Impact of inflation 7:06 Recovery by sector 8:20 Trend predictions for 2022
November 11, 2021
#korean #TradeFinancePodcast​: Ep.8 - Sales Director Uon Kim introduces Mitigram
Sales Director Uon Kim introduces Mitigram in Korean language with English subtitles. 0:51 - Introduction 1:45 - Instruments 2:13 - Benefits 2:58 - Demo 3:56 - OMDOpen Market Discovery 4:33 - TxMTransaction Manager
August 02, 2021
#TradeFinancePodcast​: Ep.7 - Trade Finance Podcast hosted by TXF
Katharine Morton - Head of Trade, Treasury & Risk at TXF - interviews the UK “dream team” of Mitigram: Managing Director Joshua Cohen and Sales Directors John Treasure and Pepi Bedi. In this episode: 0:55 - How do you see trade in the post-Brexit UK and how digitalisation is going to help making things better? 3:15 - What is the status of digitalisation in trade? 4:40 - Where is digitalisation is helping the most in making things better? 6:45 - How is interoperability going to help if there is rationalisation in the European banking sector? What about the UK post Brexit? 9:00 - Brexit rationalisation for Financial Institutions. 11:15 - Legal framework for regulation. 14:02 - The role of AI and data digitalisation.  18:11 - Is there going to be a standardisation in Trade Finance digitalisation? 19:12 - Are businesses reluctant to digitalise? 21:31 - How to avoid siloed systems? 24:40 - Can digitalisation entirely replace human work? 30:08 - What are the most exciting parts of digitalisation in Trade Finance?
June 29, 2021
#TradeFinancePodcast​: Ep.6 Victoire De Groote talks about Recovery
Trade Finance Podcast by Mitigram. Episode 6 with Victoire De Groote, Global Head of Country Risk, HSBC. 1:00 - What is the recovery based on? 2:18 - Causes for short term inflation 3:45 - Effects of Government liquidity injection 6:10 - Projections on Trade
June 29, 2021
#TradeFinancePodcast​​: Ep.5 Renaud Simons ci parla di Mitigram in Italiano
Il quinto episodio del Trade Finance podcast vede il Direttore Marketing di Mitigram, Stefano Virgilli, intervistare il Direttore Esecutivo, Renaud Simons.   Punti salienti: 3:27​ - Quali sono gli ostacoli che rallentano la digitalizzazione nella Trade Finance? 7:00​ - Quali sono i flussi di Trade Finance che Mitigram permette di digitalizzare? 11:41​ - Come promuovere la multibancarieta' attraverso l'adozione di soluzioni Fintech? 17:18​ - I vantaggi pratici dell'utilizzo di Mitigram 22:46​ - Nuove opportunita' di business attraverso Open Market Discovery 26:15​ - Banche e istituzione finanziarie possono usufruire di Mitigram anche se non registrate sulla piattaforma 28:32​ - Come selezionare un partner tecnologico rapidamente e senza rischi
April 16, 2021
#TradeFinancePodcast​: Ep.4 Innovation through Trade Finance networks
The 4th Episode of the Trade Finance Podcast takes place in Singapore, when both host Johan Egnell, Head of Asia at Mitigram and guest Josh Kroeker, Chief Product Officer at Contour, are located. Talking points: 0:52 - Introduction of the guest Josh Kroeker 1:52 - Introduction of Contour 3:21 - Current development stage  4:45 - Network vs Platform 7:22 - Scaling a network for global trade 8:10 - Ease of onboarding for corporates and financial institutions 11:01 - Balancing focus between corporate, traders and financial institutions 13:10 - Which entities are driving trade finance transformation? 17:50 - Connectivity between industry innovators 22:15 - Winning resistance opposing innovation 26:31 - Rogers diffusion of innovation bell 28:05 - The status of blockchain and value brought to the industry 29:10 - Partnerships with other solution providers 31:47 - What are the hurdles preventing digitisation? 34:59 - Goals and focus of Contour for the years to come
April 01, 2021
#TradeFinancePodcast: Ep.3 Trade trends in the US for 2021
Global Head of Country Risk, Victoire De Groote shares her views on the upcoming trade policies of the new Biden administration. In this podcast:  1:30 - Discontinuing the tariffs approach for more targetted consensus around sanctions 3:05 - Current account deficit of the US against China 5:08 - Measures in line with the administration policies prioritised over allies relations 7:10 - Status of the trade 9:33 - About commodities
February 15, 2021
#TradeFinancePodcast: Ep.2 Trade​ in 2021 and the impact of a new US administration
Mitigram Trade Finance Podcast with HSBC's Global head of Country Risk, Victoire de Groote.  Timeline: 0:35​ Import / Export trends 0:55​ Manufacturing status and trends 2:22​ Oil and commodities 2:59​ New US administration 4:17​ Biden's approach towards globalisation and China
February 15, 2021
#TradeFinancePodcast: Ep.1 Impact of the crisis on world trade
Mitigram's CEO, Milena Torciano interviews Global Head of Country Risk, HSBC, Victoire De Groote on the impact of the crisis on world trade :  - Will it last?  - Is this the end of globalization?   - Can Emerging Markets benefit  of the current changes?  More information about Mitigram on  Timeline of the podcast: 0:34 - Q: Is COVID a one-off shock or the impact of the pandemic is here to stay? 1:25 - The reasons why is this crisis unique. 1:56 - Manufacturing production slow-down in pre-pandemic. 2:45 - "Surprise index" and recovery alphabet. 4:05 - Q: Have we seen the worst in the market indicators yet? 4:50 - Unemployment expectations. 5:30 - Drop in retail sales. 5:50 - Q: Are we at the beginning of the end of globalisation? 6:30 - How globalisation will be impacted moving forward. 7:22 - Q: What is the impact of geo-political tension? 7:44 - The future of US - China trade wars. 8:52 - The Brexit scenarios. 9:28 - The role of oil supply and price. 9:50 - Q: Who are the winners and losers of this crisis? 10:33 - The countries benefitting from the change in structure of trades. 11:28 - Sectors and industries affected both positively and negatively. 12:01 - Q: What are the long term expected effects of the crisis? 12:40 - The role of banks and financial institutions in the solution of the crisis. 13:50 - The need for process automation, options and digital relationship between corporates and financial counter-parties.
December 08, 2020