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By trailblazers
A podcast about Manitoba's budding cannabis industry. Hosted by Claire Renic- new episodes every Tuesday!
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Gill Polard, Women and Weed
We wrapped the first season of Trailblazers with a bang! We talked to Gill Polard, the mastermind behind the Her(B) Life- a media company that highlights the feminine cannabis experience.  @the_herblife @trailblazerspod
March 5, 2019
Ana Damaskin, Cannabis and Comedy
This week we talked to Ana Damaskin, the mastermind behind Winnipeg's first cannabis & standup mashup, High-Brow Comedy. We discussed stoner movies, stoned standup, and how legalization has been so far.  Go to the next High-Brow show:  @trailblazerspod
March 2, 2019
Jesse Marr and Cannabis Marketing
Trailblazers is back! We talked to Jesse Marr about the current laws, why it's important to go to a specialized agency for cannabis marketing, and how to market weed when you can't really market weed.  @trailblazerspod
January 8, 2019
Alex Hartung, RRC's cannabis club and medical cannabis
This week- we sat down with Alex Hartung (VPE RRCSA) and talked about RRC's newest club, the importance of medical cannabis and what students can bring to this new industry. @trailblazerspod
November 27, 2018
Josh Giesbrecht, cannabis and reconciliation
We're halfway through the series! This week we talked to Josh Giesbrecht about the Cannabis 101 course at Red River College, the Indigenous connection to cannabis, and his predictions for the market. @trailblazerspod
November 20, 2018
Joel Carleton and Cannabis Sommeliers
Episode 5! We talk to Joel Carleton about being Manitoba's first cannabis sommelier, the basics of cannabis etiquette and what exactly a trichome is. @canadacomfort @trailblazerspod
November 13, 2018
Abbey McLeod and Edibles
Can you believe we're already a 1/4 of the way through the series? This week- we talked to Abbey McLeod from Flatlands Infused about the wonderful world of edibles. We discuss how to microdose for different tolerances, what it's like being a female chef, and what the future holds for Flatlands Infused. @204_chroniclechefabbey @trailblazerspod
October 30, 2018
Dr. Sheri Fandrey and Cannabis Addiction
Episode 2! We asked Dr. Fandrey how we're doing a week into legalization, if there are any health risks around cannabis, and how to talk to your kids about the new recreational landscape. @trailblazerspod
October 23, 2018
Solomon Israel and Cannabis Reporting
For our first episode, we talk to Solomon Israel about Manitoba's cannabis laws, what it's like to be a journalist in this budding industry and the issues with the Dräger DrugTest 5000. @sol_israel @trailblazerspod
October 16, 2018