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On DBDS Listen Up we have mature dialogue on relationship topics, provide relationship advice and share knowledge from all walks of life.
The Importance of Self-love
Self-love is a concept that pretty much all of us can understand, but it’s one of the hardest things to practice. Author Mel V., Podcast host Lawrence and DBDS Moderator Cameryn provide some insight on why is self-love is so important. Catch us on DBDS LIVE Channel: And on
September 06, 2022
Boundaries can be described as how emotionally close you let people get to you. They are also where you draw the line within a relationship. Therapist Shar, along with Author Ernetta and Transformational coach Daniece discuss Boundaries within your personal relationships.
July 26, 2022
What is love?
What is love? The hard thing about love is trusting someone, and the less you have experienced real love in your life, the harder it is to trust, and even harder to commit. Therapist Latoya Watson, Author Natima Sheree provide some insight on this deep topic.
July 18, 2022
Double Standards
Classic barbershop talk as we'll discuss Double Standards such as why certain men are criticize for having standards and preferences, how the child support system view both genders differently and so much more!  No topic is left off the table!
July 13, 2022
Queen Takeover Series Unhealthy Attachments
The Queens of DBDS discuss obsessive love which may be a sign of a serious mental health condition, and if it goes untreated, it can destroy friendships and relationships.
July 08, 2022
Don't Be Cupcake Brother
Cupcake Brothers are pushover men with no goals or ambition in life.  Special guests Dr. David Asbery, Henry Bien-Aime, and Darrin Bell provide their insight on how important it is as a man to keep your edge.
June 03, 2022
How Being Submissive Can Benefit Your Relationship
Being submissive doesn't mean your a slave or someone is in control.  Being submissive in a healthy relationship means you are setting yourself under a mission of being a good partner. Therapist Latoya Watson, Author Cameryn Hillman and Talk Show Host Jenni Rodriguez share their thoughts on this topic.
June 03, 2022