Question the Orthodox

Interview with Dan Kelso, by Trey Carland

An episode of Question the Orthodox

By Trey Carland
In this podcast, we explore the questions that lead to insights into the nature of human existence, self-realization and awakened living.
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Enneagram and Awakening, with Trey Carland, Tammy Hendrix and Tom Marino
In this episode, Trey interviews Tammy Hendrix and Tom Marino on their experience with the Enneagram. Tammy teaches workshops on the Enneagram of Awakening and shares how she has used the Enneagram with her clients. She talks about the various blind spots that people with different types tend to fall into. Tom shares how his life was permanently changed for the better thanks to his experience with the Enneagram. (My apologies for the background noise in places. One of the microphones was being rustled without me noticing.)
March 29, 2019
Discussion on Awakening with Trey Carland, Tammy Hendrix and Dan Kelso
In this episode, Trey, Tammy and Dan talk a bit about their personal experiences with spiritual awakening. A discussion about tantra ensues and will be explored in more detail in a future episode. (2/11/2019)
March 29, 2019
Interview with Dan Kelso, by Trey Carland
Trey interviews author and spiritual teacher, Dan Kelso,  Dan shares how his 30 year spiritual search eventually ended in a final shift in identification from the body/mind to pure awareness. Dan shares how he finally discovered the right questions to ask, which eventually led to the creation of the Deep Self Investigation approach to awakening that he currently teaches.  (2/25/2019)
March 11, 2019
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