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The Transection Podcast

The Transection Podcast

By Mx Harris Eddie Hill
Founded by Jordan and Harris, two trans friends, The Transection Podcast has grown into a home for discussions around LGBTQ+ life, emotional wellbeing, spiritual wellbeing, anti-racism, and many more important topics. We aim to bring heartfelt and qualified conversations from a variety of well-versed speakers who have lots of personal and professional experience in their areas of expertise to a wide audience.
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Big Announcement!!
Transection family! I have a big announcement to make, so please check out this latest  episode.  All links to everything I've discussed are at   If you'd like to get in touch, find me on all socials @mxharrishill or  message me through the website or email me at   Big love, always,   Harris xx
November 14, 2021
Dean Rasmussen; Adult Transition
This week Harris spoke to Dean (he/they), a trans guy coaching other LGBTQ+ adults who are coming out late in life. Between him and his  partner Julie, they have 8 amazing kids, two of whom are trans  themselves. Dean has a unique take on being trans and family dynamics as  they are both trans and a parent of trans kids. Listen to find out  more.Check out Dean's website here If you're a neurodivergent empath and have decided it's time to get your sh*t together and maybe even start a business, check out my starter pack  at See my latest blog '4 Reasons Empaths Make Great Entrepreneurs' at You can email me at
July 25, 2021
Jake Edwards; Mermaids UK
This week Harris speaks to Jake Edwards (he/they), communications assistant and social media lead at Mermaids, the well-known UK charity dedicated to improving the lives of young trans, nonbinary, and gender diverse people. Started in 1995 by a group of parents who wanted to support their gender diverse children, it has become one of the UK's leading charities in its field. You can find Mermaids' website at, and you can find them on all major social media platforms. If you're new to the world of gender identity, you can download my free beginners' guide at, where you'll also find my free masterclass to accompany the guide. Unlike previous episodes, we have done our best to avoid using any ripe language, although we do discuss some issues which may not suitable for very young children. Parental discretion is advised.
July 16, 2021
Elliot Kay: Be More Giraffe
Best-selling author and speaker extraordinaire Elliot Kay spoke to Harris this week about success after difficulty, using your voice for good, and speaking to grow your business. Elliot had spoken on stages across the globe and has spoken for over 7,000 hours! Elliot's new book #bemoregiraffe, all about visibility for entrepreneurs and business owners, is out soon. You can follow Elliot on facebook and instagram.
July 09, 2021
Chi Chavanu Àse; Black Sci-Fi
This week Harris spoke to Chi Chavanu Àse, a Science Fiction/Fantasy author and activist who was first introduced to Sci-fi by her mother at an early age. She initially began writing and performing poetry at the age of twelve. Over time, she began to notice how difficult it was to find books that she could associate or identify with the characters, given the lack of representation. Thus, it became her greatest desire that little Black children would see themselves represented in every genre, especially sci-fi. Her first book, Journey to Ghana and Other Stories, focuses entirely on the Black experience. Follow Chi on Facebook and instagram.
July 03, 2021
FreakDaddy: Trans Artistry
Harris interviews trans artist and musician FreakDaddy. Born into a conservative family in the South, in the U.S., FreakDaddy's escape was always music growing up. This grew into a career and a passion and FreakDaddy is now releasing music, performing at pride events and coming onto podcasts like this one! You can follow him on instagram here. And on TikTok here.
June 25, 2021
Josh Richards; Pushing Human Limits
Would you move to Mars? Forever? This week Harris spoke to Josh Richards, future Martian, Physicist and former soldier to talk about the Mars One project and pushing the limits of the human experience. You can also read Josh's books, 'Becoming Martian' and 'Cosmic Nomad'. One not to miss! Follow Josh on instagram and twitter @mighty_ginge Remember to sign up to our mailing list at and please leave us a review!
June 17, 2021
Shelia Bruno: Wife After Prison
In this episode Harris interviews Shelia Bruno, author of Wife After Prison and advocate for raising awareness about Post Incarceration Syndrome. With people attempting to re-enter society after being in prison and finding themselves struggling, the odds are stacked against them settling back into civilian life and fulfilling their potential as a functioning member of society. You can find her book at all good bookshops and find out more on Shelia's website: Looking for an inclusive coach to change your life or improve it? Book a call with me here.
June 12, 2021
David McQueen; Inclusive Leadership
This week Harris speaks to executive coach, entrepreneur, speaker and facilitator David McQueen. David champions anti-racist work and is very vocal about inclusive leadership and examining our biases. You can find David at Follow us @transectionpodcast on social media and sign up to our mailing list at
May 28, 2021
Jordan Gray: Trans Comedy
This week Harris spoke to amazing singer and comedian Jordan Gray (semi-finalist of The Voice 2016 and star of Comedy Central's Transaction) with discussions about comedy, performance and challenging the status quo. You can follow her @talldarkfriend. Follow us @transectionpodcast on social media and sign up to our mailing list at
May 14, 2021
The Transection Podcast 3.0
In a time of great change, we're all making efforts to become more ethical, more educated people. The Transection Podcast interviews people from many different backgrounds to bring different aspects of human rights to life through humour, authenticity, and personal stories. We are privileged to get a glimpse into different people's realities and to get first-hand advice and information from people on the front line of great social change. I'm Harris Eddie Hill, inclusive coach, speaker and educator, and this is the Transection Podcast
May 13, 2021
Jonathan Andre Culliton; Trans Film Revolution
Jonathan Andre Culliton is a Boston-born, Los Angeles-based trans  filmmaker and comedy writer. A graduate of the New York Film Academy,  Culliton is the creator of “Bombshell,” a collaboration between  Heath&Henshaw and Mattioli Productions. Culliton has produced such  projects as Michael Yip’s award-winning musical short “The Gay Mafia”  and Sarah Taborga’s ball culture doc “Dear Queer Dancer.” He has a  successful freelance career as a 1st Assistant Director and has recently  worked on music videos for such artists as Fletcher and NOTD. Follow the new SPOOKABLE project or donate to the fund at    Please subscribe and let us know your favourite parts or what you've  learned from listening.    Harris x  
May 07, 2021
Jeffrey Marsh: The Pursuit of Peace and Truth
Welcome back for season 3!   In this episode Harris interviews the one and only Jeffrey Marsh  (they/them), who was the first openly non-binary person interviewed on  national TV in the USA. Jeffrey’s spiritual and inclusive messages have  received over 400 million views on social media. Their book How To Be You is out now on audiobook, which you can get  here:   Or follow Jeffrey @thejeffreymarsh on all social media platforms or find them on their website at Follow us on social media by searching 'The Transection Podcast' or sign up to our mailing list at  Get in touch with me to ask any questions or get support for your trans and nonbinary loved ones and their family. Harris x
April 30, 2021
Mixed Race and White Passing with Randi Lee
Harris interviews Canadian Indigenous Two-Spirit activist Randi Lee (she/they). Randi moonlights as a Tarot Reader and spiritual coach of  sorts, and joins Harris in a conversation about the strange middle  ground of being mixed race and white passing. Navigating the  juxtaposition of benefiting from white privilege whilst not sharing the  same headspace as our white loved ones. You can find Randi here: Get a copy of my FREE guide here before it's gone! Connect with me on social media: Enjoy! Harris x
January 29, 2021
Homebrewed Feminism with Becki McMillan and Amanda Sammarco
A first for the Transection Podcast; a double interview! Becki and  Amanda are the dynamic duo from Homebrewed Feminism, a podcast that  features their two favourite things; inclusive feminism, and beer. It  was a long conversation so you may need to listen to this in a couple of  sittings! Follow the hosts here: Their website: Remember you can get a copy of the free Trans+ Guide at Enjoy!
January 22, 2021
Sounds Like Me with Maxwell Hope
In this episode Harris interviews speech and PhD Linguistics Student Maxwell Hope where they discuss changing your voice and how complex and nuanced it is to utilise different parts of the voice depending on the quality you want it to take on. They also discuss how the medical field is changing in regards to assisting the trans and nonbinary community, especially with the challenge of embodying a voice that sounds like your own. Find Maxwell's podcast 'Hooked on Phonetics' here: or here You can also follow their facebook page: Remember you can download a free copy of the trans+ beginners' guide at: Contact us on social media or leave a facebook review: Harris x
January 15, 2021
The Salty Chaplain with Pastor Tori Jameson
In this episode Harris interviews the one and only nonbinary pastor from St Louis, Missouri, Tori Jameson where they talk about the intersection of Christianity and the LGBTQ+ community and many other interesting aspects of Tori's world. Donate or sponsor Tori and their work here: You can follow Tori here: Leave us a review! Enjoy! x
January 08, 2021
Naughty or Nice Christmas Special with Jordan and Harris
Jordan and Harris caught up to record a Christmas Special. WARNING: This episode contains discussions of mental health, drugs, alcohol, and sex.   In this episode Harris tests Jordan on their knowledge of British slang, they share some NAUGHTY stories, and discuss the NICE people they've met through the trans and nonbinary communities online and how much it's changed their lives.    Catch up with previous episodes for free on Youtube or all other major platforms.  Get episode releases sent to your inbox by signing up at:    Follow us on social media:    Merry Christmas from Harris & Jordan x
December 24, 2020
Gender Creative Parenting with Max Davies, Doctorate Researcher
In this episode Harris interviews Max Davies, Doctorate researcher at Brighton University studying gender creative parenting and Theybies. We talked about gender creative parenting and Max's research into different parenting practices and the positive effect these can have on children. You can read more on Max's website here: You can read Max's dissertation on Raising Theybies here: Get episodes straight to your inbox when they’re released by signing up here: Catch up on previous episodes and season one at: Tweet us @transectionp Instagram @transectionpodcast Facebook @transectionpodcast #podcast #lgbtq #nonbinary #trans #parenting
December 19, 2020
Unapologetic Black Trans Magic with Ariel Mary Ann Shaw
In this episode Harris interviews Ariel Mary Ann Shaw, Honours Graduate from Cincinnati University in Women's and Gender Studies. Ariel is a passionate and straight talking black trans woman who has plenty of humorous, yet on-point observations about society and people in general. We talk about university life and the speed of social change within the queer community. You can follow her here: Get episodes straight to your inbox when they’re released by signing up here: Catch up on previous episodes and season one at: Tweet us @transectionp Instagram @transectionpodcast Facebook @transectionpodcast #podcast #lgbtq #nonbinary #trans #blackgirlmagic
December 11, 2020
Sex Education and Consent with Stephanie Wiggins
In this episode Harris interviews Stephanie Wiggins, a 30-something nonbinary modern-day sex educator, early years educator and self-proclaimed sex geek from British Columbia in Canada. They talk candidly about consent and how we can model it with our kids, even from birth! Get ready for some up front discussions of body parts, boundaries, and sex. You can contact Stephanie through their website: Or find them on social media:
December 08, 2020
Empowering Black Women with Cle'Tse Searle-Seaton
In this episode Harris interviews Cle'Tse Searle-Seaton, founder of Not This Black Woman. Cle'Tse is passionate about empowering other black women to be authentic when their truth, personality, or identity does not fit traditional norms. She's also just finishing up her training as a therapist so she has the skills to help people one on one, too. This episode is one not to miss! You can find Cle-Tse online in all of these places: Get episodes straight to your inbox when they’re released by signing up here: Catch up on previous episodes and season one at:
November 27, 2020
Bendy Brains with Adam Cox, Harley Street Hypnotherapist
In this episode Harris interviews Harley Street Hypnotherapist Adam Cox where they talk about mental health, resilience, and changing your outlook to help you get better. Adam candidly shares a time in his young adult life when suicide was a serious option, and then he turned it around with his curious approach to the mind. You can find Adam Cox on Spotify both with his hypnosis pieces and also his (top 2.5% in the world) podcast ‘Modern Mindset’. Get episodes straight to your inbox when they’re released by signing up here: Catch up on previous episodes and season one at: Tweet us @transectionp Instagram @transectionpodcast Facebook @transectionpodcast #podcast #lgbtq #nonbinary #trans #hypnotism
November 22, 2020
Biases, Change, and Communism with Rose Ethington, Sociology PhD Student
In this episode Harris interviews sociology PhD student and nonbinary trans woman Rose Ethington (she/they). Rose is a fount of knowledge within many areas of social sciences and gives really palpable examples of her particular areas of study for her PhD which looks at the intersection of race and class within the trans and nonbinary community. Follow Rose on Twitter @mountainrosebud. Get episodes straight to your inbox when they’re released by signing up here: Catch up on previous episodes and season one at: Tweet us @transectionp Instagram @transectionpodcast Facebook @transectionpodcast #podcast #lgbtq #nonbinary #trans #sociology
November 14, 2020
Bonus Episode; Inclusive Marketing with Vicky Etherington
For this Season 1 Bonus Episode, Harris is interviewed by Vicky Etherington, The Website Mentor. About this episode: "If we aspire to influence positive social change through thoughtful and respectful content, we need to understand inclusive marketing. It enables us to share our message in a way that connects with people from all backgrounds, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, gender identity, age, ability and so much more. Join me today as I interview Harris Eddie Hill and explore how we can embark on inclusive marketing and do it better." ~Vicky Etherington You can find Vicky's facebook group by searching 'Wordpress Happy Community'. Her website is Lots of love from Jordan and Harris, and we'll see you for Season 2!! x
September 25, 2020
Intersectional Flicks with Ashwini Prasad
Congratulations to Ash for her first book being such a smash hit!! Incredible work! Search for 'How to Write Inclusively' and buy it! This week we talk all about representation in the media, why it's important, and how it's changing. It's one not to miss! You can find Ashwini and her work below: Website: Book on Amazon: “How To Write Inclusively: An Analysis and How To Guide” by Ashwini Prasad IG: theinclusivescreenwriter Twitter: INCScreenwriter Email:
August 10, 2020
Sufi, So Good with Mark Silver
In this episode Harris interviews Sufi Business Healer, Mark Silver. They discuss the spiritual, political, and sociological role of small businesses as well as Mark's appearance on Oprah in the 90's whilst he was advocating for bisexuality. Definitely one not to miss! You can find Mark at
July 26, 2020
The Sexcast
In this episode Harris and Jordan talk about SEX. Getting laid, the  challenges and joys of dating and having sex as trans people. Important  things to know about having sex with trans people or having sex if you  are trans people.    Any questions? Message us!   Sign up for new episodes straight to your inbox at:    LISTEN here:    Love from Harris and Jordan x
July 17, 2020
Energy and Aliens with Ellyssa Campbell
In this episode Harris speaks with guest Lys about energy work, sex  work, and aliens. Ellyssa had an unconventional upbringing and continues  to this day to have unconventional discussions and therefore isn't  afraid to ask the big questions and push the limits. You can't accuse us  of being boring! You can contact Lys at
July 05, 2020
Christ on a Bike!
In this episode Jordan and Harris discuss their challenges with navigating spirituality after leaving behind less than ideal religious experiences, and what we think the future might hold. Spirituality is a topic so rarely broached within the queer community because of collective trauma, yet it's often something we find we need in order to meet our deepest emotional needs.
June 27, 2020
Trans Power and Success with Juno Roche
In this episode I got to interview the amazing Juno Roche, award winning  campaigner and gifted author. We talk about creativity, trans  brilliance, and Juno brings a refreshing perspective on not only the  positives of transness, but also the power it holds like nothing else.  Juno's new book #genderexplorers is out now and it's a bloody good read -  five stars!
June 20, 2020
Poke Me Again! Q&A with Harris
This week we give you a sneak peek of our interview with Juno Roche, we  talk about how to support our transgender and/or nonbinary loved ones,  and discuss concepts of gender as a social construct. I even sing for  you a bit, but don't get used to it! It's a special treat, ok?
June 10, 2020
Yeet Your Trauma with Amanda Wells
In this episode Harris interviews the wonderful Amanda Wells; psychotherapist, counsellor and trauma specialist. Amanda is passionate about helping people to heal from trauma and PTSD. Amanda not only has some serious qualifications to back her up, but is also a survivor herself, so she has credentials both academic and lived to make her a really well rounded, compassionate, and gifted therapist. Listen to find out how she helped me to heal from my own PTSD that I'd been living with for twenty years!! You can reach Amanda at, and you can also find her business page on facebook at TW we discuss abuse and mental health in this episode, but we do not share any explicit details. Sign up for new episodes straight to your inbox at: LISTEN here: Love from Harris and Jordan x
May 30, 2020
You-phoria: How To Know
In this episode Jordan and Harris discuss dysphoria, euphoria, and how that influences discussions within our community. Dysphoria is often used as a defining benchmark for trans and/or nonbinary people, but euphoria is really the star of the show, and we explain why.
May 23, 2020
Poke Me: Q&A with Harris
This week we cover topics from gender as a social construct to being given a dick finger or dick toes ultimatum. Who said learning couldn't be fun??
May 16, 2020
Wtf is nonbinary??
Jordan and Harris start at the beginning: what does it mean to be nonbinary and how did we make sense of it? How we came to discover our own identities and what we've experienced since.
May 03, 2020