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43: A New Question when Things Change

An episode of Ambition-Innovation-Effort Podcast

By Travis Daigle
Travis Daigle teaches personal growth and development. In this Podcast he explores what it means to experience freedom in all areas of life and how we grow more resilient as we face challenges in the process. Travis shares lessons learned from personal experiences: overcoming obesity, getting out of debt, working as an Electrical Engineer in Corporate America, and becoming a US Army Green Beret/Combat Veteran.
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44: The Lion Unleashed - Speech at Seattle University for
Audio from what I feel may be my best speech to date! How do we learn to trust our instincts when the follow on actions separate us from the herd?
August 2, 2019
43: A New Question when Things Change
Whether we change or not, things change around us. Change has collateral damage. Progress has components of pleasure and pain. When we can’t control the external world we have only to look in and ask better questions about what we see and how we need to evolve in how we see.
July 26, 2019
42: Speech at University of Washington Tacoma WBW - Keeping Promises to Yourself
Can you hold yourself accountable? Do you have anything to hold yourself accountable to? In this speech I challenge the teenagers present to begin developing the skill of personal accountability and I share this how I have done this in my own life.
July 19, 2019
41: Naked Is Easier Than Vulnerable
Why is it easier for us to get naked and have sex, than it is to be truthful and vulnerable about who we are and where we are in life? Time for change.
July 12, 2019
40: The Problem Solving Process
In my mind, personal growth is all about enhancing our problem solving skills. The more we can strategically and objectively approach obstacles and opportunities the more likely we are to gain wisdom from these scenarios. In this episode I talk about a framework I have created to assist in this process. Visit to learn more.
July 5, 2019
39: Hear no, See no, Say no... Dream.
Straight up! People can’t tear down something that they are unaware of. Learning to protect our hopes when they are in infancy is a vital skill in personal growth and development.
June 28, 2019
38: A Nimble Mind
Adapt and Overcome. That’s how I look at challenges in life. Adaptation requires our behavior to change and that begins with our beliefs. The more willing we are to challenge our own beliefs the faster we can positively engage behavior change. In this episode I talk about this concept primarily from the point of view of personal finance. Enjoy.
June 21, 2019
37: Fear of Regret vs Fear of Physical Danger
The problem with fear of regret is that it doesn’t tap into our fight or flight mechanism. Our brains will protect us from physical pain automatically but metaphysical pain? Not so much....
June 14, 2019
36: The Workshop is Canceled...
Sometimes we have to pivot because you can’t do everything. The workshop is canceled but there’s a deeper lesson in why...
June 7, 2019
35: Imposing Your Will
There are some challenges in life that don’t require a perspective shift. The simply require more effort. They require us to find another gear in our will power in order to get what we want. This is a good one for kids in high school and college.
May 31, 2019
34: Failing Forward (Speech Audio)
Audio from the South Sound Small Business Summit in May 3rd ( , Check out the video on my YouTube channel: “Travis Daigle CDC”.
May 24, 2019
33: Quitting Pornography and The Skill of Will
Coping mechanisms help us get through hard things. Certain stories and beliefs help us get through hard times. However, to continue to evolve we must update and be willing to look at even the most taboo of subjects in our own lives. Hope this helps someone!
May 17, 2019
32: 2 Problems Everyone Must Solve
I get really transparent in this episode towards the end but I think it’s necessary! Our internal world (character development) and our external world (vision) are the 2 challenges that dominate life. Those of us who seek growth must contend with both.
May 10, 2019
31: Learner .vs. Consumer
I get fired up towards the end of this podcast because so many of us blame other things for our lack of success in solving problems in our lives... When the real problem is lazy thinking, or perpetual consumerism. Love y’all!
May 4, 2019
30: Dating and an ‘Epidemic of Loneliness’
A pretty face and a shallow soul make for a Dating scenario that makes one feel more lonely that when actually being alone. In this episode I talk some about the ‘Epidemic of Loneliness’ and what I think could be a large part of the problem.
April 27, 2019
29: Where Does Pain Come From?
...That’s the big question I’m exploring in this week’s podcast. When we experience mental and emotional anguish, what is happening in our lives that causes this tension point? Is there a possible mental framework that will allow us to get through these sticking points with greater speed? Hope you enjoy and email me at with feedback.
April 20, 2019
28: “I Didn’t Sign Up for This!” - Yes You Did.
Eyes wide open - we have to be willing to look at all the potential ramifications of the big decisions we make. Doing so can be sobering but this also creates a mindset of vigilance... if we choose. In this episode I talk about why I always remind people who want to sign up for the military that we have been engaged in two violent conflicts for almost 20 years each. Apply this thought process to your dreams and goals. I promise it helps.
April 13, 2019
27: The Bus Ain’t Coming!
The very first time I discovered I had the ability to speak and inspire was under some interesting circumstances at a point that can be considered a very low place in my life... The bottom is where magic happens! Enjoy!
April 7, 2019
26: AIE Foundations EP5 - Work
Here is the 5th and final Episode of the AIE Foundations Episodes.   Here we are talking about how many of us produce the almighty dollar - work.  What are the fundamental principles/ideas/truths that we have to observe in order to experience the freedom we want in the work we do.  The hope is the create a page on my website that has some reflection questions for each episode of the Foundations series.  I'll announce once I make that happen.   2019 South Sound Small Business Summit:
March 30, 2019
25: The Hardest Thing You’ll Ever Do
Changing our behavior patterns seems to be the most difficult challenge we encounter in this life. However, it’s precisely that resistance that develops our character. Here’s the YouTube link I mention in the Podcast:
March 23, 2019
24: AIE Foundations - EP4 - Relationships
Episode 4 in the Foundations series.  The ever complicated realm of human relationships... If only everybody thought like me... It would be terrible!  LOL!  Love Y'all!  
March 16, 2019
23: What is Work, Anyway?
'Get a job!'  'I want a Career!'  'You need to Work!' - I've heard it all, but what is this magical thing that we are obssessed with, called 'work'?  Remember, we all want the freedom to do work we find meaningful... no matter the context.  Hope you enjoy!
March 9, 2019
22: AIE Foundations EP3 - Health - Moving and Eating
When it comes to our physical health, there are some fundamental realities that we have to face.  Biology isn't changing much in our lifetimes.  Therefore, we must change in order to consistently implement, the simple principles that I lay out in this episode to govern our physical health.  Got any feedback or questions?  Contact me at .
March 2, 2019
21: Company of One by Paul Jarvis - Book Reflections
Focus, Relationships, Passion with Practicality - These were my big takeaways in reading Paul Jarvis’s book Company of One. Whether you are doing your own business or trying to do innovative things inside of an existing organization, this is a good read. Hope you enjoy my thoughts. Contact me at
February 23, 2019
20: AIE Foundations EP2 - Money and Material Possessions
Episode 2 in the series breaking down my philosophy on how with can approach life to optimize personal growth.  In this episode I discuss how managing money well can create the opportunity to experiment with the life you want. Here's the first Episode from January:  AIE Foundations EP1 Here's the HBR After Hours Podcast I reference:  The Student Debt Crisis and The FIRE Movement
February 17, 2019
19: Slave - A Book on One Woman’s Experience with Modern Slavery
Gratitude and The Power of Conditioning in our modern world. Those were the two big takeaways from reading the book “Slave” by Mende Nazer and Damien Lewis. Email me at with questions, comments, or business inquiries. Next time...
February 11, 2019
18: Winter 2019 UWT GCM 2/5 - Solving Health Problems
This is the second class from the Winter Quarter of Grit City Monday's at UW-Tacoma.  I talk primarily about asking questions about what is 'true' relative to being healthy.  What do we want to be able to do with our bodies in the future and where are we today?  In my journey over the last 26 years of cultivating health in my own life I have learned that the main task is to problem solve.  Don't look for the best diet or best exercise routine.  Look for the best strategy relative to where you are and where you want to go.  Hope y'all enjoy. Website
February 3, 2019
17: Individual Awareness and Group Awareness - GTCF Youth Philanthropy Board
"We need to have better individual awareness so that we can have better group awareness."  That's a quote from one of the young women in the audience that I presented to January 23rd, 2019 at the Greater Tacoma Community Foundation.  They have a group of young people (ages 15-24) that they gather regularly to talk about ways by which they can elevate their own voices in the local community and the voices of others.  This one was big on Emotional Freedom!  The ability to empathize with the other starts with breaking down the conditions that create our own patterns of thinking.  It's amazing how spending time on personal growth has gives one clarity to notice patterns in others.  We're all different but our emotions create common ground.  Hope y'all enjoy! Questions? - Email Website / YouTube
January 28, 2019
16: Relationships - Iraq War, Auto Mechanics, FaceBook
What does the leadership philosophy of General Stanley McChrystal, The Brand of my Local Auto Mechanic's Business, and The Landscape of Social Media have to do with one another?  Relationships. The way we build trust and form relationships is changing rapidly and requires increasing levels of self awareness in order to navigate the modern world well, with integrity.  Hope y'all enjoy! Questions - Website / YouTube
January 23, 2019
Winter 2019 UWT Grit City Mondays 1/5: 3 Principles of Freedom
Audio from the class at UWT.  Sorry for the audio quality at points.  The VIBE is always different when I'm presenting to a group.  Be sure to listen. Questions? -
January 15, 2019
AIE Foundations EP1 - 3 Principles of Freedom
1st Episode of the year breaking down my philosophy of personal development.  Pursuing freedom (personal growth) is predicated on three principles in my mind: 1.  Fundamentals - There are four core areas of life:  Health, Resources, Relationships, and Work.  These categories represent the fundamental tasks of life.  We need to work to create clarity of future goals for each of these categories and we need to practice mental repetition in focusing on our goals in order to be intentional with our decision making. 2.  Facts - In order to navigate to where want to be in life, we must acknowledge where we are.  Taking ownership of our current condition in life and deconstructing the fundamental assumptions we've made about life will help us assess the validity of those assumptions against our goals from the first principle. 3.  Failure - Once we know where we want to go (Point B) and where we are (Point A), it's time to begin the process of planning and executing in creating a path.  Inevitably there will be failure.  We must understand failure as an opportunity to learn in order to make adjustments to plans and move forward.  The courage to fail creates clarity in the goals we created in the first principle. Questions/Comments?  Email Website:
January 7, 2019
EP13: Pain, Freedom, and The Way Forward
In this episode I do some reflections on 2018 (which you should also be doing) and talk through plans for the coming year.  I get into the 'beautiful ironies' of life as I experienced one of my best years and one of my toughest years simultaneously.   I did TEDx Tacoma, got some of my first paid speaking engagements, and saw Tony Robbins live in New Jersey.  I also lost connection with some very close friends and hit a really dry point financially where I didn't know where my business was going.  Paradox.    Going to be doing some cool things with the Podcast in 2019 so listen and stay tuned.  My goal is to use the Podcast as a platform to teach and give listeners practical strategies to begin cultivating a mindset to turn 'Pain' into 'Freedom'.   For questions, Email: Subscribe on YouTube: Travis Daigle CDC
December 31, 2018
EP12: Autoimmunity, Women, and Social Conditioning
In this episode Tifani and I discuss a particular issue that I have come across repeatedly in the last 3.5 years being a Speaker and Personal Development Coach. In that time I have meet ten or more women who struggle with autoimmune issues. I've felt useless many times as I watch these amazing women struggle with health challenges that I can't address. Now, to be clear: ***WE ARE NOT MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS. THIS PODCAST DOES NOT REPLACE MEDICAL ADVICE. IF YOU HAVE AUTOIMMUNE OR OTHER MEDICAL ISSUES CONSULT A HEALTHCARE PROVIDER BEFORE CHANGING ANYTHING IN YOUR TREATMENT PLAN.*** Recently I began to have a theory about where these issues could be coming from and what might be the way forward. This is simply a conversation between two friends exploring ideas. Leave a review wherever you listen to podcasts and share with someone you love! Do You! Peace!
December 17, 2018
EP11: Real Talk - The Gap in Personal/Professional Development
I have struggled with the question of, "Who's your audience?!" For the last 5 years I have been empowering and inspiring people in overcoming difficult challenges in life. Is my audience corporations? Is it small Businesses? Is it Athletes? Is it people who are lost in Life? Etc. I don't know... I think everybody needs what I have! "Travis! That's unrealistic!" No! People thinking that they will grow without looking at the hard parts of their lives is unrealistic! So I'm just going to do me and let the chips fall where they fall!
December 10, 2018
EP10 - The 40 Hour Work Week
On this episode Tifani and I explore the implications of spending a significant amount of time and energy in any single endeavor. In this case, how does work impact our everyday existence and are we okay with that impact. Fire on this one!
December 3, 2018
Fall 2018 UWT Grit City Mondays 5/5: Quarter Review
A review of all the concepts covered in this quarter of Grit City Mondays.
November 16, 2018
Fall 2018 UWT Grit City Mondays - 4/5: The ‘Stuff’ that Wins
In this class I talk about the way material possessions can hinder or help our progress in life and business. Thanks for listening!
November 5, 2018
Fall 2018 UWT Grit City Mondays - 3/5: Cash Flow is King!
Third clash of GCM fall 2018 Quarter. Talking about money! Life blood of a business and a Life!
October 27, 2018
EP6: Finding Balance Interview
In this episode I sit down with a friend and answer some questions about my philosophy on grit and determination. How do we balance a commitment to effort and focus on our dreams with out losing sight of loved ones and self-care? Maybe they should all be a part of the same dream. Good conversation here!
October 21, 2018
Fall 2018 UWT Grit City Mondays- 2/5: 300% Rule
This is the second class of the Fall 2018 Quarter of Grit City Mondays at UWT. In this class we talk about a principle that helps us maintain personal accountability and ownership. Overall we want to keep learning and keep getting better.
October 19, 2018
Fall 2018 UWT Grit City Mondays - 1/5 : Welcome to You Inc
Welcome to You Inc. In this class I talk about the perspective we take on painful circumstances, challenging scenarios, and all the resistance that comes with chasing our own version of freedom.
October 11, 2018
EP3: Working Through our Trauma
When was the last time you took the time to look at your personal history? How have certain events shaped your behavior for better or worse? Adapted from the blog post:
September 29, 2018
EP2: The Hard Truth about Money
In order to have the freedom to do work you love you must master money:
September 18, 2018
EP1: What does it cost to be healthy?
From the blog post:
September 17, 2018
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