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By TribesforGOOD
Listen to deeply engaging conversations with global leaders in the social impact space.
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Mental Health with Bhairavi Prakash, Founder -Mithra Trust


Mental Health with Bhairavi Prakash, Founder -Mithra Trust


Sushant Bali - Become a Waste management activist
“I use coconut oil as an alternative to toothpaste” “The Urban population must learn from the rural about how to manage biodegradable waste” We have with us on our podcast Sushant Bali from SAAHAS, an organisation dedicated to implementing efficient waste management systems and achieving zero-waste. In this podcast episode, Sushant enlightens us about how India’s attitude towards waste management is changing, how people’s perspective is changing and how the urban and rural areas manage waste very differently. Is one better than the other? Listen, to find out! How does capitalism and consumerism tie in with waste-management? What is a linear economy and how is it affecting the environment? These are topics everyone must be aware of, given the current environmental scenario, however, most are not. Don’t be one of them! India’s poor population is our biggest challenge waste-management, why? Because they simply cannot afford to focus on waste-management. So how do we solve it? Sushant answers this million dollar question and more, on this podcast. Become a climate-genius, begin here!
January 20, 2021
Climate Change & Solar Tuk Tuk with Julian O’shea
The world's most unlikely expedition vehicle -Powered by sunshine.  In this episode, Julian O’shea, a social entrepreneur shares with us the concept of the Solar Tuk. Commonly known as a rickshaw in India or auto, this team of social entrepreneurs aims to promote sustainable transport and sustainable engineering Tune in to find out about how Julian aspires to contribute to the environment by introducing Solar Tuks on a large scale. You can read about the project here
November 30, 2020
Mental Health with Bhairavi Prakash, Founder -Mithra Trust
“Treat people, the way, they want to be treated, not the way you want to be treated”. Did you know, financial security is directly linked to mental health wellbeing? Neither did we. In this episode, the founder of Mithra Trust, Bhairavi Prakash, talks about all things mental health.  She addresses important questions surrounding mental health, such as how to start conversations, how to help a friend, how to be vulnerable without getting hurt, when to seek help and how to stand up for oneself!! Linking these topics with Mithra Trust, Bhairavi beautifully explains how they break the barriers between mental health awareness and seeking help. Tune in to find out how celebrities, Netflix series, and engaging with the media can help with mental health issues!
November 30, 2020
Sports - Creating Mann Deshi Champions and how!
This episode features Prabhat Sinha, founder of Mann Deshi Champions.  Mann Deshi Champions aims to create better opportunities for young girls and boys in rural India to play sports both in and out of school. In case you are looking for real-life role models who are just like us, tune in to this conversation! Tune in to hear about how sports can shape you as a person and be inspired by amazing women athletes! Prabhat shares with us the story behind Mann Deshi and the reason he started the foundation and why the cause is so close to his heart. We hear about the different ways in which sports changes everyone’s lives. It enables us to make friends but also helps us develop life-long skills.
November 26, 2020
Social Media Activism with Bianca Caruana
Is social media activism enough? In this episode, we discuss - using your voice on social media, impact travel, fundraising and much more.  In this episode, we have with us the founder of Altruistic Traveller -Bianca who actively advocates for sustainable travelling and is a sustainable traveller herself! She shares with her the reason she founded Altruistic Traveller and what they aim to do as an organization. Ever wondered how a traveller would define the word home? Well, Bianca shares with her what her definition of home is and how she has felt at home in the most remote parts of Nepal! Among other things, she shares with her about how social media detox could help, how effective social media activism is, and how ‘mindfulness Sundays’ could benefit one’s mental health. We also gain insight into how eye-opening and enlightening her experience with TribesforGOOD was when she participated in one of our programs. To get a sneak peek into her experiences across the world working with local communities and to listen to her interesting stories tune in to our podcast!
November 23, 2020
Gender Equality with Tena Pick: Part 2
The statement “A man would never let a woman see him cry or be vulnerable” applies worldwide, even in our own families where gender equality is seen as a must in things such as education yet the men aren’t encouraged to show their emotions or be vulnerable.  In this truly enlightening episode, Tena Pick continues her discussion on gender inequality. She notes that although the gender roles of women have changed drastically over the years, those of men have not changed very much. She provides her perspective on how men and young boys are the keys to gender equality because patriarchy affects them as much as it affects women. This creates the need for us to treat gender empowerment holistically and approach it from a different perspective. Tena Pick gives her advice to parents who want to create a gender-equal/neutral world for their children. She also shares with us her take on how the pandemic has affected gender equality. Not only do we get to hear about Tena’s professional journey, but we also get a sneak peek into her very inspiring personal life and the hurdles she had to overcome to be here. Tune in to be inspired and learn about her advice to aspiring changemakers!
November 4, 2020
The TribesforGOOD Podcast featuring Tena Pick: Part 1
This episode features Tena Pick, Founder of Project Kal diving deep into conversations about social entrepreneurship and gender with Kelsey Holmes, Content Head at TribesforGOOD
October 23, 2020
Introducing TribesforGOOD Podcast
In this welcome message, Kelsey Holmes introduces the lastest podcast - TribesforGOOD. The series will feature conversations with people who are directly involved working on social and environmental issues.
October 23, 2020