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By TransBareAll
Trans artists and writers talk about trans joy, inspiration, and the creative fires that keep us warm.

This is a limited series in conversation with artists featured in the ~TransBareAll - 10 years, still here~ anthology of new writing and art, supported by Arts Council England and available at
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mini-break. transcripts. breadcrumbs.
We're taking a short break for a few weeks between episodes 3 and 4. Transcripts of the show will be available soon, on the TBA website. We'll update here as soon as they're ready for you.
August 08, 2022
Ep 3: Bulletproof Songs
Beebee Vanunu is overthrowing the patriarchy - sign up here! Musician, poet, and iterative artist talks about compassion, neurodiversity, and Arab Jewish experience. Find Bee at Twitter: @oua_nou_nou Email: Bee recommends films: Persona Onibaba And books: Daryl Davis - Black American writer and musician who befriended members of the KKK Sarah Schualman - Conflict is Not Abuse, and Gentrification of the Mind I recommend: everything written and broadcast by adrienne maree brown, but especially her books Emergent Strategy and We Will Not Cancel Us We both recommend the podcast: Maintenance Phase This has been produced with the generous support of Arts Council England. Music by Sonics Podcasts.
August 01, 2022
Ep 2: DIY Doesn't Mean Do It Alone
We talk with art powerhouse Joni Grace Indolent about homelessness erasure, skateboarding injuries, and crying our eyes out to a punk album that changed it all. Find Joni Grace Indolent at WeAreIndolent on all the socials: Support her art at Joni recommends: Against Me  - Phoebe Bridgers - Daniel Danger - Mike Vennart - She Makes War / Penfriend - and And we recommend: The Mollusc Dimension - Pınar Ateş Sinopoulos-Lloyd Loving Me - support and advocacy for trans and non-binary domestic abuse victims in the UK - GALOP - the LGBT+ anti-abuse charity in the UK - MyCWA is an LGBTQIA+ inclusive support and advocacy service that works with both victims and perpetrators of abuse, and all genders including men’s services. Loads of online resources at This has been produced with the generous support of Arts Council England. Music by Sonics Podcasts.
July 18, 2022
Ep 1: Cats Not Terfs
Artist and designer Frank Duffy talks to Emil and Mish about hybrid art animals, Cats Not Terfs, and how a queer autistic kid learned to take up space. Frank is at @MxFrankDuffy on Twitter and Instagram, as well as: Frank recommends Art: Jenny Hval - Judy Moore - Books: Jenny Odell - How To Do Nothing: resisting the attention economy Lou Sullivan - We Both Laughed in Pleasure Bae Suah - Untold Night and Day Shelf Life Books in Cardiff The Nap Ministry - Tricia Hersey And we recommend: Sandra Alland at Rami Yasir at This has been produced with the generous support of Arts Council England. Music by Sonics Podcasts.
July 04, 2022
Introducing TransBareAll - the podcast
Trans and non-binary artists and writers on our own terms. On the lives we make and the art and stories we create.  We are grateful for the support of Arts Council England, and to everyone whose support made the TransBareAll book and subsequent podcast a reality. Published by Bare Naked Books with Dog Horn Productions. Buy the book from your local indie bookshop, or at The TransBareAll podcast is a limited series produced by Mish Green and Emil Green, with the TBA team.
June 25, 2022