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Transform the Planet

Transform the Planet

By Antonio Saillant
Transform the Planet with Antonio Saillant. The essence of living a sustainable lifestyle begins with walking the talk. It is a fundamental transition that breathes new life into a home or business environment. It has been proven that people who lead a sustainable life, tend to be more productive as well as happy. To achieve a healthier and happier quality of life, you don't have to live with negative transparency. Together we can make it possible to achieve these simple changes so we can leave our sustainable footprints which future generations may find great value in.
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Together We Will Rise
Together We Will Rise   Antonio Saillant sends a message about how we must make a commitment to take care of nature and in turn, nature will take care of us. Check out our Planet Greenfest YouTube Channel: Click Here.
October 04, 2021
A Conversation, The Intersection Between Film and Sustainability
Sustainable Producer Antonio Saillant talks about The Intersection Between Film and Sustainability. His mission is to achieve the sustainable goals by educating and spreading awareness though our youth by utilizing the entertainment industry's actions on the environment and in particular on climate change. If you like to contact Antonio Saillant, please click on the link. If you would like to leave a voice message for Antonio Saillant about this episode, please click on this link.
September 25, 2021
Transform The Planet, A Global Message
Welcome to "Transform the Planet," Podcast with your host Antonio Saillant.  A Global Message from Antonio Saillant I may be in the film and television industry but Long before I served as one of the top energy consultants for several companies in the State of New York and New Jersey,  My work continues as an environmental crusader fighting for our planet with a strong belief that, “ If Humanity Saves our Planet, Our Planet will Save Humanity.” I know firsthand how important this agenda to the future of our existence – We the people of the world – must unite, our environmental rights are under attack, and let our leaders develop a pact to fight global warming. Our own government, The White House does not agree that humans are a major contributor to global warming based on scientific evidence. We can defend those rights for years to come. We can protect our planet against the constant assault on our environment and defend our progress by voting and with unity.  We can make a stand, not just for humanity but for all living things on earth, we can save our planet and the future of humanity together. Choose Life. It’s Simple. For More Information: Follow us on Twitter and Instagram: @XFORMTHEPLANET LISTEN: You can Subscribe to episodes here on Anchor and Spotify or wherever you find your podcasts
November 26, 2019
Invasion of Toxic Air
Host Antonio Saillant talks about the 'Poison in the Air' in the Capital of India, New Delhi.  Official Website: Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @XFORMTHEPLANET #Pollution #NewDelhi #India #Sustainability #Science #toxicair 
November 11, 2019