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Tricres The Entrepreneurial Journey

Tricres The Entrepreneurial Journey

By Rebecca Bonnington
A place for business owners and entrepreneurs to share their stories - heart felt, honest, unedited and real. Get the reality of the ups and downs of starting, growing and leading a business. Tricres gives you the tools to make it happen in your business. Whether you use our online programmes and do it yourself or whether you engage with one of our Tricres Partners to support you and hold you & your senior team accountable, we've got you covered. Get in touch and make it happen for your business today. Visit for more information.
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Episode 74: How do you build a global foundation in one year?

Tricres The Entrepreneurial Journey

114: Video, Gerry Strain Interview
Gerry Strain is the Owner of Document Solutions Group and a Director of Hamilton Academical Football Club.  He was once a footballer, but freely admits he wasn't good enough. He's part of a team who have a huge vision for the club and he's determined to put the community at the heart of that vision. He's passionate about raising others up and part of his vision is to create six millionaires by finding talented people to run the six groups that now form his business. Honesty, Integrity and Trust are his mantra and he spends a huge amount of time giving back to charities, has established a food bank and genuinely believes in supporting people to fulfil their potential. You can find his business here You can find Gerry on Linked In here You can find Hamilton Academical Football Club here
August 05, 2022
114: Gerry Strain, He Want to Make Six Millionaires, Academical FC Director, Business Owner, Philanthropist
Gerry Strain is the Owner of Document Solutions Group and a Director of Hamilton Academical Football Club.  He was once a footballer, but freely admits he wasn't good enough. He's part of a team who have a huge vision for the club and he's determined to put the community at the heart of that vision. He's passionate about raising others up and part of his vision is to create six millionaires by finding talented people to run the six groups that now form his business.   Honesty, Integrity and Trust are his mantra and he spends a huge amount of time giving back to charities, has established a food bank and genuinely believes in supporting people to fulfil their potential. You can find his business here You can find Gerry on Linked In here You can find Hamilton Academical Football Club here
August 05, 2022
113: Alex Taylor, the Digital Marketing Person We All Wish We Had In Our Own Business
Alex grew up with learning difficulties while tackling racism throughout his time in school, however, that did not stop him from graduating with a 1:1 from Edinburgh Napier University, obtaining The University Medal, launching his own freelance business during university and then becoming Head of Digital at a unique building company that appeared on BBC's Dragons' Den. Find him on Linked In here  Find Ogel World Here 
July 28, 2022
112: Jimmy Buchan, MD of Amity Fish Co. and TV Reality Star of Trawler Men
Jimmy is as passionate about seafood today at the age of 62 as he was when he went fishing as a boy off the NE Coast of Scotland. He spent forty years out at sea, fishing and realised early on in his family life that his two daughters had no interest in going out to sea to earn their living.  He took to the internet and has built an online fish company, supplying the finest seafood to the public, restaurants and bars across the UK. He tells a tall tale and is a man who clearly enjoys his work. You can find Amity Fish Company here You can find Jimmy Buchan on Linked In here 
July 01, 2022
112: Jimmy Buchan, MD Amity Fish Co. and Reality TV Star of Trawler Men
Jimmy is as passionate about seafood today at the age of 62 as he was when he went fishing as a boy off the NE Coast of Scotland. He spent forty years out at sea, fishing and realised early on in his family life that his two daughters had no interest in going out to sea to earn their living.  He took to the internet and has built an online fish company, supplying the finest seafood to the public, restaurants and bars across the UK. He tells a tall tale and is a man who clearly enjoys his work. You can find Amity Fish Company here You can find Jimmy Buchan on Linked In here
June 30, 2022
111: Professor Stephen Hardy on Education, Business and What Needs to Change
Dean, Professor, Lawyer, Researcher - over 25 years experience in Higher Education Sector This is how Prof Hardy describes himself on Linked In.  It's possibly the biggest understatement of achievements in the history of understatements ever! He is in fact the Dean of the Faculty of Law, Politics and Business at the University of Hull Business School.  He was in private practice as a lawyer, then practised as a Barrister and finally ended up in academia.  He advises the UK Government on employment law, is often asked for expert opinion by institutions and has a view on pretty much everything to do with law, politics and business that are well worth listening to. You can find Prof Hardy on Linked In here 
June 23, 2022
110: Cara Macklin on How Business Is A Family Thing
Cara, a  Next-Gen Entrepreneur, grew up in her family business in Northern Ireland. At 8 she had her first business failure making jewellery and opened her first profitable business at 15 running buses to local nightclubs. With 15 years as Director of her family business, a multi-million healthcare & hospitality group which grew from 3 businesses with 250 staff to 7 businesses & 600 staff. With a passion for Innovation & Scaling, Cara disrupted the Healthcare Industry creating Ireland’s 1st Lifestyle Care Home, cited by IoD Chair as a ’World Class’ concept. Her biggest decision was leaving the family business, believing her journey scaling 8-figure businesses & disrupting an industry could help other Next-Gen Family Entrepreneurs make a real positive impact. In 2020 she launched her own business Caram, an innovative scaling system using proven methods from her journey. She founded Caram with one single goal in mind; Helping Next-Gen Family Entrepreneurs Globally Innovate and Scale to Stay Ahead and Forge their Own Path. You can find Cara on Linked In here
June 16, 2022
109: Kirsty Mackenzie, Founder of i-Multiply Letting Go - How Easy Is It?
Kirsty Mackenzie hails from Edinburgh and grew up amidst her family’s retail and insurance businesses. Having graduated from Edinburgh University with a Degree in Business, she spent the early part of her career in the recruitment industry, working for an international FTSE 250 company. Seeing a gap in the market for a next-generation finance-focused recruitment agency, Kirsty created iMultiply. Since founding in 2012, iMultiply has grown significantly and become award-winning for its customer service and as ‘Best Employer’. Kirsty attributes this growth to her strong focus on company culture and people development. She has now exited from the day to day operations having hired a Managing Director in 2019 but is still involved in setting the direction and ensuring the business is maximising strategic opportunities. iMultiply will continue to expand geographically and remain focused on accountancy and finance appointments. Additionally, Kirsty has considerable experience as a business mentor and Non-Exec Director. She enjoys sharing her business experiences and learnings at public speaking engagements and regularly contributes to BBC Radio Scotland’s discussions on business and employment. A past winner of WeDo’s Young Entrepreneur Award, Kirsty has an impressive network, particularly with other business leaders and the entrepreneurial community. Contact iMultiply here Find Kirsty on Linked In here 
June 09, 2022
108: Robert Newry, Arctic Shores on Why We Need To Scrap The CV
Robert Newry is the CEO and CoFounder of Arctic Shores.  He set up the business with his friend Dr. Safe Hammad eight years ago to find a better way of determining a candidate's potential and to level the playing field for those from a less privileged background. Arctic Shores has now assessed 2.5 million candidates in over 50 countries for over 120 companies. Prior to finding Arctic Shores, he founded a document assessment and analytics business which he sold to Xerox in 2011.  He has an MBA (Distinction) from Imperial College and a Bachelor's degree in Politics Philosophy and Economics from Oxford. You can find Arctic Shores here  You can find Robert Newry on Linked In here 
May 26, 2022
107: Paul Haxell, Cycling and Business Coaching - What's The Link?
Paul Haxell is deceptive.  Not in a bad way.  He's possibly the the funniest civil engineer and health & safety consultant on the planet.  His humour, different slant on life and experience of businesses both large and small make him perfectly placed to be one of our Tricres Partners. Listen to his take on tandem cycling holidays and building an amazing culture in your growing business. Enjoy. Find Paul on Linked In Contact Paul here
May 18, 2022
106: Laura Smyth, Founder of Matchmaker, Scotland's Cilla Black
Laura is the founder of Scotland’s only Matchmaking Service, Match Made in Scotland. Compelled to help get her friends out of the misery of online dating, Laura used her 10 years’ experience in recruitment to set up her matchmaking service in November 2020. She is on a mission to bring dating back into the real world and to help people find true love. Website: Laura on Linked In
May 12, 2022
Episode 105: Linked In Queen of the Red Carpet!
I first came across Maureen when she posted a picture of herself at Elton John's Oscar's Party in LA, looking amazing in her sparkly dress, strutting her stuff on the red carpet. When I interviewed her, I discovered how she got there.... Maureen Kane, spent 20+ years at the top of her game in Sales & Marketing, she has been using LinkedIn for 19 years for herself & her clients to win more business. She set up the LinkedIn Breakfast Club in 2019 (great timing) to help support other business owners on LinkedIn. She now have clubs running globally and guarantees to increase your visibility on LinkedIn in a matter of weeks. Find the Linked In Breakfast Club here Find Maureen on Linked In here
May 05, 2022
Episode 104: A Masterclass in the Art of Creating a Linked In Following of Over 100 Thousand
Lea Turner crashed onto LinkedIn in October 2019 with no prior knowledge of the platform, but her vibrant, personable, and uplifting posts quickly drove countless leads and over 10,000 followers in her direction.  She has gone on to grow a massive network of more than 130,000 people in under two years, and 18 months ago started her own LinkedIn training business which hit six figures within the first ten months. She now focuses her time on teaching others how to build their personal brands on LinkedIn and attract regular inbound leads for their businesses, while parenting her young son, and creating entertaining content across her various social channels. Website link(s): LinkedIn: Lea Turner
April 29, 2022
Episode 103: Bucking The Trend
Michael Bergson speaks his mind.  A successful bar and restaurant owner, he has been very vocal on Linked In about the Scottish Government's puzzling restrictions in the hospitality and tourism sector during the last two years. Has this helped or hindered his business?  How has he dealt with the haters?  Listen and find out what Michael's take is on what the hospitality industry has experienced. He did genuinely want to own a bar when he was at school and has built a fantastic business in Glasgow. An honest, very open discussion about the future of business in the UK and thoughts on what's next for his Buck's Bar brand. Bucks Bars - link Thundercat Pub and Diner - link Michael Bergson on Linked In
April 15, 2022
Episode 102: Hot, Sexy Hotels in Mexico City
Man Salceda ( Informatics engineer by studies, entrepreneur by profession.   Author: "Do you want to be a millionaire? I will teach you." Available in Spanish for now.   Manuel has more than 20 years of experience creating and managing businesses.  He’s the creator of the first Love Hotels brand in Mexico (   He also manages a construction company that builds apartment buildings in Mexico City (  He is vicepresident of the Hotels Association in Mexico City, an avid reader, dedicated triathlete and proud father. He's pretty much good at most things.....
April 06, 2022
Special Edition Episode Video Interview with Dr Richard Bandler
It's great to hear what Dr Bandler has to say about the business of NLP, it's even better to see him in action. Watch and enjoy.
April 05, 2022
Episode 100: Dr Richard Bandler, the Co-Creator of NLP and Genius of Our Time
Dr Richard Bandler is the co-creator of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming).  With a background in science, sound engineering and mathematics, Dr Bandler along with John Grinder created NLP over 50 years ago. NLP is NOT psychology, it's NOT therapy and it's NOT counselling.  So what is it exactly? Listen to our episode to discover what it really is and why, as a business leader you need to learn it.  Preferably from someone who is registered with The Society of NLP. You can find out about training with Dr Bandler here
March 30, 2022
Episode 99: Sweet as Honey
Andy and Marta have something rather special.  They have bees.  With a growing demand for field to fork produce, Andy brought his grandfather's bee business from Poland to Edinburgh a few years ago (because it's nicer than London he says) and is about to double his production this summer. How do you take a business that simply sells honey at farmer's markets across the UK to a production line with demand outstripping supply? Listen to the story of raising bees, its rather lovely. Website: You can find Andy on Linked In here Instagram
March 16, 2022
Episode 98: Masterclass: How to start and scale a brand agency with Andrew Dobbie, CEO of Made Brave
Andrew Dobbie is the Founder & CEO of MadeBrave - an award-winning, global strategic brand agency based in Glasgow, Edinburgh & London. Launched in 2012, Andrew left his previous job with a newborn baby at home and just £1,000 of personal savings in the bank. Fast-forward a few years, and MadeBrave has grown to a team of nearly 50 people and a client roster including the likes of VELUX, KPMG, Diageo, Doritos, Edrington, Kandou, and First Group. Website link: Social Media Links @madebrave; @dobbieandrew; @justachatwith Andrew on Linked In 
March 03, 2022
Episode 97: Stubborn, Bitter and Vengeful....
Jo Watson is a freelance copywriter, editor and trainer hired by people who want personality in their project. She's a speaker, contributor, and someday author... if only she could get that book written! Despite having fancy letters after her name as a Chartered Manager, she remains a lover of swearing, sarcasm and puns. She also makes a lot of inappropriate jokes, which is one of the many reasons she "left a stable career in teaching" (her mother's words). Jo has an infant daughter, Lily, and is starting to feel the immense downside of raising a confident, independent female… You can connect with Jo on Linked In here You can find Jo's website here
February 24, 2022
Episode 96: Horses for Courses
A few have commented that Julie-Anne’s CV looks a bit strange as she started her first business at the age of 19. She’s been described by a Canadian colleague as a ‘grandmother spider’ – seemingly that’s what they call someone who likes to join the dots and connect people and projects.  Her career spans almost 40 years and includes time as a horse riding coach, in leadership roles in communications, education and 3rd sectors, and as a business and executive coach. For the past 2 years Julie-Anne has held the position of Director of Business Development for Equ-Scotia CIC (Community Interest Company) which was founded in February 2020.  The pandemic promoted a quick change of plan from providing experiential leadership development with horses to online training for established riding centres wanting to support mental health and wellbeing once they were able to re-open. 160+ coaches, educators and healthcare professionals have now been through the online training course and 26 students are currently working towards an SQA Quality assured Professional Diploma in Equine Facilitated Learning with Equi-Scotia. You can find Julie-Anne on Linked In here You can find Equi Scotia here
February 17, 2022
Episode 95: Who is Henry's Papa?
When someone hands you a business card and their name appears as "Henry's Papa (Brian)" on it, it's time to get curious and find out what's going on. Brian McGregor started Henry's Coffee Company when his grandson Henry was born 7 years ago.  It's a two person business (Henry's Auntie now works in the business) serving well over 200 customers in the coffee supply business.  From Stonehaven to the Scottish Borders, Brian jumps in his van and visits each customer, taking time to understand their business and what they need their coffee beans to do for them to set them apart from the hundreds of other cafes, hotels and visitor attractions they compete for attention with. A gentle soul with a heart of gold, Brian is building his business the old fashioned way with strong personal relationships and is only now venturing into the world of consumer sales via a new website.  Watch this space... As for Henry, he's now 7 and is keeping a keen eye on his Papa's success! You can find Henry's Coffee Company here and you can link in with Brian here
February 10, 2022
Episode 94: What happens after Dragon's Den (Sharktank if you're in the US)
Gary’s father, owned a small building company and as a child, I would often go to see him on the site, health and safety is a bit more ‘relaxed’ in 1970’s Britain. Gary can always remember him saying, “Son, there are only two basic problems in building… how to join the same shape up and down and side by side” - i.e. horizontal and vertical integration. The OGEL system was first brought to the drawing board back in 2015 when Gary saw refugees fleeing Syria to Macedonia. From the experience, Gary had with my Dad to witnessing current world problems Gary wanted to produce something that would not only solve one major problem but also ensure we were not contributing to another problem…the environment. Therefore, Gary came up with, a fully recyclable, cheap, and lightweight modular building system that solved my Dads’ conundrum and was great for the environment as it solved the issue with plastic waste! This turned into many uses such as home offices, garden offices, flood defences, homeless shelters, and more. We interviewed Gary Giles, founder of OGEL about a year ago and since then he's had a bit of a rollercoaster ride. He successfully secured investment from two of the Dragons in the BBC's Dragon's Den, but that wasn't the end of the story..... You'll have to listen to the podcast to find out what happened next.  It may surprise you. You can find Ogel here And Gary Giles here
February 03, 2022
Episode 93: How do you turn lawn mowing into a $20m business?
Bryan Clayton is CEO and cofounder of GreenPal an online marketplace that connects homeowners with Local lawn care professionals. GreenPal has been called the “Uber for lawn care” by Entrepreneur magazine and has over 200,000 active users completing thousands of transactions per day. Before starting GreenPal Bryan Clayton founded Peachtree Inc. one of the largest landscaping companies in the state of Tennessee growing it to over $10 million a year in annual revenue before it was acquired by Lusa holdings in 2013. Bryan‘s interest and expertise are related to entrepreneurialism, small business growth, marketing and bootstrapping businesses from zero revenue to profitability and exit
January 27, 2022
Episode 92: You Will Be Offended
When you're thinking of a name for a marketing company, the word 'offended' doesn't necessarily spring to mind..... Dan Kelsall is the Creative Director of, a creative agency based in Manchester. He swears a lot, doesn't pull punches and his favourite hobby is winding old blokes up on LinkedIn (he sometimes gets banned for bad behaviour). He's had a string of failures behind him and he's brutally honest about all of them.  This is a non nonsense approach to marketing and some of you may well be offended, but its well worth a listen. You can find  Dan Kelsall on Linked In
January 20, 2022
Episode 91: Masterclass in how to grow and sell your business in 5 years
We don't normally interview people who've 'made it' on our podcast because we like to keep things real.  When I met Sue though, I felt she was a great exception to the rule.  She keeps things very real indeed and is totally honest about why she decided to start, grow and sell a business. There's no smoke and mirrors in this podcast so if you're looking for some kind of secret sauce or get rich quick, move on..... Sue Nelson is an award-winning businesswoman, author, broadcaster and speaker recently named as one of the Top 20 Global Food & Agri Influencers and Thought Leaders. She is the founder and sole owner of the multiple award-winning Breakthrough Group, which she grew from a two-person operation in her conservatory in 2015 to a highly profitable multi-million pound business which she sold to EY (Ernst and Young) in 2020. In the process she was awarded the Kent Business Woman of the Year and the London and South East Director of the Year by the Institute of Directors. Sue has been a non-exec on a number of government bodies, a trustee of Lantra the land-based Sector Skills Council and a governor of the University of Creative Arts with Loyd Grossman. She is currently the Chair and a director of Produced in Kent. Sue has appeared as a guest on every national television and radio news programme in the UK from CNN, Sky News, Radio 5 Live and Radio 4’s Today Programme to The Culture Show, BBC Breakfast and The Food Programme and is the lead presenter of the weekly FoodTalk Radio Show which was named Food Radio Broadcaster of the Year by Lux Life in 2020. She is a member of the Guild of Food Writers and is the author of ten books including FoodTech UK and the Fine Food Lover’s Guide with Simon Rimmer. She has also been a food columnist for a variety of publications including Speciality Food magazine. She is a keen home cook and enjoys good wine and excellent company. The rest of her spare time is taken up with her grandchildren and pottering around her vegetable garden by the sea in Hythe.
January 13, 2022
Episode 90: Busting the Ambulance Chasing Myth
In 2020 Elena Manukyan quit two stable, well-paying jobs as a Solicitor, to pursue her own entrepreneurship dream. Whilst she never really wanted to have her own law firm, she was always fascinated by the idea of having her own business and being her own boss. The pandemic was a catalyst to making that happen, and had it not been for the numerous lockdowns we had to endure, Elena would not have set up my own business in 2020. She launched The Injury Solicitor Ltd on the 1st of December 2020 and it has been the biggest challenge that she had ever set myself. It is a constant learning journey, and it has taken her outside of her comfort zone each and every day, but she wouldn’t have it any other way. You can contact Elena in the following ways The Injury Solicitor Elena on Linked In
January 06, 2022
Episode 89: Lovingly Ruthless
Dave Stewart is the founder and Managing Director of The Fresh Air Leadership Company and is on a mission to help leaders and teams figure out who they are and what it is to lead well in their worlds. His passion for this type of work stems from earlier experiences and careers in a rock band, mountain rescue team, the British Army including the SAS, and a range of executive and non-executive roles in public, private, and not-for-profit organisations. Dave is a Chartered Director and holds an MBA and Masters of Organisational Change. He is an experienced consultant, facilitator, coach, and mountain leader. Likes?  Real conversations, laughter, and the outdoors. Fascinated by antique maps and the stories they tell. And fascinated by the stories people tell of lives fully lived. Favourite song? “Always look on the bright side of life” as sung by Eric Idle in the film Life of Brian and the closing ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics. Website link(s):
December 16, 2021
Episode 88: Physical Therapy, Finance and Coaching
Brett Michener has not taken the straight route to where he is today.  He's also not your run of the mill financial advisor or physical therapist.  So, what is Brett and what can he do for the businesses he works with? It’s impossible to run your own practice and know everything there is to know. Owners end up doing it all, and not all of it will be very well managed. A student of the renowned School of Hard Knocks, Brett is able to share his expertise in these types of health fields with empathy and a uniquely qualified viewpoint. In a nutshell, Brett approaches his consulting and coaching work in a holistic way, considering the people and the business as having their own needs, wants and desires and helping the people within the business to align themselves to the business and vice versa. You need to listen to his words to understand how he achieves this in the real world. You can find Brett here or here
November 18, 2021
Episode 87: From Face to Face Physio to a Tech Approach to Health
After graduating from physiotherapy in Adelaide Australia, Kirsten moved to Edinburgh and in 1992 she founded then grew The Physio Centres, with city centre clinics in both Edinburgh & Glasgow. In 2010, Kirsten, a specialist MSK physiotherapist with over 30 years experience, founded PhysioMedics™ to create the PhysioWizard® platform. This was born from her frustration of treating patients who had been unable to find the right clinician and information early. The consequence of this was that many patients experienced persistent issues that became debilitating, despite their condition being manageable, treatable and often preventable. Kirsten wanted to change this, and her mission was to connect people to the best information and care possible, empowering them to improve their health and ultimately their lives. PhysioWizard® is a clinically validated digital assessment that patients complete online and provides onward care for MSK conditions. True to its goal, PhysioMedics™ is now working with healthcare companies such as Nuffield Health, and a range of high street Corporates, connecting thousands of people across the UK to the care they need. The comprehensive range of data captured is already building pictures to improve our understanding of the MSK landscape. Social Media handle(s): @PhysioWizard
November 11, 2021
Episode 86: It Really is Very Personal
Our entrepreneurial journeys are all very different.  Melody began hers in retail.  A high end, luxury women's clothing store in the smart West End of Edinburgh.  She quickly discovered that luxury didn't mean luxury for the business owner and after seeing the long established retail businesses around her go bust, realised she needed a rethink. Caring for the elderly in their homes was not a natural leap..... However, Melody has found her niche and is building a thriving business in this vocational sector.  She's not resting on her laurels though..... Melody Wishart on Linked In Edinburgh Homecare website
November 04, 2021
Episode 85: Selling Digital Products Made Slightly Easier
An art degree doesn't necessarily lead naturally into a venture space, but that's exactly where Milosz Falinski found himself after graduating.  He learned the ropes amongst a team of software engineers and designed his way to success. A digital product is only as good as the user experience and that is only as good as the way its built and designed, then again, none of that counts unless you can find the sweet spot in terms of product market fit. Combining these elements seems to be a dark art, but Milosz and his co-founder (also his wife and CEO) have done exactly that and punch high above their weight in terms of client base. Check them out for yourself Milosz Falinski on Linked In
October 28, 2021
Episode 84: How can small businesses with big ideas create a knock out brand?
Lauren Jones has run her brand strategy and development agency for five years. In that time, she's built an international reputation for high quality, high impact brands that really stand out from the crowd.   Small businesses need a brand to grow into.  How on earth do they afford that though and where should they start? In this episode Lauren describes what CAN be done on a tiny budget and where to begin building your knock out brand. You can contact Lauren in the following ways Linked In Instagram Website
October 22, 2021
Episode 83: What does FFS really stand for?
You've got to love the name of Zoe Evans' new venture - the Female Founder Squad or FFS for short is purposefully direct and yes, Zoe does know what FFS also stands for in the real world. Inspired by her experiences as a community manager for a tech start up hub, coupled with her deep dive into the world of "Brotopia" and "Invisible Women" great books - look them up, Zoe started her FFS community as a side hustle.  Like many entrepreneurial journeys, the side hustle turned into a full time business. Zoe is the Founder of the Female Founder Squad, an impact driven startup supporting female founders through community and helping them tackle the inequities in tech by providing a solution-stacked platform with various features and tools such as the Investor Matching Tool which provides an alternative route to funding so that founders get the opportunities grow and scale their startups and participate in shaping our collective economies.
October 14, 2021
Episode 82: The Changing Nature of Purpose Driven HR
Change is constant.  Lisa, established Purpose HR back in 2014 and grew it to 7 staff with over 30 tech clients.  She never wanted to settle for another professional services company and when an opportunity arose in early 2021 to become part of a bigger UK wide group, she grabbed it with both hands. Lisa is experienced in establishing HR functions and people management and development frameworks within growing businesses, having over 10 years’ experience establishing and leading HR functions within growing SME businesses prior to establishing Purpose HR in 2014. She has achieved Chartered Membership of the Institute of Personnel and Development, is an alumni of the Entrepreneurial Scotland Saltire Fellowship programme, and is a qualified Executive business coach.  With experience in developing and implementing HR frameworks across a range of business environments, working closely with CEO's and management teams to design and tailor HR policy, toolkits and supporting processes she has expertise in understanding, interpreting and applying business growth strategies and translating these into effective, user-friendly and fit for purpose HR strategies and supporting frameworks tailored to client needs and a proven ability to work to tight deadlines and demanding schedules. You can find HR support here You can find Purpose HR on Linked In here
October 07, 2021
Episode 81: Kindness is the superpower behind this business
Caroline Laurenson worked in a male dominated, macho world where she was told time and again to 'toughen up'.  She realised this wasn't right and knows kindness brings us closer together, makes us happier and more productive. As with all entrepreneurs, she's turned her kindness into a strength, even a superpower and created a business in conjunction with her husband which gives the elderly, vulnerable and everyone else who has ever felt lonely or down (who hasn't?) access to practical help via the Amazon Alexa. Voice controlled help whenever you need it is literally a command away 'find kind space' is all you have to ask Alexa and you'll be treated to a friendly voice checking in on you....give it a go and see for yourself. The business behind Kindspace is TL Tech, one to watch. Caroline Laurenson is the Managing Director of TL Tech Smart Home Solutions and a Non Executive Director with Inspire PTL a charity that supports adults with learning disabilities. Caroline and her team are the creators of Kindspace, a holistic wellbeing voice application for Amazon Alexa smart speakers, designed to alleviate loneliness. Caroline is a Chemical Engineer and Project Manager by background. She is also a STEM Ambassador and Fellow of the IChemE, in these roles she loves to share her knowledge and inspire others to excel in engineering and technology. Kindspace on Amazon TL Tech are transforming homes with tech, look them up TL Tech Smart Homes on Instagram TL Tech Smart on Twitter Caroline Laurenson on Linked In
September 30, 2021
Episode 80: Accidents do happen....
HOKO, the homeowners architect is no accident.  In fact, Danny rejected the idea of working for a large architects firm in favour of going it alone.  You'll need to listen to find out where the accidents popped up! Started in 2016 and founded by Danny Campbell, the business is on a mission to take the pain out of building extensions for the homeowners and the architects and be THE homeowners architect. A much overlooked and unloved part of the industry, home extensions have been viewed as the poor relation in the architecture world.  HOKO are changing that.  As Danny's family grows (baby number three was due on the day we recorded!), so has his business and they now employ over 30 architects all over the UK. They've done this through a sophisticated online platform. Their team of young, energetic individuals are starting to impact the sector with their innovative processes, technology, VR and client relationship management. They're now branching into small scale developments to further impact the built environment and strive towards their longterm goal: Architecture For Everyone. Danny on Linked In HOKO on Instagram HOKO on Twitter
September 23, 2021
Episode 1: This is the first of many interviews with entrepreneur’s, business owners and leaders.
Nick has been an entrepreneurial thinker since he was a teenager. He started his first business when he was 19. This failed, but he has never stopped moving forward. He became an international trainer and speaker twelve years ago and has recently joined his younger sister in the founding of Tricres. His award winning training is utilised by global law firms and corporates. You can access it on the Tricres learning platform for £17 p/mth Enjoy and feel inspired.
September 21, 2021
Episode 79: Invisible Cities Brought to Life with A Difference
Originally from the South of France, Zakia moved to Scotland when she was 21 years old. For several years, she was Director of International Partner Development at the Homeless World Cup Foundation, a global network of street soccer projects. After her health took a bad turn and she had to fight bowel cancer, she decided to take a break to travel.  At the end of 2015, she spent time in Greece and volunteered in a refugee camp on Lesvos Island. It is when she returned that she decided to set-up her own social enterprise: Invisible Cities. Invisible Cities is a community interest company that trains people who have experienced homelessness to become walking tour guides of their own city and they offer off the beaten track, personal tours, highlighting stories of real people, while raising awareness about social justice.  You can find more information about them here It is while running Invisible Cities that she also worked in partnership with Social Bite, the Social Enterprise Academy or most recently the TedSummit. Since its start in 2016, Invisible Cities is now in 4 cities across the UK: Edinburgh, Glasgow, Manchester and York with plans to expand further. They have been featured on UNILAD, Huffington Post UK or BBC Stories amongst others. Twitter @InvCities  Twitter & Instagram: @invisiblecitiestours
September 16, 2021
Episode 78: Unravelling the crypto, blockchain mystery.....
Nick Jones – Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer - Zumo Nick is a veteran of the tech start-up scene, having teamed up with fellow entrepreneur Paul Roach in 2018 to found Zumo, where he is currently CEO. Beginning his career at the height of the Dot Com boom in 2000 with the launch team of (latterly Overture Service), Nick went to hold senior positions at Yahoo! following Overture’s acquisition in 2004. In 2006 Nick co-founded digital agency I Spy Marketing and led the business through to sale to Aegis Media in 2012. Nick also co-founded spin-out business Upcast Social, a leading Facebook Ad management platform. Between 2012 and 2018 Nick was a full time Angel Investor and held multiple Chairman, Non Executive and Advisory roles in the Tech space. You can find Zumo here You can find Nick Jones here
September 09, 2021
Episode 77: How do you build your audience? A masterclass from Pinky.
Pinky Ghadiali has the best name in the world for mindset coaching.  If you ever wanted to change your mindset, get over imposter syndrome or negative beliefs and scale your career then you'd want someone called Pinky to help you on your way! That's how I felt about Pinky, the first time I met her around four years ago.  I've been watching her progress ever since and been blown away by the audience she's grown over the past few years.   Netwomen is now a truly international network of women and men who want to progress beyond those negative beliefs and fulfil their true potential.  Listen to how Pinky has achieved this and what really keeps her going when the going gets tough. Pinky on Linked In Mindset by Pinky website
September 02, 2021
Episode 76: A Business Fit for Royalty
Graham was until the end of August 2021, the Managing Director of Glencraft (Aberdeen) Ltd and Glencraft Luxury, having been appointed earlier in 2015. Glencraft were awarded the accolade of the Best Social Enterprise in the UK in 2015 as part of the UK Private Business Awards. A Corporate Banker by profession, he holds a BA (Hons) in Finance and is a Fellow of the CIOBS. He has over 35 years experience in all aspects of company management and business strategy within professional services and financial sectors. He has operated at Board level for a number of companies and is a former MD and founding director of an HR company. He is an avid story-teller and has a natural ability to deliver a message via his on-stage presentations. Key strengths are business development, change management and leadership skills. He was nominated for EY Entrepreneur of The Year in 2018 as recognition for the innovative changes brought to Glencraft. Graham is also Regional Director of the Year 2019 and 2020 for Aberdeen and Grampian, recognised by the Institute of Directors in consecutive years. He was a finalist for Director of the Year – International, again via the IoD for 2020. Glencraft have recently been awarded The Queen’s Award for Enterprise in the 2021 award lists. Graham on Linked In
August 26, 2021
Episode 75: Strawberry Lemonade, Yoga and Party Boxes
Sian Downes is a force of nature!  Her energy is infectious and her drive is too. Setting up an events company in 2019 after a successful career in the sector, was the logical next step for Sian.  She navigated the pandemic with her usual positive, enthusiasm and created an entirely new business out of it. She's back in the events world now, organising yoga festivals in Edinburgh and co-ordinating the events in England from her Liverpool office. Strap yourselves in for the ride..... Facebook Page Sian on Linked In Instagram
August 19, 2021
Episode 74: How do you build a global foundation in one year?
As founding Executive Director of the Elevate Prize Foundation, which identifies social heroes around the world, providing them with transformational resources to amplify their impact and elevate humanity by igniting a chain reaction of goodness. Over the past two decades, García Jayaram has led national institutions and initiatives dedicated to enriching and shaping social-impact, philanthropic and cultural communities across the United States. She most recently served as CEO & President of the National YoungArts Foundation and, prior to that, as President & CEO of United States Artists, where she helped manage $25M in unrestricted awards to this country’s most accomplished artists and spearheaded a $20M operating endowment campaign. García Jayaram was also Executive Director of the Chicago Artists Coalition (CAC). While there, she was a member of Mayor Rahm Emmanuel’s Cultural Advisory Council and was named “Chicagoan of the Year in the Arts” by the Chicago Tribune. Her philanthropic work extends to serving on the Board of Directors for Guitars Over Guns, the Advisory Council for Ruth’s List Florida (which aims to elect progressive women to public office in Florida) and on the Latin American and LatinX Committee for the Perez Art Museum. Garcia Jayaram received her JD (with honors) from the University of Miami School of Law, where she is now an Adjunct Professor as well as a member of the Advisory Committee for the Law School’s Art + Sports Law LLM program. She has also studied not-for-profit management at Harvard Business School. In 2019, she delivered the commencement speech at Broward College and received an honorary degree for her commitment to community service and leadership. Carolina Garcia Jayaram on Linked In Elevate Prize Website Elevate Prize on Instagram Elevate Prize on Twitter Elevate Prize on FaceBook
August 12, 2021
Episode 73: Mhor please! What happens 10 months after you've pivoted?
Although the Co-Founder of Mhor Coffee hates the word 'pivot' we just had to go back to her and find out how things were going since she started her e-commerce coffee business 10 months ago. Tricia's CEO of Volpa, a cunningly good marketing agency. Ten months ago, Tricia wasn't sure whether Volpa would survive the lockdowns, but now its back on track, leaner and more focused. Up for several industry awards, it's clear you can't keep a good brand down. This is the first of our 're-visits' to find out how our interviewees are getting on. More to follow…. Web Mhor Coffee: Mhor on Instagram Web Volpa: Volpa on Twitter
August 05, 2021
Episode 72: Saving The Rhinos and Building Businesses
One of the first things we learned about Marcelo when he joined us as a Tricres Partner was that he spent 13 months with his family touring Africa and saving rhinos. This alone was impressive, but then we discovered his razor sharp insights into business and people.  His journey from engineer to management consultant and now coach/consultant covers continents, industries and brings us finally to the UK where he's building a superb reputation for getting brilliant results for his clients. Find out more about Marcelo here  Book a chat with him here  Connect with him on Linked In here
July 29, 2021
Episode 71: Setting Sights on Your Exit From Day One
Jenny Johnston knew from day one of starting her recruitment business with her business partner that she would exit one day.  She didn't know when or how, but the fact she knew meant she made some critical decisions along the way. With only one year's experience as a recruiter, Jenny co-founded her own recruitment business and aimed high from day one, targeting the big corporate clients in her sector. Roll on sixteen years, with key lessons learned, Jenny sold her business with a happy team, a great culture and with an eye on what's next.... She's since joined Tricres as a Partner and is sharing her invaluable knowledge and expertise with other businesses who want to build towards their own exit. You can contact Jenny on Linked In and read more about what she can do for your business here Learn more about Tricres and what we do for ambitious businesses across the world here
July 15, 2021
Episode 70: How to Run an Award Winning Law Firm and Write a Musical
Sarah Walker-Smith is the CEO of law firm Shakespeare Martineau and professional services group Ampa. Sarah was the first female non-lawyer CEO in the legal top 50 and was recently named as the UK’s most influential legal leader on social media. A trained accountant having worked for PWC and Deloitte, Sarah strongly believes that ‘good business’ is both purposeful and profitable, often with one leading to the other. Sarah is a governor at Nottingham Trent University, is a member of the Society of Leadership Fellows at St George’s House and is on the board of the West Midlands CBI Council as well as non-exec chair of Radikl, a scale-up business supporting female entrepreneurs’ growth and success to investment funds. She also presents a leadership vlog from her garden shed called ‘Shed Life’. Website: Sarah Walker Smith on Linked In
July 01, 2021
Episode 69: Masterclass: How do you grow and exit a business?
Malcolm Mitchell achieved what most of us entrepreneurs and business owners dream of doing - he started, built and then sold a business. It wasn't a fancy high tech, bio tech, life sciences business.  It was an ordinary business in a pretty unexciting industry, which let's face it, is where most of us are running our businesses.  He didn't get any investment, he used traditional sources of funding and he didn't appear on Dragon's Den or have a huge social media following. How did he do it?  What steps did he take?  What were the obstacles and lessons learned? Possibly one of the most useful podcasts you can listen to if you're growing a business and one day want to sell it. Malcom also happens to be a Tricres Partner, you can contact him here Contact Malcolm on Linked In Find out more about becoming a Partner with or getting one of our Partners to support your business growth here
June 25, 2021
Episode 68: Punk, Vivienne Westwood and Football....
It's possible to find the connection between the first two headings in our title, but the last one?  Find out how Jane Strachan is breaking the mould in building a brilliant advertising and design agency. Jane is founder and MD at PUNK, a creative advertising agency based in Edinburgh. She has worked in marketing and advertising for around 23 years and in the course of her career has worked at M&C Saatchi, Leith Agency and the Scottish Government to name a few. She’s founded 2 businesses and recently completed a buyout of her business partner to become sole owner of PUNK. When not working she enjoys hanging out with her family, painting and teaching yoga. Website: Twitter: Jane Strachan Instagram: Jane_Strachan
June 17, 2021
Episode 67: Changing the way law is practiced in the USA
Jayaram Law prides itself on being the lawyers for innovators.  Founded in a spirit of challenging the status quo, representing the creatives of this world and being yourself, Vivek, the founder has certainly seen this pay off in the past year in terms of growth and client attraction and retention. Vivek is the founder of Jayaram Law. He advises companies, investors, and entrepreneurs around the world on corporate governance, intellectual property issues, and major commercial disputes. He spends his days with Founders, General Counsel, and Creatives to formulate comprehensive legal strategies geared towards growth, innovation, and efficiency. You can connect with Vivek here on Linked In You can find Vivek and Jayaram Law plus their The Innovator Paper on Instagram
June 10, 2021
Episode 66: Combining Artisan Local Markets with Tech
Nicki Capewell is passionate about local markets and after giving up her steady job as a teacher, she decided to turn her side hustle into a thriving business. Pedddle and Tresstle are a new duo is the creative industries. 

Pedddle is a directory of independent, creative markets and their stallholders helping you to find out what’s on and where. It also allows you to reconnect with stallholders before and after events. 

Tresstle is the latest to join only launching in April 2021. It’s a creative events platform; allowing people to host and participate in online events/markets.
June 03, 2021
Episode 65: Fuelled by a Rebellious Spirit...
In 2019, we noticed something brewing in the drinks world. Unlike a sugary cocktail or an uninspiring gin in a tin, hard seltzers were light, refreshing and full of flavour. Just the thing we’d been looking to drink. But most were packed with artificial ingredients and fake flavours, which made no sense to us. Fuelled by a rebellious spirit, a thirst for adventure and a healthy dose of blind optimism, we decided to quit our 9-5 corporate jobs and create our very own hard seltzer. One we’d make the right way, with the right ingredients. You can find Hugo and George and their Long Shot drinks here - they're yummy and well worth a taste. Website: FaceBook: @longshotdrink Instagram: @longshotdrink Twitter: @longshotdrink
May 27, 2021
Episode 64: Bright, beautiful and Doctor led
Dr Lorraine Hill is the owner and Medical Director of Hampton Clinic, a centre for excellence in Aesthetic Medicine located in the stunning woodland estate of Hampton Manor, Hampton in Arden. Having spent 20 years as a GP specialising in women’s health, dermatology and minor surgery, Dr Hill founded Hampton Clinic in 2014. She is now a sought-after Aesthetic Doctor, renowned for her natural-looking results and no hard-sell approach. She is a Key Opinion Leader for world-leading treatments from Coolsculptng and Inmode and is the UK’s number 1 Coolsculpting Doctor outside of London. You can contact Dr Hill's clinic here Instagram: @hampton_clinic Facebook: @hamptonclinic
May 20, 2021
Episode 63: A life defining moment on stage in front of 400 people
Steven J Innes had a nasty shock one evening.... Which led him to his current role as Synergy ambassador empowering professionals to become healthier and productive. He's adept in supporting businesses to become more efficient with their merchant services and all types of online payments etc. He's also a professional MC/Compere and can assist you with a range of events while ensuring they all run smoothly . Avid golfer and football fan of Aberdeen FC You can contact Steven here 
May 13, 2021
Episode 62: How a tragic event in childhood led to huge success
As CEO of the UK's leading Luxury Consultancy and Recruitment business for over 10 years, Grant Morris brings a polished and savvy approach to talent sourcing and development. With a wealth of experience in restructures and start ups, his talent lies with providing integrated sales-based solutions across a variety of industry sectors. His expertise and experience in the luxury fashion and beauty industry coupled with a background in law and a penchant for retail analysis, brings a consultative and leveraged edge to both his colleagues and clients. Grant's strong belief in providing the very best permanent, executive, and interim personnel to some of the most prestigious retailers in the world, has set the standard for an entire industry and has allowed him to dedicate his professional endeavours to optimizing dynamics between the retailer and an ever-changing, ever-evolving luxury consumer. It is this passion which fuelled his 2013 initiative of the creation of the Elite Retail Training Academy, a dynamic learning environment for new candidates entering the enterprising world of luxury retail sales and management. A native Londoner with a keen interest in contemporary art, Grant is committed to sharing his success by giving back to the community. He is involved with a number of charitable local and international organizations and as can be seen from our Community page, actively promotes charities such as Wellbeing for Women and Fight for Life amongst others.
April 22, 2021
Episode 61: Becoming significant, a new movement in personal & professional development
SYLVIA BALDOCK The Becoming More Significant Expert, Team Engagement and Collaboration Specialist, Personal Impact Thought Leader, Exec Coach/Mentor, Speaker, Podcast Host, Author Sylvia empowers Business Leaders, teams and Entrepreneurs to recognise the unique value they bring to the workplace and to lead with confidence and purpose by BECOMING MORE SIGNIFICANT. She is the creator of a 6-week life-changing programme for leaders, aspiring leaders and individuals who want to increase visibility, confidence, clarity, communication, collaboration, motivation, productivity and growth. Website:  http:/ Linked In: Twitter: Facebook:
April 15, 2021
Episode 60: The secret to employee engagement
After a decade of working at one of the UK's most prestigious tourist attractions, Emily was made redundant due to the pandemic.  She opted to pursue her long held dream of running her own business and Emily Alex was born. Emily has worked within the sales and event teams of many of the most prestigious hotels and venues across the UK. As an advocate for the industry, she plays an active role as a member of the SITE Global community and held the position of President for the Scottish Chapter in 2018/19. Emily is also a qualified personal development and business coach as well as an NLP and mindfulness practitioner. She has recently founded Emily Alex to inspire businesses to engage with their teams in a virtual world. The ‘about me’ section on her website, explains how she is using her hospitality experience within her new business. Instagram Emily Alex Scotland
April 08, 2021
Episode 59: Meet Tom, Dick, Harry and Wilma - they're robots
The Small Robot Company is changing the way farming is done.  Starting with two people in 2017, the business now has fifty people and is at the forefront of the fourth agricultural revolution. Sam Watson Jones is Co Founder and President of Small Robot Company and a 4th generation arable farmer with a clear motivation for making farming better. An experienced business operator, having run a diversified family business for many years. Sam has a range of previous experience including as an angel investor in EdTech startups.
March 25, 2021
Episode 58: Essence of Harris and other funny stories
Jamie is the Co-Founder of Essence of Harris. He started the company with his partner Deenie in 2015 and has grown the brand in five years to a team of 18, 14 of whom are based on the island itself, where the company has its factory, office and flagship store. Jamie is the driver behind several different businesses on the island; directing a Facilities Management Company, a Micro-Brewery and with a new Delicatessen opening back up within the coming weeks on Harris. Aside from his complete devotion to his business ventures, Jamie is passionate about encouraging young people into business, and rejuvenating his island home for future generations. With an aging population and a decline in young people on the island the creation of high-value jobs for local young people and attracting inward migration of young people is vital to the future growth of the island. Instagram @essenceofharris Twitter @essenceofharris Facebook @essenceofharris
March 18, 2021
Episode 57: Imagine One Year with No Beer....
About OYNB Founded in 2015, OYNB is an award-winning behaviour change programme and online toolkit for surviving modern society alcohol-free, aimed at anyone drinking more than 3 glasses of wine a week. With a member base of over 80,000, they believe that having a community is crucial to making a positive lifestyle change, and so the founders are constantly finding new and exciting ways to provide this support. OYNB is not an abstinence programme; it is not about eliminating alcohol entirely. It’s about empowering people to break down old habits and build new ones, creating a positive mindset that lets the individual take back control and make clear-sighted decisions. They are now developing technology that will enable members to connect over their common goals, such as caffeine, sugar, gambling and social media. For more information visit About Ruari Fairbairns Originally from the Isle of Mull, Ruari had a difficult childhood, struggling intensely with his thoughts and finding it impossible to fit in. Determined to make his mark on the world one day, the relentless entrepreneur started working at the age of 14 and a sequence of events led him to London where he worked as a senior Oil Broker. That binge drinking culture led him to thinking that alcohol was causing him more trouble than good, so he decided to take a break. Taking a break from alcohol led to him becoming fitter, faster, healthier, happier, more productive, a better dad, a better husband – all areas of life improved, so began his mission to help other people realise this. One Year No Beer is an award-winning toolkit for surviving modern society alcohol-free and has since recruited over 80,000 members worldwide. Ruari believes that having a community is crucial to making a positive lifestyle change. For more information visit
March 11, 2021
Episode 56: City banker to children's books for kids with autism, how does that happen?
We are a small business striving for big changes when it comes to diversity and inclusion in children's literature.  We strongly believe that changes need to be made in the publishing industry to produce and positively promote stories that reflects and honours the lives of all young people.  In 2017, Pam's eldest son, Walter (aged 4 at the time) was diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD).  As parents Pam and her husband found it difficult to find diverse books where children like Walter could see themselves in the pages of books. They say "create the things you wish existed", so Pam created 'Just Like Me Books' - a picture book series where at the heart of each story we explore and promote Diversity, Inclusiveness, Acceptance and Kindness.  We want to change the narrative and create a series where every child regardless of their ethnicity, disability, gender or background gets to say they are the hero of their own story. Website:
March 04, 2021
Episode 55: Sustainable eyewear, B Corps and being a drummer.....
For us it’s about making better eyewear for a better world. Reframing what really matters; people and planet. We seek out the best sustainable materials for our frames, including certified woods, bio-based acetate, renewable cork and recycled aluminium, we create exceptional designs and focus obsessively on quality. Every pair of Birds gives back through our Share Your Sun partnership with SolarAid. Helping to distribute solar light to families in Zambia and Malawi, replacing the use of fossil fuel burning lamps. Website Twitter @findyourbirds Instagram @findyourbirds
February 25, 2021
Episode 54: How a house at the bottom of the garden turned into a business
The Wee House Company won Young Entrepreneur of the Year in the Great British Entrepreneur Awards (Scotland and Northern Ireland) 2020, we've interviewed their founder and MD, Jennifer Higgins to find out what lies behind this wonderfully named company. A desire to make custom built homes feasible anywhere in the UK saw father and daughter Ian Hope and Jennifer Higgins launch The Wee House Company in 2013. The family has an award-winning history in house building and The Wee House Company is blazing the trail in modular house building. The Wee House Company design and fabricate homes in their Ayrshire factory. Houses are 90% complete when they leave the factory, facilitating a significantly shorter build programme and earlier occupancy. Modular, factory construction offers many advantages over traditional building, with improvements in quality and waste reduction leading to significantly more sustainable homes. Projects range from permanent, bespoke individual houses and holiday lets to larger-scale developments, working with local authorities on affordable housing, through our Connect Modular division. Website
February 18, 2021
Episode 53: Re-imagining support and recovery for cancer patients and their loved ones
Jo Riley is the founding director of CancerPal, an online hub to support the family and friends of those diagnosed with cancer. CancerPal’s online forum is designed to help them provide the best possible support to their loved ones. We share information, articles, advice and helpful tips on how to support a loved one both emotionally and practically. CancerPal also sells cancer care products to help ease some of the side effects of cancer treatments. These products have been extensively researched so that our community can be assured that they are receiving the quality of products we would buy for our own friends and family members. It can be very difficult to understand what our loved ones are experiencing through each stage of their journey, CancerPal can help with carefully compiled Gift Boxes tailored to each stage of treatment. Jo set up CancerPal in 2019 having supported her amazing Mum through a terminal cancer diagnosis. When her Mum was first diagnosed with cancer, Jo felt completely helpless, frustrated and isolated. But as a result of a lot of late night Googling, Jo realised that there are a wide array of products that could help relieve the symptoms and side effects of cancer. These products range from particular skin creams and balms to sweets to aid nausea or take away a metallic taste. Family and friends of patients don’t necessarily know about these products, or may struggle (as Jo did) to find them online. Once Jo had tapped into this information, she felt comforted knowing she was doing her very best to care for and support her Mum. CancerPal was created from Jo’s drive to share her research and knowledge to provide important support and products to others who are affected by cancer. Website: Twitter cancer_pal Facebook CancerPal Instagram CancerPal
February 11, 2021
Episode 52: How do emotions impact the change you want in your business?
Nominated for Entrepreneur for Good (SW) in The Great British Entrepreneur Awards 2020, Lou Banks Founder of Rising Vibe tells us what social pain is and how it impacts business performance and then, more importantly, what you can do about it. With 25 years of experience in operations, learning & development and business coaching, Lou Banks is Founder and CEO of Rising Vibe Ltd and has developed one mission – to use emotion to drive change. It’s about being ok, with not being ok. It’s about building trust so that we feel safe to share how we really feel. It’s about feeling better so that we do better. Getting to grips with emotion is the game-changer that can allow us to reach our true potential. Lou speaks to the individual. An articulate, high energy communicator, she gets right to the heart of the issue, unafraid to challenge and quick to inspire. She makes real connections with real people, challenging mindset to enhance performance, balancing soft skills with a heavy dose of reality. Website: visit the resources section to download the emotional vibration scale Facebook Rising Vibe Twitter Rising Vibe Instagram Rising Vibe LinkedIn Rising Vibe
February 04, 2021
Episode 51: It IS Rocket Science
Dr Bedi's company Spacechips won Disrupter of the Year, SE in the Great British Entrepreneur Awards 2020. Dr. Rajan Bedi is the CEO and founder of Spacechips, a UK SME disrupting the global space industry with its award-winning, Satellite-Communication Products, Design-Consultancy, Technical-Marketing, Business-Intelligence and Training Services. Spacechips successfully showcases and exports British engineering excellence by selling its products and services to over 25 countries. Spacechips won Start-Up Company of 2017 and Rajan's inventions won High-Reliability Product of 2016, 2017 and 2018. Spacechips has just been shortlisted by the British Engineering Excellence Awards for Small Company of 2020 as well as Consultancy Company of the Year. Rajan is also President of Spacechips LLC and author of Out-of-this-World Design, the only blog dedicated to Space Electronics. This free education resource is read by 17,000 people each month and viewed over 3 million times. Rajan was previously invited to teach at Oxford University, featured in Who's Who in the World, winner of a Royal Society Fellowship and a highly sought-after keynote speaker. Rajan also helps other entrepreneurs and start-ups to scale their businesses advising on global leadership and how to create and implement strategy. You can find out more about Spacechips here
January 28, 2021
Episode 50: Third time lucky? Gary Giles from OGEL tells us how he's revolutionising construction
Gary Giles is the Founder of OGEL – the world’s 1st mass production system for building from plastic waste. He has secured patents in the UK, Europe, USA and China for his innovative construction product and he's North East Disruptor of the Year 2020 for the Great British Entrepreneur Awards. Finalist in European Recycled Product of the year 2020 You can find OGEL here And on social media Facebook Twitter Instagram
January 22, 2021
Episode 49: How does a shed manufacturing business become a disrupter & change the sector overnight?
A multi-award winning business, Powersheds is at the forefront of innovation.  As part of our Great British Entrepreneur Award Winners series, I caught up with Jack Sutcliffe, whose Powersheds business won Disrupter of the Year, for NW, Yorkshire and Humerside in the 2020 @entrepreneursgb awards #GBEA Jack Sutcliffe founded his business in 2019 just a week after his wife gave birth to twins!  Talk about timing.  Along with his co-founder, Jack has built the business from manufacturing just 14 sheds in their first month to selling 300 sheds a week only 20 months later. Find out what's behind the phenomenal growth of this innovative business. Jack Sutcliffe is co-founder of Power Sheds, a manufacturer of wooden garden sheds, bike sheds and potting sheds based in Bradford, Yorkshire. Twitter @Powersheds Instagram @Powersheds
January 14, 2021
Episode 48: Sharktower, a true disrupter in the world of project management
After delivering hundreds of projects and seeing too many failures, Craig co-founded and leads the product vision at Sharktower to tackle waste in projects. A career in delivering technology and lean transformation, in industry and consulting, leading £70m+ programmes, Craig has seen it all before. This experience and frustration at seeing so many failed projects and so much wasted effort, led him to the mission of changing how businesses deliver change. Initially as CPO for Sharktower under Mudano, Craig transitioned Sharktower from a consulting platform and a handful of engineers to a fully formed SaaS solution supported by a mature team. Website: Linked In: Craig MacKay Twitter: Craig MacKay
January 07, 2021
Episode 47: Purpose driven businesses unite with Future X leading the way
Zoi (in the photo) and Bruce are the co-founders of Future X, an organisation which supports and promotes businesses that are purpose driven.  The dynamic pair hatched their idea on a train journey one day as they both returned to Edinburgh from an event in Glasgow.  The they say, is history. Bruce is the CEO and Cofounder of FutureX and is passionate about using business as a force for good. Having worked with thousands of entrepreneurs Bruce has delivered programmes and global summits in Edinburgh, London, Los Angeles, Chicago, Hong Kong, Abu Dhabi and Shenzhen. He has also partnered with global brands like Apple, Virgin, Matercard, KPMG and Google. Zoi Kantounatou is the Co-Founder and CFO at FutureX, a company on a mission to empower and enable entrepreneurs to build better businesses. Prior to FutureX, Zoi had spent 4 years working with purpose driven entrepreneurs all over the world and has a background on Finance as well as a master's degree on International Business and Socio Economic Development. Today FutureX is a platform and community for businesses who want to start, grow and scale a business with a purpose greater than just profit. Bruce Walker on Twitter
December 17, 2020
Episode 46: Buttercrumble, a delicious name for a fabulous twin-lead creative business
Award of The Great British Entrepreneur, Creative Industries Entrepreneur of the Year 2020 (Yorkshire, NW and Humberside) Buttercrumble is a creative communications studio formed by twin sisters, Chloe and Abigail Baldwin. They are a Yorkshire-born, twin-founded studio building creative brands for fun-finders and beauty-seekers. The team’s personal touches and “can-do” attitude has enabled them to collaborate with many playful and like- minded brands across the globe. These include John Lewis & Partners, Mamas & Papas and Chester Zoo. Find Buttecrumble here Twitter @Buttercrumble Instagram: Buttercrumblecreative
December 11, 2020
Episode 45: When is an accounting firm not an accounting firm?
When it's run by Alasdair Mcgill of Ashton McGill. Alasdair is co-founder of Ashton McGill, Xero's Small Firm of the Year 2020. An experienced accountant, Alasdair also works as a designer, helping organisations across the UK create great customer experiences. Alasdair's created Ashton McGill with his son Andy in 2017 and they use a unique blend of accounting, business experience and design thinking to help people build better businesses. Website Link - Social Media Handles - Twitter @alasdairmcgill / @ashtonmcgilluk  |    Instagram @ashtonmcgill
December 04, 2020
Episode 44: Hope for the hospitality and tourism industry at the touch of a button
Julie Grieve is the founder and CEO of Criton, a guest engagement and integrations platform for the hospitality sector. Criton simplifies digital transformation in the independent hotel sector by creating a branded guest app which allows hotels, resorts, serviced apartments and groups to integrate all of their guest facing technology including booking, check-in, mobile access and mobile ordering. Criton digitises the guest journey, reinforcing brand, driving guest engagement, increasing revenues and delivering ROI from guest facing technology. Julie set up and was CEO of Lateral City, a luxury serviced apartment operator in Scotland when she had the idea for Criton, having been frustrated at how static her guest information had become and how disconnected she found the hospitality tech world. Julie’s vision for Criton is to give independent operators access to big chain technology. Julie is also a Director of Women in Tourism, an Ambassador for Women’s Enterprise Scotland and she sits on the People and Culture Advisory Board for the HSMAI. You can contact Julie and Criton here Linked In
November 26, 2020
Episode 43: Predicting the future. What's going to happen to the recruitment market next year?
Chris Peace is the Founder and Managing Director of Peace Recruitment and has specialised in recruitment within the built environment for over 16 years. Chris is known as a true expert in his field and has built a reputation as a hardworking, trustworthy and customer service driven recruiter, that truly cares about recruiting the best staff for his clients and finding the ideal job for his candidates. Previously a keen footballer in a mostly trophy-less amateur football career Chris can normally now be found chasing his dog “Besos” around various parks in Edinburgh, hacking his way out the rough at a local golf course, bowling at Bainfield BC or spending time with his children and extended family.  If you want to learn more about Chris Peace, visit: Website link(s): LinkedIn: Peace Recruitment Contact number(s):  01315104004 or 07914355810
November 19, 2020
Episode 42: Pivoting from Events & Marketing Business, Tricia Fox now Distributes the Best Coffee Online!
Tricia Fox has has two businesses, which include the one she has just opened this week, Mhor Coffee. The podcast focuses on how she's had to pivot from an events and marketing business - the most successful in the Perth area to creating a business from scratch in a totally different sector.  She distributes coffee online and opened the first Cafe this week!  To learn more about Tricia Fox, please visit: Website(s):  and  Facebook: @MhorCoffee LinkedIn: Mhor Coffee
November 12, 2020
Episode 41: From Selling TVs to becoming a Partner at a Renowned Accounting Firm, Saffery
Before training as a CA, I sold TVs, drove a van, sold life assurance, worked for a housing association, was a retail entrepreneur, lectured at Napier University and played guitar in a lot of bands! I now provide clear commercial advice to forward thinking businesses owners who want to grow, acquire, sell or retire. I’ve been a partner in independent, mid-tier and Big4 accountancy firms. I’m the chair for the IoD Highlands & Islands, a non-executive director of a forestry and natural resources company and chair of a national Scottish charity I believe in networking, personal development and collaboration. I enjoy business development and having worked it at for a long time, now realize it is simpler than I thought! Outside the day job I still enjoy playing guitar, learning piano, keeping fit, reading and working outdoors. To learn more about Donald Forsyth, visit:  Website:  Social Media handle(s):  Contact number(s): 07469 035 880
November 05, 2020
Episode 40: Andrew J Robertson shares how he became an outstanding law specialist while managing at McClure Solicitors
McClure Solicitors was founded in 1853. Andrew joined in 1971 so he will celebrate 50 years with McClure this time next year. For most of Andrew’s career he was a general practice solicitor. He has been a conveyancer, executory practitioner, employment law specialist, civil court practitioner, criminal court practitioner, estate agent and even a Clerk to the Income Tax Commissions. In 1984 Andrew changed the direction of travel for McClure. He introduced the concept of all year round free Wills for a donation to charity. That resulted in the formation of an unregulated company, which provided estate planning for the whole of the Dunfermline Building Society. In 2002 Andrew introduced the concept of the Family Protection Trust. As a result, McClure became the FPT provider for many members of the Institute of Professional Will Writers. This meant that McClure, as a Scottish firm, was carrying out English work. The three Partners became qualified in England and Wales and the firm became dual authorised for the whole of Great Britain. The business has never looked back. The business is no longer a general purpose business but focusses on seven core services which make up the estate planning service for clients. Conveyancing, probate, estate agency, financial services, etc, results from these initial core services. The company has excelled in business development. It now has over 100 staff and fifteen offices throughout Britain. Last year (2019) we serviced approximately 10,000 clients and raised over £63M for charity. Our business is now partnered with 195 charities with more joining regularly. Our company is an award-winning company and is presently short-listed by the Law Society of England and Wales Excellence Awards under both Law Firm of the Year (Small) category and Excellence in Business Development category. The results to be announced on 13th October 2020. As a result of our substantial fund-raising for the charity sector, Andrew was appointed as Parliamentary Review Member and recently was made a member of the “Leaders Council of Great Britain and Northern Ireland” which gives him access to the UK Parliament and the opportunity to voice his opinion and commission research, etc. Despite Covid-19 the future for McClure is rosy. To learn more about Andrew and McClure Solicitors, visit Twitter : @McClureLegal   Facebook : @solicitors.mcclure 
October 29, 2020
Episode 39: From being an Insurance Lawyer to heading up Strategies and Business Development in Accounting for Law Firms
Alex spent a number of years as a partner in a top 50 law firm, before co-founding a specialist legal sector executive search business. More recently Alex headed up the strategy for a global IT outsourcing business to enter the legal sector. He joined The Cashroom to head up strategy and business development in 2014, taking the company into England and Wales and leading new market and product exploration. To learn more about Alex Holt and The Cash Room, visit LinkedIn - @Alex Holt @The Cashroom Ltd Twitter - @TheCashroomLtd @AH_cashroomltd Contact number(s): 07817 420466
October 22, 2020
Episode 38: Practicing and Sharing the Importance of Financial Literacy with Children between the ages 5 -12.
Usman Yaseen is the CEO and Founder of Sonik Pocket Ltd. Sonik Pocket is an educational, interactive platform for children (ages 5-12). On the platform, children learn about financial education and money management skills, helping to support them later in life. Usman's prides himself in helping to lead the digital education revolution, improving the lives of future generations, and safely and securely teaching children and guardians alike, the importance of financial responsibility. To learn more about Usman Yaseen and Sonik Pocket Ltd, visit Facebook, Twitter & Instagram - @SonikPocket Sonik Pocket LinkedIn – Usman Yaseen LinkedIn –
October 15, 2020
Episode 37: Helping Start-ups and PLC's turn their Companies into Million Dollar Businesses through the Franchise Growth Model
Suzie is the CEO of Platinum Wave Franchising – an international, independent, British Franchise Association (bfa) accredited franchise consultancy firm, established in 2010. With 20 years of first-hand international franchising experience, Suzie is a well-known personality in the franchising world. She has been a Judge for the bfa / HSBC British Franchise Awards and is the longstanding Chairperson of the bfa’s Scottish Franchise Forum. Having franchised her own printer cartridge business from a single retail shop in Edinburgh to a network of over 70 franchised outlets across 6 countries from the Caribbean to the Middle East, it is fair to say Suzie’s consultancy comes with an authenticity that is hard to match. Prior to founding Platinum Wave, Suzie was the Franchise Director and Board Member of national recruitment franchise and £30m turnover franchise network Select Appointments. Suzie is also a Non-Executive Director with one of the UK’s leading franchise brands, Right at Home UK. Platinum Wave was named Service Provider of the Year at the 2016 Best Franchise Awards, based on direct feedback from its clients, in 2018 they won the Customer Service Award at the inaugural bfa Affiliate Awards, and in 2019 were named Service Provider of the Year by EWIF. To learn more about Suzie McCafferty and Platinum Wave visit  Social Media handle(s): @PlatinumWaveLtd Contact number(s): 07793 054 233
October 08, 2020
Episode 36: How a recovering lawyer turned into a business success!
Erica Moore is the founder of speciality tea company, eteaket. As a recovering lawyer, she’s on a mission to empower people to master their minds through the pause for tea so that they can calm their mind and live more now. eteaket’s own brand tea and teaware is sold online worldwide. They also have a tea room and a concept store in central Edinburgh and specialise in helping hospitality businesses make their tea offering fabulous. eteaket works closely with the charity Health In Mind to promote positive mental health and wellbeing. Erica is also a mentor and supporter for the Prince’s Trust, a regular speaker on all things tea and business related, a licensed NLP practitioner, meditator and lives by the sea in Edinburgh with her husband and two young girls. To learn more about eteaket and Erica Moore, please visit: Website: Social media handle(s): @eteaket Contact: 0131 226 1292 
October 01, 2020
Episode 35: How I turned adversity into a successful writing and publishing business
Mary Turner Thomson is the author of international best-selling book ‘The Bigamist’ and the upcoming sequel ‘The Psychopath’ due out 1st March 2021. She has had a varied career which started in television in the 1980's, before retraining in marketing and starting her own business in 1993. Mary sold her company and then worked as a business adviser for the Scottish Enterprise Network from 1997 until 2006 when she discovered her husband was a bigamist and con man and decided to write a book about her experiences. She then started White Water Publishing Ltd in 2009 which focuses on creating and publishing books by children, working with schools to use book publishing as a way to inspire children to read and write. Mary now also works as a writing coach, editor and publishing consultant to individuals as well - helping people go from initial idea to published authors. You can learn more about Mary Turner Thomson at and Websites: and facebook: Twitter: Contact: 07854 829524
September 24, 2020
Episode 34: The Power of Personal Branding in Growing your Business into a Success
Gayle Edwards is an International, award-winning Global Impact & Personal Brand Strategist, Author and Speaker who works with Entrepreneurial Disruptors to help them build their identity and authority within their marketplace! As the CEO of Brand You Consultancy Ltd, Gayle uses her 30 plus years’ experience in Marketing, Branding, Communications, Training & Coaching to help Entrepreneurs and Corporate Professionals to boost their identity, create more impact, extend their influence and sharpen up their image.    Gayle is also the creator of the trailblazing “Standing up in Your own Hallelujah” Personal Branding process. It is this same innovative process that also forms the basis of The Audacity to be Authentic Diversity & Inclusion Programme which Gayle delivers to Organisations and Corporates committed to progressional change. Gayle is also a Co-Author of the International No. 1 Bestseller, The Law of Brand Attraction which was recently published to provide Entrepreneurs and Business Owners with success strategies and hope during the recent global pandemic. The Law of Brand Attraction is currently No. 1 in the UK, Germany, Netherlands, Japan, Australia and the U.S. Gayle has delivered keynote speeches for organisations as well as national and international conferences. Gayle interviews Entrepreneurial Disruptors from around the globe as the host of The Dare to be Awesome Podcast Show and co-host of The Entrepreneurs Sushi Club podcast. Gayle also founded Daring Daughters, a soon to be launched social enterprise focused on encouraging young women into entrepreneurship.  Find out more about Gayle Edwards at Website: 
September 17, 2020
Episode 33: How do you grow from zero to thirty staff in seven years?
John Vuong is the owner and founder of Local SEO Search. He helps small and medium-sized businesses rank on Google and dominate their local market. John puts a strong emphasis on relationships and treats his client’s like family, wanting to not only help them rank but to help their business grow and succeed. You can learn more about John Vuong and Local CEO Search at  Website : Facebook:, LinkedIn: Contact: 416-888-8756
September 10, 2020
Episode 32: Escaping Burnout and enriching our minds through Educational Technology
Alex Lianne Carter is a coach and business mentor. She is passionate about working with high-achieving female leaders, helping them gain clarity and focus, so they can stop procrastinating, and direct their time and energy on the priorities that serve them most in achieving their personal and professional goals. Learn how to go from productive procrastination to focused productivity in Alex Lianne’s upcoming virtual summit: Productivity Secrets for the High Performing Female Leader, launching this Fall. Join the waitlist at  Website : Instagram : Email:    
September 03, 2020
Episode 31: Nurturing People Back from Burnout with Nutrition
Tracy Gowler is a motivational speaker and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner who is determined to educate women on the effects of stress on their health. She understands through her work guiding herself and her clients to better health that most women are not prioritizing their health.  They don’t understand that small shifts in their lifestyle and their priorities can provide a lifetime of health for themselves and their families.  The focus of her business is helping women over 40 improve the way they live with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis autoimmune disease.   You can learn more about Tracy Gowler and Your Health Made Simple at Website: Facebook: Email: Instagram: Pinterest: Youtube:
August 27, 2020
Episode 30: How a Business Was Made from the Wonders of Physical Medicine
Debra Battistella is an occupational therapist (OT) with 19+ years of experience working in physical medicine, teaching occupational therapy assistant students, coordinating fieldwork and supervising OT and OTA students in emerging practice fieldwork settings. She also consults with occupational therapy practitioners who want to change the way they deliver services. She uses her expertise to guide those who feel stuck in traditional practice to move into careers that resonate with their souls’ calling. Current changes in the healthcare climate prompted her to merge her passions for practice and teaching into an online business, Creative Concepts in Occupational Therapy PLLC. Here, she specializes in helping occupational therapy practitioners find more time in their day by providing ready-made interventions appropriate for adults in need of physical rehabilitation. You can learn more about Debra and Creative Concepts in Occupational Therapy PLLC at WEBSITE: Facebook: EMAIL: INSTAGRAM: Credentials: Debra Battistella, MS, OTR/L
August 21, 2020
Episode 29: Copywriter, Mumpreneur and Author!
Chrissie Kenaston is the founder of Copy with Chrissie, where she writes sales copy for online coaches and course creators. She writes "true-to-you" copy for her clients that helps them build a connection with their ideal clients, which ultimately leads to more sales. She's also a wife and mom to 3 beautiful kids, and her first book, What If I Name Her Grace, comes out later this year! How do you balance three kids and a business?  Chrissie tells us how she does it and how she managed to squeeze in writing a book too. Find Chrissie here
August 13, 2020
Episode 28: Family food entrepreneur and her pivot away from corporate hospitality
Amanda’s fascination with food began as a young child as she watched her grandmother make homemade candies and cookies each Christmas for gifting. Beginning her own recipe and cookbook collection at the young age of 8, she treasures church and community collection cookbooks above all others. Amanda’s culinary career spans nearly 3 decades. After building an incredibly successful business to $1m in revenues and an enviable client list, Amanda found herself without a single booking when Covid hit hard.  She went back to the drawing board and rediscovered her passion for preparing family meals and helping others to do the same. She's now embarking on her long held dream of a cook school for busy households - all online of course! Like many entrepreneurs, she's also got another plan on the cooker simmering away. Use the links to find out what's happening at Amanda's cook school Instagram  Facebook
August 06, 2020
Episode 27: Healing from the inside out, the Jacqueline Best interview during which we went way off track!
It's hard to know how to describe Jacqueline, you really have to experience her and talk to her to learn what she's really about.  Kindness, love and an intuitive sense of what's right exudes from her, even across the thousands of miles (Rebecca in Edinburgh and Jacqueline on Prince Edward Island, Canada). Find Jacqueline on Social Media: Instagram: Facebook: LinkedIn:
July 31, 2020
Episode 26: Hatching a plan to help mothers through pregnancy and birth
Rachel Cline is an experienced birth doula and pregnancy and birth coach.  Until I interviewed her, I didn't know such people existed and immediately wished I'd have had someone like Rachel with me during my first pregnancy all those years ago. She is just launching a course which takes mums to be from the first 10 weeks of pregnancy all the way through to the first 10 weeks of their babies lives.  It's open to 12 women and will be a very personalised journey for them all. A wonderful example of how something so intimate and personal can be transformed into a business and shared across the world, I wish Rachel and her mums to be every success, joy and love. Rachel is a UK trained physiotherapist (20 years) and doula (13 years) who emigrated with her husband and three children to the Canadian Rockies in 2012. The small community of 5000 has been very welcoming and she supports up to 20% of the births in the town annually.  Despite this she wanted to bring her passion for positive pregnancy and birth and the gentle transition to parenthood to more families around the world. Rachel has established to do just this.  Bringing together an amazing collective of professionals and holistic and fitness practitioners she is launching her first beta of 'Creating calm confident parents' a 41 week pregnancy program.  The course offers video PDF's and twice a month 90 minute group coaching calls.  Any pregnant people in their first trimester should book now for a FREE discovery call to see how much benefit this course will be for them For now the course is offered at $497 - 50% off. There is also a free eBook all about first trimester symptoms and ways to support them - Follow Hatch Parenting on IG and FB @hatchparentingYou can find Rachel on Instagram
July 26, 2020
Episode 25: The Alopecia Angel, the well being entrepreneur with an incredible personal story to tell
Johanna Dahlman is an entrepreneur that dedicates her efforts to health and wellness, proactively engaging in activities that help others’ become their best! Through her own health concerns, she has overhauled and upgraded what true health means and how to live it each day. She’s reversed her autoimmune disease, and has done the same for many of her coaching clients.  Having worked for numerous Fortune 100 companies in high stress environments, she understands the corporate environment and now teaches, writes, speaks and gives workshops on nutrition, stress, burnout, mindfulness, autoimmune disease and much more.  A certified yoga and pilates instructor, she continually grows in her field. Married to a professional athlete, she and her family are dedicated to wellness and optimal health. You can connect with Johanna directly at
July 16, 2020
Episode 24: Project Gorgeous!
Marianne Talkovski was flying, her business was thriving and her decision to take out a three year lease on premises was proving to be the right one to make, until........Covid 19 happened and we went into lockdown. Marianne's story isn't finished yet, she's thinking again about how she serves her clients using her unique gifts as a transformational coach, therapist and all round well being guru. You can find Marianne at IG:  @projectgorgeousindy FB: Marianne is a licensed acupuncturist, esthetician, Transformational Coaching MASTER CERTIFIED Coach, Certified Deep Transformational Coach and Bare Coach in Training.  She guides her clients to find their most authentic expression of beauty in radical self-acceptance, regardless of the messages our culture has inundated us with to consume, perfect, compare, critique and feel less than enough.  Her foundational teaching is that by investing in your self-care and owning who you are, the ultimate act of healing, love, connection and beauty is activated not only in one's soul, but for all humanity.  She stands for all humans to raise their voices against forces of oppression, especially diet culture.  Since becoming a mother, Marianne is determined to create a world where her daughter knows what self-acceptance, self-care, self-healing and self-love looks like.  She guides all walks of life through these tenets in her signature coaching program Journey To Joy.  Since committing to this message, she has never felt more radiant, happy, healthy and powerful.
July 02, 2020
Episode 23: How to build a business in 26 minutes per day
If you're a runner, want to run or think running will help you achieve those health and weight loss goals you've been dreaming about, then you need to listen to Jon.  He manages his business 5k2pb for only 26 minutes per day as it's his 'side hustle' and not his full time job. Jon is the coach and Founder of 5k2PB, an online personal training and running coaching company that helps runners to: 1) Transform their running, by following the  7 step 5k2PB approach, runners of all abilities knock minutes off their running times and more importantly enjoy their running. AND 2) Transform their body, by joining the Lean Runner Programme, an 8 week weight loss programme that not only transforms their body but makes them look and feel amazing and see their running perform improve drastically!  It also includes a CANNOT FAIL guarantee. Link to register for the free live Webinar ‘RUNNERS: Stop Struggling to Lose Weight’ on the 16th July 2020, 8pm (BST, London) Social Media Website
June 26, 2020
Episode 22: Loubna Zarrou, the Strategic Dynamo
Loubna is an international bestselling author, professional speaker and multi-award-winning Strategic Dynamo who mentors entrepreneurs to gain clarity, focus and momentum with lightning speed. Loubna Zarrou is an international bestselling author, professional speaker and multi-award-winning Strategic Dynamo who is globally recognized for her extraordinary skill of being able to mentor Entrepreneurs to gain clarity, focus and momentum with lightning speed. Before starting her business and becoming the CEO of The Exponential Hero, Loubna spent over 18 years managing projects both in IT as well as change management in the corporate sector. It was during these years that Loubna was able to hone and utilize her expertise in helping people enhance their happiness at work, as well as strategies for more success in the boardroom. Loubna has now been able to take this a step further with her unique and innovative approach to mentoring through her A.C.T.I.O.N. process and regularly speaks to her audience on the importance of strategy, planning and the science of happiness to increase their impact, influence and income.
June 18, 2020
Episode 21: S.O.S! Suz on Your Shoulder. How to go from First Grade Teacher to Entrepreneur.
I loved interviewing Suz.  Her energy and sheer passion for her business and how she helps women gain food peace is remarkable and uplifting.  For anyone working in a public service role right now wondering how they can become an entrepreneur, this is for you. Suzanne is a Certified Nutritional Consultant, the CEO and Founder of CarpenterOne80, as well as the creator of SOS (Suz On Your Shoulder), Babysit My Plate, and The Food Peace University, three different virtual bite-sized nutrition courses.  They were designed to teach you what you need to know to create sustainable results. Suzanne Carpenter is an approachable, sincere, fun-loving, and passionate leader who loves to personal improvement and transformation in those she teaches.  Through her successful 10-year nutrition career, Suzanne saw a gap in the industry and a trend in society.  Americans are more confused and overwhelmed than ever when it comes to actually losing weight and keeping it off.  She created a virtual nutrition education company called CarpenterOne80 whose mission is to provide affordable and simple programs that can clear up food confusion so that people can win at losing weight. Contacting Suz is easy Website coupon code---journey (for the grocery lists) Facebook Private Facebook Instagram
June 10, 2020
Episode 20: Aaron Ross, international best selling author of Impossible to Inevitable and Predictable Revenues
Aaron talks openly and honestly about his journey from a degree in engineering to a failed start up, then starting again at the bottom in Salesforce and creating predictable revenues for them. He’s done it for himself too, going from $70k a year to $700k a year.
April 28, 2020
Episode 19: Tapping into your own wisdom - problem solving with a difference
This is a wonderful and very different perspective on bringing your business through difficult times. Surprising insights into where to find the answers to your business problems.
April 20, 2020
Episode 18: 3 Kids, 2 Businesses and an Alter Ego
Mike McGrail’s Entrepreneurial Journey is a twisty turny tale which takes us from the very early days of digital marketing (Beebo!) to the new essential business marketing tool - video, plus we find out how you keep going when the world of business has been turned upside down.
March 24, 2020
Episode 17: Ian Pilbeam left the public sector after 25 years and launched his own HR Dept business.
Six years into running his HR business, Ian talks about how becoming a part of a franchise network has really helped him grow in confidence and success.
March 12, 2020
Episode 16: A masterclass in succession planning
Andrew Morrison knew from day one that in five years time he would step down as Managing Director. Listen to his reasoning behind this and how it’s working out for him and the business. You can contact Andrew via to learn more
February 25, 2020
Episode 15: Claire Alexander is known as ‘Firecracker’ so that’s what she called her business.
How do you build an events company with £2.50 in your pocket, connect Africa with Scotland and get governments to listen? Find out how one woman set about achieving all of this and more.
February 18, 2020
Episode 14: Creativity, chaos and bedtime stories
The creative force behind The Whin is none other than Katie Goudie. She describes her journey from Scout Jamboree to freelancing - not a natural path, but one we think you’ll find interesting. Find her on Instagram @TheWhinco
February 11, 2020
Episode 13: Violently Agreeing!
Emma finds herself at the helm of a tech business after a decade of being a freelance strategic marketer. Her transition has been smooth, except for one thing. Find out more and why we called this episode Violently Agreeing!
February 06, 2020
Episode 12: Heart centred entrepreneurship with Dawn Breslin, creator of the Harmonizing process
Dawn Breslin, the founder and creator of Harmonizing - a sustainable way of living and working which is in tune with nature describes her incredible journey from Confidence Coach appearing on morning TV in the UK to losing it all. During this period of low energy and full adrenal fatigue, the seeds of an idea began to grow as she watched how nature recovers from depletion and moves into life after the winter. Her honesty and passion ooozes from this podcast. We can all learn to live in tune with the ebb and flow of our own natural cycles.
January 31, 2020
Episode 11: When people see an old police box (think Dr Who’s Tardis) they would normally walk by, not Monty Roy
Seeing the old police box on Leith Walk in Edinburgh gave Monty an idea. She’s building a business for the community and reviving long lost heritage by bringing new life to a once rusty old police box.
January 15, 2020
Episode 10: Interview with Leah Hutcheon, CEO of Appointedd: Resilience, determination and humour
Leah, like most entrepreneurs experienced a problem and couldn’t find a solution so she created the solution and built a business. This is a delightful interview which will keep you entertained. Leah is down to earth and tells it exactly how it is. She is totally hardcore!
January 07, 2020
Episode 9: The EDINBURGH Whisky Academy, a sister and brother team who have whisky in their blood
An award winning business (Great British Entrepreneur Winners of Family Business Award Scotland and Northern Ireland 2020) in the business of promoting the global brand that is Scottish whisky, but how much do you know about it? Ian tells the story of a long family tradition in the whisky industry and how he’s come to the role of Finance Director in the worlds first SQA accredited independent whisky academy. Find the Edinburgh Whisky Academy here
December 03, 2019
Episode 8: Creative, passionate and energetic describe Jane Adams’ entrepreneurial journey
Founder and Creative Director of Author Interiors, Jane Adams tells us about her not so logical progression from dentistry to e-commerce in the bespoke interiors arena! Her scariest moments and where she draws her inspiration from
November 28, 2019
Episode 7: Changing society. An entrepreneur with a passion for equality
Gavin Neate is the CEO of Neatebox and creator of Welcome by Neatebox, the FREE app that gives people with disabilities smooth access to venues. It gives the customer service team at venues in house training and information on how to greet and serve their customers with disabilities best,
November 25, 2019
November 15, 2019
November 15, 2019
Episode 6: From Council Flat to Castles
Pillow Partners is an award winning business - Great British Entrepreneur of the Year, Entrepreneurial Spirit Award, Scotland and Northern Ireland 2020. Every entrepreneur faces setbacks, but being told you’re stupid and you’re never going to amount to anything did not put Scott Weir, CEO and founder of Pillow off. He’s created a hugely successful property management business and has built in a way to give back to vulnerable adults and children through his network. You can find out more about Pillow Partners here
November 07, 2019
Episode 5: How an entrepreneur changes their mindset, Dan Campbell, Founder Of Red Box tells us his secrets
How one business owner turned his attitude around from can’t do to can do. Dan Campbell, founded Red Box tea & coffee solutions four years ago after realising his lifestyle and workaholic attitude wasn’t getting him anywhere he wanted to be.
September 12, 2019
Episode 4: Coming back after experiencing the failure of a business
If you’ve experienced the hurt, stress and pain of having to close a business, you’ll relate to Lee’s story. His honesty and openness about his experience is humbling. His story has a happy ending as he describes how he’s leaving a world in a better place than he found it.
August 15, 2019
Episode 3: Pam and Lynsey, founders of PS Wellness. The sick feeling they got when they left their day jobs
For those people thinking about leaving a safe, well paid job to pursue their dream of creating a five star wellness destination. They’re thinking big and this is their story so far....
July 02, 2019
Episode 2: Interview with Andrew Johnson, the co-founder of Holistrio meditation app and founder of KooKoo
This episode delves into the importance of developing a strong mindset for growth. Andrew is a world renowned hypnotherapist. He works with corporates to teach stressed out execs how to be more resilient, relaxed and focused. You can find his excellent meditation app Holistrio online and his recordings at
July 01, 2019