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By TripleTee

I’m your sister your cousin your bestie your brother join me TripleTee as we discuss weekly Music Society and Culture all the things that bring us closer! Along with Relationship talk, Girl Code, Guy Code, Millennial Parenthood, Being alive!

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Being a millennial in our mid 20s
Being a millennial in our mid 20s
Catch TripleTee along with some of her special guests to get a feel of being a millennial in the mid 20s on the east coast! Lots of discussions about small businesses to wild sex scenes to smoking weed we have something for everyone!
March 18, 2020
Relationships: 01
Relationships: 01
What’s your classification when it comes to dating which label are you? Situationship? Exclusiveship? Or the actual Shabang bang Relationship?
March 15, 2020