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TravelBaits: Unique Experiences and Stories from India

TravelBaits: Unique Experiences and Stories from India

By TravelBaits
We are about curating stories and making them tangible experiences. Explore the history, people and places of India with us!
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An Immersion into the North East of India
We talk to Raj Basu, popularly known as the Tourism Gandhi of the North East, about his movement of sustainable rural tourism in the North East India. A fascinating story teller, Raj walks us through the rich history of the region, which he calls the Gateway of India into Asia. He gives a vivid description of immersive tourism, where the traveller should forgo his/her city ego, and immerse into the deep roots of rural tourism, including homestays, wildlife and trekkings. We conclude with some must do places to go and essential cross border experiences in this vast region.
July 24, 2020
The Heritage of Hare Krishna Temples
This episode we talk about a very popular spiritual movement that came out of India, ie, the Hare Rama Hare Krishna movement, typically associated with ISKCON. Here, we talk with Dr Himanshu who is a professor in TIFR, Mumbai, and holds keen interest in philosophy, social and religious studies. We talk about the history and founder of this practice, how it became popular in the West and then in India, and what are the historical places of importance to visit in connection with this. We also briefly discuss the best times to visit the places, and end with a short discussion on spirituality and human progress.
July 11, 2020
A Very "Tea"-some Experience
In this episode, we talk with Rajiv Lochan, a very successful tea-preneur who started growing tea in a non-traditional area, and converted it into a brand which has won prestigious tea awards around the world, including a very special event hosted by the Emperor of Japan himself. We discuss with him the qualities of a good tea, and the stylish ways to enjoy it. Further, we talk about developing Tea Tourism Experiences, and his thinking about linking the holy Buddhist circuit with a visit to the organic tea gardens.
June 28, 2020
Rendezvous with a Madhubani Artist
Madhubani is a very famous art form in India. In this podcast with Kaushik Jha, a famous promoter and teacher of the art, we go through some history, personalities and intricacies of the art and the best ways to buy it.
June 20, 2020
TravelBaits: A Unique Travel Podcast for India
TravelBaits is a firm curating unique experiences in the Indian subcontinent. We are working towards making digital interventions in the hospitality industry, and make tourism experiences more meaningful and rich. Explore the Indian subcontinent in a very different way with us! You will never be bored with our stories.
June 20, 2020