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TriggsAmos podcast

TriggsAmos podcast

By Tray amos
This Podcast can’t be described. Just tune in. Follow me on all social networks @TriggsAmos If you’ll like to donate you can cash app is @($TriggsAmos) Make sure you to go like the TriggsAmos Podcast page on Facebook. Thanks
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TheTales: How I got bit by the snakes in Buena Vista
How a man went from customers to supplier
June 21, 2020
Rayshard Brooks shot dead by atl cop.
Talking about the death of Rayshard Brooks . Was it justified?
June 14, 2020
Rat Danny and Oniki
6ix9ine and nikki Minaj has the industry puzzled. Why tho???
June 10, 2020
Covid-19 in Michigan average 30 + deaths
Death toll will get to its highest average?
June 07, 2020
Fake Milton Hall outrage
How can u fight harder for somebody u don’t know than the ones u do
June 07, 2020
Stop giving them a reason
30 days nonviolence for your neighborhood
June 07, 2020
Bloodline not race
It’s deeper than black and white
June 07, 2020
Cop shot in the head in Vegas
Riots turn deadly
June 07, 2020
Donald Trump could never identify with you
Thoughts on the Donald
June 07, 2020
Police plows thru protesters
Police under attack
June 07, 2020
Black people can’t blame white people no more. Racism doesn’t exist
Conversation on the state of the black community
June 20, 2019
People will start hating you just because your smiling too much
I talk about how some people will see you happy and that just makes them sick
June 15, 2019
Memphis police under attack by civilians after U.S Marshals gun down dangerous fugitive. Nobody care
Civilians attack Memphis police even tho they had no involvement with the shooting. 21 year old black man that was on the run for a felony warrant for a dangerous crime rammed the police cars multiple times and got out with a weapon and was killed on the spot. (Tuff)
June 13, 2019
Kevin Durant cursed for being greedy!?!? Will Kd come back the same as before or is he mvp dreams ov
Kevin Durant injuries my cost him his career. Should kd should’ve waiting to heal to save his career
June 13, 2019
City girls career ends in tragic fashion. Will they be able to stand strong and bounce back?
One half of the city girls gets pregnant by CEO-P or some other hood artists under CEO-P record label
June 13, 2019
Celina Powell admits to robbing G herbo
Couple years ago she said she sucked and robbed GHerbo. He’s been robbed at least 4 times. Does this mean he’s not with the shit?
April 30, 2019
Kodak calls ti sons “Fags” Soulja boy gets robbed for $600,000 . In the words of Ayo “The rap trap”
Kodak black and ti beef heats up. Soulja boy house robbed while he’s in jail for violating probation.
April 18, 2019
(OMG) Waka Flocka Flame studio gets shot up in Atlanta . Multiple gunmen but no one arrested. (Smdh)
Waka flocka studio shot up in Atlanta. What’s next to come of this?
April 13, 2019
(Breaking)Nipsey Hussle procession was shot up right at the end. 4 shot and 1 dead. “on the dead loc
Shots go off at the end of nipsey hussle procession. Great day gone down the drain because of dumb people
April 12, 2019
TI threatens Kodak black on tmz interview. Also says no one respect Kodak. Tip says Kodak is “Slime”
TI talks Kodak on tmz interview. Sound like a threat. The need continues Who’s in the wrong?
April 11, 2019
Kodak black gets beat up in North Carolina while trying to crowd surf. Fans say he’s not welcome.
Kodak blacks gets jumped by crowd while trying to crowd surf in North Carolina at his show
April 10, 2019
Tekashi 6ix9ine could be free as soon as everybody takes the plea deal. Was this all planned???
tekashi 6ix9ine make get out with time served before 2020 if ever takes the plea deal. Will he still be the king of New York?
April 09, 2019
Cardi “Capsule” B admits to drugging and robbing men in her hay day. All men demands cardi be jailed
Cardi b gets on live stream and admits to drugging and robbing men back in her hay day. All men demand cardi be jailed
March 26, 2019
“ Straight “ Atl rapper Young Thug says he’ll slap Lucci and sauc waka because they think he sweet
Beef between Thug,Lucci, and sauc has to be the stupidest need by far . Smh
March 25, 2019
Why does stuff that happened in the Bible doesn’t happen anymore? Walking on water, parting seas etc
Opening the mind and asking the questions others are afraid to ask out loud . Is religion true or is it all a game? This is ( spiritual Sunday)
March 24, 2019
Kodak black booboo on Tupac names. Seems he has diarrhea at the mouth Kodak black back on drugs?
Kodak continues to spazz at the mouth for no reason at all. Is lil Kodak back on drugs or nahhh?
March 24, 2019
Lil uzi regrets selling his soul and wants it back/ Almighty Jay gets used Ass a rag doll In NYC
Lil uzi vert cry’s out for his soul back/ Almighty jay gets beat down and robbed in NYC
March 23, 2019
Boring faithful women vs Fun lying slut ? Which is better?
Triggs thoughts on a boring faithful girl vs fun slut
March 15, 2019
Michael Jacksons on Trial from the grave? How the f**k is this possible ??? Is this weird or nahh?
Michael Jackson Trail from the grave. My opinion on the whole situation
March 08, 2019
Bobby Shmurda says f**k Tekashi69 and says he’ll never work or be connected to him again
My opinion on the Bobby shmurder interview. Share, and like the page . Thanks.
March 08, 2019
Robert “Tween twatt “Kelly goes on CBS and crying his little heart out. Why tho??? Is he guilty ?
R Kelly goes on cbs to pled he case to Gail and end up breaking down in tears
March 06, 2019
“Shotti dies in prison” Ynw Melly a serial killer?Cop killer ???
Old man Shotti dies in prison if sentenced and “YNW Melly may be a serial killer”
March 06, 2019
10 years in prison is what the rapper NBA YoungBoy could be facing
Thoughts and opinions about nba youngboy facing 10 years. Hosted by TriggsAmos
February 28, 2019
Sara Molina says on VladTv that Tekashi69 raped her and beat her with chairs🤷🏿‍♂️🤷🏿‍♂️🤷🏿‍♂️She lying or nahhh
TriggsAmos thoughts and opinions on Sara Molina going on vladTv to say 69 raped her
February 26, 2019
Hip hop news. R. Kelly Scandal/ Jussie Smollett . Wtf
TriggsAmos gives his thoughts and opinions on the R. Kelly scandal and Jussie Smollett bullsh1t
February 24, 2019
“Tekashi69 released from prison Today” The news they’re waiting for ???
Looks like 69 is on his way home . Will he snitch on everybody??? TriggsAmos gives his thoughts and opinions on the whole case
February 19, 2019
Fuckery Friday . push play
Just a rant. Have fun and enjoy . To show support share or hit the cashapp ($TriggsAmos)
February 16, 2019
YNW Melly gets arrested for murder
TriggsAmos gives his opinions and thoughts on YNW Melly getting arrested for the murder of his two best friends 😮😮😮
February 14, 2019
BowWow checking into domestic abuse shelter ??? 🤷🏿‍♂️🤷🏿‍♂️🤷🏿‍♂️
Just TriggsAmos thoughts on the BowWow domestic situation with his Girlfriend (Thot ) 😂😂😂 p.s Don’t forget to hit the cash app($TriggsAmos) 💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿 Best dam podcast
February 12, 2019
21 savage gets Jammed by Immigration
TriggsAmos thoughts on 21 savage being detained for being a illegal Immigrant. Apparently he’s a U.K savage Mate😂😂😂
February 05, 2019
Down with TreyWay/BowWow getting abused ?
TriggsAmos thoughts on the TreyWay situation with Tekashi69 and the court system. Plus, TriggsAmos thoughts on the BowWow getting his a$$ beat and still going to jail situation. Oh yeah, don’t forget to follow me on all social media networks @TriggsAmos
February 03, 2019
Tekashi69 snitching on shotti ???
TriggsAmos thoughts on Tekashi69 snitching on shotti allegations.
February 01, 2019