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Michela Fantinel - Rocky Travel

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Free your travels, be a Travelita! #travelita #iamatravelita

This is what we stand for, and this is what we do: we are all about traveling and helping you to facilitate your travels and make them unforgettable memories of joy and fun.
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Michela Fantinel - Rocky Travel
Enjoy our interview with Michela Fantinel from Rocky Travel in full lengh uncut, learn from her expertise, her wisdom and her joy of living her life.  Want to know more? Visit her blog here:
July 6, 2019
Welcome to Travelita!
Free your travels, be a Travelita! #travelita #iamatravlita this is our motto, and this is what we do: Travelita is a platform that brings women together to facilitate their travels, make them enjoyable and an unforgettable memory! 
June 28, 2019
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