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Trent Loos Podcast

Trent Loos Podcast

By Trent Loos
As a 6th generation U.S. farmer Trent works daily at connecting food producers and consumers.
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Rural Route Radio Sept 22, 2020 Kim Kirchherr Registered Dietitian joins to make living healthy fun again. Only thing is she believes ice cream is not a fruit

Trent Loos Podcast

Rural Route Radio Oct 21, 2021 National Heritage Area is part of the plan to remove land ownership from individuals. Angel Cushing has all the latest.
Angel Cushing has dedicated the last two years of her life to be a volunteer Civil Servant exposing the truth behind all of the Land Grab initiatives. Today she seeks the answer to the question, what exactly is the connection between the University of Nebraska and the National Park Service.
October 21, 2021
Rural Route Radio Oct 20, 2021 JC Cole has tons of experience with currency collapse so what about Bitcoin?
As we prepare for challenging times are you sure you want to stock up on digital currency? Today we once again pull on the 18 years JC Cole spent in Latvia as the currency collapsed, along with most of the supply chain.
October 20, 2021
Loos Tales Oct 19, 2021 a friend from California an immigrant from Italy, Diego Barison stops by the ranch in Nebraska. We talk wine & Piedmontesee
Diego Barison moved to California from the Piedmont region of Italy in 2006. Today he produces great wine and beef.
October 19, 2021
Rural Route Radio Oct 19, 2021 Jay Truitt sits in and after an annoying discussion about professional sports we get serious on communism
Every time Biden speaks we lose a significate amount of freedom. Today we address his latest attack on energy and food production and how it will be all about total control.
October 19, 2021
Dakota Trails & Tales Oct 18, 2021 Marty Beard the President of his local school district weighs in on the complete FAILURE on education
So we learn about a school system in Minnesota who has eliminated the grade score "F" but Marty shares that has been happening it is just that this school is the first to put into the public as to what they are doing.
October 18, 2021
Rural Route Radio Oct 18, 2021 Hank Vogler on the importance of multiple species grazing for a healthy range
The importance of grazing animals must not be unvalued. No matter where you stand on Lab Grown Protein over 70% of the earth surface must be grazed without that the health of the planet will suffer.
October 18, 2021
Rural Route Radio Oct 15, 2021 Chuck Porter veteran U.S. Air Force on service in dog handling and his life time as Ham Radio operator, is it our future communication method
Chuck Porter a long time radio personally and friend shares the ins and outs of Amateur Radio operators otherwise known as Ham Radio. Chuck Porter spent 6 years as a dog handler in the U.S. Air Force and fondly speaks to the "Four Footed Radar Units."
October 15, 2021
Rural Route Radio Oct 14, 2021 Do you know more people visit the Great Smoky Mountain Park annually than any other in the USA? Tracy Cotton with details today
Jenny Schweigert brings Tracy Cotton back to the program and we cover the gamet on issues and opportunities in the great state of Tennessee. OH that plus a little passion about vinegar based BBQ sauce.
October 14, 2021
Rural Route Radio Oct 13, 2021 JC Cole today walks through 1992-1993 Soviet Union crashing and moves to Latvia to help build economic activity
The only way to learn history is to actually learn history first then study it. We have not been taught actual history in particular about monetary value and collapse. How much are we living today, and don't even realize it?
October 13, 2021
Dakota Trails and Tales Oct 12, 2021 ND State Rep Jeff Magrum indentifies major Government bureaucracy building if the $1.5 Billion isn't given to ND residents
The state of ND alone has $1.5 trillion in America's Rescue Plan, folks North Dakota is a state with 784,000 people. Rep Magrum suggest giving each resident $1200 instead of building bigger government.
October 12, 2021
Rural Route Radio Oct 12, 2021 Jay Truitt brings insight into how the members of Congress are always except from what the folks who elected them deal with
Andrew Henderson is on fire and keeps a serious pulse on the happens of the both US and UK today we have Jay Truitt along with common sense. Why he says the voting on $3.5 trillion dollars in more bureaucracy building will occur in December.
October 12, 2021
Dakota Trails and Tales Oct 11, 2021 Marty on Monday and today he once again re-emphasizes the power of prayer, and how it is needed now.
Marty on Monday and he always cuts to the chase of what is really important with this life here on earth. 
October 11, 2021
Rural Route Radio Oct 11, 2021 Hank Vogler can't buy a shower, rain, sleet or snow and the situation is dyer. Record low lamb weights at shipping time.
Ranching in White Pine County Nevada always has its challenges but this year tops them all. Hank shares all the challenges of course, intertwines plenty of tyranny throughout the course of history blended with a bit of China today.
October 11, 2021
Loos Tales Foodlink Oct 9, 2021 So how much do you actually know about the Nuremberg Code? It is time for a refresher course and tell that employee to stick that needle somewhere else
Join me today and take a walk down history lane to the end of the second world war. The war criminals were tried and hanged for crimes against humanity and who will lead the International Military Tribunals today?
October 8, 2021