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UNC Trauma Talk

UNC Trauma Talk

By UNC Trauma Program
Trauma Talk is brought to you by the UNC Tar Heel Trauma Program's communications team. The UNC Trauma Center is a Level 1 trauma center in Chapel Hill, NC. We provide injury prevention tips to keep you out of the hospital as well as regional trauma education and updates on our trauma center.
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Drive Safely at Every Age: Older Adult Driving

UNC Trauma Talk

Hot Car Safety w/ Tonya Stafford
In this episode of Trauma Talk with the UNC Trauma Center, we discuss hot car safety with Tonya Stafford. Tonya is the pediatric trauma nurse educator and outreach coordinator for the pediatric trauma program at UNC's Trauma Center as well as a car seat technician. She provides valuable information on the dangers of leaving children in hot cars and tips on how to prevent heatstroke deaths. Tonya also shares a firsthand encounter of finding two children alone in a hot car and the actions she took — an experience that earned her a SAVE Award. Resources: American Academy of Pediatrics
March 30, 2021
Booster Seat Safety w/ Bevan Kirley
In this episode of Trauma Talk with the UNC Trauma Center, we discuss booster seat safety with Bevan Kirley. Bevan is a senior research associate at the UNC Highway Safety Research Center. She stresses the importance of booster seat use, offers tips on proper usage, and shares common mistakes parents and caregivers make. Resources: BuckleUpNC
March 07, 2021
Holiday Safety w/ Trauma Talk Hosts Lindsay and Charlotte
Thank you for checking out today's episode! With plenty of holidays coming up this week, Lindsay and Charlotte go through the most essential safety advice from the Trauma Center for children, teens, adults, and seniors for the holiday season to keep everyone safe from preventable accidents. Enjoy! CPSC Recalls: Safe Kids Worldwide: Dare to Lead Podcast with Brene Brown:
December 23, 2020
Older Driver Safety w/ AOTA Older Driver Initiative Project Coordinator Elin Schold-Davis
Thank you for tuning in to this week’s episode of Trauma Talk with the UNC Trauma Center, where we’re accompanied by AOTA Older Driver Initiative Project Coordinator Elin Schold-Davis to discuss older adult driving safety awareness in celebration of Older Driver Safety Awareness Week. Elin provides tons of history, tips and resources on how we can reframe the stigma surrounding older drivers and how to make sure everyone is fit to drive safely. Resources: AOTA Older Driver Safety - (Use #ODSAW20 on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook this week) Check out your state’s resources - Understand the technologies in your car - CDC Older Driver Safety -
December 04, 2020
Product Recalls and Holiday Safety w/ the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission's Nikki Fleming
Thank you for listening to today's episode, where we chat with Nikki Fleming about everything product recalls, holiday safety and general prevention tips! In addition to what we discussed in today's episode, Nikki also provided some great resources and key information on recent product recalls on PRESSURE COOKERS, all of which is linked below. Thank you again for joining us!  CPSC’s homepage and pressure cooker recall info:  Holiday Safety Education Center: Holiday Safety Education Center (Spanish): 2019 CPSCToy Report: CPSC News Release on Holiday Tips: News Release (Spanish): NSN Poster: NSN Poster (Spanish): CPSC’s public database (report and search for product incidents):  Car Seat Recall:
December 03, 2020
Swim Safety w/ Chapel Hill's Goldfish Swim School General Manager Megan Sweeten
Despite being in the midst of a pandemic, swim safety is still relevant and necessary to keep your kids safe. Megan Sweeten of Goldfish Swim School gave us plenty of notable and key information to prevent your child and others from drowning. Megan also shares with us some of the awesome ways Goldfish is helping children learn to swim with safety precautions during this time. Hope you enjoy! Resources from Megan:  AAP Drowning Prevention Toolkit - CDC Drowning Prevention tips - National Drowning Prevention Alliance - Aquatics Coalition Petition: Goldfish Swim School Blog:
October 29, 2020
Halloween Safety in Chapel Hill w/ UNC Police Department's Sergeant James David
Thank you for listening to this episode with UNC Police Department's Sergeant James David. In today's episode, James will take you through Halloween in Chapel Hill this year and how the city is adding safety precautions during the holiday due to the pandemic. If you're looking for some fun and safe options on Halloween, keep on listening! Resources from James: Orange County Health Department: Check out the Orange County Health Department’s website for general COVID-19 safety information and updates. Safe at UNC: If you’re a UNC-Chapel Hill student, this site provides an array of safety resources and information, especially relating to harassment, sexual violence, and other interpersonal violence-related topics. UNC Police Department: For safety information and resources from the UNC Police Department, check out their website. Heel Life Events: For general fun events on UNC’s campus and all of their safe Halloween activity offerings, check out the Heel Life website.
October 25, 2020
The Practice of Car Seat Safety w/ Child Passenger Safety Technician Hannah Shumaker
Trauma Talk host Charlotte Geier talks with Child Passenger Safety Technician Hannah Shumaker about all her information and recommendations related to car seat safety and explains why it's a constant practice parents should engage in. Tune into this episode to hear some tips, tricks, and misconceptions related to your child's safety on the road! Want to learn more? Check out these awesome CPS resources Hannah:   Manufacturer Contact Info:  Thorough car seat reviews   Seat comparison tool  Hannah's favorite source for vehicle-specific info, including tips for what might work in 3-across situations:  A link for finding a CPST local to you - or signing up to become a tech yourself! - at
October 08, 2020
Serving Up Safety in the Kitchen: National Fire Prevention Week 2020 w/Fire Marshal Jason Shepherd
Jason Shepherd is the Orange County Fire Marshal, and he provided us with some great information related to fire safety, specifically fire safety in the kitchen.   Listen to Jason's interview. Click the links below for additional fire safety resources and education.
September 28, 2020
Staying Safe While Social Distancing: An Interview on Infant Sleep Safety with UNC Center Maternal & Infant Health
During this episode we interview Megan Cannady, a research associate with the UNC Center for Maternal & Infant Health. Megan is a wealth of knowledge on the dos and don'ts of creating a safe sleep environment for your infant, how to avoid falling asleep with baby in your arms, and other vital parenting skills related to sleep. Listen now and share to promote safe sleeping in all infants. Suggested Resources for Listeners: - Safe Sleep NC website: · Consumer Product Safety Commission website with a specific page for infant sleep: · National Safe to Sleep website:
September 01, 2020
Hurricane Preparedness in the Time of Covid-19 with the Red Cross
Please join us for a special and timely episode of Staying Safe While Social Distancing as we help families and special populations prepare for hurricane season and other disasters. As Covid-19 lingers on there are special considerations the Red Cross is taking to keep us safe from the disaster and the pandemic at the same time.  Kelly Ferrell, Disaster Program Specialist of Red Cross Central NC Chapter, and Michael Brown a Red Cross disaster volunteer tell us what to do to be prepared. Please see links to these referred resources. Coping with Stress During COVID-19 Disaster Preparedness for Children
August 19, 2020
TSN Podcast Series Episode 2: Scotty Linville's Story
In the second installment of Trauma Survivors Network Podcast Series of UNC Trauma Talks we interview Scotty Linville, a TSN volunteer at Wake Baptist Medical Center. Scotty was in a motorcycle accident, suffering serious injuries and has undergone many surgeries as a result. Scotty share his story while also giving other survivors of trauma insight into the ongoing recovery process mentally and physically. Scotty likens the Trauma Survivors Network as a club that nobody asked to join. Listen to his story for motorcycle safety tips related to wearing proper gear, and also for more understanding of the process of recovery that is physical, mental and emotional for trauma survivors. To find out more about the Trauma Survivors Network visit
August 18, 2020
Trauma Survivors Network: Tracy Stickland Shares Amanda's Story
In the third installment of Trauma Survivors Network Series of UNC Trauma Talks we spoke with Tracy Stickland, mother of Amanda Stickland, and both a TSN volunteer and UNC Health employee.  Tracy became an employee at UNC Health after Amanda's car accident, which kept her in the hospital for over five weeks. Amanda was "distracted driving', which many may not realize includes eating while driving.  Amanda survived after a hard fight in the hospital but suffered facial injuries and a severe brain injury, which has resulted in short-term memory loss and prevents her from living independently. Tracy provides really important tips and resources on distracted driving that she would like others to know, and provided the online resources that are linked below. Finally,  Tracy wants to emphasize that families in similar positions should be sure to put a legal plan in place for the caregivers' end of life. Tracy shared that Amanda will long outlive her and her other current caregivers. Making sure that Amanda will be taken care once that occurs has been a priority for her family.
August 05, 2020
Making Seniors Homes Safer: Staying Safe While Social Distancing
In this episode, we interview the coordinator of a coalition that helps seniors in Orange County get linked with services that can help make their home safer by installing items such as grab bars, wheelchair ramps, and making minor home repairs. Ryan Lavalley of the Orange County Dept. on Aging discusses the benefits of home safety modification to reduce falls risks and how seniors in Orange County can be linked to services such as Habitat for Humanity who can make repairs at low to no-cost. Not only do they provide injury prevention type modifications, some seniors are even eligible for things like air conditioning repairs that can improve quality of life and reduce risk of heat stroke. Navigating the many agencies in our area can be difficult, and their coalition tries to simplify the process by determining what individuals are eligible for and which agency can best serve them.  To get in touch with the coalition for yourself or a loved one you can contact Ryan at  The organizations in the coalition include:
July 10, 2020
Trauma Survivors Network Series: What is TSN?
This episode serves as a prelude to our new Trauma Survivors Network interview series of UNC Trauma Talks. We are excited to introduce Trauma Survivors Network (TSN) volunteers who have lived through a serious trauma and now volunteer their time to help new survivors cope with the recovery process. In this episode two TSN coordinators, Olivia Smith of Wake Baptist Trauma Center, and Meredith Spell of New Hanover Hospital Trauma Center share their experience working with the TSN volunteers and the positive impacts they've seen the program make on survivors of trauma new and old.  To find out more information on TSN you can visit the national website here. 
June 25, 2020
Trauma Survivors Network Series with Trauma Survivor Kelly Revels
In the first of our Trauma Survivors Network series, our outreach coordinator, Alex Carrico, interviews motor vehicle crash survivor and UNC Health employee Kelly Revels. Kelly talks about her experience coping as a trauma survivor, how the TSN network has helped her and others, and Kelly provides some insight into a less talked about form of distracted driving: driving while fatigued. Kelly recommends survivors of physical trauma look into the Trauma Survivors Network for more information.
June 25, 2020
Firearm Safety & Safe Storage with NC Wildlife: Staying Safe While Social Distancing
This episode includes an interview with NC Wildlife Officer Hannah Shively on safe gun storage practices and how to safely handle a firearm. To access the classes on gun safety that NC Wildlife Association offers please visit their website. We also created a series of PSAs around National Just ASK (Asking Saves Kids) Day to remind families to 'Just Ask' about safe gun storage every time your child visits another family home.  To watch the PSAs please click here.
June 18, 2020
Elder Abuse Prevention Part 2: Staying Safe While Social Distancing
Kathy Dowd, the executive director of the The Audiology Project shares her perspective on how hearing loss and other disabilities can lead to neglect and elder abuse that is often unseen even by elderly caretakers. Listeners will learn how elder abuse reaches beyond the physical aspects and how hearing loss and vision loss can make people even more vulnerable to abuse for a variety of reasons. To listen to the first part of this episode click here. Finally, Kathy recommends working with your local ombudsman to navigate reporting elder abuse. You can find your local ombudsman here.
June 15, 2020
Elder Abuse Prevention Part 1: Staying Safe While Social Distancing
In recognition of National Elder Abuse Awareness Day 2020, we've created a two part episode to shed light on not only the physical aspects of elder abuse but also emotional abuse, forms of neglect, and even financial scams. During social distancing reports of elder abuse have gone down, which means that those who would usually be able to intervene due to the challenges Covid-19 has created are unable to. Lara Gurganus, Adult Services Program Coordinator of the NC Department of Health & Human Services, shares her expertise with us on how and why elder abuse may occur and how we can look out for it in our loved ones. To listen to Part 2 of the Elder Abuse Prevention episode and learn more about how hearing loss and other impairments contribute to Elder Abuse click here.
June 11, 2020
Firework Safety with the Shannon Family: Staying Safe While Social Distancing
Every summer tens of thousands of people end up in the ED because of injuries related to home firework displays. Nearly half of them are children. With the Covid-19 pandemic causing cancellation of professional firework shows this summer, it is more important than ever to make smart choices when planning your home summer celebrations. The Shannon family, longtime advocates for firework safety regulations nationwide, share their personal story on why home fireworks aren't worth the risk.  We discuss the North Carolinians for Firework Safety Coalition's mission to lobby for the continuation of firework safety regulation laws in the state of NC. To learn more about the coalition you can visit or to learn more about firework safety visit ,  follow @NCFireworkSafety on Facebook, or email 
June 01, 2020
ATV Safety for the Summer: Staying Safe While Social Distancing
Did you know that North Carolina was the 9th leading states in ATV accident fatalities? ATV safety expert and research, Stephen Oesch, shares some of the most dangerous behaviors he's seen ATV riders try and how to prevent accidents and injuries. In North Carolina the law requires that you MUST wear an ATV helmet, protective eye wear and abide by age restrictions dependent on the ATV's size. Finally, NC is one of the nation's states that requires all ATV operators to complete a certification class that can be easily accessed here. For more safety resources for parents and adults visit our website.
May 22, 2020
Preventing Youth Substance Abuse with Insight NC: Stay Safe While Social Distancing
Insight Human Services covers 60 counties in NC, and uses a population health approach to preventing  substance abuse in youth by building protective factors such as self-esteem building and teaching teens tactics to overcome peer pressure. In this episode with Insight NC Program Manager Kyle Smith, we talk about how families can work with their teens to reduce chances of substance abuse and build positive family dynamics. Resources Kyle references in the interview are below: for Teens SAMSHA Lock Your Meds DEA (I did not mention this during the pod cast but this is a great resources for Drug Facts
May 14, 2020
Coping and Stress Management Skills from American Red Cross: Staying Safe While Social Distancing
This episode includes an interview from a long time American Red Cross Disaster Management Volunteer, Michael Brown. As a former psychologist and an experienced disaster relief provider,  Michael is able to provide us with tips for coping with the unknown and guiding ourselves and our families through stressful situations. 1. Alliance Behavioral Healthcare Access Line: 800-510-9132.  Alliance is the local behavioral health management agency for Durham, Wake, Cumberland and Johnston Counties. Each county in NC is served by a local health management agency and folks outside of these counties can contact their local agency access line. 2. Crisis Text Line: Text HOME to 741741 and you will be contacted by a crisis counselor. 3. SAMHSA Disaster Distress Helpline: 800-985-5990. SAMHSA is a part of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. For activities for children: 1. NC State 4H Daily Spark for Kids: This is a daily activity on Facebook Live with a variety of topics. 2. 125 Activities for Children During the Corona Virus Stay At Home Period: 3. Kid Friendly Activities: for children shared by the American Red Cross. For more information around COVID-19: 1. Helpful information from the American Red Cross on a variety of topics such as caregiving, children's activities, and safety during the corona virus pandemic. 2. Local Community Resources and Information: Dial 211, the community resource line. 3. Centers for Disease Control:
May 05, 2020
Preventing Dog Bites: Staying Safe While Social Distancing
Far too often at the UNC Trauma Center we see children injured by a family's beloved pet or a neighborhood dog. In this episode we interview two behavioral veterinarian specialists of NC State University's School of Veterinary Medicine. Dr. Sara Bennett and Dr. Margaret Gruen share their tips on how to prevent dog bites and how to understand the language of dogs so that we can be aware of the signs that they may be about to attack. They recommend Family Paws Parent Education as a resource for parents and caregivers to make sure everyone is safe.  Other resources for dog bite prevention can be found here.
April 29, 2020
Drive Safely at Every Age: Older Adult Driving
Driving safety is important at every age. In this episode we natural changes that occur as we age, and how we can mitigate their effect on our driving.  Kristel Robison with the UNC Highway Safety Research Center joins me and shares her expert insight. Kristel asks that for more information people visit Other helpful resources include AAA Senior Driving Safety and AARP Driver Safety.  Finally, please visit to find older driver safety events near you!
April 28, 2020
Preventing Child Abuse During a Pandemic: Staying Safe While Social Distancing
April is Child Abuse Prevention Month. This episode covers child abuse prevention strategies and resources via an interview by Prevent Child Abuse NC's director of development, Claire Veazey. Claire covers the many ways in which their organization works to prevent child abuse and neglect in our state and tells listeners how to access resources and get involved in the cause.  For more information on Prevent Child Abuse NC visit their website  Other resources referenced in the episode: Covid-19 Child Abuse Response Information Connections Matter Campaign Triple P Online Free Course for Parents
April 21, 2020
UNC Trauma Talk: Catching Up with OCEMS During Covid-19
In this episode Alex and Lindsay interview Kyle Ronn of Orange County Emergency  Services. Kyle shares what trends OCEMS has seen since the beginning of the stay at home order and explains how to work with emergency services if you do have to call 9-1-1. For more info on OCEMs visit their website or their Facebook page. Thanks so much to our EMS partners on the front lines of the pandemic!!
April 21, 2020
Wear Your Helmet!: Biking Safely During Social Distacting
In this episode I interview Injury Prevention and Outreach Coordinator of Brennar Children's Hospital in Winston Salem NC, Luly Beckles. Luly shares her incredible personal story of how she ended up in her role at the hospital and became passionate about bike safety and distributing helmets and bike education to kids all over NC. For more bike safety tips, proper helmet fitting instructions and bike hand signals click here.
April 21, 2020
Protect Your Head: Staying Safe Social Distancing Covers Traumatic Brain Injury
Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) are a serious result of many types of accidents including falls, car crashes, and sports injuries. Prevention and early detection and treatment are important to prevent the serious long-term effects that TBIs can cause. In this episode I interview Scott Pokorney, Traumatic Brain Injury Team Lead at the North Carolina Department of Health & Human Services.  We discuss the burden of TBIs and the best way to prevent and respond to this type of injury.  Scott recommends visiting the following resources for more information: NC DHHS COVID-19 Information and Updates Brain Injury Association of NC NC DHHS TBI Program Website Center for Disease Control and Prevention
April 21, 2020
Safety on the Water Part 2: Boating Safety with the US Coast Guard Auxillary
In this episode, I follow up our open water swimming safety episode with an interview on boating safety with Sherry Spillman of the US Coast Guard Auxiliary.  Sherry wants everyone to know the best way to be safe as a boater is take a class. To find an online class click here. She also gives tips on safe boating in terms of Covid-19. 
April 17, 2020
Safety on the Water Part 1: Open Water Swim Safety
In part one of Safety on the Water, I interview Natural Resource Specialist, Blake Johnson, of the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers. Blake is sharing his top safety tips for open water swimming, what swimmers should know about safety on the lake with the Covid-19 pandemic, and how to access resources and updates about boat ramp and beach openings this summer season.  You can visit their Facebook page for updates on openings at Blake also lets us know that he is available to provide water safety education remotely to groups such as Boy Scout troops or classrooms! You can message Blake for free education presentations by contacting him at (919) 542-4501 ext 2435.
April 17, 2020
Suicide Prevention During the Pandemic: Staying Safe While Social Distancing
This episode focuses on why suicide and suicidal thoughts are on the rise during the Covid-19 pandemic and how we can intervene. Dr. Kurt Michael of Appalachian State University, a licensed psychologist and suicide prevention expert, shares how to detect the signs and symptoms of suicide, how we can intervene and what we can expect long term. For more information on Dr. Michael's work you can also read this article, Youth Mental Health in North Carolina: Creative Innovations in Challenging Times. Dr. Michael provides several very important numbers that listeners can call if they are having suicidal thoughts: - The 24/7 Suicide Prevention Lifeline number is 1-800-273-8255 - The Spanish Speaking Suicide Prevention Lifelife number is 1-800-628-9454 - The Suicide Prevention Lifeline Chatroom link can be found here - The Suicide Prevention Life number for deaf and hard of here is 1-800-799-4889 - An alternate option for those who prefer to text message can message the Crises Text Line for free 24/7 by texting the word 'HOME' to 741741 In the episode we discuss the Collaborative Assessment and Management of Suicidality (CAMS). The link for more information is here.
April 09, 2020
Duke & UNC Talk Distracted Driving: Staying Safe While Social Distancing
Tricia Smar, the injury prevention coordinator the Duke University Hospitals Trauma program, and I discuss National Distracted Driving Awareness Month.  Tricia shares insight into how we can all be better drivers and avoid distraction. We also offer a few tips on safe driving during the stay at home order from Covid-19.  In the episode I reference the importance of car maintenance to avoid accidents and how to be careful about having car work done during the pandemic. The article I refer can be found here. Other resources for distracted driving prevention: Insurance Institute for Highway Safety  National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
April 07, 2020
Orange County Community Update from Orange County Sheriff's Office: Staying Safe While Social Distancing
In this episode I interview Alicia Stemper, the public information officer, of Orange County Sheriff's Office in North Carolina. Alicia shares with us some concerns that their law enforcement office has about domestic violence during the stay at home order, community firearms safety, and how to be a responsible community member (and human!) during this time.  As an Orange County resident, if you are experiencing domestic violence or are scared for your safety you can call Amber Keith  919-245-2950 and email at,  If you are not an Orange County, NC resident you should call the National Domestic Abuse Violence Hotline  at 1-800-799-7233 or go to and you can chat with someone online without making a sound.  To get a free gun lock you can also visit the OC Sheriff's Office at 106 Margaret Lane Hillsborough, NC.
April 06, 2020
Fire Safety and Burn Prevention: Staying Safe While Social Distancing
In this mini episode I interview Emily Powell of the Chapel Hill Fire Department. Emily shares her main concerns for fire safety during social distancing and staying at home, and she provides fire prevention tips for both kids and seniors. 
April 02, 2020
Driving and Car Seat Safety - Staying Safe During Social Distancing
This mini episode addresses driving safety during COVID19, tips for safety with children in and around cars, and how to make a remote car seat safety consultation. To make a car seat safety consultation appointment please call 984-974-2437.  Videos for how to do the "pinch" test to make sure your child's harness is snug enough and how to do the "inch test" on your child's car seat may be found in the link below.
April 02, 2020
UNC Trauma Talk: Regional Updates and Injury Prevention Tips
Our first episode of UNC Trauma Talk covers regional updates for stakeholders from UNC Trauma Program. These updates and injury prevention tips for the stay-at-home order are of great importance to the general population and HCP alike. For articles and resources referenced in our show please see below: Trauma Learning Series WebEx Information: Link: Meeting number (access code): 730 149 707 Meeting password: TarHeelTrauma1 Uplifting Stories and Resources Some Hope, Cindy Lifton, PhD, RN, CPXP UF Doctor creates more efficient N95 masks out of surgical equipment COVID-19: Our Response to the N95 Shortage Doctors Expect Huge Spike in Pediatric Injuries at Home  Resources for Healthy Families Under Stress and Healthy Strategies for Talking with Kids Important Phone Numbers: If you or your child accidentally ingests cleaning products or medication not prescribed call National Poison Control Call (800) 222-1222 For a free gun lock or car seat safety consultation please call (984) 974-2437
April 01, 2020
Staying Safe While Social Distancing: Lock It Up
This mini episode covers three important things to lock up during social distancing to keep your child as safe as possible and out of hazards. We cover how to safely store 1) Household cleaners 2) Medications 3) FIrearms.  If your child was to accidentally ingest any household cleaner or medications not prescribed to them call National Poison Control at (800) 222-1222.  For more tips on safe gun storage please visit and watch the National Ad Council's PSA on why storing guns safely is so important.
April 01, 2020
Staying Safe While Social Distancing: Safety Tips for Seniors
Staying Safe While Social Distancing is a minisode from UNC Trauma Center to encourage safety during the COVID19 crises. In the minsode we refer to a few important resources. To find videos to help seniors stay active at home please visit This is one of many resources you can find online for ideas for physical activity (note UNC Trauma is not endorsing any of these videos).  We also mentioned the HOPE Hotline to prevent social isolation during COVID19 social distancing.  Seniors can call this toll free number any time 1-866-578-4673 or 1-866-578-HOPE. For more injury prevention tips visit or visit our Facebook page at 
March 31, 2020