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By Forrest Walden
What does it mean to “Have it All” across Body, Being, Balance and Business? Is it even possible?

Join Forrest Walden, Founder and CEO of Iron Tribe Fitness, as he explores this concept in his debut podcast, airing every Friday.
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Episode 52: Scott Mann - Finding purpose through scars : A Hero’s Journey
Scott Mann spent twenty-three years in the Army Special Forces involved in counter-insurgency and stability missions all over the world. When his career as a Green Beret came to an end, his life almost did too. Lacking purpose he found himself in a dark place. With the ability to look deep at the lessons left behind by his life scars, Scott committed  to be a protector for those who don’t have a voice. Today he is the founder of Roof Top Leadership and has written a book called Game Changers. Scott also leads a non-profit The Hero’s Journey in which he empowers veterans to get back into the game of life. Links we referenced: Game Changers Book Roof Top Leadership The Hero's Journey Breathing For Warriors **EX3 is for accomplished kingdom minded entrepreneurs that know that they need a band of brothers to play with at the highest level. If that’s you and you want to know more head over to:
December 11, 2020
Episode 51 - Jay Dixon : Financial Security through Lasting Relationships
Jay Dixon is a Financial Advisor and Managing Director with Northwestern Mutual and over the years, he's been privileged to witness wise people plan for the inevitable. He wakes up each day with the goal to have critical conversations with people on the things that matter most in life. On today’s show he shares how he leads a growing team of advisors and why he loves creating an atmosphere of forced behaviors in order to see success in the areas of his life that require focused discipline. Links we referenced: Jay Dixon Jay on LinkedIn Jay on Facebook Tommy Newberry the 4:8 Principle
December 04, 2020
Episode 50 - Matt Burton: Wealth Management, A Sacred Stewardship
Following the rules and remaining faithful in your relationship with God doesn’t come with an automatic ticket to an easy or wealthy life. Matt Burton, Founder and President of Narwhal Capital Management joins me today as he shares his journey from taking a small handful of clients - managing 200 million in assets - to a company of 20 employees overseeing 1 billion in assets today. Matt offers deeply powerful wisdom about the impact your theology has on money and how setting appropriate expectations for life will help you navigate the difficult moments along the way. Links We Referenced: Book: Calvin and Commerce Narwhal Capital Management
November 27, 2020
Episode 49 - David Powell: Putting It All on the Line
David Powell understands what it takes to shatter limiting beliefs. He works each day to help others see themselves as capable of more than what they ever thought was possible. David is the owner of Southeast Lineman Training Center, a premier training school for apprentice line workers; where he consistently produces an elite group of highly trained and certified graduates. David attributes an intense focus to consistency and the daily execution of the mundane to his overall success in life. On today’s show he shares how developing daily habits and the commitment to never quit are how he stays resilient. Links we referenced: Southeast Lineman Training Center
November 20, 2020
Episode 48 - Ron Alford : Redefining Possible
It’s been said that “a coach is someone who tells you what you don't want to hear, who has you see what you don't want to see, so you can be who you have always known you could be.” My guest today is Ron Alford, an executive-level sales and leadership coach for Southwestern Consulting and author of the book Redefining Possible. Ron began his career selling educational books door to door and understands the mental component needed to win in business. With over 20 years of coaching behind him, he thrives in helping others get out of a place of fear and gain what he calls "authentic confidence." Links we referenced: @ronalfordcoach Redefining Possible Book
November 13, 2020
Episode 47 - Richard Simmons: Biblical Principles to help you lead and win throughout life.
Richard is the best-selling author of “The True Measure of a Man”, “Reliable Truth”, “The Power of a Humble Life”, and more. On today's show, Richard shares his journey of leaving a well respected job to follow God's call to start a men's ministry. He'd noticed how men focused heavily on work, leaving little to no time for remembering spiritual things and abandoning their faith altogether because of unanswered doubts. In late late 2000 he founded The Center for Executive Leadership, a not-for-profit, faith-based ministry in Birmingham, Alabama. Richard’s approach is structured and methodical, and his passion is transforming lives through gaining wisdom and applying truth to every area of life. You can connect with Richard and learn more about his best selling books by visiting his site HERE.
November 06, 2020
Episode 46 - Daniel Tardy : Choosing to Embrace the Journey of Transformation Daily
Daniel Tardy lives to help small business owners grow their personal performance. As the Executive Vice President at Ramsey Solutions he’s clear about the fact that God gives each of us gifts and that we have a personal responsibility to share those gifts with others. With over 20 years in the trenches, Daniel is ecstatic about learning from the unsung heroes in Small Business who are tired of the hype and theories. On today’s show he discusses breaking mindless routines and surrounding yourself with people that are going to push you into transformation so your time lines up with what you say you value. Links We Referenced: @danieltardy @entreleadership EntreLeadership Podcast
October 30, 2020
Episode 45 - Bryan and Shannon Miles: Building a Lasting Marriage and Family Centered Life while leading a 100 million Dollar Company.
Bryan and Shannon Miles are the epitome of a power couple. They've grown their company Belay Solutions, a virtual organization of 1000 employees with remote careers, by emphasizing a vibrant company culture that's counterintuitive to the traditional model. Unlike many power couples however, is the fact that growing an empire hasn’t cost Bryan and Shannon their marriage or family life. Bryan and Shannon’s greatest desire in life is to have a really great marriage. While growing companies is exciting, it’s not the standard by which they want to be measured. Leading their family in a way that aligns with their values of faith and hard work is at the core of who they are. Links We Referenced: Belay Solutions Own Not Run The 3 Questions For a Frantic Family by Patrick Lencioni The Third Option by Shannon Miles Virtual Culture by Bryan Miles TribeCAST Episode 8 - Core 4 Morning Routine Enneagram Personality Profile The Road Back To You Book **EX3 is for accomplished kingdom minded entrepreneurs that know that they need a band of brothers to play with at the highest level. If that’s you and you want to know more head over to:
October 23, 2020
Episode 44 - Jason McCarthy : The Leadership Connection between Body and Mind.
Being a leader is hard so finding a purpose in the work you do is important. My guest today did just that. In 2008 Jason McCarthy, was a member of the US Special Forces while his wife Emily was in the CIA and together they founded GORUCK. Their goal was simple: build a rucksack with life or death quality standards and show all walks of life how to operate smartly and safely in some of the harshest environments in the world (using said rucksack.) Jason and Emily’s path wasn’t easy, they ended up divorced only to later find themselves remarried and building a better life together. Jason shares his message behind marriage being a metaphor for life, the need to communicate with your spouse to keep them close, his deep understanding on the need for embracing the uneasiness of life and why staying active and outside is pivotal to becoming a great leader and father. Links we referenced: GORUCK Website How Not to Start a Backpack Company page Glorious Professionals podcast GORUCK Facebook GORUCK Instagram: @goruck CHAD Workout Veteran’s Day **EX3 is for accomplished kingdom minded entrepreneurs that know that they need a band of brothers to play with at the highest level. If that’s you and you want to know more head over to:
October 16, 2020
Episode 43 - Fred Yancey: Building a Life of Greatness by Trusting The Lord
Fred Yancey, Forrest’s High School Football Coach joins the show today as he looks back on the joy and completeness of his 49 years of coaching and reflects on how evident the Lord’s fingerprints were throughout it all. Coach Yancey led Briarwood Christian School in Birmingham from 1991-2018 and was inducted into the Alabama Sports Hall of Fame for his record as second all-time in wins among Alabama High School Football Coaches. Links we referenced: EX3 is for accomplished kingdom minded entrepreneurs that know that they need a band of brothers to play with at the highest level. If that’s you and you want to know more head over to:
October 09, 2020
Episode 42 - Spencer Sutton: From Porn to Purpose
Spencer Sutton wakes up with Google and Facebook on his mind. As the current Director of Marketing at GK Houses he is passionate about all things marketing! On today's show Spencer talks about his early starts as a real estate investor; his time with Forrest helping to once build their non-profit Neverthirst and the painful story behind his being fired from the company. Spencer also opens up some old wounds as he boldly discusses the destructive impacts of pornography. It's a topic not many churches know what to do with; leaving men with little resources for recovery from addiction. Spencer's mission these days, besides leading a great marketing team at GK Houses, is focused on ministering to other Christian men in their battles against the awful grasps of pornography through his recovery programs at Natural Porn Killer.
October 02, 2020
Episode 41 - Season 3 Opener!
On today's episode I welcome you back and update you on the progress and changes I've made in my life since we wrapped up Season 2.  2020 has affected us all in ways we never could have imagined. Many of us have had to dig deep, grow, struggle and push through and adapt in an ever changing climate.  We'll look back on Season 2 and regain insights on key take aways from last season that can help you now more than ever.  We'll seek to answer how Kingdom minded, on purpose Entrepreneurs who are committed to building big things with their lives through business can do so in a way where we don't lose our body, our balance, those closest relationships that mean the most to us and our being, our connection and daily walk with Christ. Welcome to TribeCast - Let's Go!
September 25, 2020
Episode 40: Zane Tarence, Partner and Managing Director at Founders Advisors
Zane is the go to man in Birmingham for tech deals having completed over 90 deals to date. He is passionate about growing the technology side of Founders while also being heavily involved in marriages that are in crisis. He has been married for 31 years and has three daughters. 
December 19, 2019
Episode 39: Caleb Crosby, CEO of the Alabama Policy Institute
Named one of the 50 most powerful and influential people in Alabama, Caleb is no stranger to success. Yet, he lives by the mindset that he is not responsible for the outcome only to be faithful in all that has been entrusted to him. Join us for this engaging and thoughtful conversation.
December 12, 2019
Episode 38: Chuck Andrews, Northwestern Mutual
Chuck Andrews is one of the top performers in the nation for Northwestern Mutual, a long time friend and accountability partner, married for 18 years, father of 5, original garage member of Iron Tribe and all around solid man of faith. Chuck epitomizes everything this show is about! Chuck was Born and raised in Germantown, TN as the oldest of 8 children. He came to Birmingham in 1994 to attend Samford University, where he graduated in 1998 with a degree in business management with a focus on finance. He felt God calling him to stay in Birmingham and accept a full-time position with Northwestern Mutual. This is where he met wife Lydia and got married in 2002. They now have 5 children: Brooks, Claire, Radford, Caroline, Abigail, and an English Cream retriever, Samson. His three core personal values are Faith, Family, and Fun. His relationship with the Lord and Savior is his number one priority with family a close second. While not at the office, most of his time is spent with family, and/or hunting, fishing, or working out at IronTribe. He is a member and deacon at Shades Mountain Community Church, where he serves on two committees.
December 06, 2019
Episode 37: Dustin Hillis, From door to door salesman to the CEO!
As CEO of The Southwestern Family of Companies, 36-year-old Dustin Hillis will lead the company toward its 30-year vision to become the largest privately-owned company worldwide. With a current portfolio of 16 businesses producing $220mm in annual revenue, Hillis plans to grow the company 26% per year to a total of 200 businesses by 2048
November 22, 2019
Episode 36: Sarah Sloyan, VP of EntreLeadership
Sarah is a wife, mother, avid Iron Tribe athlete and a busy executive with 65 reporting to her at EntreLeadership.  Join us as we discuss how she manages all of the roles and responsibilities in her life to make sure that she is in fact at the top of her game across Body, Being, Balance and Business!
November 14, 2019
Episode 35: Michael Allosso, Communications & Awareness Specialist
Michael is a passionate believer in servant leadership. His super objective is that people should be better off as a result of having spent time with you – every meeting, every event, every day. He’s a proponent of frequent feedback and that leader and communication excellence continues beyond “Act 1” (work) into “Act 2” (home life). There should be seamless transition between professional and business, group and individual communication. Authenticity and believability is paramount. The same skills an actor uses for outstanding performance are needed to be a top of the game leader and a communicator. All of these choices must be made with intentionality.
November 07, 2019
Episode 34: Jim Weaver
Jim Weaver is the COO of the half billion dollar company, Onin Staffing. Listen as he breaks down what it takes to lead and operate with 542 Oninites and growing!
October 31, 2019
Episode 33: Phil Reddick
As the Executive Director for the Young Business Leaders over the last 35 years, Phil Reddick knows all about what it takes to have a faith that shapes and impacts your business. After working with Business owners and executives for so many years he has learned what it takes to inspire others to see their business as ministry. Learn more about Young Business Leaders here:
October 24, 2019
Episode 32: Jason Williams
Listen to the compelling story of Jason Williams, Founder and Executive Director of Aspire. From facing 60 years in prison to taking the ministry of Christ to the inner city! You will be inspired by his story. Learn more about the Aspire Movement here: 
October 17, 2019
Episode 31: Jonathan LeDuc
After hearing JH Ranch get brought up time and time again from each of my guests I knew I had to Executive Director Jonathan LeDuc on the show!  Learn his strategies, rhythms and success habits that allows him to equip himself in order to lead his marriage of 19 years, 4 kids, 48 staff, hundreds of college volunteers each summer on top of a heavy Iron Man training schedule!
October 10, 2019
Episode 30: Jeremy Thiel
Jeremy was on the bleeding edge of the CrossFit movement and has established one of the most successful CrossFit gyms, CrossFit Central, in Austin Texas. He shares the top lessons he learned on how to be a successful fitness entrepreneur across Body, Being, Balance and Business.
October 03, 2019
Episode 29: Chris Carneal
My conversation this week is a dynamic one with Chris Carneal Founder + CEO, Booster! Under Chris’s leadership and client-focused care, Booster has grown nationwide to serve more than 3,000 school partners a year with 700+ team members who have helped profit schools more than $270 million to improve education. Chris sits on multiple school advisory boards, has won Atlanta’s prestigious 40 Under 40 Award, and earned the President’s Council on Sports, Fitness, & Nutrition Community Award in 2016, an honor bestowed by the White House to leaders across the country who promote fitness in their local communities. Chris has a passion to create a remarkable company culture—on that cares for each other and our clients, attracts and develops great leaders, and celebrates people like no other. He and his wife Lyndie live in Atlanta, GA, with their four children.  Chris is also a founding member of Iron Tribe John’s Creek going faithfully to the 5 am class for the last 6 years!
September 27, 2019
Episode 28: Casey Graham
TribeCast #28 - This highly successful Founder/CEO doesn't even own a computer! On this week’s podcast I had the opportunity to head over to Atlanta and meet with some of my favorite entrepreneurial friends.  Casey Graham, the Founder and CEO of Gravy, has been a friend of mine since 2010.  We met at the Infusionsoft users conference where I was awarded the “Ultimate Marketer of the Year Award.”  The very next year Casey won the award and I handed him his oversized check on stage! Casey is a fired-up entrepreneur with a tremendous passion for helping other business owners. Casey’s transparency and high-energy leadership style have made him the go-to voice in the small business community. As CEO and Founder of multiple business, Casey has developed the 5 P’s of a 7-Figure Business as a template of his success to share with other corporations. One of the most interesting things on the show is the fact that as CEO Casey doesn’t even own a computer or check email!  You’ll want to check out the show to hear how he pulls this off!
September 20, 2019
Episode 27: Defend the Fatherless
Herbie Newell is the Executive Director of Lifeline Children Services and has expanded the ministry from 2 countries to 25 around the world.  Hear how the passion for adoption drives Herbie to continue to grow both personally and professionally.
September 12, 2019
Episode 26: Billy Boughey
Entrepreneur Billy Boughey overcame a tough childhood by the lessons and examples of the emerging hip hop culture. Hear how he has turned that into a growing and successful business creating Experiences for his clients.
September 06, 2019
Episode 25: How to Build a Multiplying Movement of Multiplying Leaders
Cord Sachs has built two thriving start up businesses after a crucial conversation with Dan Cathy on his private plane.  The vision that was birthed that day has become a mission of building a Multiplying Movement of Multiplying  Leaders!
August 30, 2019
Episode 24: Jim Doggett
Jim is the Team Development Director for Launch Global, a non-profit committed to planting multiplying churches among unreached people groups around the world
August 23, 2019
Episode 23: NeverThirst Executive Director, Matt Letourneau
Matt Letourneau shares his story of imbalance, and the journey that brought him to NeverThirst. 
August 16, 2019
Episode 22: From 0 to $50 million in less than two years!
Alex Hormoz, founder and CEO of Gym Launch, talks about how he has massively scaled his company without leaving his fitness and marriage behind.
August 09, 2019
Episode 21: Olan Stubbs- How to lead from your own personal overflow of disciplines
Executive Director of Campus Outreach, Olan, shares his personal strategies to managing his life in such a way that he is able to lead from the overflow.
August 02, 2019
Episode 20: Founder of Shawn Lovejoy, the Coaches Coach
Author, Podcaster and Executive Coach, Shawn lives to coach leaders through what keeps them up at night
July 26, 2019
Episode 19: Chairman of the Southeastern Conference, Greg Sankey
At the pinnacle of his career running the SEC, the most powerful conference in sports, Greg shares what keeps him going in all domains of his life.
July 19, 2019
Episode 18: Don't Waste Your Retirement - A conversation with Jim Warren
Jim is a retired CEO who experienced incredible life change in his 60s, and has done anything BUT live out a "traditional retirement."
July 12, 2019
Episode 17: Something Needs to Change | a Conversation with David Platt
Forrest talks with author, pastor, and activist Dr. David Platt about his new book, and the inspiration behind the writing.  
July 05, 2019
Episode 16: Have You Saved Your Best Thinking and Planning for Your Family?
Founder and CEO of Arlington Partners, Ken Polk, discusses the success of his wealth management firm and how his discipline and planning across all domains of his life have been his unique advantage!
June 28, 2019
Episode 15: Depression
I never believed that depression was real until I experienced it. This is my story and it's the most personal podcast that I've ever done. You may not naturally gravitate towards a podcast on depression, but I encourage you to check this one out.
June 21, 2019
Episode 14: Best-Selling Author and former Trump Special Assistant Cliff Sims
Entrepreneur, Journalist, CEO, former White House Special Assistant, and Iron Tribe Client, Cliff Sims discusses identity and how none of us are immune from the poison of power.
May 17, 2019
Episode 13: Priorities and Relentless Focus with Dave Gray
Forrest talks with Dave Gray, entrepreneur and leader in the Birmingham tech scene , about finding balance in all areas of life while maintaining relentless focus.  
May 10, 2019
Episode 12: Our International Adoption Journey
Why Adoption?  Why Ethiopia?  How long did it take?  How much did it cost?  Do you deal with Racism in the south?  Join Forrest and Mendy as they tell their adoption story and answer so many of the questions they get regarding their multi-racial family
May 03, 2019
Episode 11: The Ultimate Disconnect. Have you disconnected God's blessings in your life from his Purposes?
This scripture has meant more to me in my understanding of how I'm to operate as a Christian entrepreneur than any other.  It has shaped everything that I have done with both Iron Tribe and Neverthirst.
April 26, 2019
Episode 10: The Accidental and Reluctant Entrepreneur!
Join Forrest on his entrepreneurial journey from 23 year old Franchisee, to Master Franchisee to Franchisor and Founder of his own brand! 
April 19, 2019
Episode 9: Running a Billion Dollar Brand with Ricky Brooks
Ricky has accomplished what most men only dream of in his life.  Now preparing to take his company public, Ricky reflects on what it's taken in all domains of his life to be where he is today!
April 12, 2019
Episode 8: How Your Morning Routine is Making or Breaking Your Life
Forrest discusses the role that a consistent and purposeful morning routine plays in enabling you to achieve your impossible games.
April 05, 2019
Episode 7: A Conversation with Friend & Entrepreneur Jim Cavale
Forrest talks with Jim Cavale, former Iron Tribe Fitness executive and founder of INFLCR.
March 29, 2019
Episode 6: A conversation with Super Bowl champion and Entrepreneur Fred Stokes
Forrest talks about family and accountability with Super Bowl XXVI Champion, Fred Stokes.
March 22, 2019
Episode 5: The Gathering
Forrest and a group of men he calls "The Gathering" sit around the table of a cabin in the woods to discuss some lessons learned in body, being and balance.
March 15, 2019
Episode 4: Fact Map Training Finalized
Setting up your first 90 days of your Impossible Game!
March 07, 2019
Episode 3: Fact Map Training continued
The STORY that your life is supposed to be experienced as Good and "having enough" is a lie.  The purpose of your life is prosperity and EXPANSION
February 20, 2019
Episode 2: Building your next 12 months through the Fact Map Process
"If I lie to myself about who I am, it becomes impossible to live in my purpose."   Join Forrest as he talks about getting down to the facts, and expanding the box you've placed yourself in.  
February 12, 2019
Episode 1: Introduction
Forrest introduces himself and the podcast.  
February 06, 2019