Ep. 501 - Trent365! - Nike, Tiger & the Long Game

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By Trent Munday
A daily burst of reality in a sea of spa fluff! Join me on my mission to #fighthefluff in & around the spa biz. Insights, advice, lessons learned, mistakes made, opportunities spotted & actions to take for anyone in the world of spa and wellness. #insidethespabusiness #hotelspa #wellness #spa
Ep. 535 - Trent365! - How To Generate More Spa Revenue
Many turn to Spa Retail as the answer. I think the answer is actually much more simple...and it’s all about Needs vs Wants. But if you really want to focus on retail, take a look at some ideas in this article - Retail Spa of Tomorrow #hotelspa #sparetail #tomorrowspa #hotelrevenue
May 19, 2019
Ep. 534 - Trent365! - How To Integrate Wellness In Hotels
This seems to be the question on every hotelier’s lips these days. Wimintra J. Raj over at Hotelintel asked me for my thoughts. Here’s some simple steps any hotel or resort can take... #wellness #hotelspa #hotels #spa #hoteltrends
May 18, 2019
Ep. 533 - Trent365! - Hotel Spa & Wellness Programs : Traditional or Scientific?
Should Hotel Spas focus their Wellness Programs On Traditional Elements or Scientific ones? That’s what I was asked. Here’s what I said... #wellness #hotelspa #wellnessprograms #traditional #scientific
May 17, 2019
Ep. 532 - Trent365! - Should Hotels Outsource The Spa?
This question was recently put to me by Wimintra J. Raj and the folks over at Hotelintel. Here’s what I said... #hotels #hotelspa #spamanagement #spa
May 16, 2019
Ep. 531 - Trent365! - Your Ignorance Is Their Power
Hey! You’re ignorant! Don’t worry though. We all are. About some things. But in today’s information world, there’s no excuse for letting your ignorance put you at a disadvantage. #information #learning #ignorance #power #advantage
May 15, 2019
Ep. 530 - Trent365! - My Headline Struggle
The Elevator Pitch is DEAD! It’s been replaced by ... The 3 Second Headline! If you don’t know what your 3 Second Headline’d better start thinking about it. #headlines #attention #attentioneconomy #marketingstrategy #branding
May 14, 2019
Ep. 529 - Trent365! - Lessons From The Fall of Venice
“Tech monopolies tend not to fall like Rome. They fall like Venice. They’re still there, and no-one actually invades them, but the trade routes moved, the things that gave them power and wealth stop mattering, and they become just another city, and then a backwater.” @benedictevans on Twitter Perhaps the same analogy could be drawn with the Spa Industry? #businesscycle #businesslife #changingworld #innovate
May 13, 2019
Ep. 528 - Trent365! - Is Cultural Fit A Bad Thing?
In the early stages of a company, hiring for Cultural Fit makes perfect sense. but as a company mature, it can be a really bad idea. Much better to hire for Cultural Contribution in a mature organisation.
May 12, 2019
Ep. 527 - Trent365! - What’s Uber’s Path To Profitability?
Uber has just gone public and raised $8 billion. But in 2018 it had lasses of $2 billion. Maybe the only way they can become profitable is to kill of the very thing that got them there in the first place? #uber #IPO #businessmodels #gigeconomy #profitability
May 11, 2019
Ep. 526 - Trent365! - Words You Don’t Want To Hear In Recovery
“Wow! Never seen a reaction like that!” So, with apologies to Derek Barton & Gary White, there was no follow up Bowen Therapy treatment today. Need to let the swelling down first. #injuryrecovery #treatment #healing #therapies
May 10, 2019
Ep. 525 - 3 Days After Bowen Therapy
The Storm before the Calm! Worst pain yet! Just couldn’t escape it. Despite reduced swelling. A couple of pain killers and few hours lying down, and much better. Hoping this is the last big hurdle. Looking forward to a dramatic improvement tomorrow. PS: Gary White ...🍿 #wellness #bowentherapy #healing #painrelief #treatments
May 9, 2019
Ep. 524 - Trent365! - 48 Hrs After Bowen Therapy
Well, the bus just backed up and got me again! Today, most pain is centred around the ankle, though the ball of the foot is still too sore to put pressure on. Calf tightness has basically gone. So, will mark that down as progress and cross my fingers for tomorrow. #wellness #bowentherapy #therapies #healing #painmanagement
May 8, 2019
Ep. 523 - Trent365! - What Happens After Bowen Therapy?
Answer: It feels like you’ve been hit by a bus. But I think that’s a good thing. Or at least, it’s a sign that your body has started to heal your problem. In layman’s terms, at least as I understand it, Bowen Therapy focuses on manipulating the fascia and freeing up your body’s communication pathways. Certainly looks like it did that for me! #therapies #manipulation #massagetherapy #wellness
May 7, 2019
Ep. 522 - Trent365! - Open Plan Offices Are Dumb!
It turns out, employees actually have LESS face to face interactions in an Open Plan Office than a traditional office set up. That’s according to a Harvard study. As reported by Geoffrey James over at #openplan #officesolutions #workenvironment
May 6, 2019
Ep. 521 - Trent365! - When is a Beer, not a Beer?
Could Heineken be making a play for the title of ‘The Wellness Beer’? They’ve just launched a 0% Alcohol Beer. But isn’t a Beer, by definition, alcoholic? #alcohol #wellness #wellnesstrends #wellnessmarketing
May 5, 2019
Ep. 520 - Trent365! - Petulance or Passion?
Show a bit too much attitude or aggression when you’re young and they’ll say you’re Petulant. That same behaviour when you’re a bit older and more mature is somehow a positive exhibition of your Passion. #attitude #passionate #behaviour #passion
May 4, 2019
Ep. 519 - Trent365! - Uncertainty & Relative Performance
The world 🌍 turns so fast these days. Things are always changing. Always uncertain. In times of uncertainty, relative performance is the ONLY benchmark. Valuable perspective from Aaron Dignan. #budgeting #performance #management #changemanagement
May 3, 2019
Ep. 518 - Trent365! - White Label Digital Wallets
Digital Wallets or eWallets are making major waves in the payments space. Just talk to the folks over at Visa or MasterCard and ask them if they’re worried about them. (Hint: They Are!) Maybe it’s time to have your own Digital Wallet for your business? There are companies out there offering white label solutions. Go ahead. Google it. #digitalwallet #ewallet #digitalpayments #payments #paymentsolutions
May 3, 2019
Ep. 517 - Trent365! - Hiring & Firing
Some will tell you to Hire Slow & Fire Fast. Others will say you should Hire Fast AND Fire Fast. I like that idea. Because no matter how good you are at recruiting, there are no guarantees. So, just get on with it. As Gary Vaynerchuk says... Hiring is Guessing. Firing is Knowing. #recruitment #hiring #firing #employees #jobinterview #peoplemanagement
May 2, 2019
Ep. 516 - Trent365! - Introductions : Free and Powerful
What’s the actual cost to you of making an introduction? Free! So why not make it? I think we tend to be too precious and protective when it comes to making professional introductions. Remember, there’s a big difference between and introduction and an endorsement. If you’re endorsing someone, you should absolutely be sure. #networking #connections #contacts #introductions
April 30, 2019
Ep. 515 - Trent365! - Decisions : How not Who
There’s a great book 📚 I’m reading at the moment. It’s all about re-thinking the way we run our companies and organisations. It’s Brave New Work by Aaron Dignan In it, Dignan suggests we focus on WHO makes decisions, but are ‘positively lackadaisical’ about the HOW. #decisionmaking #authorization #companyculture #organizationaleffectiveness
April 29, 2019
Ep. 514 - Trent365! - 5G Will Look Different
A 5G World will free us from many of our current limitations. What will that mean for the form factor of many of our current devices... Like the smartphone? #5G #mobiledevices #mobiletechnology #5gtechnology #5gishere
April 29, 2019
Ep. 513 - Trent365! - Skinmade Personalised Skincare
Skincare that is personalised precisely to you is obviously where the industry ends up. A German startup called Skindeep has a new kiosk system that can analyse and then create your skincare in 7 minutes. So the tech is here. Which big name brand will be the first to go beyond their moat and roll this out? #skincare #skincareproducts #technologytrends #beautytrends
April 27, 2019
Ep. 512 - Trent365! - Why Grown-Ups Will Win Voice
We usually expect early adopters of new technology to be the young folks. But I reckon with Voice, it might just be us old folks that lead the way. #voicefirst #voicetechnology #voiceplatforms #earlyadopters
April 26, 2019
Ep. 511 - Trent365! - Distribution & Diversification
Air BnB is planning to launch a streaming media service. Why? Because they have a Distribution Platform that has 500 million people on it. How could YOU leverage YOUR base? #distribution #diversification #platforms
April 25, 2019
Ep. 510 - Trent365! - Behaviour : Reward or Change?
Much of our focus on growing our business is, if you really look at, about changing behaviour. If you don’t come to the spa, we want to change your behaviour and get you to the Spa. How would our strategies differ if we focussed on Rewarding behaviour, rather than trying to Change it? #spa #consumerbehaviour #businessgrowth #businessstrategies
April 24, 2019
Ep. 509 - Trent365! - Do Silence
Meditation 🧘🏽‍♀️ isn’t for everyone. There’s a number of reasons why that is. But we could all do with a little more silence in our lives. It ain’t quite meditating...but it’s maybe a good place to start for many of us. #wellness #meditation #meditate #mentalwellness #silence
April 23, 2019
Ep. 508 - Trent365! - The Eyeballs Have It
Our customer’s eyeballs 👁 are often not where they used to be. These days, a lot of time, they’re glued to their smartphones 📲 So maybe location based mobile ads in social networks is money 💰 better spent than on in-house collateral? #advertising #promotion #socialmediamaketing #mobilemarketing
April 22, 2019
Ep. 507 - Trent365! - Claim Your Day
There seems to be an International Day for just about everything these days. Whilst not every business can get United Nations backing to claim an official day...that shouldn’t stop you. #marketing #branding #event #movement
April 21, 2019
Ep. 506 - Trent365! - TRAVEL TIP: Using Credit Cards Overseas
‘Would you like to pay in Local Currency or your Home Currency?’ Ever been asked that question when buying something overseas? Here’s what you should say... #traveling #creditcards #foreignexchange #currencyexchange
April 20, 2019
Ep. 505 - Trent365! - Immediacy is Relative
“It was done immediately, within 24 hrs.” To some 24 hrs is immediate. To others, it’s way too long to wait. It’s all relative. #customerservice #customercentricity #companyculture #customerfirst
April 19, 2019
Ep. 504 - Trent365! - Organisational Debt
An interesting concept explored by Aaron Dignan Organizational Debt: The interest companies pay when their structure and policies stay fixed and/or accumulate as the world changes. #organisation #change #companyculture #changemangement
April 18, 2019
Ep. 503 - Trent365! - Pandora’s Interactive Voice Ads
Music & Podcast Discovery Platform, Pandora, is hoping to crack the code on voice advertising. This could be a really big deal. #voice #voicefirst #platforms #advertising #voiceads
April 17, 2019
Ep. 502 - Trent365! - Simplicity in a World of Choice
In a world of seemingly unlimited choices, the most powerful strategy of all can be simplicity. It’s as Simple As That! #simplicity #differentiation #marketingstrategy #usp #pointofdifference
April 16, 2019
Ep. 501 - Trent365! - Nike, Tiger & the Long Game
Tiger Woods just won his 5th US Master and his 15th Major. A triumph in overcoming adversity - even if it was self-inflicted. And also a big lesson in branding. #branding #brandvalue #influencer #longgame
April 15, 2019
Ep. 500 - Trent365! - FREE TICKETS to Spa Education Academy Online Conference
To celebrate the 500th episode of the show, I’m giving away TWO tickets to the event. Just answer either of these questions in the comments below, over on LinkedIn... A. What courses would you like to see. offered by the Spa Education Academy? B. What specific topic would you like me to cover during my presentation at the event? For more details on the event - #spa #conference #wellness
April 14, 2019
Ep. 499 - Trent365! - Spa & Wellness Mergers and Acquisitions
Many of the founders who where there when the Spa Industry started to take shape 20+ years ago, are approaching retirement age. That might mean some good businesses are ripe for acquisition...and at a good price too. #spa #listening #mergersandacquisitions #consolidation
April 13, 2019
Ep. 498 - Trent365! - Earthlite Buys TARA Spa Therapy
Last year I predicted 2019 would be a big year for Spa & Wellness Mergers & Acquisitions. That seems to be playing out. But something I didn’t see was consolidation within the industry like this. #spa #wellness #mergersandacquisitions #spabusiness
April 12, 2019
Ep. 497 - Trent365! - BREAKING NEWS : Wellness Collective Event is Cancelled
The organiser has officially released a statement to say that the event has been cancelled. They have said that those who have incurred financial losses as a result of the cancellation and is looking for a refund, should email ... Good Luck! #wellness #events #spaconference #spa
April 11, 2019
Ep. 496 - Trent365! - You Are The Sum
Someone told me last week that I am what I type - ie: what I post on social media. But the reality is we are each the sum of all that we do and all that we say - everywhere. In this world of ours where so much of us is out there on social media. It’s important to remember you are not just that. For better - and worse - you are much more. #socialmedia #influencers #publicrelations #perception #realworld
April 10, 2019
Ep. 495 - Trent365! - Sponsorship Vs Free Trial
Instead of pursuing a pure sponsorship opportunity, what about offering the venue a Free Trial of your product/service? That way you get your exposure PLUS the opportunity of a long term supply contract too. #conference #eventmarketing #conferencevenue #sponsorship
April 9, 2019
Ep. 494 - Application over Ability
When it comes to sports, we tend to accept that all the skill and ability in the world will only get you so far. But somehow, when it comes to business, we think a great product/service is enough. It rarely is. #quality #marketing #product #service #application
April 9, 2019
Ep. 493 - Trent365! - Impact over Scale
We all have Impact, it’s just the size of the circle that differs. And the size of that circle does not necessarily define the significance of your impact. #influencers #integritymatters #socialimpact #impact
April 7, 2019
Ep. 492 - Trent365! - The Essence of Tribe
People like us, Do things like this. If that’s not your thing, that’s ok. You don’t have to join. Thanks again to Seth Godin. Perfectly sums up my feelings towards the events of this past week. #tribe #market #followers #sentiment
April 7, 2019
Ep. 491 - Trent365! - Wellbeing, Wellness and Spa
What’s the difference? How do they all link together? Well, thanks to Mia Kyricos, we have an answer... #spa #wellness #wellbeing
April 5, 2019
Ep. 490 - Trent365! - Moments & Movements
You never know when just one Moment can snowball and create a Movement. #moments #movement #causes
April 4, 2019
Ep. 489 - Trent365! - Minimum Viable Audience
We tend to focus on the Maximum Possible Audience. Seth Godin suggests that’s maybe not always the best strategy. Here’s why... You can also find my article on the same here... #marketing #market #customerbase #minimumviableaudience
April 3, 2019
Ep. 488 - Trent365! - BREAKING NEWS: I’m OUT of the Wellness Collective Event - w/ EXTREME PREJUDIC
Many of you will know that I was to be a speaker/panelist at this event in Sicily in a few weeks. Wellness Collective Events I’m not. I will not be associated with what has become a highly questionable event. I don’t know what’s going on. Nobody seems to know. At best, this is a case of really poor communication. At worst...God only knows!?!?! PS: For those trying to get information, the Founder/CEO of the event is Maximilian Laurence-Gutteridge. You can try to contact him. Good Luck with that. PPS: On behalf of Prof. Gerry Bodeker, I can confirm that he also will NOT be at the event now.
April 2, 2019
Ep. 487 - Trent365! - Bad Decision Vs Wrong Decision
What separates a Wrong Decision from a Bad Decision is effort and intent. And a Wrong Decision can still be a Good Decision. Confused? 🤷‍♀️ Take a listen 🔊 #decisions #right #wrong #decisionmaking
April 1, 2019
Ep. 486 - Trent365! - Just Start
It’ll never be perfect, no matter how long you wait. If you wait till it is, you’ve probably waited too long. Don’t worry about others seeing your imperfections. Most won’t notice...and they’ll forget it anyway when you eventually get it right. #action #start #justdoit #juststart
March 31, 2019
Ep. 485 - Trent365! - Unknown Impact
With so much data available today, we sometimes forget just how much of the impact we make, for better or worse, goes unknown. #customerfeedback #impact #consumerdata #customersatisfaction
March 30, 2019
Ep. 484 - Half Truth Becomes A Lie
When does a Half Truth become a lie? For me, it all comes down to intent. And as soon as your Half Truth compels someone to invest their time, money, effort, reputation, etc when they otherwise wouldn’t have...then it’s a lie! #integrity #integritymatters #truthmatters #honesty
March 29, 2019
Ep. 483 - Trent365! - Choice Vs Ultimatum
Offering your customers options and choices is great. Just make sure your intent is pure. Otherwise you might be seen to be given them and ultimatum rather than a choice. #options #choices #choicematters #ultimatum #intentions
March 28, 2019
Ep. 482 - Trent365! - Sensory Branding for Spas - Martin Lindstrom - Part VIII
Branding, if done right, should resonate with as many of your senses as possible. Spas are actually ideally positioned to leverage Sensory Branding. How? Here’s what brand guru Martin Lindstrom thinks. #spa #branding #sensorybranding #senses #hotelspa
March 27, 2019
Ep. 481 - Trent365! - Brand Equity of Hotel Spas - Martin Lindstrom - Part VII
Brand Guru Martin Lindstrom and I discuss the Hotel Spa of Tomorrow from a brand perspective & the Brand Equity of Hotel Spas. #branding #brandequity #hotelspa #tomorrowspa #hotels
March 26, 2019
Ep. 480 - Trent365! - Marriott BonVoy Branding Confusion
Did you hear that ‘Marriott’ is re-branding itself to ‘Marriott BonVoy’? No? Me either. But take a look at their website (any of them) and you’d be forgiven for thinking that. 🤔 #branding #hotels #brand #hospitality
March 25, 2019
Ep. 479 - Trent365! - Brand Spa Vs Brand Wellness - Martin Lindstrom - Part VI
How can Spa maintain relevant in a world full of wellness? Is it Digital Detox? Is it Mental Wellness? I chat with brand guru Martin Lindstrom to get his thoughts. #branding #wellness #hotelspa #tomorrowspa
March 24, 2019
Ep. 478 - Trent365! - Gamification & Collaboration in Branding - Martin Lindstrom - Part V
Gamification can be a powerful tool in building your brand - not just for gamers but for everyone. And unless you have serious skills in that space...collaborate! #branding #rebranding #brandrefresh #gamification #collaboration
March 23, 2019
Ep. 477 - Risks of Wellness Branding - Martin Lindstrom - Part IV
Wellness is all the rage. That’s undeniable. Weight Watchers have declared they want to be a ‘digital wellness brand’. Martin and I discuss if that was a smart move or not. #wellness #branding #rebranding #brandrecognition #brandrefresh
March 23, 2019
Ep. 476 - Brand or Trust Mark? Martin Lindstrom - Part III
What’s the difference between a Brand and a Trust Mark? What is a Brand without Trust? Brand Guru Martin Lindstrom has the answers. #brands #trust #logo #branding #trustmark
March 21, 2019
Ep. 475 - Trent365! - BREAKING NEWS: Haymaker and One Spa World Deal Done
One Spa World (OSW) have completed their business combination transaction with Nasdaq listed Haymaker Acquisition Corp. With a final transaction value of just over $850 million, the deal sees OSW effectively become a public company. #business #spa #mergersandacquisitions #publiccompanies #wellness
March 20, 2019
Ep. 474 - Celebrity Influencers- Martin Lindstrom- Part II
Analyts are around if Weight Watchers try to leverage too much on Oprah Winfrey’s brand, it may not be sustainable. Brand Guru Martin Lindstrom disagrees. Today in Part II of my chat with Martin, we explore... #branding #rebranding #influencers #celebrity #brandloyalty #transition
March 19, 2019
Ep. 473 - Trent365! - Branding with Martin Lindstrom- Part I
In Part I of my chat with brand guru Martin Lindstrom, we take a look at what went wrong with the Weight Watchers rebranding. HINT: Weight Watchers is like a Religion. #branding #rebranding #brandrefresh #brandrecognition #brandequity
March 18, 2019
Ep. 472 - Trent365! - Human Nature Sometimes Demands Change
Maybe it’s because we don’t want to put in the effort required this time. Or maybe it’s because we don’t want that same outcome today. Regardless, sometimes we just need a change. #change #variety #consistency #humannature
March 17, 2019
Ep. 471 - Trent365! - Hearing & Listening in a Noisy World
Hearing is passive, involuntary. Listening is active and intentional, intended to really understand. In our noisy social world, it’s often hard to know which your customers are doing. #hearing #listening #intention #marketing #messaging
March 16, 2019
Ep. 470 - Trent365! - System Trust Vs Individual Trust
We basically either trust a System or an Individual. It’s important to understand what or who your customers are putting their trust in. #trust #customerintelligence #guestservice #consumertrust
March 15, 2019
Ep. 469 - Trent365! - Hyatt’s Wellbeing Ideation Labs
Mia Kyricos is getting together industry experts to brainstorm how they can better implement wellbeing in all areas of Hyatt Hotels Corporation. Meetings is the first focus area, with the help of Renee Moorefield and others. Interesting stuff to come, no doubt. #wellness #wellbeing #hotels #wellnessprogram
March 14, 2019
Ep. 468 - Trent365! - Trusting The Man Behind The Brand
Is it possible to trust the product, if you don’t trust the person behind it? Maybe, but it’s often really hard to overcome that type of emotional bias. #trust #brands #integritymatters #biases
March 13, 2019
Ep. 467 - Trent365! - Reimagining Airline Food
What would airline food look like - and taste like - if the airlines truly took a customer-first approach? Pretty different I reckon. #airlines #customercentric #reimagine #customerfirst #customerfocused
March 12, 2019
Ep. 466 - Trent365! - Don’t Overthink It
Often times we tend to make things more complicated than they need to be. We try to get too fancy. When the simple option is not only easier but more effective. #options #overthinking #complicated #keepitsimple
March 11, 2019
Ep. 465 - Trent365! - Authenticity Vs Accessibility
The rules of an authentic Onsen require total nudity. Some cultures aren’t comfortable with that. Should a hotel’s Onsen rules be modified to make it more accessible? #hotels #onsen #wellness #spa #authenticity #accessibility
March 10, 2019
Ep. 464 - Trent365! - Unfriendly Facial Sheet Masks
They represent a great retail opportunity for spas. But they’re not always good for the environment. #mask #facials #retail #spas #environmentalsustainability
March 9, 2019
Ep. 463 - Trent365! - Seniors Day Care and Spas
Most think of Day Care as something for young kids. But here in Japan 🇯🇵 , a country with an ageing population, Seniors Day Care is a big thing. Is this an area spas could get into? #spas #agedcare #seniors #seniorliving #ageingpopulation
March 8, 2019
Ep. 462 - Trent365! - Do Your Homework or Eat Your Dog Food
Everyone wants to be an Entrepreneur these days. Lots of people are starting businesses they don’t understand. That’s ok. As long as you do your Homework! #business #entrpreneur #domainexperience #startup
March 7, 2019
Ep. 461 - Trent365! - Global Spa Community
What would a true Global Spa Community really look like? What sort of structure and support systems would we need to build around it? If we can work it out, it could be something really valuable on multiple levels. #community #globalcommunity #spa #wellness
March 6, 2019
Ep. 460 - Trent365! - Umbrella Brands
Another lesson from The Great Weight Watchers Branding Debacle. Creating a new parent brand above your existing brand might be a better strategy. Worked ok for Google with Alphabet. #branding #umbrellabrand #repositioning #rebranding
March 5, 2019
Ep. 459 - Trent365! - Behind the Curtain
Another little lesson from The Great Weight Watchers Branding Debacle. Whenever you make a change that directly impacts your customers, never assume they know all the reasons why. PS: trying out a new captions tool from Kapwing . Let me know what you think. #branding #communication #intent #transparency
March 4, 2019
Ep. 458 - Trent365! - We Trust Brands, Not Companies
Another lesson learned from the Weight Watchers re-Branding exercise. Don’t assume your customers trust your business. It’s your brand they know. #brands #trust #customerloyalty #rebranding
March 3, 2019
Ep. 457 - Trent365! - Beholden To The Platform
Apple has just introduced new rules for podcasts. Ultimately, they should be good for the listeners. But it means we podcasters need to make some changes. We’re always beholden to the platforms. #podcasts #platforms #contentcreators
March 2, 2019
Ep. 456 - Trent365! - Don’t Underestimate The Power of Community
Lessons from the Weight Watchers Branding Debacle. They had what many brands would kill for - a community that actively engaged with it. Rather than double-down, they may have blown it! #branding #community #brandloyalty #brandrefresh #rebrand
March 1, 2019
Ep. 455 - Trent365! - The Great Weight Watchers Branding Debacle
I told you! Way back in Ep. 301 of Trent365! I told you about the rebranding to WW and how I thought it wasn’t the right move. Here’s that episode, in case you missed it... Well, seems the market agrees. WW has missed number, offering a lower guidance and the stock is down 35% #branding #rebranding #repositioning
February 28, 2019
Ep. 454 - Trent365! - How & What vs Why & What If
How & What are efficient questions to ask. They’re the ones that lead most efficiently to outcomes. Why & What If are inefficient questions, but the answers to these can change the world. #questions #questioneverything #managementstyle #thinking
February 27, 2019
Ep. 453 - Trent365! - What3Words Mapping Service
If you have a business, event or activity in a remote location, chances are traditionally addressing & directions won’t get people there. What3Words, however, can get you within 3 metres of the exact spot you need to be. #mapping #geolocation #remotelocation #innovation #events
February 26, 2019
Ep. 452 - Solutions Looking For Problems
Create a Solution to a Problem you understand. That’s how it’s usually done. But what if you go looking for Problems that fit your Solution? #problemsolving #solutionorientated #innovation #productdevelopment
February 25, 2019
Ep. 451 - Trent365! - Why Not?
If someone says no to your crazy idea - like setting up a big ice bucket full of beer in your manicure / pedicure room - just JFK ‘em! #questioneverything #whynot #newideas #thinkdifferently
February 24, 2019
Ep. 450 - Trent365! - Where Does Wellness Belong?
In Ep. 448 I discussed how hotel spas do NOT have to offer wellness. And in the reverse, as mentioned by Arkadiusz do not need a spa to offer Wellnesss. #wellness #spa #hotelspa #wellnessopportunity
February 23, 2019
Ep. 449 - Online Retail : Convenience or Choice?
If online retail is winning because of Convenience, fair enough. But if it’s winning because it offers Choice...maybe it’s time to get more critical about your spa retail offering? #spa #retail #onlineretail #convenience #choice
February 22, 2019
Ep. 448 - Trent365! - Relevance of Wellnesss in Spas
Every hotel owner or manager I speak to these days is telling me they need to offer in Wellness in their spas. I’m telling many of them, they’re wrong. Here’s why... #wellness #hotel #spa
February 21, 2019
Ep. 447 - Trent365! - Why Do Airplane Seats Face Forward? ✈️ 💺
Is it for safety? Is to avoid motion sickness? 🤢 Or could it be something much simpler? #seating #airplanes #whyisitso #didyouknow
February 20, 2019
Ep. 446 - Trent365! - Who Are Spa Conferences For?
Most events are pretty much same same. That’s fine for newbies to the industry or junior folks coming through. But what about the others? How can these events bring more value to the vast majority who attend them - ie: more senior/experienced folks? Let me know your thoughts in the comments. Here’s the Wellness Collective Event with the Hot Seat Symposiums - #spa #wellness #spaconference #spaevents #conference
February 19, 2019
Ep. 445 - Trent365! - Customers Don’t Care Why
If your customers have a problem, they just want it fixed. They don’t care why it’s not working or who’s fault it is. That’s YOUR internal issue. Be sure your systems reflect that. #customersatisfaction #serviceexcellence #peoplefirst #systemsandprocedures #hotels
February 18, 2019
Ep. 444 - Trent365! - The Spa of Tomorrow
Do the hotel Spas of Tomorrow have to all be the same, offering the same basic products & services - like it is today? The don’t, they won’t, they can’t. #hotels #spa #tomorrowspa #futurespa
February 17, 2019
Ep. 443 - Trent365! - Demand Pricing Vs Market Pricing
If you’re in a services business, you need to know your limits - ie: Your Time! So if you have too much demand for your service, you MUST increase your price, regardless of what the market price is. #pricingstrategy #supplyanddemand #serviceindustries #revenuemanagement #optimisation
February 16, 2019
Ep. 442 - Trent365! - Dangers of Event-Based Marketing
Leveraging events to market your brand or business can be a great strategy...unless the event flops. #events #marketing #promotions #advertising #businessstrategy
February 15, 2019
Ep. 441 - Trent365! - What’s Your Kryptonite?
Being positive is great. Saying yes is awesome. But not if it comes without serious consideration. For some, saying Yes, is their weakness. Their Kryptonite. What’s yours? #decisionmaking #selfawareness #strength #weaknesses
February 14, 2019
Ep. 440 - Trent365! - BREAKING NEWS: IHG buys Six Senses
InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) has just announced they’re buying Six Senses for £300 million. Told you it was going to be a big year! ;-) Press Release: #hotelnews #acquisitions #wellness #hotels InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG®) Six Senses
February 13, 2019
Ep. 439 - Trent365! - NEWS: Announcing LinkedIn Live
LinkedIn is finally rolling out a live video broadcast feature. Invite only in the US for now, but hopefully we can all get our hands on it soon. How will you use LinkedIn Live? #livevideo #livebroadcast #socialnetworks #videocollaboration
February 12, 2019
Ep. 438 - Trent365! - The Power of Immersion
Never underestimate the power and long-term, deep learning that comes from being totally immersed in what you do. #learning #knowledge #immersion
February 11, 2019
Ep. 437 - Trent365! - The Rise of the Audio Tag
As personal brands become more important and as audio increases its relevance as a medium, we will all need a our signature sound bite. #personalbranding #audio #sensorybranding #audiotag
February 10, 2019
Ep. 436 - Trent365! - Certified B Corporations
B Corp certification basically says you’re a company that does the right thing. You’re about Purpose, not just Profit. Click below if you want to take a free assessment... #corporatesocialresponsibility #purpose #sustainable #responsiblebusiness
February 9, 2019
Ep. 435 - Trent365! - Brand Loyalty in a Sharing Economy
If you can use Uber to satisfy your transport NEEDS, then the few times you actually want your own vehicle, you can choose the brands you WANT. #sharingeconomy #brandloyalty #brandvalue #wants #needs
February 8, 2019
Ep. 434 - Trent365! - Spotify to buy Anchor & Gimlet
In case you haven’t been paying attention, podcasts are becoming a big deal. That’s why Spotify is buying a top podcast content producer (Gimlet) and top podcast creation and distribution platform (Anchor) #podcasts #audio #contentcreation Spotify Anchor Gimlet Media
February 7, 2019
Ep. 433 - Trent365! - Learnings From The Death of Google+
Google+ is about to be shut down. If, instead of going it alone, Google acquired an existing social network, it may have been a much different story. If you don’t have the money to acquire, look for strategic partnerships & alliances. #strategicpartners #partnerships #alliances
February 6, 2019
Ep. 432 - Trent365! - Think Loyalty, Think Spouse
Often we think about giving more to our loyal customer, when in fact, they have all they need. Offer something to his or her spouse instead, and you might unlock some real long term loyalty. #loyaltyprogram #customerloyalty #rewardsandrecognition #rewards
February 5, 2019
Ep. 431 - Trent365! - If You Innovate - Communicate
Anytime you make changes to the way you offer and deliver your product or service, make sure you communicate those changes clearly to your customers. Seems obvious, but often isn’t. #businessmodel #innovate #communication #customercommunication
February 4, 2019
Ep. 430 - Trent365! - The Miracle of Accountability
We’re kinda programmed from very early on to be accountable - to parents, teachers, bosses, etc. So when we move beyond being accountable, many falter. #accountability #motivations #personaldevelopment
February 3, 2019
Ep. 429 - Trent365! - CloudKitchens
An increasing amount of restaurant orders today are for delivery, not dine-in. So why pay high rent for prime real estate? Why not share a commercial kitchen? Enter...CloudKitchens #sharingeconomy #restauranttrends #businessmodel #consumerbehaviour
February 2, 2019
Ep. 428 - Trent365! - Vaping Vitamins
Vaping Vitamins seem to be becoming a trend. But beware. Claims of scientific data to back it up are still in dispute. #spabusiness #vaping #verify #spafads #spatrends
February 1, 2019
Ep. 427 - Trent365! - Don’t Outsource Your Eyes & Ears
Market research is often something farmed off to a third party agency. It shouldn’t be. Direct feedback from your customers to you is GOLD! You don’t want someone in between that. #marketresearch #feedback #customerexperience #customerinterface
January 31, 2019
Ep. 426 - Trent365! - WeWork Go : The Third Place
WeWork Go is aiming to become the Third Place. Sound familiar? It’s a logical brand extension for them and a good example for hotels and even spas. #spa #hotels #businessmodel #thirdplace
January 30, 2019
Ep. 425 - Trent365! - The Practicality of Exclusivity
Discussions about exclusivity of brands/products/services are usually one sided. When it comes to hotel spas, more often than not, it’s not a big deal. #spabusiness #spa #hotel #hotelspa #contracts
January 29, 2019
Ep. 424 - Trent365! - DNA Testing Inconsistency
Most would assume that DNA 🧬 Testing is a strict science and tightly regulated. But maybe that’s not always the case. #dnatesting #wellness #hotelspa #spa
January 28, 2019
Ep. 423 - Trent365! - Starbucks Delivers Brand Risk
Starbucks has always pushed this idea of The Third Place - the place you go between home and work. But now they’ve started delivery, they could be risking it all. #branding #starbucks #brandstrategy
January 27, 2019
Ep. 422 - Trent365! - Australia Day : My Country 🇦🇺
Dorethea McKellar first published this iconic poem in 1908 under the title ‘Core of My Heart’. Some great words in here for all those Aussie expats today. #australiaday #literature #poetry #australian
January 26, 2019
Ep. 421 - Trent365! - Door to Door Refills Business
Selling refills of household consumable products like dishwashing liquid, washing powders & liquids, shampoos, soaps, etc could be real opportunity in a world of Conscious Consumerism. #consumerism #sustainable #packaging #businessmodels
January 25, 2019
Ep. 420 - Trent365! - Dentist and Spa Opportunity
Adding a 15 minute express spa treatment to the end of a dentist 🦷 appointment could create an opportunity for both businesses. #spabusiness #businesspartnership #collaborations
January 24, 2019
Ep. 419 - Trent365! - LUSH Cosmetics Gets Naked
Conscious Consumerism is a thing. And it’s real. Offering consumers packaging-free products is smart. And what LUSH | UK & Europe is doing opens the door for luxury skincare brands too. #consciousconsumerism #retail #skincare #cosmetics #packaging
January 23, 2019
Ep. 418 - Trent365! - WINNERS ANNOUNCED - Thank You
Today I announce the 5 (or more?) lucky 🍀 winners of Gary Vaynerchuk book - Thank You Economy. Paying Forward Gratitude 🙏🏼 Ben Hollandsworth Mark A. McKenney Phil Zepeda Ms. Tracey Poole Dennis Harvey Daniel Levin Clairy Nitsa Team GaryVee #thankyou #gratitude #payitforward
January 22, 2019
Ep. 417 - Trent365! - Last Mile of Recommendation
Invariably you’ll give credit to the last person who recommended something to you. If you own the Last Mile of Recommendation, you own the trust of the consumer. #consumertrust #recommendations #attribution
January 21, 2019
Ep. 416 - Trent365! - Is Spa a Trusted Profession?
Nursing is the most trusted profession in USA. I wonder where Spa ranks on that list? Would your customers trust you enough to follow you in to a Blue Ocean? #blueoceanstrategy #customerexperience #trust #spa
January 20, 2019
Ep. 415 - Trent365! - Are Your SOPs Part if Your IP?
Intellectual Property in a services business like spas can be a tricky thing to define. But when a contract partner asks to see all your SOPs, you’d better be clear on when a SOP becomes IP. #contractnegotiation #contracts #businesspartners #intellectualproperty
January 19, 2019
Ep. 414 - Trent365! - Re-thinking Subscription Revenue Models
MasterCard has just announced that they will no longer allow subscription products & services to automatically charge a customer’s card. They will need unique approval each time. #subscription #businessmodels #paymentsolutions
January 18, 2019
Ep. 413 - Trent365! - CES and the Future of Mental Wellness
Many look to the Consumer Electronics Show for a glimpse at the future. This year Mental Wellness solutions abounded. Hmmm? 🤔 #wellness #futurism #consumerelectronics #mentalhealth #mentalwellness
January 17, 2019
Ep. 412 - Trent365! - Kraft Now, Pay Later
The Kraft Heinz Company is giving away free food at a Pop Up in Washington DC for government workers impacted by the shutdown. 1. It’s a good thing to do. 2. They’re doing it in a way that will build brand equity. Here’s how... #branding #kraft #corporatesocialresponsibility
January 16, 2019
Ep. 411 - Trent365! - LinkedIn Language Problem
ATTN: LinkedIn.... I do NOT speak German, French, Italian, Chinese, Korea, Swedish...So please stop 🛑 filling my fee with that content UNLESS you can give me a translation tool. #linkedin #translation #feed #content #personalisation
January 15, 2019
Ep. 410 - Trent365! - ELEMIS to be sold for $900M
The British skincare brand is set to be acquired by global French brand L’Occitane for $900 million. Maybe the first of many moves in and around out industry in 2019. Congrats Sean Harrington Noella Gabriel Oriele Frank #elemis #skincarecompany #mergersandacquisitions #loccitane
January 14, 2019
Ep. 409 - Trent365! - FREE eBook - Organisational Face of Wellness
I first spoke about this concept a couple of years ago. Now, with Wellness seemingly everywhere, seems like a good time to think about how your hotel spa could be the bridge, the safe entry point, the guide to Wellness for all. Get your FREE copy of my new eBook here - #wellness #spa #ebooks #hotelspa
January 13, 2019
Ep. 408 - Trent365! - Kohl’s Embraces Amazon
Kohl’s new CEO Michelle Gass is welcoming the Amazon Fox 🦊 into her henhouse 🐓in a move that I reckon is genius! #kohls #retailers #amazon #partnerships #collaboration
January 12, 2019
Ep. 407 - Trent365! - Nuraphone Smart Headphones
Headphones with a tiny speaker built in so it can listen to the sounds your ears send back and then adjust based on your personal hearing profile. Who knew?!? #personalization #artificialintelligence #smarttechnology
January 11, 2019
Ep. 406 - Trent365! - Edit with
If you’re looking for a simple FREE tool to re one the background from your images...this is it! #editing #photoshop #contentmarketing
January 10, 2019
Ep. 405 - Trent365! - Carl’s Jr Goes Beyond Meat
International fast food burger chain, Carl’s Jr has introduced non-meat burgers. Could this be the tipping point for vegan to go mainstream? #vegans #fastfood #healthyeating #wellness
January 9, 2019
Ep. 404 - Trent365! - No Receipts Campaign
How many times to you buy something and get a receipt that you never even look at, then throw in the trash? It’s time to change the default to ‘Receipt Available on Request’. #campaigns #causes #environmentalsustainability
January 8, 2019
Ep. 403 - Trent365! - Plastic Straw Alternative
I have no issue with stopping plastic straws, but haven’t seen a decent replacement product...till now. Sugarcane Fibre is the answer! #plastics #biodegradable #environmentalsustainability
January 7, 2019
Ep. 402 - Trent365! - FitBit’s Pay Pivot
Once the brand that owned the fitness tracker space, FitBit has struggled in recent years. Maybe payments could be the pivot it needs to survive? #fitness #payments #fitbit #digitalwallet
January 6, 2019
Ep. 401 - Trent365! - Match Your Actions to Your Instagram Captions
That’s a little quote from Tyler Babin and I’m now adding it to my list of 2019 Operating Principles. PS: Note the irony of today’s subject & the new title clip. 😉 #instagram #bereal #authenticity #captions
January 5, 2019
Ep. 400 - Trent365! - Busy is the new Stupid
I don’t know who said it, but I love it! Smart people find time to not be busy so they can focus on the bigger picture. #focus #timemanagement #strategicthinking #bigpicture
January 4, 2019
Ep. 399 - Trent365! - Opportunities in Lack of Trust
Where the Incumbents don’t have the trust of the market, is where there is a potential opportunity for you. #trusts #marketforces #businessdevelopment #businessopportunity
January 3, 2019
Ep. 398 - Trent365! - Time: The Ultimate Perishable Good
Sure, there’s 8,712 hours of 2019 left. But...48 hrs have already gone. And they aren’t coming back. So it’s time to get cracking! #goals #time #perishables #gettingstarted
January 2, 2019
Ep. 397 - Trent365! - See a Future or See an End
Many of the toughest decisions in your life could be made a lot easier if you just followed this principle... If you can’t see a must see an End #principles #philosophy #lifelessons
January 1, 2019
Ep. 396 - Past Year Assessment Vs New Year’s Resolution
How about making a To Do and a Not To Do list based on a Past Year Assessment, rather than pie in the sky New Year’s Resolutions. #newyearsresolution #planning #future #goalsetting #resolutions
December 31, 2018
Ep. 395 - Trent365! - Illusion of Living in the Moment
We’re often told the key to success and happiness is being present, living in the moment. The only problem is, our entire lifestyle is programming us to do the opposite. #mentalhealth #motivation #happiness #success
December 30, 2018
Ep. 394 - Trent365! - Netflix Interactive TV
Imagine watching a TV show where YOU determine the next scenes. That’s Interactive TV and you can check it out on Netflix with the Bandersnatch episode of the Black Mirror series. #interactiveTV #televisionprogramming #televisionstudioproduction #newmedia
December 29, 2018
Ep. 393 - Trent365! - Tactile Paving Problem
Those truncated dome pavings, designed to aid visually impaired folks work for them, but cause problems for others. Surely there’s a better solution. #design #visuallyimpaired #publicspace #accessibility
December 28, 2018
Ep. 392 - Trent365! - Single Helix Lacing
You know that crazy method of lacing new shoes that has one side run diagonal from bottom to top and the other zig zagging it’s way up? What’s the point of that? Does anyone lace their shoes that way at home? #procedures #manufacturing #processes #footwear
December 27, 2018
Ep. 391 - Trent365! - Loyalty: What’s the Point?
When it comes to your Loyalty or Rewards program, it is not a case of one size fits all. Customer Retention, Increased Spend, etc. Your program may need to be tweaked based on the goals you’re trying to achieve. #rewards #loyaltyrewards #loyaltyprograms
December 26, 2018
Ep. 390 - Trent365! - When Wants Beat Needs
Needs are almost always more compelling than Wants. Almost. But especially at this time of the year, Wants May just be a better play. #marketing #wants #needs #leverage
December 25, 2018
Ep. 389 - Trent365! - Value is a Perception
Payless, the discount show retailer, made a fancy pop up store, called it Paylessi (yes, seriously!), marked up the shoes by 1800%...and they still sold! How? Because Value is a Perception. #marketing #value #perception #Paylessi
December 24, 2018
Ep. 388 - Trent365! - AirBnB Project Backyard
Re-imagining the way we design & build our living spaces for a shared living world makes sense. So AirBnB decided to do it! #sharingeconomy #future #living #design
December 23, 2018
Ep. 387 - Trent365! - Accor + NextDoor = Co-Working Hotels
A recent partnership between Accor and NextDoor is just a smart move. NextDoor’s Co-working space business relies on maximising under-utilised spaces. Hotels have a lot of that. #hotels #coworking #partnerships #accorhotels
December 22, 2018
Ep. 386 - Trent365! - TIP: Desktop Version on Mobile
Sometimes, especially if you’re a content creator working on the go, accessing a desktop version of a site is a big help. Here’s how to do it... #contentcreation #mobile #hacks #content
December 21, 2018
Ep. 385 - Trent365! - If You Can’t Beat ‘Em...Use ‘Em!
Everything I’m hearing from Spas in markets where On-Demand Massage companies are operating says they’re winning the battle for therapists. So maybe we need to find a way to work WITH them? #marketing #spa #ondemand #gigeconomy
December 20, 2018
Ep. 384 - Trent365! - Purpose Branding
Especially when it comes to commodity products, why spend big money on build a Brand Name when maybe all you need is a Brand Purpose? #branding #marketing #commoditymarkets
December 19, 2018
Ep. 383 - Trent365! - NEWS: European Massage Championships
It’s on March 30th - April 1st, 2019 in Spliamberto, Italy. Open to all therapists, any nationality, as long as you’re working in Europe. Use the promo code TRENT before 15 January for a 10% discount on your registration. Thanks Julien Elis #massage #spa #worldchampionship
December 18, 2018
Ep. 382 - Trent365! - Leverage Your Heritage
Puma is re-releasing the RS model sport shoe, first launched in 1986, as a one-off Limited Edition. A bit of nostalgia might just make sense for your business too. #sportsshoes #relaunch #nostalgia #heritage #branding
December 17, 2018
Ep. 381 - Trent365! - Talent, Skill or Experience?
Which is more important? Or maybe Attitude trumps all? Maybe, Ability is what really matters - regardless of how you got there? #skillsforlife #talentmanagement #experience #ability Alena Stavnjak
December 16, 2018
Ep. 380 - Trent365! - Offline Trajectory
Facebook has filed for a patent on technology that will predict where you’re going next. Make sense? Chance are you could get that information from your clients too and it might be useful. #marketing #facebook #locationintelligence #customerintelligence
December 15, 2018
Ep. 379 - Trent365! - Diversify Content : Platforms & Formats
Tumblr is banning porn in their platform, effective Dec 17th. What can we learn from porn? Don’t rely too much on one platform or one format for your content. #platforms #contentmarketing #contentstrategy #distribution
December 14, 2018
Ep. 378 - Trent365! - Wellness Travel : Pre & Post Opportunity
A recent study revealed vacationers get more joy from the anticipation than the actual holiday itself. Also, that the happiness benefits of the holiday soon wear off. So, Pre & Post represents opportunities for Wellness. #vacations #vacation #wellnessjourney #wellnesstravel
December 13, 2018
Ep. 377 - Trent365! - OTRO Football Fan Platform
This is a great example of what any group of professionals/experts can create to bring value, build community and reap the benefits. #marketing #communityengagement #platform #contentmarketing #contentstrategy
December 12, 2018
Ep. 376 - Trent365! - Zero Agenda Meetings
Try going into your next business meeting or contract negotiation with no preferred outcome. Finding a best fit solution for the situation can result in an even better commercial outcome than you’d planned. #planb #businessmeeting #contractnegotiation #agendas
December 11, 2018
Ep. 375 - Trent365! - Behaviour: Dictating or Catering
We’re the experts! That’s why the guests come to us. But it can be a fine line between being an expert and being a benevolent dictator. #behavioural #guestexperience #customerservice #hotelspa
December 10, 2018
Ep. 374 - Trent365! - Avocado : From Super Food to Blood Diamond
For all the good that Super Foods can do, what happens when they’re so Super, even the Drug Cartels want in? #healthyfood #superfoods #agribusiness #foodindustry #environmentalimpact
December 9, 2018
Ep. 373 - Trent365! - Status Shifting
If people can legally change their gender status, why not their age? A Dutch court just ruled it’s not the same - here’s why... #legalstatus #agediscrimination #ageing #humanidentity
December 8, 2018
Ep. 372 - Trent365! - Burger Wars
Burger 🍔 King 🤴 has launched a clever guerrilla ambush of McDonalds using a geo-fence. Clever stuff! #guerrillamarketing #ambushmarketing #geolocation #marketing #advertising
December 7, 2018
Ep. 371 - Trent365! - Mental Wellness White Paper
This is important work! Please download your FREE copy of Mental Wellness : Pathways, Evidence & Horizons. It gives you exactly what it says on the tin! #mentalhealth #mentalwellness #wellness #mentalillness
December 6, 2018
Ep. 370 - Trent365! - Splinter Industry Associations
There’s plans for a UK Sustainable Spa Association. I’m all for sustainability, but wonder if a splinter industry association such as this is...well...sustainable. #sustainability #industryassociations #industrybodies #spaassociation
December 5, 2018
Ep. 369 - Trent365! - First, Why...Then, How
If you can add a layer of HOW on top of what you learned by asking WHY, you are well on the way to real foundational change. #changemanagement #process #systems #innovationmanagement #blueoceanstrategy Thanks Justin C. Mills
December 4, 2018
Ep. 368 - Trent365! - My Skin Track UV
La Roche-Posay My Skin Track UV is a cool new battery-free wearable electronic to measure UV exposure. Helping to reduce skin cancer risk - & probably sell some more skincare products too. ;-) #wellness #skincareproducts #sunscreens #sunsmart
December 3, 2018
Ep. 367 - Trent365! Wellness Food : Beyond Meat
Meat substitutes are clearly going to be big business in a world where we’re all more aware of what we eat. With the likes of Bill Gates, Jack Welch, Leonardo DiCaprio & Kliendienst Perkins as investors, they’ve got some serious money. #wellnessfood #wellnesscuisine #foodtechnology #meatsubstitute #healthyfood
December 2, 2018
Ep. 366 - Trent365! - Self Driving Spa
If you’re not going to be driving your car 🚘 ... then why not have a Self Driving Spa? Now THAT’s a bit of Blue Ocean 🌊 thinking for you. #wellness #spa #selfdriving #time #blueoceanstrategy #tomorrowspa #futurespa
December 1, 2018
Ep. 365 - 1st Anniversary Show
Yes! We made it! 365 consecutive days of posting my thoughts 💭 ideas 💡 and insights 👁 Thank you 🙏🏼 to all who’ve joined me along the way. To say THANKS, I have a special giveaway for 5 lucky 🍀 people. Listen to the end of this episode for details. #contentstrategy #personalbranding #content #insights #perspective #effort #consistency #commitment
November 30, 2018
Ep. 365 - 1st Anniversary Show
Yes! We made it! 365 consecutive days of posting my thoughts 💭 ideas 💡 and insights 👁 Thank you 🙏🏼 to all who’ve joined me along the way. To say THANKS, I have a special giveaway for 5 lucky 🍀 people. Listen to the end of this episode for details. #contentstrategy #personalbranding #content #insights #perspective #effort #consistency #commitment
November 30, 2018
Ep. 364 - Ego, Humility & Gratitude
These are the 3 Keys to Success as a Content Creator. Simultaneously deploy all three and the rest is just a matter of process and a bit of discipline. #contentstrategy #contentmarketing #humility #gratitude #ego
November 29, 2018
Ep. 363 - What Facebook Knows About You
Facebook has now made it super easy for you to know what they know about you. You probably should know this, but be may not like what you see. #marketing #wellness #privacyissues #dataprivacy #userdata #datamining #bigbrother
November 28, 2018
Ep. 362 - Switching Benefits Vs Switching Costs
When contemplating a change, we tend to over think the Cost of Switching and are often too quick to underplay the Benefits of Switching. #changemanagement #transition #systems #processes #costbenefit
November 27, 2018
‪Ep. 361 - Losses Don’t Linger
The world doesn’t really care about your losses. History has a tendency to only focus on the winners & forget the losers. #winning #losing #perception #fear #perspective #history
November 26, 2018
Ep. 360 - User Data : Use It!
So many brands and businesses put so much effort into getting user data, yet when push comes to shove, they rarely use it to provide value or to surprise and delight. #datamining #data #customerinsight #userdata #customervalue
November 25, 2018
Ep. 359 - Hotel Ad Platform
The guest database of the big hotel chains could unlock serious value as an ad platform. #marketing #advertising #hotels #database #adplatform
November 24, 2018
Ep. 358 - Accor : The Facebook of the Hotel Industry
At a recent event in LA, the company’s Chief Digital Officer said... “Eighty per cent of guests are will to share their information to get a more personalised stay.” Sound familiar? Thanks PhysiqueIntelligence Roberto Fabris for sharing the article #facebook #accorhotels #privacy #loyaltyprograms #personalization
November 23, 2018
Ep. 357 - LinkedIn Email Privacy
LinkedIn has just sneaked in a new setting that stops your connections downloading your email address as part of their archive. #linkedin #emailmarketing #emailsecurity #privacy #marketing
November 22, 2018
Ep. 356 - More
You need more proof of concept. You also need more proof it doesn’t work. You need to produce more content. More, more often than not, is the answer in today’s noisy world. #proofofconcept #contentstrategy #proof #work #effort #more
November 21, 2018
Ep. 355 - Brands Vs Logos
If your brand entered another vertical, another industry, how would that look? If you’re not really sure &/or if your customers can’t imagine it, maybe you just have a logo, not a brand. #branding #marketing #businessdevelopment #businessstrategy #perception
November 20, 2018
Ep. 354 - Mirror Fitness App
There’s a cool new fitness app called Mirror - and its a Mirror! With an LCD screen, & speakers built in, you can live stream fitness classes and join in. You can even do private tuition coz there’s a camera built in too. #fitness #businessmodel #athome #subscriptionmodel #startup
November 19, 2018
Ep. 353 - The Spa Line
Kudos to the UK Spa Association. They’ve just launched a help line for its members. Ask any question you like - marketing, HR, products, anything. Within 48 hrs they’ll get back to you with some answers. #SpaAssociation #spaindustry #membershipmanagement #tradeassociations
November 18, 2018
Ep. 178 - The Security of Voice
GDPR has brought data privacy to the forefront. Need that Alexa, Amazon’s voice platform, recently mistakenly recorded a conversation in a household and sent it to another, is a timely warning on the Privacy of Voice.
November 18, 2018
Ep. 352 - Wrong is Wrong. The End!
Doing the wrong thing for the right reasons is still the wrong thing. Doesn’t matter how polite you are about it either. #integrity #humanbehavior #humannature #intent #thoughtfulness
November 17, 2018
Ep. 351 - The Chef by James Patterson
Wanna see a great example of story telling on social media? Search ‘The Chef by James Patterson’ on Facebook. Follow the instructions & enjoy an interactive crime novel in the shape of a Facebook Messenger bot. Very cool! 😎 #socialmedia #storytelling #messengerbots #jamespatterson #thechef #creativity
November 16, 2018
Ep.350 - Skills are Commodities: Relationships are the Key 🔑
We’ve already democratised and commoditised knowledge. Skills will be next. So relationships will become even more critical. #skills #futuretrends #relationships #businessrelationshipmanagement #peopleskills
November 15, 2018
Ep. 349 - Digital Store Directories - Dumb
Always consider customer improvements based on the totality, not the individual. If not, you might end up like this... #retail #customerexperience #innovation #marketing #guestexperience
November 14, 2018
Ep. 348 - Great Water Bottle Conspiracy
Yes, your bottle is swarming with 300,000 germs 🦠 - but they’re your germs, so no problem. And yes, the plastic’s chemicals leach into the water 💧 - but at insanely low levels, well below the safe mark. #waterbottles #safewater #safety #wellness #conspiracy
November 13, 2018
Ep. 347 - Wellness Tipping Point
Maybe when the big tech companies start talking about Wellness instead of Health, we’ll finally reach the Wellness Tipping Point. #wellness #tippingpoint #language #tech #cultureshift
November 12, 2018
Ep. 346 - Magic in Contradictions
Being able to simultaneously hold contradictory opinions and play them based on the situation is a real strength. For in the contradictions lies the magic! #success #contradiction #opposingviews #decisionanalysis #managementstyle
November 11, 2018
Ep. 345 - Just Put it Down!
A new study has shows that limiting time on social media to 30 minutes per day significantly reduces loneliness, depression, etc. Full study here... #socialmedia #depression #mentalhealth #mentalwellness #loneliness
November 10, 2018
Ep. 344 - Forget Followers, Work the Ads
Time to stop being romantic about organic reach. Ad products are so good on social media, focus there. Get better at that. #socialmedia #advertising #organicreach #listbuilding #followers
November 9, 2018
Ep. 343 - ‘Poach-Proof’ Your Staff
If you have ever had someone poach a member of your team, you MUST watch this! #humanresources #staffing #employeerecognition #teambuilding #recruitment
November 8, 2018
Ep. 342 - Apple’s Commodity Pivot : Lessons for the Spa Industry
Apple has said they’ll stop reporting on unit sales. They want to shift the focus to their services biz rather than the product biz. Why? Maybe coz their product is becoming commoditised. Just as spas are. #pivot #businessstrategy #innovation #spaindustry #apple
November 7, 2018
Ep. 341 - Mindfulness: The Branding Opportunity
Mindfulness is all about the here and now. Being present. So if you’re genuine, that actually represents a big branding opportunity. #branding #wellness #mindfulness #opportunity #marketing
November 6, 2018
Ep. 340 - Assisted Isolated Stretching
This looks to be a developing trend. Paying for someone to stretch you. Personally, I’m a fan! Sign me up! Just makes perfect sense. PS: Thanks to Kath Hudson at Spa Business Magazine! #wellness #health #fitness #spa #stretching #trending
November 5, 2018
Ep. 339 - Causes not Symptoms
These simple conversation starter cards on a restaurant table are a great example of going to the root cause of a problem, not just targeting the symptoms. #marketing #customercare #causes #symptoms #businessowners #opportunity
November 4, 2018
Ep. 338 - BREAKING NEWS: One Spa World to go Public
One Spa World, the company within Steiner Leisure that manages spas on cruise ships and hotels & resorts, is set to join the NASDAQ. #businessintelligence #spa #wellness #onespaworld #publiccompany
November 3, 2018
Ep. 337 - Trent365! - Less for More
Paying More for Less of course doesn’t make sense. But sometimes that’s the dynamic we’re actually creating. #pricing #businessstrategy #value #wants #needs #benefits
November 2, 2018
Ep.336 - Be Real...then Sell the Upside
Fake it Till You Make it is a dangerous strategy. You are probably missing out on very real opportunities because they believe your BS and think you’re too good for them. #recruitment #personalbranding #fakeittillyoumakeit #jobsearch #careeropportunities
November 1, 2018
Ep.335 - Ooops!
I screwed up! I messed up the numbering sequence for this show. Double-episoded back in June. So let’s correct it here. The lesson? Perfection is Overrated! ;-) #mistakes #ownership #transparency #faceup #correction #imperfection
October 31, 2018
Ep. 334 - Global Spa Association
It doesn’t exist. But it could. How about it? We get all the Spa Associations to pool their resources and come up with a set of global best practices. #spa #industry #association #bestpractices #standards
October 31, 2018
Ep. 333 - Own Your Shit!
Especially when it comes to deep cultural change, the first step is owning the current state of play. You made it. You Own it. It’s your mess to fix. Make a statement. Say it loud! #transformations #corporateculture #management #ownership #accountability
October 30, 2018
Ep. 332 - Power is Where Power Goes
If you have it, it goes where you go. Of course, it’s yours to lose too. And maybe the same is true of leadership? #leadership #power #presence #control #management
October 29, 2018
Ep. 331 - Passion
Ep. 331 - Trent365! - Passion Passion is the key to success. Everybody says it. We all know it. But finding your passion isn’t always easy. Don’t despair. #passion #motivation #meaning #purpose # #success #career
October 28, 2018
Ep. 330 - Snapchat: The Content Platform?
Two recent hires in the C-Suite night gives us some clues about where Snapchat thinks their future lies. #business #contentstrategy #socialnetwork #pivot #businessstrategy
October 27, 2018
Ep. 329 - Don’t Listen...Watch!
Sure, words are powerful & listening more than talking can be insightful. But... Actions tell all! #lessons #learnability #learningstyles #listen #watch #observation
October 26, 2018
Ep. 328 - Whose Club?
“I DON'T WANT TO BELONG TO ANY CLUB THAT WILL ACCEPT PEOPLE LIKE ME AS A MEMBER.” (Groucho Marx) NB: Not the silliest thing I ever heard! ;-) #membership #businessdevelopment #customeracquisition #clientacquisition #business #club
October 25, 2018
Ep. 327 - Change Your Competitors
If you’re not winning, maybe instead of changing your business you should think about changing your competitors. #business #marketshare #competitivedifferentiation #competition #marketing
October 24, 2018
Ep. 326 - Are You Rocket Fuel?
To which organisation could you become Rocket Fuel? That’s the company you should be working with. If you can effectively become their secret sauce, your upside is unlimited. #career #opportunity #personaldevelopment #personalbranding #careeropportunities
October 23, 2018
Ep. 325 - Behind the Numbers
The Global Spa Economy has grown by almost 10% in the past 2 years - or has it? It’s important to know the data behind the numbers. #spa #wellness #business #economicdataanalysis #researchreport
October 22, 2018
Episode 324 - Hotel Luggage Opportunity
If guests have issues with their luggage when staying in hotels - and they do - could this represent a unique branding opportunity for hotels? I think so! #branding #hotels #travel #luggage #opportunity
October 21, 2018
Ep. 323 - Walk a Mile in my Shoes
A fundamental lesson in marketing - understand the customer experience. A message to hoteliers - luggage is a critical part of your guest’s experience. You’re not helping as much as you could. #marketing #hotels #travel #guestexperience #guestjourney #painpoints
October 20, 2018
Ep. 322 - Building a Business around a Personal Brand
If you’re building a business around your personal brand, make sure you’re clear on your End Game. If not, you might find exiting the business nigh on impossible. #business #personalbranding #branding #businessstrategy #exitstrategies
October 19, 2018
Ep. 321 - Sensory Branding : Lessons from Beer
A visit to the BeerWall in Bruges provided a shining example of sensory Branding in action. No. Seriously! I mean it! Check it out... #branding #sensorybranding #senses #marketing #beer #lessons
October 18, 2018
Ep. 320 - Live Chat : Your Marketing Edge
Chatbots have been getting lots of attention recently. They’re not a bad option. But...Live Chat is even better. It’s the ultimate marketing edge - chatting with your customers! #marketing #customerservice #customerengagement #customersatisfaction #service #livechat
October 17, 2018
Ep. 319 - Cigarettes, Alcohol & Smartphones = Social Crutch
Sure, some are addicted to cigarettes & alcohol. But for many, it’s more about the social crutch. The smartphone is the new social crutch. So will that mean less cigs & booze? #humanbehavior #pyschology #addiction #smartphones #socialcrutch
October 16, 2018
Ep. 318 - Leveraging Weight in your USP
Luggage Weight is a big issue for many travellers. So why don’t hotels provide an airline-calibrated weighing scale for guests to check their luggage before they leave? Especially at the 3 star & 4 star end of the market, that could be a USP. #usp #marketing #travel #guestservice #guestexperience
October 15, 2018
Ep. 317 - One Word!
If you’re lucky enough to have one word that clearly defines your brand, please PLLLEEEAAASSSEEE stay true to that! #branding #core #essence #identity #usp
October 14, 2018
Ep. 316 - The Imperfections are your USP
We often spend all our energy fixing the imperfections. Maybe it's time to realise they could actually be our USP? #usp #pointofdifference #uniqueness #uniquesellingproposition #branding
October 13, 2018
Ep. 315 - Pizza Perspectives
Who’d have thought sitting down for a simple pizza 🍕 in Venice would’ve taught me lesson in marketing and business - but it did. #marketing #business #conditioning #habit #branding
October 12, 2018
Ep. 314 - Collective Responsibility Vs Indiv. Accountability
It’s easy to hide from your obligations in a group. But, it’s also possible that the responsibility you have to other group members can encourage greater responsibility. #teamspirit #teamdynamics #management #humanresources #accountability #responsibility
October 11, 2018
Ep. 313 - Meeting Size a la Bezos
When it comes to how many people you should have in a meeting, less is more. So says Jeff Bezos...with an interesting perspective. :-) #business #management #humanresources #timemanagement #meetings
October 10, 2018
Ep. 312 - Wellness = Live, Work, Travel
The Global Wellness Economy Monitor identified that the big business opportunities and the exponential growth opportunities will lie at the intersections of these three phases of our lives. #wellness #business #opportunity #workplacewellness #wellnesseconomy #wellnesstourism #travel
October 9, 2018
Ep. 311 - New Old World of Wellness
This trendy new word called ‘Wellness’ has actually been used in academic journals, in this context, since at least 1958. Just sayin’...! #wellness #terminology #branding #identity #academia
October 8, 2018
Ep. 310 - Genetics Vs Epigenetics
Genes predict probabilities, not certainties. How your genes are expressed really determines who you become - and you can influence your gene expression. #genetics #epigenetics #health #wellness #lifestyle
October 7, 2018
Ep. 309 - $4.2 trillion Global Wellness Economy
The latest Global Wellness Economy Monitor is out! This is getting pretty serious! #wellness #spa #economy #business #industry #research
October 6, 2018
Ep. 308 - Probability 101 : Likelihood x Consequence
I think this is a great way to approach any problem. Multiply the Likelihood of it happening by the Consequences if it does. Then you know how seriously you should take it. #problemsolving #probability #consequences #management #reality
October 5, 2018
Ep. 307 - Leverage the Sentiment of the Season
‘Become a Stylist for Christmas!’ What a great idea for a job ad. Many people are thinking about their life, career, etc., around this time of year. So why not leverage the Sentiment of the Season if you’re recruiting. #recruiting #humanresources #jobsearch #jobsatisfaction #careeropportunities
October 4, 2018
Ep. 306 - Digiceuticals
200 investments in the space in the first half of 2018. $3.4 billion. The generation of digital medicines that rely on software for curing or managing a disease is apparently a very real thing! #innovation #software #wellness #medicine #digitization #futuretrends
October 3, 2018
Ep. 305 - The Glue Guy
Every company has that one guy or gal who is the glue that keeps everything else together. Their value is not always apparent...until they’re gone. Then it’s too late. Who is your Glue Guy or Glue Gal? Are you taking care of them? #humanresourcedevelopment #management #teambuilding #personnelmanagement #people
October 2, 2018
Ep. 304 - Electro-Muscle Stimulation (EMS)
This new fitness concept sees clients wearing special clothing embedded with sensors, wires and pads. As you 🏋️‍♂️ Work out, electric currents are sent to specific spots in your clothing to greater stimulate the muscles you are working. Thanks Mark A. McKenney #innovation #wellness #fitness #technologytrends #wearables
October 1, 2018
Ep. 303 - Win or Lose : It’s the Sum of The Moments
There is never just one play that list you the game. Not is there just one moment that turned the tide to allow you to win. In sport, as it is in business and in life...It’s the Sum of the Moments #business #winning #sports #attitude #moments #life
September 30, 2018
Ep. 302 - Just Work!
How important is a university degree or diploma these days? In my opinion, not as important as work expert - never! #work #education #qualifications #university #experience
September 29, 2018
Ep. 301 - Weight Watchers Re-Branding
Regardless of the success or failure of the WW re-brand, my question is... do all brands in Wellness-adjacent fields necessarily need to become ‘Wellness’ brands? Maybe owning their existing niche within a wellness-type market is the smarter play. #innovation #branding #wellness #businessstrategy #marketing
September 28, 2018
Ep. 300 - Hit Them With Your Best Shot!
Don’t worry about keeping your powder dry 💥! There’s no point saving the best till last. Your customers may never get that far. Hit them with your best stuff right out the gate! #customerexperience #customerengagement #surpriseanddelight #branding #firstimpressions #impact
September 27, 2018
Ep. 299 - Footfall = Retail...Always
BP CEO, Bob Dudley says Retail is one of their 3 core businesses moving forward. Is that how YOU think about your business? If not, maybe you should. #business #retail #revenuestreams #footfall #sales #revenue #businessmodel
September 26, 2018
Ep. 298 - Orangetheory Fitness
OTF is a pretty cool gym franchise that has a few clever little hooks. Have a listen to how they’ve created their own little niche in this crowded space. #fitness #branding #innovation #tribe #wellness #franchise
September 25, 2018
Ep. 297 - Content, Control, Culture & Core
Apple’s content strategy provides some really interesting lessons for all companies in all industries around being true to who you are. #technologytrends #contentstrategy #platform #ecosystem #apple
September 24, 2018
Ep. 296 - Leveraging Laziness
“I will always choose a lazy person to do a difficult job because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.” - Bill Gates. Hey, I’m not endorsing laziness BUT I do love Bill’s alternate perspective. #motivation #problemsolving #peoplemanagement #leadership #humanresources
September 23, 2018
Ep. 295 - Charging Station Spas
Until battery life gets a lot better, drivers of electric cars on long trips will need to stop for an hours or so to charge their car. Sounds like a great opportunity for spas. #innovation #electriccars #spa #futuretrends #technology #lifestyle #massage
September 22, 2018
Ep. 294 - Cannabis : The Green Revolution
Tilray (TLRY) has been a stock market darling since its IPO. It’s a Pot Stock - and I don’t mean ceramics ;-) . It may be a bit of a bubble right now, but The Cannabis industry is real and getting ‘realer’. Dismiss it at your peril. #cannabis #medicalmarijuana #pharmaceutical #newindustry #innovation
September 21, 2018
Ep. 293 - Shaping the Future of Wellness & Wellbeing
I’ve been invited to join a special panel at the Global Wellness Summit in Italy in October to discuss the future of Wellness and Wellbeing in Hospitality & Travel. There’s a bunch of great people on the panel. Should be a great discussion. Who’s coming? #travel #wellness #wellbeing #globalwellnesssummit #spa #conferences #futuretrends
September 20, 2018
Ep. 292 - BPme: Convenience or Danger?
BP has introduced an phone app that speaks to the pump and allows you to pay for your petrol. But is encouraging drivers to use their mobile phones at the petrol station really a good idea? #innovation #mobilepayments #app #technologytrends #safety
September 19, 2018
Ep. 291 - Amazon Alexa Hardware Plays
Amazon is introducing 8 new hardware devices for Alexa before the end of 2018 - including an in-car device and a microwave oven. #amazon #alexa #voice #platforms #future -#technology #innovation
September 18, 2018
Ep. 290 - Voice Platform
A great new voice platform. Publish your content on and it’ll automatically appear on Amazon Alexa and Google Home. Invite Only right now...but you can always ask for an invite ;-) #voiceplatform #voice #platforms #futuretrends #digitalmarketing
September 17, 2018
Ep. 289 - Do What You Love or Love What You Do
The message these days seems to be all about finding your passion and doing that. But if you don’t know what it is or can’t do that, at least Love What You Do. #motivation #passion #focus #workethic #mindfulness #selfawareness
September 16, 2018
Ep. 288 - ‘Cook Your Own’ Hotel
Sleep, Shower and Food - the 3 core pillars of a hotel stay. Air BnB gives you a kitchen. You can cook your food your way. What if hotels did the same? #hotels #cooking #businessmodel #airBNB #accommodation #lodging
September 15, 2018
Ep. 287 - Walk My Path
Just as you should eat your own dog food, so too should you walk my path. You need to understand how people navigate your business. #signage #wayfinding #business #navigation #customerexperience
September 14, 2018
Ep. 286 - Advertising : Art or Science?
The Art was arguably the most important part in the early days of advertising. But as we push for more and more analytics, is the Science taking over? #analytics #art #science #advertising #creative #marketing #branding
September 13, 2018
Ep. 285 - Personalised Probiotics
A new study has suggested that unless probiotics are personalised they may well be no good at all. Worse still, generic solutions may have negative side effects. #medical #bacteria #probiotics #science #health #wellness
September 12, 2018
Ep.284 - Is there a Market in your Gap
Just because you’ve identified a gap in the market, doesn’t necessarily mean there’s a market in your gap. #marketing #gapanalysis #gap #innovation #demand #market #opportunity
September 11, 2018
Ep.283-Attribute Based Selling
AB Selling is the idea that you sell your hotel rooms based in very specific attributes that are often unique to many rooms. Would it work in your business? #pricingstrategy #pricingoptimization #business #marketing #creativity #attributes #attributionmodeling
September 10, 2018
Ep. 282-Solutionism
Solutionism is the idea that technology is the answer to every problem. Of course, it’s not. In some ways each industry has its own version of Solutionism too, based on its own biases. #problemsolving #solutionism #creativeproblemsolving #innovation #bias
September 9, 2018
Ep.281-People Waiting? Pop Up!
Anywhere you have people forced to wait around for something, you have an opportunity to introduce your Pop Up Spa concept. #innovation #popup #spa #branding #businessdevelopment #marketing #creative
September 8, 2018
Ep.280-Return on Wellness
As we continue the push towards Wellness, more and more owners and investors are getting worried about the extra cost of delivering it to our guests. We need to start measuring the Return on Wellness. Here’s a few thoughts...
September 7, 2018
Ep. 279-Touch Me - Touch Points
In a hotel journey there are so many touch points where we have the opportunity to help guests with their personal health and wellness requirements. What are you doing to help? #hotelmanagement #hotelspa #wellness #spa #health Derek Barton Zoe Wall Lynsey Woolliscroft Lisa Starr Samantha Foster
September 6, 2018
Ep. 278-Burning Building Philosophy
If your office was on fire 🔥 and you’re on the outside, how many people would you go back in to get? If it’s not most of them, you’ve got some work to do! #management #teambuilding #peoplemanagement #teamdynamics #leadership #personnel #development
September 5, 2018