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A Fairy Good Life Introduces Trigger Happy

A Fairy Good Life Introduces Trigger Happy

By A Fairy Good Life
Suffering is not caused from a lack of positivity. Suffering is caused by inauthenticity. The shadow are fragments of the self that need to be loved. The shadow isn't crazy it is made up of suppressed, lost, repressed, and unhappy parts of the true self that get pushed away. In order to reclaim the true self which would be considered the higher self / inner child, you must learn to use your triggers to lead you to peace and empowerment! Let's get trigger Happy! Aya is a Gurvi that comes from an Ancestry of Shamans. To find her services go to YT & IG afairygoodlife
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Trigger Happy Workbook#17 - The Long Suffering Martyr is No Longer
Life After intense focus on Healing your Triggers. It takes a lot of dedication. You have Alchemized your life. Look at you! You are gorgeous. Join Aya for this season finale. Season 3 workbooks 18 - 25 will be dedicated to daily care. Thank you! For Personal Spiritual Counseling Sessions website
January 16, 2021
Trigger Happy Workbook #15 - The Dark Twisted Fantasy of Narcissistic Projections
The narcissist and scapegoat dynamic has nothing to do with the true self true, intimacy, or true communication. The reason why the narcissist cannot be present is because they are projecting the image of the enemy on to you. Join Aya for a discussion of how to see through this protection. For Personal Spiritual Counseling Sessions go to
January 2, 2021
Trigger Happy Workbook #14 - My Success Doesn't Take Away From Your Success & Happiness
In this workbook Aya talks more directly (than usual) about her own personal process of healing. She discusses her inner pain of letting go of directly being there for assistance and guidance in her family system. Join Aya in the discussion. For Personal Spiritual Counseling Sessions go to
December 26, 2020
Trigger Happy Workbook #13 - The Cheat Code: End The Game for Narcissist
Even after you go no contact there is still the inner ricochet of being connected to the narcissistic family system. There is a lot of grieving to do, there is a lot of talking about your feelings to do, and there is a lot of trauma to heal. But when it's all said and done retrieving your soul is the most important part of the process. What happens to the narcissist after you become fully self-actualized? Join Aya for a conversation about ending the game for the narcissist. For personal spiritual counseling sessions go to
December 19, 2020
Trigger Happy Workbook #12 - The 4 Secret Shames of Healing After Going No Contact
This topic maybe for a more mature killing audience. Meaning that you may not face these shames until you have been no contact and working on raising yourself for a while. So if this does not apply to you I understand let it fly. For Personal Spiritual Counseling Sessions go to
December 12, 2020
Trigger Happy Workbook #11 - The Alligator 🐊 Visualization Workbook
What is it that attracts us to toxic people? What makes them so appealing and worthy? This is a Active Visualization Meditation. Join Aya to uncouple yourself from Alligators for good. (Or at least a layer) For Personal Spiritual Counseling Sessions go to
December 5, 2020
Trigger Happy Workbook #10 - The Portal of Inner Child Rejection is your Inner Garden of Acceptance
Rejection from the Mother/Father feels like death to a child. If you have experienced this type of life threatening soul extinction you know what I mean. Often adult survivors of Abuse continue to perpetuate and re-create this very rejection over and over. Why is that? Join Aya for a discussion about one of the hardest wounds to initiate. For personal Spiritual Counseling Sessions go to
November 28, 2020
Trigger Happy Workbook - ARROGANCE! Narcissist and their Flying Monkeys dying to be you . . . AGAIN!
What does Arrogant mean? Do you hang out with people who don't want you to be great? How long are you going to allow this in your life? Join Aya in this discussion and reclaim your Triggered Fragments. For Personal Spiritual Counseling Sessions go to
November 21, 2020
The Workbook for Empaths Growing out of Being an Empath- Workbook 8
In this workbook podcast we will be discussing empaths. What is an empath? What is kryptonite to an empath? And how can you empower yourself so that you are making the decisions that lead to your highest good instead of leading you down the road to becoming a damsel in distress? All these questions will be answered and more thank you for joining me.
August 16, 2020
Narcissist - The Swagger Jacker, Body Snatcher, & Energy Vampire Intro Workbook 7
In Workbook #7 we will be working on the Spiritual Warfare of being in the vicinity with Narcissist. On your end you call it a relationship but you are really serving a function. To reclaim your soul life listen to this workbook to prepare to do what you got to do. #shaminism #mentalhealth
August 2, 2020
The Scapegoat, The Narcissist, & The Flying Monkeys Workbook 6
In this workbook Aya will be discussing at length the experiences that the Scapegoat experiences in the Narcissistic Family System! Feel free to discuss your experiences as well! Book Recommendations: The Right Use of Will by Ceanne & The Spirit of African Intimacy by Sobonfu Somé
July 27, 2020
Trigger Happy Workbook #5 - Live G Note Sound Healing Bowl for the Throat Chakra
It is time for you to know how important you and your voice are. You belong here on earth at this time. You are within your rights to protect your mind, body, and soul. And also to express your creativity. This sound healing is for the Throat Chakra which when healed assist in you standing up for the truth. Sound healing is medicinal and if taken in deeply cause you to detox. So you may feel sleepy after listening to this recording. Best if listened to with headphones. Book Recommendations: African Intimacy by Sobonfu Some.
July 19, 2020
Trigger Happy Workbook #4 - Self Care Fatigue - The Self Care Will Win
From working with 100's of people I see that at the beginning of the path people are gun ho! They enjoy the baby phase of learning new things. If you don't stop there and you really get down to work you may hit a wall or many walls that are uncomfortable and make you feel like you are doing something wrong or that you wish you never came to the altar to be healed. Self-Care is solidified when you continue to love yourself through the tough spots. You aren't doing anything wrong, you are just facing your shadows. Keep going you can do it! For personal Spiritual Counseling Sessions with Aya go to
July 5, 2020
Trigger Happy Workbook #3 - Obey The Light Meditation
This is a Guided Meditation for your Body Mind connection & headphones could be of great use. Having a 30 minute uninterrupted slot of time just for you to care for your CELLS would be beneficial. For personal Spiritual Counseling Sessions you can go to my website
June 21, 2020
The Inner Child Workbook 2
This Episode the Gurvi Aya is discussing 1st the the Spiritual practice of Black Lives Matter. Then in our workbook we discuss the drama of the inner child recognize the origin of your triggers. We can began to resource the sensations that lead to liberation. Book Recommendations: "Right Use of Will" "The Drama of The Gifted Child" "The Screams of Childhood" for Personal Spiritual Counseling Sessions
June 14, 2020
The Churning of Evolution
In this episode we discuss where to begin on the path of self-realization. What Causes Triggers. Why you should take responsibility for your triggers for the ultimate empowerment. This a podcast/workbook inspired by the up and coming "Trigger Happy"- A Shamanic Healing Journey Workbook by The Gurvi AYA.
June 5, 2020