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The Art of Healing

The Art of Healing

By Trevor Hanson
Join me, Trevor Hanson a marriage and family therapist as I share real life stories of trial, trauma, and injury as well as the journey of healing from the perspective of those who lived them. I also explore topics of healing and mental health with experts in the field of therapy and mental health.

Come with me as we both learn together the Art of Healing. Instagram /TikTok: @theartofhealingbytrevor
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The Blind Woodsman - John and Anni Furniss

The Art of Healing

Jeff Tejcek - Healing Trauma Using Virtual EMDR and Innovative Solution
Have you ever wanted to try EMDR but for some reason you have not had the chance. Maybe you cant find a therapist that feels like the right fit or maybe its too expensive. This episode if for you! I interview Jeff Tejcek who is the founder of Virtual EMDR, an innovative solution for providing EMDR treatment to people all over the world in the comfort of their own home.  Try virtual EMDR by using this link. Learn more about Trevor and the new Connection Course an online course for creating healthy and secure relationships through communication here
July 08, 2022
Dana Carretta-Stein - Healing Your Trauma with EMDR
Dana is a certified EMDR therapist and trains other therapists in all things EMDR. Dana teaches us how the use of EMDR helps to heal the brain from past trauma. We get nerdy in this one as we jump into the science behind trauma and trauma healing. You can find Dana on Instagram You can also find my precourse registry for the Connected Couples Course as well as methods of contacting me at this link. If you are looking for online therapy in Hawaii or other locations please reach out to me on my website *I can only practice in certain areas by law. Feel free to reach out and I will let you know if we can work together This podcast is not therapy nor is it a substitute for therapy.  
June 24, 2022
Ashlynn Mitchell - Overcoming Betrayal
Ashlynn has spoken opening for year about the betrayal trauma she has experienced due to infidelity in her marriage. Ashlynn now helps women all over the world find healing in the aftermath of betrayal.  You can find her on instagram @this.isashlynn and on her website You can find the link to all of resources including the pre-course registry here on my LinkTree below.  The Art of Healing LinkTree  If you are in the state of Hawaii or outside of the US and would like to book an appointment with me please go to my website below. 
June 17, 2022
Pye Jirsa - The Importance of Core Values in Relationships
Pye teaches us the critical role core values play in our relationships. He illustrates ways in which understanding your core values greatly impacts your ability to align and stay connected with your partner.  You can find Pye on Instagram @12weekrelationships or at his website For more from me and to find the pre-course registry please visit my LinkTree below.  The Art of Healing LinkTree If you are looking to book an appointment with me please visit my website
June 13, 2022
Jessica Baum - Getting to Know The "Little Me"
Learning to understand why we act the way we act in relationships unlocks a door to change and connection. Jessica Baum is an expert in the field of attachment. Through her understanding of attachment she helps thousands of couples and individuals around the world to find healing in their relationships.  To find more info about Jessica and her book "Anxiously Attached" visit her on Instagram @jessicabaumlmhc or visit her website To register for the Connected Couples Course or to reach me please visit my LinkTree If you are in the state of Hawaii and are looking for couples counseling please visit me at
June 10, 2022
Matthias J Barker - How Childhood Trauma Impacts Relationships
Matthias is an internationally known therapist with over 3 million followers across his social media platforms. Matthias has been featured on national television. Matthias is known for his insights around childhood trauma as well as intimate relationships. Today on the podcast we discuss both of these topics and where they overlap. You can find more of the resources we mention on the podcast here at Matthias's website You can find more free resources from me as well as paid resources here at my LinkTree Site.  Thank you for listening.  For couples counseling in Hawaii please visit
April 28, 2022
Sarah - Over Coming Relationship Anxiety
Today we jump into learning how to manage your own anxiety in relationships. Sarah shares her insight with us here as well as her audience on instagram @youloveandyoulearn Sarah and I discuss how it is normal to have questions about your relationship that leave you feeling a bit anxious at times.  Find more free resources and links to my social media platforms at THIS LINK!  If you like the podcast please leave me a review. Thank you.  For couples counseling in Hawaii please visit
April 14, 2022
Rikki Cloos - Self Soothing The Anxious Heart
Rikki Cloos is the author of The Anxious Heart Guide, a guide book for those who struggle with anxious attachment. Rikki shares her insights into the world of anxious attachment and how we can find emotional anchors and peace in the face of uncertainty as we navigate our relationships.  For more about Rikki and her book go to her @anxiousheartsguide. I have also created a free worksheet for couples to help you better understand what is getting in the way of increased connection with your partner. You can find that work sheet HERE!    You can also find more video content and information on my instagram @theartofhealingbytrevor For couples counseling in Hawaii please visit
April 07, 2022
Dr.Adam Moore - Finding Healing From Porn and Infidelity
Dr. Adam Moore has been specializing in helping those who wrestle with unwanted sexual behavior, as well as those who support them such as a spouse or partner. Adam shares in this episode insight as to why we experience apathy in changing unwanted habitual or addiction like sexual behavior, what support should and should not look like as well as many other insights related to pornography and relationships.  You can find Adam on instagram @dradammoore  You can find my free couples worksheet "Understanding Your Negative Cycle" here: Understanding Your Negative Cycle Link You can also find more from me on Instagram and TikTok  For couples counseling in Hawaii please visit
December 22, 2021
Michelle Pomeroy - Healing Our Relationships With Emotions
On this episode Michelle and I explore how emotions can be used as a superpower in healing disconnection in our love relationships. Michelle is an Emotionally Focused therapist based in Lehi Utah. She is a relationship expert and has helped hundreds of couples heal the disconnection in their relationships. Michelle is also the host of "The Right Fit Podcast" where she interviews others therapists in Utah to help her listeners choose the right therapist for them. You can find Michelle on Instagram @therightfittherapy as well as at  If you want to reach out to me you can find me on TikTok or Instagram @theartofhealilngbytrevor or at For couples counseling in Hawaii please visit
October 22, 2021
Brittany Dangerfield - The Gift of Healing Art
Brittany made international news while trying to rescue her sisters from the home of her abusive father all while navigating her own trauma. Through this process Brittany discovered her spiritual gifts for healing through her art work. She shares how she now uses her spiritual gifts and her gifts as an artist to help others to heal.  You can find Brittany on instagram @brittanyannedanger.  You can find me on instagram and TikTok @theartofhealingbytrevor or at For couples counseling in Hawaii please visit
September 08, 2021
Sam Eaton - Taking Suicide Off The Table
Sam Eaton is know all over the world for his inspiring and helpful message. After a suicide attempt Sam found purpose in sharing his own story of depression, suicidal thoughts, and his healing journey with others. In this episode of The Art of Healing Sam shares helpful insight into overcoming suicidal thoughts and shares hopeful inspiration that came from his own experience. If you want to learn more about Sam find him on Instagram and on TikTok @recklesslyalive you can also purchase Sam's book and find more info on his story at You can find me, Trevor, on Instagram and TikTok @theartofhealingbytrevor as well as For couples counseling in Hawaii please visit
August 23, 2021
Morgan Bowser - Overcoming Pornograhy Addiction - a "Man's Problem"
Morgan Bowser shares her story of overcoming an addiction to pornography that started as a teenage girl. She also talks about how connection helped her to heal from abuse and from the grips of her addiction.  If you would like to learn more about my therapy services you can go to or if you are interested in RISE a therapy group for single adult men you can visit For couples counseling in Hawaii please visit
July 29, 2021
Coach Kimberly Giles - Understanding Fear
I interview international coach, speaker, and author Kimberly Giles and learn from her how fear creates suffering in out lives as well as how to overcome that fear to live more fulfilling lives. Coach Kim can be found at You can find Kim’s 12 shapes test here For couples counseling in Hawaii please visit
July 12, 2021
The Blind Woodsman - John and Anni Furniss
On the show today I have The Blind Woodsman aka John Furniss and his wife Anni. John is know throughout the world for his incredible skill as a blind woodworker and Anni is known for her incredible talent for painting. On the podcast John shares his story of going blind due to a suicide attempt at age 16. John struggled with addiction, depression, and anxiety for a long time and shares how woodworking saved his life.  You can find them @theblindwoodsman on TikTok and Instagram or at You can reach me at For couples counseling in Hawaii please visit
June 28, 2021
Trevor's Story
In this episode I share with you my own personal journey of trauma and healing. Back in 2019 I lost my job at Tesla, just got out of a traumatic relationship, broke my jaw and had to start life over in many ways. In this episode I share how I was able to create meaning form my suffering and how my suffering lead me to my career as a therapist.  I hope you enjoy the Art of Healing Instagram / TikTok @theartofhealingbytrevor For couples counseling in Hawaii please visit
June 16, 2021