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Trail Tales ARP

Trail Tales ARP

By Shawn
Join us on Trail Tales ARP as we talk everything to do with running. From the trail, to the road, to the track! Great guests and great conversations will keep you coming back for more.

This show has something for everyone. Whether you are new to running or a seasoned veteran we are sure you will enjoy the conversation and have a few laughs along the way. Run Wild!
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Alex Rose - Streaks, Tacos, and Cookies

Trail Tales ARP

Alex Rose - Streaks, Tacos, and Cookies
Alex is a man who has had enough. Enough of weighing over 300 pounds, enough scares in the hospital and enough of not being in control of his destiny. Today Alex has talks about how he defied the odds and continues to do so. He is a runner who is currently accumulating several different streaking records, observes Taco Tuesday with steadfast resolve and as a routine that has helped him find success in staying healthy, having fun and still eating foods that he enjoys. Alex Rose (@running_with_a.rose)  Miles of Motivation (@mymilesofmotivation) 
July 15, 2021
Ultra Runner - Brittany Jackson
Brittany Jackson joins us from sunny California on today's episode of Trail Tales ARP. Brittany is headed to the Javelina Jundred this October to tackle her first 100km run! Recently she had a front row seat to the Western States where she ran into none other than Tommy Rivs! No spoilers here, you'll have to listen to find out! Brittany ( - FOLLOW!
July 8, 2021
Best Practices for our Canicross Dogs with Dr. Maggie Brown-Bury
Dr. Brown-Bury is an emergency and critical care veterinarian in the great province of Newfoundland. She is a member of the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association and to top it all off, she's also a runner! On this Canicross Edition of Trail Tales ARP, Dr. Brown-Bury gives us all of the info we need to know on when to start running with our dogs and how to safely introduce them to the sport. We also discuss topics such as temperatures, nutrition, hydration and injuries. You won't need to ask the Facebook "experts" anymore because she's got a TON of great real expert knowledge for canine athletes and their human counterparts right here.  Canadian Veterinary Medical Association Resources for Dog Owners - CVMA
July 3, 2021
Ultra Runner Steve Kenny and the BIG RUN 3.0! (900km in 12 days and 13 hours)
This must be the most TRAIL Tales ARP show to date! Steve Kenny just finished and end to end on the Bruce Trail, a nearly 900km trail spanning from Niagara, Ontario to Tobermory, Ontario. Steve is a very talented ultra runner and he is quick to point out that a feat such as this cannot be accomplished without the help of some good people. Steve's partner Jade and good friend Jen supported Steve the entire way and Steve had a lot of the running community come together to help him along the way.  Fear Know Trail - Steve's Website Steve and Jade on Instagram Eat Local Grey Bruce
June 25, 2021
Getting Ready for the Sinister Seven 100 Miler - Michael Mclean
Elite Ultra Runner Michael Mclean is back on Canadian soil as he prepares to run at the Sinister Seven 100 miler in July. Michael also known as the Honey Badger shares some of his insights into the sport of ultra running and what he's doing to get ready for the big race. Michael is always happy to talk and share his knowledge about running and ultra running.  Endurance Racing at its Best ( Michael on Instagram
June 16, 2021
Ultra Runner - Shannon Mick
Shannon is back on TTARP to discuss what the heck happened to her on a DNF at a recent 50 miler.  You'll have to hear it to believe it.
June 9, 2021
Ultra Runner - Russell Lavis after completing his 110km run in Toronto
Russell the Runner is back on Trail Tales ARP to talk about his recent 110km Ultra Marathon. Russell was faced with a few unforeseen challenges along the way but he managed to complete his task with a smile on his face!
June 9, 2021
The Running Pirate - Josh Wagner
5 time Marathoner (4 at Chicago Marathon) Josh "The Running Pirate Wagner" joins us for a chat today on Trail Tales ARP. Josh is a self described middle to back of the packer who loves the marathon but has recently fallen in love with trails! He's prepping for his first ultra marathon this year. Josh is a man with many hats including being a well known pirate and a certified ninja! Enjoy the show!
May 24, 2021
The Strength Within - Jillian Brown
When there is nowhere else to turn, you must search within. This is the story of Jillian Brown.  Camp My Way Jillian A. Brown Photography - Blog ( Jillian A. Brown Photography (@jillianabrownphotography) • Instagram photos and videos Jillian A. Brown Photography | Facebook Its Not Weak to Speak | Facebook
May 13, 2021
April Running Recap - Big Miles! (or Kilometers!)
On this episode of TTARP, Shawn recaps his biggest mileage month ever and after the break he has a VERY SPECIAL mystery guest. Visit Trail Tales ARP Trail Tales ARP on Instagram
May 6, 2021
When can we start running our dogs? - A look into growth plates.
There are so many different answers out there when it comes to the question "At what age can I start running my dogs?" Shawn and Ivor dive into this topic on the third episode of Trail Tales ARP - Canicross Edition. What is the Logic Behind Not Exercising Puppies Until the Growth Plates are Closed? Trail Tales – A Running Podcast – Run wild with Shawn (
May 2, 2021
Canadian Olympian and Author - Bill Gairdner
It's my pleasure to bring you my interview with Canadian Olympian Bill Gairdner. Bill competed in the 1964 Olympics. Today Bill is 80 years old and he is still a very active athlete and political mind. Last winter Bill cross-country skied 700km! Bill and I discuss his journey into athletics and his experience at the Olympics. We also discuss his life as an author as well as Bill's insights into how certain Olympic sports have evolved over the years. William Douglas Gairdner (born October 19, 1940 in Oakville, Ontario) is a retired track and field athlete who represented Canada in the men's 400 m hurdles and the men's decathlon at the 1964 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, Japan. He was awarded a silver medal in decathlon event at the 1963 Pan American Games in Brazil. Gairdner attended Appleby College in Oakville, and is now a resident of Toronto. Following his hurdling career, he applied himself to the field of academia. He gained his first M.A. in 1967 (studying Structural Linguistics at Stanford University) and then earned a second one at the institution in 1969 in English Literature and Creative Writing. A year later he graduated with a Ph.D. in English Literature from Stanford. He is a published author and, among his works, BPS Books have published The Trouble with Canada, The Trouble with Democracy and Oh, Oh, Canada!. Bill Gairdner - Wikipedia William Gairdner – William Gairdner has had a busy life as an athlete, an academic, a businessman, and latterly, as a successful author.
April 30, 2021
Emily Running Down a Dream - Emily Saldana-Fitzgerald
Emily is an avid runner from the great state of Illinois and today she joins us on Trail Tales ARP to talk about her running journey! We even get a bit of dog talk in as Emily has a K9 pal named Bark Ruffalo. Enjoy the Show! Emilyanne Saldaña-Fitzgerald (@emily.running.down.a.dream) • Instagram photos and videos Genoa-Kingston Run Club (@gk_runclub) • Instagram photos and videos
April 21, 2021
The Brampton Run for Veterans - Race Director and Veteran Henry Verschuren
Join Henry and myself as we discuss this years annual Brampton Run for Veterans taking place on April 24, 2021 (virtually) Sign up and help support our vets and the Royal Canadian Legion. Check out the links below to learn more and register. 5k, 10k, 5k run/walk
April 18, 2021
BZH Nomad Runner - Thibault Delacroix
What is BZH? You'll have to listen to find out! Thibault joins us from Tasmania where he recently placed 3rd in a 50K Ultra. Thibault Delacroix (@bzhnomadrunner) • Instagram photos and videos  Bzh_nomadrunner | Facebook
April 15, 2021
What Race Directors are Doing to Save Our Running Season with Kirsten Fleming
Kirsten's role as Executive Director of Run Calgary is a huge part of her life, even more so is her passion for being a runner. Like everyone else in the race industry, Kirsten found herself looking for solutions to mass cancellations of live races due to the COVID lockdowns. This led to the formation of the Canadian Endurance Sports Alliance. Find out what's happening behind the scenes and how you can help (no matter where you live) to help the efforts to saving live race events in your area. Here's to us being able to #RUNWILD in person in 2021 and beyond!
April 7, 2021
*Bonus Episode* - Motivation
The spring virtual challenge has begun with Miles of Motivation! You set the distance and the great folks at M.O.M will keep you accountable! This show is all about motivation. I asked and you answered! visit Trail Tales ARP today!
April 2, 2021
Catching up with Ultra Runner - Ben Cordell
Today we catch up with our friend Ben Cordell from Melbourne, Australia
March 31, 2021
From Marathon Running to Nordic Cross Skating - Gene Balfour
Gene Balfour from the beautiful Fenelon Falls area joins us today to talk about his days as a marathon runner, including Boston and New York. We also discuss his transition into a little known sport here in Canada called Nordic Cross Skating and Alex Maycock from Coach Talk joins in on the conversation. For info on Roller Skiing Hardwood Ski and Bike
March 24, 2021
Ultra Runner - Russell Lavis
Toronto's own and likely best kept ultra running secret - Russell Lavis joins us here at Trail Tales ARP. Russell has only been running for just over 2 years but in that time he's run multiple ultra distances including his first 100k last May.  Russell has used his running to give back to his community and has some big plans for 2021. He continues to rack up huge miles this year with no signs of slowing down. Visit Russell's Blog  Russell on Facebook Russell on Instagram RSVP for the Girls on The Run 25th Virtual Birthday Bash! and join over 3000 other guests!
March 17, 2021
The Charity Lads - Running for a Reason
Brad and Jamie are here representing the Charity Lads on this episode of Trail Tales ARP. To use their own words "Our challenge is to run 50km as a group of 15 friends. We are looking to raise awareness and vital funds for a charity that affected a member of our group. The charity needs £25,000 to stay working for the next 18 months so we are looking to raise that money. 50km is a big challenge for most of the group who are not runners and we have a variety of physiques with a few dad bods in the mix." A few of the lads have recently completed the Goggins 4x4x48 challenge to help with their fundraising efforts as well. These seemingly ordinary guys are doing some extraordinary things in order to support their friend Dean and to give back to the organization that was there for one of their own. The Charity Lads on Facebook Brad the Running Dad on Instagram Jaime Fricker on Instagram Charity Lads on Instagram Charity Lads on Twitter Facial Palsy UK on Instagram
March 12, 2021
Ultra Runner and FKT Holder - Shannon Mick
Season 4 Episode 23 features Ultra Runner Shannon Mick. Shannon talks to us from Pennsylvania where she currently holds the FKT for the Gerald Hiking Trail in the women's unsupported category. Professionally she works as a mental health professional and holds several certifications and a licence for professional counselling.  Learn more about Shannon on her website Be Short Run Ultra, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn Shannon's counselling website
March 5, 2021
Building a Brighter Future with Running - Tiger Posey
Tiger Posey is here from the great state of North Carolina to discuss his work with youth running programs for girls and boys. These programs are not only teaching our children to run, they learn how to deal with adversity, build character, build self-esteem, to work as a team and it shows them how rewarding it can be to lift each other up! Tiger has witnessed the success of these initiatives with former participants coming back later on to give back to the programs that helped shape them into fine young adults. It's a beautiful thing. Learn all about it and more on this episode of Trail Tales ARP. Girls On The Run Let Me Run Tiger on YouTube
February 26, 2021
The Running Psychotherapist - William Pullen
Running, because it's cheaper than therapy. If you've ever said that before, you will want to listen to this show. Author of Running with Mindfulness and creator of the Dynamic Running Therapy app, William Pullen joins us from London, England to discuss how the concept of healthy movement can help us learn to cope with life's stressors and sometimes seemingly overwhelming thoughts and emotions. Follow William on Instagram @dynamicrunningtherapy
February 19, 2021
Canicross Edition #2
On this episode of TTARP - Canicross Edition Shawn and Ivor discuss verbal and non verbal communication with your dog while running. Welcome the world of Canicross! RUN WILD
February 16, 2021
Love is in the air
Running and Valentine's day. What could be better? Well a lot stuff I guess, but that's what's happening today here on Trail Tales ARP!
February 13, 2021
The Conclusion of The Creatine Experiment with Alex Maycock
Here it is! Back in November I set out on the adventure of conducting the creatine experiment to see how it would affect my running during my track sessions. Today I break it all down with my Coach Talk co-host Alex Maycock!  Visit The Trail Tales ARP website under "Coach Talk with Shawn and Alex" to read the conclusion article and if you haven't done so to check out our other articles as well. Run Wild!
February 5, 2021
The Path to UTMB - Erik Kovessy
Canadian Ultra Runner Erik Kovessy is back on Trail Tales ARP. We discuss what happened after his cancelled race in Bromont, Quebec last October and what he has in store for 2021! Erik also talks about what he does for cross-training.
January 29, 2021
Miles of Motivation - Andy and Fintan Hood
Andy Hood is a long time runner living in England, in 2020 Andy started a group called Miles of Motivation in order to bring runners together from around the globe to inspire and motivate each other. Together the members of his group have created an uplifting environment and have also made some charitable contributions for those in need. You never who know who may inspire. Andy's son Fintan has a life long medical condition that adversely affects his immune system.  This means he is frequently ill and has spent a significant amount of time in hospital.  Being active and exercising has been very difficult, if not impossible for him. Despite his challenges, Fintan has drawn inspiration from his father's efforts with Miles of Motivation. Fintan and Andy started running together at Fintan's request and have not only completed a 5k but Fintan was able to run his very first 10k with his dad in October. He continues to run 3 times a week. For Fintan this has been life changing and he hopes his story will go on to inspire others who have their own physical and mental challenges. (3) Miles of Motivation - Walking, Running, Hiking, Cycling | Facebook Miles of Motivation (@mymilesofmotivation) • Instagram photos and videos
January 22, 2021
Trail Tales ARP - Canicross Edition - Episode 1!
Welcome to episode 1 of Trail Tails ARP - Canicross Edition! What is canicross? Simply put it is cross country running with your dog. Since canicross has become such a big part of my running journey, I've teamed up with Ivor Redgers to bring you this NEW feature here at Trail Tales ARP. Here we will explore this emerging sport and bring you guests from around the world to talk about all things canicross.   Our regular Trail Tales ARP will still be produced weekly, and our Canicross Edition will start of as a monthly feature. Trail Tales ARP
January 20, 2021
Ultra Runner - Ben Cordell
Ben Cordell joins us today from Australia. Ben is a self-described hobbyist ultra runner who has run multiple ultra marathons ranging from 50k to 100 milers. Originally from Maryland in the United States, Ben moved to Australia with his wife where he is looking forward to running the 2 Bay Trail Race a 56k ultra. Don't let the "hobbyist" descriptor fool you - Ben is a very talented runner and he shares his love of the sport with us on this episode of Trail Tales ARP.
January 15, 2021
GottaRunRacing - Jodi and Norm
Today's guests are Jodi and Norm, the race directors from the GottaRunRacing series of trail races here in Dufferin County and neighbouring Simcoe County. Jodi and Norm are greatly involved in the trail running scene here in Ontario from hosting their own races, including a brand new virtual series, as well as competing themselves in races all around the world. We talk about their time as store owners of Running Free in Orangeville, their own running experiences, and their GottaRunRacing series. ‎GottaRunRacing Podcast on Apple Podcasts Jodi McNeill (@sharkrunner17) • Instagram photos and videos TheUltraNorm 🇨🇦🏃🏿‍♂️🇨🇦🏃🏿‍♂️ (@theultranorm) • Instagram photos and videos
January 8, 2021
Happy Christmas to All!
An audio gift from my family to you! Wishing our entire Trail Tales ARP family a very Merry Christmas!  See you on the other side! (2021) Winter Ride by Twin Musicom is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 licence. Source: Artist:
December 24, 2020
North American Canicross - The Sport of Running with Your Dog
Let's Hook Up and Chase Tail! Alexis, Lizzie, and Jaqui from North American Canicross join us here today on Trail Tales ARP. The ladies take us through the in's and out's of Canicrossing - an emerging sport here in North America by way of Europe. Canicross has become a sport all unto it's own and any dog can participate to earn awards. Tune in to learn more. Special thanks to Karen Miura and Lucy for introducing us to Canicross! And a special shout out to Billy, Motive and Bolt! 3 very special K-9 Athletes  North American Canicross ( North American Canicross | Facebook North American Canicross (@nacanicross) • Instagram photos and videos North American Canicross Etsy Shop by Naughty Dog Wear
December 18, 2020
Winter running and the creatine experiment update - **improved audio**
Shawn provides an update on how the creatine experiment is going.  With the last dump of snow leaving about 8 inches of the fluffy white stuff, Shawn shares some of his own winter running tips and talks about why he loves running in the winter. **fixed up the audio**
December 15, 2020
Thailand UTMB 120k Ultra Winner - The Honey Badger Mike Mclean
If you're curious about ultra running, or have completed ultras already, you won't want to miss this talk with The Honey Badger - Mike Mclean.  Mike is the quintessential ultra runner, he shares how he started out with ultra running, what it takes to not only finish an ultra but to finish one at the front of the pack.  Mike is an open book when it comes to his training and journey into the world of ultra running. Michael McLean (@honey_badger1982) • Instagram photos and videos Thailand by UTMB race report | Effortless Running™ Running | SCOTT Sports (
December 11, 2020
Erik Bohm - Project80 and Getting Better with Age
Erik Bohm is back! Joining us from Thailand, Erik just completed his Project80.  Running a Half Marathon in 80 minutes is something this podcaster/runner can only dream of.  Hear all about Erik's training and about some of the twists and turns that came about. Erik has graciously gifted you his 80, 85, and 90 minute HM plans in the link below.     Dropbox - Project80 - Simplify your life - 80,85,90 min HM plan from Erik Bohm - for a unique link to sign up for Erik's Effortless Running program!
November 27, 2020
Australia's very own Coach Jeff from The Running Podcast
Coach Jeff is the man behind The Running Podcast. I was lucky enough to find his podcast back in 2012 when I started my running journey. Jeff has been podcasting since 2007, he started with The Running Podcast and over time has added several others, all of which can be found on his website Coach Jeff also recently released his first book Running for Donuts.  He's been coaching athletes since 1983 and is more than happy to share his knowledge and gained wisdom with us today. 
November 20, 2020
The Creatine Experiment
On this week’s episode Shawn chats about some wacky and weird races held around the world. He also puts out a call to action to the Trail Tales ARP community: send in questions and comments for a future Q & A episode featuring YOU. Shawn also talks a bit about his hamstring injury and what the next steps are.
November 13, 2020
Runner and Survivor Beth Choi
Beth Choi joins the conversation today from the Sunshine State.  We discuss her history with running as well as being a former nationally ranked tennis player! Most importantly, Beth shares with us a traumatic experience that she survived back in 2008 which garnered attention on local news outlets. Doctors thought she may not survive.  Beth has a story to tell and a message to share for women everywhere. Every runner has a story and thankfully, her story is one of triumph.
November 6, 2020
The Plant Powered Runner David Waters Takes on his 50 Mile Challenge.
Trail Tales ARP co-host David Waters is here this week to break down his 50 mile ultra run.  We recorded 2 days before his run and then the day after to make this episode. David was able to record 2 segments while he was out on his run as well, which have been added to this episode. This run was meticulously planned out by David yet there were still some unforeseen challenges that David had to overcome.  Hear all about it right here!  The Plant Powered Runner YouTube Channel The Plant Powered Runner on Instagram
October 30, 2020
American Olympian - Khadevis Robinson #khadevism
2-time American Olympian Khadevis Robinson is our guest today at Trail Tales ARP! Khadevis is now the head coach of the Ohio State Buckeyes cross country team and assistant coach for the track team. Khadevis ran the 800m race in 2004 in Athens and again in 2012 in London. He is a multiple time national champion and NCAA champion. Khadevis shares what it takes to have a champions mindset not only in running but in life as well. You are guaranteed to feel inspired and motivated to go reach your potential after joining us for this conversation.
October 23, 2020
Eva Butterly - The Scoliosis Warrior
Eva Butterly joins us today all the way from Dublin, Ireland. Know across the internet as The Scoliosis Warrior, Eva has taken control of her destiny and accomplished things that doctors told her she could never do.  She has run ultra marathons, does powerlifting and weight lifting, and is a personal trainer.  Eva has been an actor and had a role on the hit show Game of Thrones! Her positive attitude and warrior spirit is sure to inspire and motivate you to overcome any obstacles in your path.  Run Wild!
October 16, 2020
Karen Miura - Running with Dogs
Welcome to the WOLF PACK! I am joined by runner Karen Miura on this weeks episode of Trail Tales ARP. Karen has years of experience as both a solo runner and having a K-9 companion running along with her. Canicross is a relatively new sport to North America by way of Europe.  Originally designed to allow sled dogs the ability to "mush" in the off season, it has been adopted by many runners and many breeds of dogs.  Canicross races are slowly starting to pop up in areas here in North America. Learn all about what you need to run Canicross with your dog in the second half of the show. Karen is also a very talented artist and specializes in creating amazingly life like dog portraits.  If you're looking to rescue a dog check out the links below.  RUN WILD! - Lucy's Rescue - Piper's Rescue - Canicross 101
October 9, 2020
Fitness and Nutrition Coach - Athina Crilley from London, England
Fellow Podcaster Athina Crilley from London, England joins the show today.  In the first half of the show Athina talks about what her experinece was like living with an eating disorder and how she got back to health. After the break we talk about nutrition specific to running and eating strategies for racing as well as the importance of vitamins and minerals.
October 2, 2020
American Runner, Author, and Lawyer David Kempston
Welcome to Season 4 of Trail Tales ARP. David Kemptson has been running for over 40 years.  Today he joins Trail Tales ARP to talk about his latest book titled Lessons Learned on The Run - A Book About Life and Running.  David shares some of his favorite experiences during running, from running in the frigid Minnesota polar vortex to running with several generations of runners over the span of 40 years, David has a lot to share with us.  Enjoy the show and RUN WILD!
September 25, 2020
Norwegian Runner Tone Killengreen
Join Shawn and David as they have a conversation with Norwegian runner Tone Killengreen.  Tone is a streaker who has been running everyday for the past 4 years! She shares her experiences and stories of running including a recent 6 hour race completed on a track.  Tone is also part of the Trail Tales ARP nation as she is a listener of the show and great supporter of what we do here at Trail Tales ARP.  RUN WILD!
September 18, 2020
Alex Maycock - Elite Cross Country Skier
Today's guest is a local athlete and elite cross country skier.  Alex Maycock is currently studying at Nippising University and competing for the XC ski team.  Alex represented Canada during the 2019 FISU games held in Russia.  He has a lot of knowledge regarding training strategies, physiology and recovery.  Alex is also a very talented runner who runs a near 30 minute 10k.  Running is a major component of Alex's dry land training.  To learn more about Alex and his training visit his YouTube channel linked below.  We have also linked many of the local races that Alex mentioned as well as his social media accounts.  RUN WILD!
September 11, 2020
A Conversation with Sports Performance Analyst, Bob Prichard, Owner of Somax Performance Institute.
Bob Prichard joins the show from California.  Today we discuss his treatments for runners and other athletes with his specialized micro-fibre reduction .  Bob has witnessed runners decrease their time by 10% within 4 weeks.  In 1992 Bob was an on-air analyst for NBC at the Barcelona Olympics covering both the men's and women's marathons.  Bob's Olympic swimmers have won 43 gold medals and set 11 world records.
September 4, 2020
Canadian Ultra Runner Erik Kovessy
Canadian Ultra Runner and all round good guy Erik Kovessy joins us on this episode of Trail Tales ARP.  Erik talks about how he got into running as well as how he took the leap into ultra running.  He tells us what he learned from running and finishing four 250km races across deserts in various locations around the globe.  He talks about his DNF's and what he learned from them.  Erik is currently training for his first 100 miler in Bromont, Quebec.
August 28, 2020
Effortless Running with Master Coach Erik Bohm
Erik Bohm - Founder and Master Coach at Effortless Running joins us on this weeks episode to discuss his 3 key components of becoming a more efficient and Effortless Runner.  Erik, originally from the Nederlands is now based out of Thailand where he coaches runners around the world.  Erik has brought his 3 week training plan to the Training Peaks platform, which provides the essentials to retrain your brain into becoming a more efficient runner.  Erik can be found on Training Peaks, Strava, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and LinkdIn by searching for Effortless Running. Below is that link to access Erik's books Effortless Running Secrets and The Savvy Shoe Selector for FREE - Thanks Erik!  The show and links to books can also be found at Effortless Running Secrets: The Savvy Shoe Selector:
August 21, 2020
Running and beyond
Today David poses several questions for Shawn. We learn how Shawn manages to fit running and strength training into his busy schedule. An in depth talk regarding nutrition and how Shawn approaches food takes place after the break. Most importantly Shawn talks about how he stays in the game despite having experienced many failures with training, running and dieting. Enjoy the show!
August 14, 2020
Run Talk
Shawn and David are back together and we catch up with David and his running journey.  Season 3 Episode 16 is brought to you by Sobon Copywriting - Leah Sobon is a freelance writer from Ontario, Canada. With experience in multiple writing styles, she offers a diverse skill set. Learn more at
August 7, 2020
Canadian Runner Tommy Leblanc-Beaudoin
Canadian runner Tommy Lebanc-Beaudoin joins us today as a special guest.  Tommy has been around the sport of running his entire life.  Along with his wife who is also a runner, they have traveled the world running races in several different countries and continents. With 18 years of experience as a runner himself Tommy is full of great advice for runners of every level. 
July 31, 2020
Cottage Running with Piper the Wonder Dog
Shawn is back in the Kawarthas and running with his four legged partner Piper! What does it mean to be a runner? We discuss this question
July 25, 2020
The Need for Speed.
On today’s show, Shawn takes a look at the science behind speed work. What is the best way to train for speed? A scientific paper provides the answer. Also 52 FUN facts about running that you may not have known, another article that we discuss in today’s show. Links to articles below.
July 17, 2020
On the Trails of the Kawartha Lakes with Shawn.
Today’s episode finds 1/2 of your Trail Tales:ARP hosts Shawn out on the trails of the beautiful Kawartha Lakes in Ontario. He attempts to run, talk and avoid a blood thirsty horde of horseflies as he navigates the rocky terrain in a run for his life!
July 7, 2020
FREE Doughnuts!!! Now that we have your attention...
Shawn’s BIG secret, run streaks, MAF, listener shout outs and so much more right here on Trail Tales: A Running Podcast .
July 1, 2020
The week that Dave ran 100 miles!
Shawn and Dave break down Dave’s 100 mile week. A first time for Dave.
June 14, 2020
Eric D'Arcy - Coach and Race Director of the Ontario 5 Peaks
Today a chat with my good friend Eric D’Arcy. We talk about how COVID-19 is having on the Trail races in Ontario and what the future has in store.
June 4, 2020
Dennis Huurman’s Story About His Start To Running
In this episode I talk to Dennis about his beginnings into the sport of running. We’ve all been at the cross roads and this is Dennis story
May 19, 2020
Happy Trails Race Director - The Story Of Ultra Runner Jeff Rowthorn
Race Director, Ultra Runner and really awesome dude Jeff Rowthorn and I had a great conversation about his journey into the sport of running and what has happy trails racing been up to.
May 3, 2020
From The Vault
I found a forgotten recording from last May in 2019. When we were free to roam around without fear or worry of this thing we call covid-19. Let’s take a trip down memory lane where not so long ago life was normal and we took things for granted!
April 30, 2020
Crazy Russian Dude Runs An Ultra Inside His......? & So You Want To Become A Runner
In this episode, we talk about becoming a runner and the pitfalls that come with the sport as well as solutions to the unanswered questions that runners have but forgot to ask.  It's a  great to talk if you're just starting.  Shawn also found a CRAZY storey of some Russian Dude Running an ultra inside his........
April 29, 2020
It is what it is!
This episode was a tough one to get through due to technical difficulties as Shawn and David get a chat in during their work day. Sally Forth!
April 26, 2020
Race is cancelled! What to do?
Today Shawn welcomes his longtime friend and work partner Luc to the show. Luc is a competitive cyclist with decades of experience. On this show we discuss different training strategies, how to train with others during social distancing by using technology and other forms of motivation (zombies)
April 2, 2020
Pandemic, Its Ok To Be Not Ok - Where Do We Go From Here
Today’s podcast is not really about running it’s more of a monologue of how I’m feeling with what’s going on and how I’m digging my way out from underneath the massive weight of this pandemic
March 31, 2020
Welcome To the Tunnel.
Today Shawn and I talked about a crazy race called the Tunnel.  We also provide an update on what is happening currently in our training and about the COVID-19 pandemic.
March 20, 2020
And That’s The Bottom Line ‘Cause Stone Cold Said So! Austin 3:16
In this final episode of Season 2, Shawn reports from the road with his good friend Wes Cowan. Another Run/Walk on Wes’ journey to a healthier life and dropping his weight down to 300lbs.
March 17, 2020
How to not overtrain & I spy with my little eye
Today has two segments. An update with Shawn and his eye issues and David talking about not overtraining by adopting a MAF training regiment
February 16, 2020
10 REASONS to go Trail running with DAVE and SHAWN faces challenges
David hits up the trails and Shawn touches on his mindset and how he navigates challenges.
January 21, 2020
Running 500km and what happened to your eye!
Today we talk about Shawn’s eye and what happened over 20 years ago. We also talk about what it’s like to run 500 km in a month including lots of training talk. We also discus the plant powered runner YouTube channel launch. This is the link to the run - The Plant Powered You Tube Channel
January 9, 2020
Thoughts from the treadmill by Shawn and thoughts from the road by David.
In this episode Shawn opens the show from the treadmill talking about ice spikes, the relentless march of time, dealing with some minor injuries and after the break David joins in and he talks about motivation and getting the most out of our time here on this little blue dot we call Earth. Send us your comments or questions to
January 3, 2020
Ending the year just how we started the seat of our pants!!!!
Our final episode of 2019! December has been an odd month. With Christmas behind us and 2020 just around the corner we are looking forward to many new and exciting adventures in the new year. Let’s take this time to refocus and refresh ourselves. From Shawn and David All the Best!! Run Wild!!!
December 29, 2019
Hannah Sine - Boston Marathon and Beyond
Hannah is a two time Boston finisher she’s run 15 marathons, now is now runs ultramarathons and is hoping to get into UTMB in 2020.
November 28, 2019
Remembrance Day 50km in the Snow - How hard was it?
Thank you, everyone, for supporting our podcast.  It's a pleasure to continue as long as our aging bodies will hold out.   The days leading up to the run were just perfect even if we had some nervous moments of self-doubt. In Today’s episode, Shawn and I discuss our 50 km run and how it all came together for good or bad. Lessons learned from running our first 50k 1. Jump. Over and over again, I'm reminded of the power of taking that first step. It’s so easy to spend life on the sidelines — wishing for things to happen and waiting for that perfect time to jump in. I’ve been guilty of doing both these things more times than I would like to admit. But the thing is — whether or not you’re ready — time is passing. And there’s no way to reverse it so just jump and live your life on your terms. Life truly brings you to some pretty amazing places, people and opportunities when you stop making excuses and just show up for it. See where your first step takes you. 2. Surround yourself with great people. People who make you laugh hard and smile endlessly. People with great stories. People who inspire you. People who meet you at 5 a.m. to run.  People who give the BEST pep talks.   People who support and help you achieve your goals without expecting anything in return. 3. Believe. If you don’t believe in yourself, no amount of support or encouragement from those around you will get you across the finish line. This applies to all areas of life. Training for this 50k has been really non-existent.  It's been an exhaustive experience of my life. Getting back into running after 3 years is not an easy thing to do.  I had a few starts and stops however I got it done.  There were some runs that I had to plead with myself just to make it one more km. And then to the next one. And yet, somewhere deep in my heart, I knew I was capable. I knew I was worthy. I knew I could do this. And in the middle of our run, when I was struggling and starting to think “I can’t” — I returned to that feeling of worthiness and found a way to take the next step forward. 4. There’s nothing to prove. Except for how much fun this entire process can be — especially when you’re in good company. When you run with your heart + joy, pace, time and distance are inconsequential. 5. Ride the wave. By committing to a long-distance run, you are choosing to put yourself into the exhilarating unknown. This is equally terrifying, incredible and energizing. Whatever may come on race day — choose to embrace the experience with open arms. The new terrain. The new thoughts. The new feelings. The new lessons. 6. Never limit where running can take you. Running as well as life is far more beautiful and complex than hitting a PB or crossing a finishing line. Enjoy the privilege that is taking even one step and simply being.
November 15, 2019
With love, from Florida
Shawn’s on vacation with his family and talks about his 10k run on the resort. Hot and humid and loving every minute!
October 29, 2019
What happens when your heart rate is 181 - David’s Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half Marathon
Today’s podcast is all about David’s Half marathon that he did on October 20. It talks about his return to racing and what kind of training he had to complete to get them to the start line after his last race 3 years ago.
October 23, 2019
The Island Lake 50km Attempt
November 11 is remembrance day. it’s also going to be our 50 km trail run that we are going to attempt to do. Shawn, Victor and myself David. You can connect with Shawn and David at Email -
October 15, 2019
Ryan Flint On Building Community Through running
Running is not only about exercise is about so much more. To Ryan, it's about building a community creating new friendships and creating a healthy lifestyle for his family. Today we take a deep dive into Ryans running beginnings and how he went from the roads to trails and then to 100-mile races.  You can find Ryan on Instagram Team Vegan Trails You can connect with Shawn and David at Email - Links to people Ryan and I talked about on the podcast   The Ginger Runner Rich Roll Sage Canady/Vo2maxproductions Billy Yang Films
October 6, 2019
Trail running versus road running things that you need to know and how to make the transition
Today Shawn and I discussed the things that we experienced transitioning from the road to the trail
September 28, 2019
Shoes, Races and Watches oh my😳
Today Shawn and I Talk about what's going on with Dave and his running. We also talk about Shawns running streak and about shoes and watches🙌
September 17, 2019
Terry Fox - A True Hero
On this Episode Shawn speaks about Terry Fox and his awe inspiring and heroic story. A marathon per day with a prosthetic leg. Yes it’s true.
September 13, 2019
You did what on Saturday morning?
Today I recount my adventure last Saturday. Crazy times, beautiful adventure and Flippin amazing memories. Join me and find out how my marathon went
September 7, 2019
Back to Kolapore!
Today Shawn with special guest Victor Balanco head out to Kolapore for an epic trail run. Victor is a seasoned trail runner with many races under his belt. Coming fresh off the Summit 700 series at Blue Mountain, Victor joins Shawn for a fun yet challenging 20km run through the trails. It’s Big City meets Big Country on today’s Episode of Trail Tales: A Running Podcast
August 31, 2019
The Runner Who Did!
Need some inspiration or motivation? Come along with me as I run a run that could have just as easily NEVER happened! Let’s make no excuses and move a little bit each day. Thanks for stopping by.
August 19, 2019
Episode 6: running streak, water fasting, running with kids, future races
It’s a little bit of a grab bag of items today. Shawn talks about where he’s at with his run streaking how he manages with his kids and some future races that are coming up. I’ll be talking about my Fasting experience and what it did for me.
August 14, 2019
Update Kolapore Uplands wilderness adventure
In today’s episode we talk about an amazing place to go running in gray county called Kolapore Uplands. We give a recap of our trail run. We also talk about fasting and how awesome it is and about our 50k that we are going to be running. It’s a grab bad of thoughts today . The location of our run.
July 12, 2019
Episode 4 Goal Setting
The importance of setting goals and some of the pitfalls if you don’t. Today’s podcast I talk about my experience
July 9, 2019
BONUS Episode
Due to the poor audio from Episode 3, I’ve put together a brief bonus episode to provide a summary of Episode 3 and to share a few memorable trail runs I’ve had involving wild life! Enjoy
June 22, 2019
Episode 3 - Running Streaks, Fear and Excuses
Disclaimer - the connection was not the best so please excuse the fact that there is a delay a few time and we talk over each a few times as well. We’ve all had something holding us back from achieving our goals. So today we discuss Fear, excuses and a grab bag of other questions.
June 21, 2019
Episode 2 - David’s running beginnings
In this episode Shawn and I take the podcast on the road. While we run we talk about how I started running and some of the challenges I faced while changing my life for the better. Here is a link to the video I made leading up to my first 5km race
May 17, 2019
Episode one Shawn’s Running Beginnings
In our very first episode of Trail Tales ARP we take a look and Shawn’s running story. How and why he started. It’s likely a familiar story for many runners.
May 1, 2019