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Travel emotions

Travel emotions

By Andreea Munteanu
Share travel emotions when you have a clear plan. Share travel emotions when everything falls apart. Share travel emotions with the good and the bad parts.
“Travel opens your heart, broadens your mind, and fills your life with stories to tell.” (P. Benfeldt) It is a virtual space where I talk openly about my experiences and how they change me. It is the place where I talk about the journey and how it shaped me. It is a public introspection. Join me and do yours!
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#1 - Feel like home
Feel like home in uncertainty. Feel like home when home is not a pin- point on a map. Feel like home when you move periodically. Feel like home when you know no one Feel like home when you have no idea where home is. Feel like home because "home is not a place, but a feeling" (C. Ahem). Feel like home everywhere.
May 31, 2021