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The Feminine Rebellion

The Feminine Rebellion

By Natalie Surmeli
Real conversations with women stepping out of Patriarchal conditioning and becoming the leaders this mad world is hungry for. Listen in. We get deep, real and raw.

Let's get going. The world needs us ❤️
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Dr. Valerie Rein: From Survival to Thriving

The Feminine Rebellion

Owning ALL of ME with Maggie Moore
Maggie Moore is a bodacious goddess and I am here for it! Maggie is living her best life as a visionary healer, sacred jewelry maker and Chakra Shaking creator. Certified in crystal and reiki therapies, Maggie creates a personal wellness treasure chest of self care talismans and tools for her clients to keep them grounded on their life path. Her creation, Chakra Shaking, a mind-body-spirit movement practice helps her clients find center in this crazy world. In this episode of the Feminine Rebellion podcast, Maggie and I talk about how our childhoods and traumatic experiences shape us and the opportunity we have to transcend them and be truly powerful by shedding layers and owning who we REALLY are. We also cover the differences between a medium and a channel and some of the crazy experiences she has had in this line of work. Then we take a deep dive into the amazing power of crystals! Maggie shares some “Crystals 101” knowledge and … ahem … the subject of crystal dildos may have come up. Maggie’s story gives me chills all over my body and I just know you will love her energy and spirit as much as I do. *Special offer for The Feminine Rebellion: Contact Maggie via her links below to receive the “How to Cleanse and Clear Your Crystals”  PDF for free. Topics we discuss: What her childhood was like as an empath Shedding layers of untruth to own who we really are The healing power of being and feeling seen as women Being a channel for spirit and the unexplainable things that happen in sessions with clients Crystals 101 - How to use crystals in your everyday life, what they represent, and how to cleanse them Our Guest 👇🏼 Maggie Moore’s website: Maggie Moore on Instagram: @maggiemooreworld Maggie Moore on Facebook: Mentioned in This Episode👇🏼 Kyle Grey UK The Book of Stones: Who They Are and What They Teach by  Robert Simmons and Naisha Ahsian Important Links 👇🏼 Natalie’s Website The Feminine Rebellion on IG: @thefemininerebellion --- Send in a voice message:
June 02, 2022
Where You’ve Been Will Take You Where You’re Going with Annette Solis
Feminine Rebellion! I am so thrilled to introduce you to the bright and vibrant soul that is Annette Solis. Annette is a YouTuber, traveler, photographer, and soon-to-be ultramarathoner (!!) on a mission to help you live consciously and journey easier. I have been following Annette’s incredible journey online and I was stoked to get the opportunity to spend this time with her. Her story is so moving and her vulnerability and willingness to share with us some of the darker moments in her life is inspiring. I hope you enjoy our conversation and highly recommend you get to know Annette, too. Check out her links below and donate to her ultramarathon fundraiser for Central Asia Institute if you can. Topics we discuss: How her past lead her to where she is today A major turning point in her life and the healing power of partnership How traveling has helped her figure out who she is Transcending having been raised in a conservative household and finding her own path Her absolute favorite life lesson Our Guest 👇🏼 Annette Solis’s website: Annette Solis on Instagram: @byannettesolis Annette Solis on Facebook: Annette Solis’s YouTube Channel: Central Asia Institute Fundraiser Important Links 👇🏼 Natalie’s Website The Feminine Rebellion on IG: @thefemininerebellion --- Send in a voice message:
May 26, 2022
The Practice of Knowing, Asking For, and Getting What You Want with Sophie Luxton
What is your relationship with desire? Do you find it difficult to ask for what you want? The seemingly simple practice of asking for what we want is RIPE with opportunities and POWER. I am so excited to take a deep dive into desire on this episode of The Feminine Rebellion podcast. This is such a juicy topic and an even JUICIER guest. Sophie Luxton is a teacher of Epic Self-Care for Women, How to Get What You Want From Your Man,  and creator of Spiritual Strip Tease. In this conversation, Sophie shares her (very relatable!) story of how she had done a lot of "empowering" work on the feminine, only to realize that the power that she wanted to experience wasn't just a feeling on the inside but it was inside relationships. Now Sophie teaches women how to ask for what they want from their men. Her work includes helping women tap into what they want, feel confident in their worthiness, become aware of how they self-sabotage in conversation, how to deal with getting "no" or hitting resistance and the art of receiving. Sophie believes that any woman with big and juicy dreams for her life needs to learn how to speak her desires into her relationships in order to make them come true. Topics we discuss: How marriage and motherhood unexpectedly fueled her spiritual work The re-education of a badass woman who chooses allegiance to herself The Spiritual Striptease and why it’s so powerful Exercises to tap into your knowing and desire How to handle being told “no” The dynamic between men and women due to conditioning and how it plays a role in asking The art of learning how to receive Our Guest 👇🏼 Sophie Luxton’s website: Sophie Lexton on Instagram: @juicysophieluxton Sophie Luxton’s Personal Facebook: Sophie Luxton’s Private Facebook Group “Epic Self Care for Women Breaking Rules”: Important Links 👇🏼 Natalie’s Website The Feminine Rebellion 👇🏼 The Feminine Rebellion on IG: @thefemininerebellion --- Send in a voice message:
April 20, 2022
Celebrating Humanhood with Kristin Sparks of WRAR, Inc
Are you ready for a RADICAL dose of joy? I am so f***ing excited to welcome Kristin Sparks to the show. I always feel lit up by simply being in her presence and can’t wait for you to get some of her potent medicine, too. Kristin Sparks is a mother, grandmother, Author, Speaker, Podcaster on “WRAR with SPARKS”, CEO of WRAR, Inc, and the Executive Director of The Sister Wyrd Foundation, a nonprofit supporting and celebrating women on their journey of self-transformation. A self-described “pull-up, your bootstraps kinda gal,” Kristin is always landing on her feet no matter the life challenge. Not only that, she uses challenges to tap into the power of voice and supports other women through their struggles. She is the definition of magnetism and leaving the world a better place than she found it. Soak it up. Topics we discuss: Kristin’s purpose and the mission of WRAR Inc. How lived experiences inform our life’s work Turning challenges and shadow into beauty and growth Kristin’s personal practices, tools, and modalites she has explored on her path Challenges specific to living during a pandemic Kristin’s work with women and what she’s working on for the future Our Guest 👇🏼 Kristin Sparks’ website: Kristin Sparks’ on Instagram: Kristin Sparks’ on Facebook: Contact her at or email at Important Links 👇🏼 Natalie’s Website  The DEVOTION Program: The Feminine Rebellion 👇🏼 The Feminine Rebellion on IG: --- Send in a voice message:
March 23, 2022
Pleasure as a Portal with Holy Hedonist, Jessica Soares
Yo, Yo, Yo, Feminine Rebellion!!! This episode is JUICY and DELICIOUS! Jessica Soares is a seeker of sacred pleasure and a proud holy hedonist. Driven by an insatiable thirst for pure aliveness - her greatest artwork, is her life itself. She is a curator and creator of moments, experiences, and journeys that bring people closer to themselves, others, and the divine. In this conversation we talk ALL THING PLEASURE. And dive deep into these topics.... Jessica's journey + how she got to be living her dream life a delicious life in a teeny beach town in Mexico How the prescribed path that we are led down is boring + why we should be dreaming BIGGER. How pleasure is an essential thread to dismantling oppression  - and a huge nod to goddess, adrienne maree brown. Earning Pleasure vs. Weaving it into our every day lives What it means to be a Holy Hedonist and so, so, so much more! LINKS Jessica on IG The Feminine Rebellion The Private Experience with Natty
February 04, 2022
What it really means to be visible and vulnerable with Visibility Coach & Strategist, Natalie Koussa.
What it really means to be visible and vulnerable with Natalie Koussa. Natalie Koussa is a visibility coach and strategist for leaders, healers and guides. In a past life, Natalie was director of partnerships for a pro-choice non-profit. Now, she uses her strategic visibility skills to support leaders, healers and guides to grow their visibility, without losing themselves in the process. Natalie's superpower is reflecting what’s already inside you, and distilling your ‘messy’ ideas into clear, compelling strategies to connect you with your perfect-fit clients, and get you known in your industry. Natalie is English/Egyptian, and is happiest by the ocean. What we talk about in this episode: Natalie’s journey from a non-profit director work to Visibility Coach & Strategist. What it means to be visible What is Leadership Design & why it matters Breaking down the 4 designs - Natalie takes us through the designs.  Listen in and determine where you land. The interplay between your primary and secondary designs + how transformative it is to understand your core needs and how they inform how you show up in your business + your life. How Natalie uses Leadership Design with her clients to help them create resonance with their business messaging. The difference between WIDE and DEEP visibility. The patterns and shared experiences Natalie sees in the women she works with. Important Links 👇🏼 Our Guest 👇🏼 Natalie Koussa IG Profile Natalie’s Web Site + Discover Your Leadership Design  The Feminine Rebellion 👇🏼 Devotion: 8 week group program The Feminine Rebellion on IG
December 15, 2021
Season 2! The Feminine Rebellion: on our name change, my unraveling + devotion
Hey! Welcome to Season 2! In this episode I give you the low-down on the name change - the 2 things that led me to this decision and how it will shift the way I lead. Also, there is an invitation to join me for a new, 8 week group program, DEVOTION. Listen in + then review, rate and subscribe!  This little thing helps me get my message out + create the ripple effect of love + justice this mad world is screaming for right now!!! LINKS Devotion: The 8-week Group Program. The Feminine Rebellion on Instagram The Feminine Rebellion Facebook Group
December 09, 2021
On Loving Our Bodies with Libby Bunten
This podcast has me fired up! Libby and I run in the same female entrepreneurial circles. So, yes...I knew her name and a little about her biz, but now I know her wildness. I saw a post on Libby’s Facebook page on July 15th. It starts with this line: “Ever feel like your body doesn’t belong?” From the very first line, there was a revolution in my heart.   And I knew I needed to have a real conversation with this brilliant soul. So, we did this thing.  And I’m sharing it with you.  🐺🐺🐺🐺 Women are taught from an early age that we are not enough as we are. So we shrink, poke and manipulate these beautiful bodies of ours. Why? Because we want to fit in. Because we believe this is the pathway to being accepted, loved, seen, valued. But, it’s bullshit, women. Total and complete bullshit. Libby states, “We are taught to compare, separate, shrink, cut-down, “package”, contort, scrutinize, disappear. This causes anxiety, depression, and isolating behaviors when lived over time. Sisterhood and celebration of ourselves EXACTLY AS WE ARE are necessary to unwind around this toxic programming.” This conversation is a brilliant one. Filled with f-bombs and real-woman talk. We get real and raw.   Grab your earphones and listen in. Libby is a highly accomplished independent consultant in the global online business world with Arbonne.  Her passion is to strengthen the lives of women in her local community and beyond.  And now...drumroll please...she is a plus-size (can we change this name please?) model for SKIN, a thoughtful and sustainable lounge wear brand, and is fiercely leading women back to fully accepting and loving all parts of themselves. And soon to hit the shelves is her book about the same topic  Release date, 2022. Topics we discuss: Learn to listening to the divine signs that are pushing you towards a life that is fucking scary and liberating. Our beautiful bodies and the wisdom and stories she holds within her tissues.. How we are subconsciously bought in to this ideal of what a woman’s body should look like.  Gross. How women experience daily micro-assaults that affect our self-image and sense of worthiness. Libby shares the visual of her  “inner-dial of self-worth”. I love this!!! You don’t have to perform a certain way? Get a certain grade, weigh a certain number…to have VALUE. How your weight is used as currency  - for love, pleasure, wearing a certain bathing suit. How sisterhood, pleasure and honoring our darkness is the path to truly loving and accepting ourselves again. How Pleasure is the path to FREDOM How YOU approving of YOUR body - is the only way out. Creating Sacred Space for your darkness in Sisterhood How your rage and grief are not bottomless and how moving your body is THE WAY to process it. How your body is not just a head carrying device How your “performance” makes you feel safer, but it’s patriarchal bullshit And...what WILD means to Libby LINKS Libby on IG Sarah Hammel-Smith Ted Talk Women, Food and God by Geneen Roth Mama Gena on IG Megan Jo Wilson on IG Tribe of Wolves on IG
August 23, 2021
Dr. Valerie Rein: From Survival to Thriving
Tribe of Wolves!!! Dr. Valerie Rein is one of my newest ignitors.  When I was introduced to her work 4 months ago, there was a revolution in my heart.   Her research reminds us that there is NOTHING WRONG WITH US. We have been living in a Patriarchal Prison that is dimming our light and keeping us small.  Listen in for some serious hits of wisdom.  Grab a cozy spot, a cup of tea and a notebook.  You'll want to take notes. In this episode we talk about: Dr. Valerie's personal story + how she came to discover Patriarchy Stress Disorder How being "comfortably numb" is a common state for most women. Big T Trauma and little T Trauma - how each further disconnects us from parts of ourselves Intergenerational Trauma - your trauma is not always your own.  You were born with much of it. Why mindset work is bullshit Why traditional talk therapy alone will not heal the root cause of your trauma The power of Community in healing.   Listen it.  It's rich and deep and delicious. ___________________ Download the first chapter of Dr. Valerie's book, Patriarchy Stress Disorder. Dr. Valerie on Instagram Dr. Valerie Web site _________________ The Wild Guide Work with Natty Tribe of Wolves FB Community Interested in the Howl Retreat? Email
June 22, 2021
[HOWL] 4 Ways to Move through your Swampy Darkness
Dearest Tribe of Wolves,   Coming to you from the woods.....A little HOWL. Today I am letting you in.  I'm sharing my darkness, where I am NOW and... 4 tools I am using to fully EMBODY and WELCOME IN all my messy bits. Give it a listen and let me know how it hits your heart. ❤️  Love you madly, Natty The SWAMPY playlist (mentioned in podcast) The WILD GUIDE WOMAN to WOMAN (work with me) Join the FB Group
June 15, 2021
Mini Howl: Your Innate Wild + 3 Steps to begin Unearthing it.
This is a mini-Howl episode.  From my den to yours. Natty's riff on her WILD and how you can begin to unearth your own WILDNESS. Join the FB Group. Download the WILD GUIDE. Work with Natty. Follow on IG Love you + Big Howls, Natty
May 27, 2021
Tribe of Wolves & Herbalist, Sharon Shiner of Boston Essentials: 3 Powerful Medicinal Herbs to plant right now!
Hey! On this episode of the Tribe of Wolves podcast we sat down with herbalist Sharon Shiner of Boston Essentials.   We discuss 3 Powerful Herbs for the Feminine Collective that you can plant right now. Want to learn natural remedies to reduce stress and overwhelm?  Listen here, listen here.  Want even more from Tribe of Wolves?   Subscribe here. Get our weekly tips on love, relationships, mindset shifts and all things juicy & feminine.   And SUBSCRIBE to our podcast! Love you.  Seriously, I do.  Nat
May 26, 2021
The Power of STORY with Molly Kittle
You create the thing you desire. If it doesn't exist—make it. On this episode of the Tribe of Wolves podcast I talk with my dear friend Molly Kittle, delicious goddess and the creatrix behind STORY, a series of events that connect people in creative, authentic and brave ways; because our voices matter, our story is a gift, and connection is the key to unlocking the best in us.  Molly is committed to upholding the crucial role of story in our lives, and her mission is to connect people to their voice, to their purpose, and to each other. She’s f*cking incredible.  You know I promised to keep it 100% raw, real, and honest with you. This episode gets deep. Listen now and join us on this journey. Molly Kittle and STORY Sonya Reese Taylor Sonya Reese Taylor + Brene Brown 🐺Join the Facebook Group   📲 Follow on Instagram  💕Book a discovery call with Nat
February 04, 2021
Why Love Pusher is for You
Mama, if you’re asking yourself: “Wait a minute, who am I?” “What do I want for my life?” “What feels good to me anymore?”  I want you to know that I see you. I feel you. I love you. And I created Love Pusher for women like you because I used to be that woman.  LOVE PUSHER is for the woman who is where I was: An overwhelmed mom who has dedicated herself to her family and has gotten to a place where she’s unsure where she lost herself. She’s unsure what happened. She doesn’t know her purpose in life anymore.  We’re bringing together women who are ready to be real, raw, and love on each other. Tune into episode 8 of the Tribe of Wolves Podcast where I share why I created the program and answer some FAQs about the program. Book a Love Pusher Discovery Call Join Love Pusher Follow us on Instagram Join the Facebook Group
January 21, 2021
Love Pusher: The Juicy 8-Week Experience You Need
Hello gorgeous! I’ve taken the learnings that took me from worn out, overwhelmed mom➡ to feeling pretty f*cking good, and rolled them into this experience for you—and I want YOU there! Join me in LOVE PUSHER, an 8-week experience with me and a collective of delicious women who are yearning for MORE. You’ll get: Tools Video lessons Worksheets Meditations Weekly live sessions & more And you’ll be doing all of this juicy work with a community of fellow badasses! Love Pusher is about getting down to who we really are and letting that light shine so we can push more love. Let’s get going. The world needs us. Book a Love Pusher Discovery Call Join Love Pusher Follow us on Instagram Join the Facebook Group
January 14, 2021
Please-her with pleasure: Pleasure as a Feminine Practice
Hey woman! We’re continuing the conversation about pleasure, or as I like to call it: PLEASE-HER.  Pleasure comes from the things that light us up.  Why do we talk about pleasure over and over again—and why will I never STOP talking about it? Listen to episode 6 of the Tribe of Wolves Podcast to find out. I talk about WHY pleasure is a feminine practice and why it's a gateway to the feminine. As you move through the week I want you to pay attention to what happens within you. What do you notice in your body when you're doing the things that light you up? What happens when you engage in pleasure?  We're diving even deeper into these practices and the energetics behind them in our Pleasure & Power Challenge happening January 11 - 13, 2021.  Learn the tools that will shift your life in the direction of your desires and start living a life that lifts you up and makes you excited to wake up in the morning. See you soon!💖 Let’s get going. The world needs us.  Join us for the Pleasure & Power Challenge  Follow us on Instagram Join the Facebook Group
January 07, 2021
Why we aren’t living pleasure-filled lives
Why aren’t we living pleasure-filled lives already? What is standing in the way of us living lives that have us totally lit up and pushing more love? It’s the culture we were raised in and are steeped in right now. We’re taught that if we’re not doing more, being more, hustling, achieving, going for that next goal—we’re basically dead! On episode 5 of the Tribe of Wolves Podcast I get into the #1 reason we aren’t living pleasure-filled lives. Tune in to learn how you can begin to step into pleasure and into things that actually bring you joy.  If you want to take this lesson a step further, join us for the Pleasure & Power Challenge happening January 11 - 13, 2021. Snag your spot here: Let’s get going. The world needs us.  Join us for the Pleasure & Power Challenge  Follow us on Instagram Join the Facebook Group
December 31, 2020
Pleasure is how I got my power back
Hey woman,  In this episode I’m taking you back in time, back to the beginning of my journey. I’m sharing the FIRST thing I started to do that shifted things dramatically for me. 6 years back I was a numb, overwhelmed, mom of three. I had all the things I thought I wanted in my life but I still wasn’t happy. (Any of this feel familiar?) Little did I know then that I was about to dive into one of the juiciest Feminine practices of all time: PLEASURE. This gave me the juice I needed to begin to move my life in the direction of my desires.  Pleasure is how I got my power back. It’s how I learned to love myself. It’s how I dragged myself out of the doldrums and back into my life. Tune into episode four of the Tribe of Wolves podcast to learn about the small changes you can make to start using pleasure as your guide. Let’s get going. The world needs us. Join us for the Pleasure & Power Challenge  Follow us on Instagram Join the Facebook Group
December 24, 2020
10 Steps to Unleash Your Divine Feminine Badass
How overwhelmed are you willing to get before you crack? When I first started my divine feminine journey six years ago I condemned my partner and society for my unhappiness. I was stuck in a blame game, numb, overwhelmed. When I finally discovered that I was in the driver’s seat—that it was up to me to create the life I wanted—everything shifted.  You are in control! It’s time to bring the power back to you and I break down exactly how to do it in this week’s episode. I walk you through my 10 Steps to Unleashing your Divine Feminine Badass: Own your power Get clear about what you really want Share your desires Use pleasure as your roadmap Honor your emotions Create and share your art Stop the gossip Gather with other divine feminine badasses Develop a spiritual practice  Push mad love  Listen now and learn how to stand in your power and step into the life you desire. Let’s get going. The world needs us.  Download the juicy 10 Steps to Unearthing your Divine Feminine Badass guide Follow us on Instagram Join the Facebook Group
December 17, 2020
4 Steps to Sacred Solitude
Every single woman I speak to tells me the same thing: I need more space!  How do we women deal with the struggle of setting boundaries when we’re stuck at home with kids, partners, and the holidays fast approaching? How do we create the space we need and protect our time? I’m building steel barriers to give myself the sacred space I need, and I’m sharing with you the tools that have helped me do it. On this episode we talk about how to: Step out of the super-mama mindset Speak your desire Make room for yourself Just say no It’s time to start prioritizing ourselves, so we can create boundaries and begin to get the sacred solitude that we all need right now.  Download the entire 4 step guide to sacred solitude Follow us on Instagram Join the Facebook Group
December 10, 2020
Welcome to Tribe of Wolves
Hello woman and welcome to Tribe of Wolves. You have so much to explore within you—and I’m here to help you discover it.  On this podcast, I’ll be sharing my tools, tips, techniques, a little badassery, and a whole lot of love as you embark on the journey of igniting your divine feminine power and unleashing your wild.  Join me and our juicy female collective in unearthing your wild feminine power, so you can reclaim what’s yours and finally start living the juicy life you crave.  I’m so happy to have you. I love you madly. Seriously, I fucking do. Nat Stay Connected: Download The 10 Step Checklist Follow Us On Instagram Join The Facebook Group
December 03, 2020