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Legacy and Legends with Trina Gunzel: Celebrity Interviews to Inspire You #tomyyoungerself

Legacy and Legends with Trina Gunzel: Celebrity Interviews to Inspire You #tomyyoungerself

By Trina Gunzel
Sharing stories of overcoming challenges, personal growth, business, & self-improvement with personal interviews to inspire and encourage you. I believe our challenges can become our greatest strengths and am a speaker, author & business consultant for leaders. Access your free gift: 7 Steps To Simple Sales Here: You will learn a valuable process you can implement in your business to increase your sales, today! You'll also have the opportunity to purchase some incredible resources to magnify your impact, results, and confidence. Trina
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International Legacy and Legends Interview with Mindset and Business Coach in Canada, Brittany Budd
It is my pleasure to have this featured leader on the Legacy and Legends Podcast. The online world of social media connections allows us to connect and create powerful friendships and grow our businesses internationally. You can make a bigger impact by magnifying your skills and talents and networking with powerful influencers around the globe. My heart connected with Brittany as she has shared her personal stories, the journey of motherhood, and business growth over the last few years. Learn what you can do to help you grow your business organically through the Power of Social Media and Facebook groups as Brittany reveals through this personal interview. Brittany Budd is a stock broker turned Mindset and Business Coach.  She is a wife and mom of 3 living in Canada.   You can connect with her here: (group growth freebie) I always appreciate your comments and love to hear your biggest takeaways! Let me know! Thank you for being here. Trina Gunzel
June 03, 2022
Legacy and Legends Interview with Chief Heart Officer and Digital Marketing Consultant George Bryant
It is my absolute pleasure to feature the humble, generous, and most extremely successful in life and business guests, ever, George Bryant! George Bryant is a New York Times Best Selling Author, Podcast Host & one of the most highly sought-after digital marketing consultants in the world to teach his relationships Beat Algorithms™ approach to business. He has helped hundreds of the largest companies in the world and thousands of entrepreneurs ethically scale their businesses by deepening their relationships with their customers... and creating transformational breakthroughs that help them accomplish their goals. He believes a company’s financial success is directly dependent on the amount of value they share before AND after a purchase.  Business is about relationships & touchpoints. The companies who put relationships before transactions will win.  That is the relationships Beat Algorithms approach. Connect with him here: 🥞 Will trade marketing for Chocolate Chip Pancakes (don't tell my wife) 🥞 And check out his awesome podcast: Thank you for being a guest, George and for sharing your expertise!  This podcast is gold! Your new friend who will be shipping you Chocolate Pancakes,  Trina Gunzel
May 08, 2022
Legacy and Legends Podcast Interview with Lee Midlane: Video Production Academy Coach
Welcome to the Legacy and Legends Podcast! This is our last featured guest for Women's History Month. Lee Midlane is incredible and joins us in our global reach from the UK!  Learn more about here here: LEE MIDLANE VIDEO EDUCATOR & COACH CEO & FOUNDER OF IT CENTRAL - HOME OF THE VIDEO PRODUCTION ACADEMY Have you heard the term – “not my first rodeo?” I think that could definitely apply to me in business! You could describe me as a serial entrepreneur, or a multi-passionate business owner. The reality is, I’ve been all about business since I was a kid! Let’s fast forward quite a lot! I spent 10 years as a chocolatier with my own chocolate business, and then worked for someone else managing their computer shop. I know – that’s quite a leap, but I have a technical background so not as big a leap as you might imagine. My background was originally in television and radio production, and then in education as a college lecturer. We launched our first Tech Academy, The Video Production Academy in November 2021, and we have members internationally. We help techstressed business owners make video’s for their business so that they can feel confident on camera and effectively connect with their audience. The irony of this is – before lockdown I wouldn’t speak in a room, or on camera. I’m such an introvert that speaking in any form used to send me into a panic – think flushed face, sweaty palms, palpitations – the works! But through practice and perseverance I can now hop on camera and feel totally comfortable and confident with presenting. (Don’t get me wrong – I still have my fair share of bloopers and outtakes!) It’s funny how life comes around full circle. Here I am again, a video educator, back to doing what I love – a combination of the media and education. I want to take what I’ve learned across a lifetime, my knowledge and experience to help other business owners and hopefully save them from going through some of the challenges we have. I have a huge passion for marketing, sales, technology and strategy, to help businesses run more effectively and generate more money. You can find Lee's Social Info at: Facebook Page: Facebook Group: Instagram: LinkedIn: Twitter: Website: Linktree: Email: Thank you so much for being here! Please let me know your favorite takeaway from this episode! Trina Gunzel You can reach out to me and our welcome in our groups: and You are also welcome to learn more and book a call at Get your free gift here:  If you're interested in learning 7 Steps To Simple Sales, this will help you learn exactly what to do to land more dream clients.
April 25, 2022
A Mentorship Business Planning Session From the Heart to Inspire Young Entrepreneurs and Help Them See What's Possible
I saw a discouraged entrepreneur with big ideas and a heart to help families. I decided to offer her a free business planning session to inspire her and encourage her in her journey and give her real resources, tools, and a business plan she can apply to move forward with her big idea. This episode is dedicated to every entrepreneur with a dream on their heart who does not feel supported and wants to move forward. I hope you will listen to this and take it to heart. I truly feel like this is a mentor session I am having with my younger self. This information will make a huge impact! You can do hard things! I believe in you Ellie Marié! With love, Trina Gunzel  
April 16, 2022
Interview with Dani Goeppert who helps Christian women entrepreneurs market their businesses through her Audience Attraction Accelerator
Dani Goeppert helps Christian women entrepreneurs market their businesses by creating their own stages utilizing fun, immersive virtual events with zero ad spend. She is on a mission to help them make more, so they can invest more - into their families, communities, relationships and projects and thus transform the nations. She is the founder and CEO of The Risen Entrepreneur, Risen Events, and host of The Risen Entrepreneur Podcast. By leveraging the use of virtual events, and the power of relationships, she has helped thousands of women step out courageously into their calling as co-creators. She teaches and coaches others how to do the same using her Audience Attraction Accelerator. She is a wild, happy, mama of five, and married to the handsomest of German men. Originally from Canada, currently she resides with her family in Austria where they delight in looking at the Alps and cows, and are joyfully serving God. You can find her and some great resources at: If you would like more information or to join our Stories To Success Community, you an learn more here: Real people. Real results. Idea to launch in less than 6 weeks. We make big dreams reality for families who want to spend more time together. ❤ I love reading your comments!  Please let me know your favorite part and feedback from this episode! Trina Gunzel Business Consultant and Breakthrough Coach for Next Level Results! You are always welcome in our space:
April 06, 2022
Interview with Eat+Play+Love Branding Specialist and TEDx Speaker, Magriet Potgieter, in South Africa
Magriet Potgieter is the host of Write and Shine PR, Media & Branding Coach |Founder Write and Shine PR & Media Coaching |TEDx Speaker (Eat+Play+Love) |International Best Selling Author About Magriet: As a PR, Media and Branding Coach, it’s my mission to help you if you are a business owner, course creator, speaker, author, expert, coach, or thought-leader and you want to build your personal brand and business to upscale through being seen and heard on various platforms like podcasts, TV shows, various magazines, TEDx and build credibility through your PR and Media presence. I not only help you perfect your personal brand and core message, but help you become the Go-To-Expert and Thought leader in your industry through my Elite PR System that grows your Impact and Income with INSPIRATION as call to action for your new clients GUARANTEED. The game has changed in the PR and Media industry, the focus now is how you POSITION yourself, to reach your target audience. No more knocking on doors, it's time for your clients to knock on your door. Reach out to her to be a part of the amazing world of PR she creates and her special global light and message reaching around the world! If you'd like more information or to be booked on the Legacy and Legends Podcast, connect with me here: Trina Gunzel
April 05, 2022
Legacy and Legends Interview with my Mom, Mary Jo Licavoli. She is Grace, Faith, and Leadership in Business and in Her Home. You do not have to sacrifice your family for your business.
It is my absolute pleasure to feature my Mom, Mary Jo Licavoli, for Women's History Month. My mother is a beautiful example of the feminine leadership she applied to nurture and develop relationships both in and out of our home.  It's not hard to see where I got my example of excellent customer service and how to be a wonderful wife and mother and have a career, too! Not only did my mom work by my dad's side to help create Licavoli Appraisal Service, our family business growing up, she also earned a position as the business manager of our community school because of her attention to detail and ability to apply herself to learn and master all of the necessary accounting, budget, and management skills. My mom never missed a tuck in, taught me to read, always believed in my bigger dreams, and raised 6 incredible children who are all putting more good in the world. She stayed by my dad's side through incredible challenges and shows rock-solid unwavering faith and selfless love. She possesses an unusual amount of energy that has allowed her to excel in many things at the same time!  Mary Jo also has the determination to keep going until she gets the job done, no matter what it takes! Now retired, she continues to apply herself and takes on consulting or customer service positions when she wants to add more abundance to her life.  She is kind, generous, loving, smart, and beautiful inside and out. She also has a lot of fun, makes every visit special, enjoys swimming, spending time at the ocean, and caring for her flowers. Enjoy this special podcast which I will treasure forever, getting to save the best interview for last, to wrap up Women's History Month with my incredible MOM! I love you Mom. You are a Gorgeous Grandma! This book was created in honor of my mother, grandmas, and as tribute to all of our family, friends, and mothers in the world. If you'd like to ask any questions or learn more about our programs, products, or services, go to: or Thank you for leaving the best legacy...your family! Love, Trina Licavoli Gunzel
April 01, 2022
Legacy and Legends Interview with Stephanie Chapman: Mom Strong Mindset Mentor
Stephanie Chapman lives in Northern Colorado with her husband, five children, and four dogs. She specializes in coaching and mentoring entrepreneur moms on how to be empowered, determined, organized, and passionate in their lives and business. Stephanie is the owner of Mom Strong.  She is a certified Mindset and Life Coach, NLP Practitioner, and Behavior Change Specialist. As a mindset mentor and life coach, she helps moms through life's transformations. She is passionate about the empowerment of moms and loves helping them reach their highest potential while still showing up for their families.  She shows them how to embrace the chaos while mastering their mindset which shows through in the successes in their life and business. You can contact Stephanie and learn more about her experience, Mom Strong Tribe, and custom programs here: If you are interested in being a featured guest or want to have a transformational breakthrough in your life or business, reach out to me at Thank you for being part of the positive ripple effect around the world we are creating! Trina Gunzel Author/Business Consultant/High Ticket Dream Client Programs Ready to Amplify Abundance in your life? High vibe, Waves of positivity, and you can Sell, Share, and Connect every day!
March 31, 2022
Legacy and Legends Interview with Jocelyn Manzanarez, Founder of Musically Minded and the Author of Circle Time Success
Jocelyn Manzanarez received her BA from the University of Montana in Music Education and her MA in Music Education from the University of Washington. She is a certified K-12 music educator in Washington state as well as a Washington state S.T.A.R.S. certified trainer for childcare providers.   Jocelyn is the founder of Musically Minded, a Seattle based early childhood music education program that provides weekly music classes at childcare centers and preschools both in person and virtually.  She is a frequent presenter at conferences throughout the Pacific Northwest teaching teachers how to keep circle times fresh and fun through active, hands-on learning.     Jocelyn is the author of Circle Time Success, an early childhood curriculum to help teachers take the overwhelm out of circle time by providing engaging activities and practical strategies that bring joy back to teaching. Learn more here: Thank you for commenting and sharing to inspire Music Education for children and support for teachers. If you'd like more information about how I can help you spread your message, reach out to me at and you are welcome in our family-friendly Facebook Group:   Amplifying Abundance For Action Takers:
March 28, 2022
Legacy and Legends Interview with Nicole Barker: Client Attraction Coach
Nicole Cherie Barker, CEO of Wonder Women Client Attraction, has helped thousands of women-owned businesses by teaching them to stay authentic in order to attract true clients with ease and without cold outreach. She has a very inspiring story and background of a true survivor and fighter. She has overcome abuse, loss, and grief, and today she is helping others with doing what she does: believe in themselves and make a living out of personal authenticity. Nicole has been featured on NBC, CBS and FOX among other publications. You can join Nicole's Facebook Group to learn more and connect with   Unicorn Client Attraction Secrets for High Vibe Wonder Women, here: There is so much gold in this interview!  I'd love to hear your feedback in the comments. You can always reach out to me at Thank you for putting more light in the world and lifting others up! Love, Trina Gunzel
March 12, 2022
Legacy and Legends Interview with Paige Clark: Retreat Specialist and Spiral UP Coaching
It's Women's History Month and on this special International Women's Day, I can't think of a better woman to honor than my incredible friend and world traveler, Paige Clark! Paige is a Retreat Specialist and loves to help people spiral UP into a life that they love! She has a finance degree, taught hypnosis for birth for 8 years now helps people put on transformational retreats while using her superpowers of event planning, healthy food creation, Yoga, meditation and coaching/hypnosis. Paige's big WHY is her 3 amazing kids. They love to snow ski, boat and travel together. Website: To Schedule a time to talk: Podcasts: The Mulberry Sisters (Episode 11 is on party planning) And The Feminine Subconscious Podcast On a personal note, I highly recommend working with Paige and getting to know her.  She is an incredible woman to have in your corner and her abundance of love will make your life brighter by simply knowing her! Her story will truly inspire you to find the gift each challenge is giving you and your life will truly be blessed by having her in it. I had the pleasure of working with Paige in our Stories To Success Program and you can learn more about our work and Stories To Success Program here: Thank you so much for listening and I would love your comments.  Please Subscribe to continue this amazing series of personal and professional growth with Leaders & Legacy Stories and Interviews. Love, Trina Gunzel
March 09, 2022
Legacy and Legends Interview with Jo Davis
It is my absolute pleasure to have one of my dear friends and leaders in the world being part of the bigger positive ripple effect, Jo Davis, on the Firsts After 40 Podcast today! Jo Davis is an author, speaker, gifted Intuitive Guide, adventure addict, and the Founder of Lift A Sister Up.  An organization driven by the belief that our highest calling is to support and inspire other women to chase their dreams both personally and professionally.  She is also a Reiki Master, Teacher, and a certified Death Doula. Jo has over 150,000 followers and students.  Believing that everyone has these powerful gifts, she shows ordinary people how to tap into their intuitive superpower through her course "Big Mess to Big Magic."   She is also a world-renowned artist and owner of Sky Soul Photography and Sky Soul Art.  Showcasing over a thousand pieces of work with clients worldwide. You can find her book at: Living Kindly: Bold Conversations Living Kindly: Bold Conversations about the Power of Kindness and her social media links are: If you'd like me to connect you with her or to apply to be interviewed on the podcast, reach out to me at and you can download your free gift at to learn how to build the ultimate family business. Remember, you get to create the life you want so make it a great one! Trina Gunzel
August 13, 2021
Interview with the Queen of Courage: Joy Villa
Joy Villa is a recording artist, best-selling author, public speaker,  political commentator and humanitarian. Her EP "I Make the Static" rocketed to the #1 spot on both iTunes and Amazon following her 2017 Grammys' appearance, and landed her a #1 Album in Alternative, #1 in Rock, and a #12 spot on Billboards Top 200 Albums. Joy’s a true entertainer who tours 25 countries a year and has wowed the world with her red-carpet style. (Entertainment Weekly, E!, Billboard, NY Daily News, Los Angeles Times, to name a few). Hear Joy's inspirational and personal story of overcoming incredible challenges and learn how you can transform your life to create the results you want. Her unique Courage Course will help you take action and gain the confidence to achieve your goals. You will receive: 4 Weeks of ACTION Course Training with Joy Villa Week 1 - Facing Fears: Confront what’s really holding you back from gaining courage Week 2 - Realize How Good You Really Are: How to focus on your wins and minimize your losses to gain true confidence Week 3 - Dress For Success: Awaken your own sense of style and find out what colors and shapes really work for your body Week 4 - Action Is The Secret: Joy’s secret steps for taking action and getting massive results Worksheet Downloads and Activities for each week's lesson Facing Fears Worksheet: Work with Joy Villa's guidance to discover, Your goals, your worst fears, why that fear is stopping me and what I can do about it. Accomplishment Worksheet:  Get the wins from an entire lifetime and gain the massive confidence that comes from discovering that which lies within. Dressed for Success Plan:  Learn the secret to discover YOUR best colors and expose your inner confidence with your powerful outward expression. Action is the Secret Elevation Pitch:  Knowing is one thing, but BEING takes work. You'll leave this lesson having already DONE the things you used to fear to do.. You can purchase Joy Villa's course and gain immediate access at: Thank you for your comments and feedback! Reach out to me with any questions or comments by emailing and schedule a consultation call with me to see how consulting could work for you.  Do you have a story, skills and talents to share?  Learn more at or Remember, you get to create your own success story! Love, Trina Gunzel Consultant, Trainer, Author, and Educator helping make dreams reality
April 27, 2021
Brave Hearts Make Big Dreams Reality: An Interview with Author, Jessica Broadway
There are so many times in life when we want and wish to do things, but grief and circumstances of life hold us back.  Please enjoy this episode with my dear friend and client, Jessica Broadway as she shares about her first published book and big breakthrough in:  A Journey To Raising Brave Hearts.   She is a Mompreneur, Boy Mama, and a creative and kindhearted soul.  Her desire to serve and make a bigger impact inspired her to share her story and you can grab a copy and connect with her at: Also @JessicaBroadway on Instagram (TheMommyBossX3) When you take the time to share your story with others, you leave a legacy of love and courage that will stand the test of time. Reach out to me directly for your opportunity to be a featured guest on my podcast at: With love, Trina Gunzel
February 01, 2021
In this season of your life, self love is the solution.
For growth on your personal and professional life, self love is the solution. You can't pour from an empty cup and you can't give what you don't have. Listen for real solutions, a moving forward success plan, and know that now is the best time to create. Go to to schedule a private 30 minute consultation with me and get a positive spiral moving up in your life. Also, you can watch the replay of the inspirational Women In Power event when you join the free group here: And enter to win free prizes from the event here: Fill your cup with these inspirational speakers and I look forward to talking with you soon! Love, Trina Gunzel
November 28, 2020
The secret to blowing way past your goals and creating the life you want
Don't leave anything up to chance! This episode reveals exactly what you need to do to finally get the results you want in your life. And, the gold in this episode will give you an example you can refer to with specific ways to start stacking wins today. Are you ready for your life to change? This episode is short, sweet, and specific. If you're ready to have a life changing conversation to address your specific needs and create a plan to move forward, schedule a breakthrough session with me at
September 17, 2020
Instagram Profits through Connecting with Your Interest Group with guest Wyatt Gunzel
Have you ever wondered how to start a profitable business using Instagram? At only 16 years old, Wyatt has dialed that in and already is running a profitable business by exploring his interests and connecting with a group that shares his passion for a very specific hobby. Would you like to learn more about how to do this?   Wyatt has a program where he mentors other entrepreneurs who want to turn their passion into profits. His goal is to inspire greatness through creative communication and he does this through the performing arts and finding common reality. Wyatt is an author, singer, part of our business and sales team, as well as a trainer for Gunzel Family Brands. His story of overcoming challenges and being in demand as a guest speaker for Type 1 Diabetes is inspiring. If you've ever wondered how you can make your dreams reality, connect with Wyatt and be part of his mentoring for success program for young entrepreneurs. Get in touch with Wyatt on Instagram by sending him a direct message at: If you're looking to start a business from scratch and grow it to beyond 6 figures, start with mastering the fundamentals and creating your own signature program.   Start your success journey by downloading your free Road Map to more Time, Money, Love and Freedom here: Comment below your biggest takeaways from this episode and tune in for future steps to growing your business based on your purpose. Love, Trina Gunzel
August 31, 2020
How To Create Certainty In Uncertain Times
This episode will be an inspiration and comfort to those looking to create certainty in their life right now.   Leaders rise during challenges and help others by sharing their stories, experiences, skills and talents.  Are you ready to be part of the solution?  What if everything we have been through in life could actually come together to help us live our true purpose and make a bigger impact? If this touches your heart and you want to have a deeper conversation with me, schedule your consultation call with me at As a valued listener, we'd like to give you a free gift.  You can access your downloadable Roadmap to more time, money, love, and freedom here: I would love to hear your comments and how this episode impacted you. Please email me directly at: Thank you for listening and being part of the ripple effect for positive change in the world. Love, Trina Gunzel Subscribe to our blog at:
June 12, 2020
Dream Driven Women Podcast Episode Featuring Sales with Priscilla Desiree
If you want to know about Sales and Money Mindset Coaching for Women, this is the podcast episode for you.  You can sell without being salesy or sleezy and you're going to really enjoy this energetic, fun and sassy approach during this featured interview. As professionals, we have to handle the exchange piece in our business so that we can serve the needs of our community. This is your time to serve, thrive, and make a bigger impact!  It all starts with you. You can learn more and connect with Priscilla through her website at and on Facebook search @DreamDrivenWomen Let's break through the glass ceiling in your business and learn how to sell naturally! Keep joining me here for future featured Legacy Leaders in the making. Reach out to me directly to connect and share your Legacy Story. Love, Trina Gunzel
May 01, 2020
Interview with Pinterest Consultant Heather Farris by Lifestyle and Business Breakthrough Consultant, Trina Gunzel
Have you ever wondered about how Pinterest could work for you and your business?  Maybe you are a busy Mom trying to figure out a job you could do from home?  Maybe you're a blogger and want to see how to get traffic to your site?  Maybe you have beautiful photography and want to see how you can do more with it?  Maybe you would like to actually get paid for your courses or start making some income from this "online hobby."   Wherever you are in your journey, you are going to love this interview! Heather has a wonderful family story and a passionate heart for solving problems.  I'm so excited to have your incredible Pinterest expertise to share with you as part of this Leadership and Legacy Series. Please reach out to Heather Farris if you have Pinterest needs at: And you can also find her on her Facebook page at:*F If you would like to figure out how to put your skills and talents to use and want to learn more about starting your own consulting business, you may book a call to speak with me directly.  Have value to offer others?  I would also be interested in seeing if you are a great fit to be a featured guest on my podcast. Schedule here and I'll talk to you soon! Trina Gunzel
March 02, 2020
A Leader's Story to Breaking The 6 figure Barrier Through Building Relationships with Erin Crowell by Trina Gunzel
Erin Crowell is an amazing person!  Our hearts connected right away when we met because of our aligned visions to help more people and nurture authentic relationships. Learn about Erin's growth process and real story of what it actually takes to break the 6 figure barrier as a leader defined by grace and learning. If you want to learn about growth through personal development and see how financial freedom allows you to make a bigger impact, you will love the causes this servant's heart is being able to contribute to, because of her success. It is truly my honor to have Erin Crowell on the the show and please connect with her on Facebook at and also on follow her Instagram She is one of the most vulnerable, authentic, and real people I know with a passionate heart to help others see how deserving they are and step into their gifts and talents. Deeply knowledgeable about health and creating a quality life through building relationships, I know you'll love this episode! Thank you Erin! Hugs, Trina Gunzel I look forward to connecting with you!  Please reach out to me and I look forward to reading your comments.
February 12, 2020
What are you waiting for? Follow these specific steps to improve your health, wealth, & happiness.
In this episode, we are specifically going to look at tracking data to make changes in health, wealth and happiness. Many times, it is the avoidance of reality and the lack of seeing things the way they really are that keeps us from creating the life we want. I will share strategies to help you gain perspective on where you actually are and exact things you can do right now to start building momentum and designing the life you really want. How can we take action if we don't understand what is happening in our health, wealth, and happiness? I would love to hear any aha moments and comments you have from this episode.   Please share in the comments. And ladies, if you are an entrepreneur or high achiever looking to grow or build your business, I want to personally invite you to join my Facebook group:  Women in Business here: If you would like to have more clarity on your vision and see how we can work together to help you transition out of your current job or be able to add value to others by starting your own high paying consulting business, you can learn more and schedule a strategy session with me here:  https:/ Thank you for tuning in and I look forward to talking with you soon! Trina Gunzel Connect on Facebook: My books on Amazon for families and self improvement:
February 10, 2020
Interview with Celebrity Janice Martin as a featured guest with Trina Gunzel on Firsts After 40
Have you ever wondered how to make incredible income traveling and living your passion as a musician? Janice Martin's story is incredibly unique and inspiring. She is a fantastic musician, athlete, and author who took her talents to the sky to create an experience for her audience like none other! Reviews of Janice include:  A flexible artist, covering the gamut from AC/DC to Vivaldi. A rich, musical imagination. THE WASHINGTON POST Newspapers around the world including The New York Times and Washington Post have described Janice Martin’s virtuosic playing as “brilliant” and “splendid” with “a warm and richly resonant tone” where “perfection was never in question.” There is no performer quite like Janice Martin. She achieves virtuosity as a violinist, pianist, vocalist and most uniquely, as an Aerial Acrobatic Violinist. A native of Racine, Wisconsin, Janice is a graduate of The Juilliard School of Music studying with Dorothy DeLay, Masao Kawasaki and Glenn Dicterow and Indiana University School of Music studying with Yuval Yaron, Franco Gulli and Mimi Zweig. She is also a United States Army Veteran, for which she contributed a three-year enlistment as the premiere violin soloist for presidential performances in the White House, the Capitol and the State Department. She completed her basic training completed in Ft. Leonardwood, MO. Ms. Martin has created DVDs, CDs and most recently authored a Children's Inspirational Book entitled: "How I Learned to Fly." Presently on tour, you can listen to her journey to stardom here and connect with her on her Facebook page:  at and on her website at If you would like to be considered for an interview to share your inspirational story or to set up your business consultation, reach out to Trina Gunzel at or email Get your free gift membership as a  listener as a thank you to start stacking wins in your life at With love and joy to your in this new year, Trina Gunzel
January 03, 2020
Firsts After 40 Podcast Interview with A Very Special Guest: My Daughter Abbie! Amazing Insight For a 10 Year old! Business, travel, and homeschooling ideas for kids.
This special podcast features one of the most amazing people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting, my daughter Abbie. She is a bright, articulate, and inspirational little lady who at 10 years old, has some incredible insights you will want to hear. Subscribe to this podcast for future episodes and in honor of our first child guest, you can get access to this free amazing reading guide for parents with young readers here.  Look for the special offer for additional themes and materials for year long reading fun and group activities for support. Grab it here:   How To Raise Readers:  A Best Teaching Practices Guide If you have any questions about parenting, how to encourage your young entrepreneur, or want to learn more about starting your own business, reach out to me through my email at or send me a Message on Facebook at Jon and Trina Gunzel. Today will be what you make it so create a great day! Love, Trina For Bow Wow Bow Orders From Abbie:  Send your order request to:
December 28, 2019
Interview with Lisa Caprelli of Unicorn Jazz by Trina Gunzel on Firsts After 40
Have you wanted to know what it takes to make it as a Children's Book Author?  With all of the beautiful books in the world, it takes something special to stand out and Lisa Caprelli is making an impact with her unique unicorn, Jazz.  Lisa's Unicorn Books Series, Unicorn Jazz, celebrates friendship, belonging, the power of believing in others and happiness!   Unicorn Jazz is about a shy unicorn who moves to a magical land but struggles to make new friends.  With encouragement from her mother's special song, Jazz, learns to be brave, confident, and most importantly, herself.  There are deep lessons in these stories that make a positive difference for children and celebrate what makes us unique.   Lisa Caprelli is a talented digital marketer and her book Color Your Message is a great resource for anyone looking to build their brand.  You will love the insight Lisa gives to getting your name out and building your audience as she shares in this personal interview.  Lisa Caprelli also shares her personal story that will inspire you.  Thank you for being a featured guest on Firsts After 40!  You can find Lisa's books on Amazon here and connect with here on her Facebook business page at Thank you and please connect with me on Facebook to schedule your featured interview at: Learn more about the fundamentals of building your business at
December 14, 2019
Firsts After 40 Podcast Interview with Cassidy Tuttle of Succulents and Sunshine
Cassidy Tuttle is an inspiring entrepreneur who turned her passion for Succulents into a six figure business through blogging.  Her photography skills and passion for research, answering questions, and sharing her knowledge earned her a space in the who's who of blogging.  Cassidy loves the lifestyle freedom that having her own blog offers her, as well as the financial freedom it provides for her and her sweet family.  If you've ever wondered if you can make a substantial living from blogging, listen to this podcast and connect with Cassidy to learn more.  She offers classes and is a wealth of knowledge.  Thank you for sharing your story and being a featured guest on Firsts After 40 Cassidy! Check out her blog and subscribe here: You can also join her Facebook Group page for more information here:
December 04, 2019
Firsts After 40 Podcast Interview with Cindy Watson - The Art of Feminine Negotiation
Cindy Watson has an incredible story of leaving the corporate world for something more.  She didn't like the way her career as a lawyer was affecting her relationships so she decided to do something about it.  Cindy designed the life she wanted and encourages other women to embrace their feminine power to create lasting change in their life.  If you are interested in a career as a motivational speaker and looking for inspiration, you will love this interview!  Learning from mentors is the best way you can grow so listen for the gold in here and see how you can apply it to your life.  Cindy is a beautiful person inside and out and her strength and journey is inspiring! Connect with Cindy through her Women On Purpose Group:
November 22, 2019
Interview with Author Jenni Raney Edwards of Bumping Down Highways
This is an interview I did with Author Jenni Raney Edwards of Bumping Down Highways.  She has traveled the country and left her high heels and black dresses behind for a more simple freedom filled life.  Listen to the Podcast to catch our interview and hear her inspiring responses in our fun and casual format.  She encourages her readers to "Do The Thing You Fear!"  Jenni is a true example of this as she headed out on the open road after purchasing a huge RV and hiring someone to teach her how to drive it.  Isn't that cool and brave?!  You can buy her book on Amazon and connect with her on her Facebook page here: Look for more interviews and information for a location friendly lifestyle at and reach out to me at to schedule your interview. With love, Trina Gunzel Author and Educational Consultant
November 19, 2019
Pokemon Go, Homecoming, and Learning New Things To Grow and Pour Into Others
Being a parents is such a reflective, intentional and amazing experience!   Honestly, I am not ready for my kids to be this grown up and am enjoying every moment I still get with them full time at home.  Sometimes joining in a new video game experience, staying up late to have important conversations, and learning to enjoy new things in their world is the best way to stay connected.   This week was full of the power of NEW so I am sharing with you some ways you can grow and have support, too, in my Firsts After 40 Blog!   If you also want to stack wins, have more variety in your life, and grow over 50 days, join our free 50 Days of Success Challenge at:   With videos from all over our fifty state tour, we designed this with you in mind.  It is fun, full of doable daily challenges that will improve your life, and 50 days of free coaching from my husband and I who are certified life coaches and business consultants.   This is helping people improve in their health, wealth, love and happiness in a creative new way!  Looking for something fun that will help you?  Start the 50 Days of Success Challenge today: and come grow with us! Love,  Trina Gunzel
October 06, 2019
Health Turnaround Inspired By Our Trip to Italy and Getting Yelled at in a Bathroom in Germany
Welcome to the weekly Firsts After 40 Podcast!  This week I share my vulnerable health story and turnaround and how it helped me when we took our 20 year anniversary trip to Italy.  I also share some funny stories about how we avoided getting pick pocketed in Italy, ditched the fake taxis, and why I got yelled at in a German bathroom.  Real, fun, and genuine stories to make you laugh and inspire you.  Email me if you have questions or want to schedule an interview I can feature on the podcast.  Have an amazing weekend!  Tune in weekly for new stories and resources. Love, Trina Gunzel
September 27, 2019
Firsts After 40 - Personal Growth Through Unexpected Changes With Trina Gunzel
Hi Listeners! I'm Trina Gunzel and I'm excited to welcome you to my new podcast "Firsts After 40!"  I'm going to be sharing weekly my personal growth journey, inspirational stories of overcoming challenges, funny stories, and ways to help expand leadership qualities by mentoring through life experiences.  I will truly teach you how to bloom where you're planted and look for the blessings in every situation life can throw your way.  You can be your own success story by sharing your genuine life experiences and sharing your skills and talents with others.  With a combination of mindset, business, and life lessons, this podcast is meant to build you, bless you, and brighten your day as we grow together.   Be the reason someone else smiles today and create the changes you want to see in the world. Learn more and contact me for inspirational story interviews at Your friend, Trina Gunzel
September 20, 2019