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TrainsPlusCast (Trains+Cast)

TrainsPlusCast (Trains+Cast)

By David Feng & Team Trains Plus
Trains+Cast. A trains-oriented podcast with a particular focus on the railway worlds of China, Switzerland, the UK, and pretty much everything in between.
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Show 3 (13 April 2019) - Guangzhou-Shenzhen Maglev (?) (!), Upcoming May Break in China, and Secrets of Your Name on China Rail Tickets
Show 3 and we're starting to look beyond "just China"... This show from 13 April 2019 is addicted to the following news, information, and  updates-we-thought-you'd-find-interesting... - Longer trains, and at that, more longer trains on the Beijing-Shanghai HSR - A MAGLEV(!?) between Guangzhou and Shenzhen is apparently on the drawing board — 600 km/h anyone? - 30 cities in China are about to get new metro lines and extensions this year (tube fans, great place to relocate to...) - When the Chinese government turns May Break into a 4-day long weekend, the railways have thousands of extra trains ready! - Finally, how SHOULD your name turn up on a Chinese train ticket — John Doe or Doe John? (Middle names too are a trap...) There are plenty of train sound effects because we are all about trains... hint hint! Approximate running time: 23 minutes Presented by David Feng
April 14, 2019
Show 2 (06 April 2019) - Ji'nan Metro, Jingjinxiong HSR network, TWINT for Swiss rail tickets, and - Noodles on China HSR?
Show 2 and we're starting to look beyond "just China"... This show from 06 April 2019 is addicted to the following news, information, and updates-we-thought-you'd-find-interesting... - Ji'nan gets the metro! All about Line R1, and why it was such a challenge to build a tube system in the provincial capital of Shandong - Jingjin...xiong? New lines being planned for the world between (and beyond) Beijing, Tianjin, and the Xiongan New Area in Northern China - Pay by TWINT! Swiss Federal Railways finally gears up this innovative and very Swiss way to pay for your travel tickets - Finally: Are you really allowed to do instant noodles on High Speed trains in China (and why? or why not?...) Enjoy! Listen to it on a train, perhaps...! Approximate running time: 25 minutes Presented by David Feng
April 6, 2019
Show 1 (30 March 2019) - Mega Stations and the 10 April 2019 China Rail Timetables
Our very first show for the rest of us. Especially those of us interested in trains. And in particular, those in China. Show 1 from 30 March 2019 takes a particular focus on the following... - Mega Stations in the making: Could Ji'nan West be expanded? And will it be the biggest? - New China Railway timetables for 10 April 2019: Faster journeys from Beijing to Qingdao and Lanzhou - The new CR200J Revival Express Green train: The "misfit" train that's special... Enjoy! It's a goal from us to give you a show every week. Approximate running time: 28 minutes Presented by David Feng
March 30, 2019
Preview and Intro (26 March 2019)
This is the appetiser before the servings. We hope to make it like a dining car that doesn't run out of food. Or good views... or stories... TrainsPlusCast — the audiocast to Trains Plus, a new "rail lifestyle" site network for trainspotters, tech geeks, and travellers alike... Our first focus territories will be Greater China, Switzerland, the UK, and "everything in between"! The idea is to deliver the latest train stories, rail personalities, network developments, and a fun day out with trains to the rest of us. Thirty-minute shows for people that click along into the rail world. National rail, High Speed, Maglev, and city metro systems. This is just the preview! The entire show starts for real on 30 March 2019 with weekly updates. Presented by: David Feng
March 26, 2019