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Take a Trip with Trip

Take a Trip with Trip

By Trip P

Hi there! I'm Trip, a 23 year old UCLA dropout. I left to pursue a career in music and I have been at it nonstop for over 5 years. Over the years I've learned too many lessons to count. I began meditating and journalling in January 2019, and I've read+heard over 50 books since then on self-improvement - amongst countless videos and podcasts. I wish to impart all the combined knowledge in the ways that apply the best. Sorrows are a part of life - we just need to learn to get through them for the light at the end of the tunnel. Similarly, we need to sustain that light as long as we can :)
- Trip
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Entertainment is Opiates For The Masses
Entertainment is Opiates For The Masses
I go a bit wide-covering here to talk about entertainment, success, structures, rich people....yeah. A lot about rich people lol. The Kardashians and how they actually have no concrete, recognizable talent, except for looks - which transitions into society and the priority given to looks. The halo effect is when we find people attractive and their other actions or words are instantly attractive as well. I think this applies much more than we know. Awareness is the first step! Enjoy! ~ Trip
July 28, 2020
Take a Trip with Trip - An Unprecedented Era
Take a Trip with Trip - An Unprecedented Era
This is my first podcast! :) Here I talk about how rapidly our era has advanced and our bodies and brains have never seen anything like it. Texting and social media is all so foreign to us and it's a huge part of why depression and anxiety is so rampant in our generation. We compare because we can. There are positives and negatives to it, just like everything in life. I'm Trip, I'm 23, I'm an LA native, and you can catch me @TripleYoThreat!
June 25, 2020