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A Mighty Blaze Podcast

By A Mighty Blaze
A Mighty Blaze was created in 2020 to connect writers and readers in the age of Covid and beyond. Since then, we've had the pleasure of conducting hundreds of interviews with authors of every stripe, from bestsellers to debuts and everyone in between. The AMB Podcast brings you the very best of those interviews, starting with our "Friday Frontliners" like JOHN IRVING, ANNA QUINDLEN, EDWIDGE DANTICAT, CHERYL STRAYED, and ERICA JONG in Season One. If you're a writer, a reader, or just a lover of all things books, the AMB Podcast is for you! Hosted by Trisha Blanchet
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Season 3, Episode 3: PRIYANKA CHAMPANERI

A Mighty Blaze Podcast

Season 6, Episode 12: EMILY ST. JOHN MANDEL
The one, the only Emily St. John Mandel joins A Mighty Blaze for the Season 6 Finale! The Thoughtful Bro host Mark Cecil talked with the award-winning author about her work process and her many bestselling titles, including STATION ELEVEN, THE GLASS HOTEL, THE LOLA QUARTET, and her latest, SEA OF TRANQUILITY. Hosted by Trisha Blanchet
August 28, 2022
Weina Dai Randel's latest book, THE LAST ROSE OF SHANGHAI, is the fascinating story of Jewish refugees in Shanghai during World War II. She visited A Mighty Blaze to talk with fellow writer Kimberly Hensle Lowrance about reading, lesser-known history tales, and Boston's lively bookstore scene. Hosted by Trisha Blanchet
August 21, 2022
Season 6, Episode 10: LISA SCOTTOLINE
You know her, you love her: The Edgar Award-winning author of novels like MOST WANTED, SOMEONE KNOWS, DADDY'S GIRL, and so many more stopped by Crime Time to talk with Hank Phillippi Ryan about her newest novel, WHAT HAPPENED TO THE BENNETTS. Hosted by Trisha Blanchet
August 14, 2022
Season 6, Episode 9: MICKEY ROWE
We celebrated Autism Acceptance Month with actor Mickey Rowe on The Zeitgeist Show, where he talked with Jane Roper about his new memoir, FEARLESSLY DIFFERENT: AN AUTISTIC ACTOR'S JOURNEY TO BROADWAY'S BIGGEST STAGE. Hosted by Trisha Blanchet
August 07, 2022
Season 6, Episode 8: STEWART O'NAN
The celebrated author of books like WISH YOU WERE HERE, CITY OF SECRETS, and WEST OF SUNSET talked with The Thoughtful Bro host Mark Cecil about his newest novel, OCEAN STATE, and why "the unit of drama is not the sentence, it's the scene." Hosted by Trisha Blanchet
July 31, 2022
Season 6, Episode 7: JAYNE ALLEN
She's an attorney, an entrepreneur, and the author of two wildly popular books: BLACK GIRLS MUST DIES EXHAUSTED and BLACK GIRLS MUST BE MAGIC. Jayne stopped by A Mighty Blaze to talk books with fellow writer Nancy Johnson, author of THE KINDEST LIE. Hosted by Trisha Blanchet
July 24, 2022
Season 6, Episode 6: AIMIE RUNYAN
Aimie has a fascination for the past...and a goal to put women front-and-center in her historical stories. The author of GIRLS ON THE LINE and DAUGHTERS OF THE NIGHT SKY visited Lit Chick to talk with fellow historical fiction author Julie Gerstenblatt about her new book, THE SCHOOL FOR GERMAN BRIDES. Hosted by Trisha Blanchet
July 17, 2022
Season 6, Episode 5: VICTORIA AVEYARD
The author of the RED QUEEN series is herself the undisputed queen of young adult fantasy in America. She visited Authors Love Bookstores to talk with fellow YA author Joe Moldover and the proprietor of her favorite independent bookstore, Diesel, in Los Angeles. Hosted by Trisha Blanchet
July 10, 2022
Season 6, Episode 4: BRENDAN SLOCUM
It's the unicorn of the book world: a debut novel that is also an instant bestseller. And Brendan Slocum managed to make it happen. Fellow bestselling author Hank Phillippi Ryan talked with Slocum on AMB's Crime Time about his book THE VIOLIN CONSPIRACY: part thriller, part mystery, part coming-of-age story, and undeniable worldwide sensation. Hosted by Trisha Blanchet
June 26, 2022
Season 6, Episode 3: JAYNE ANN KRENTZ
You know Jayne: She's written 190 books (yep), including 50 bestsellers. She has fans around the world. She has a way with romance that no one else can match. And now, we're thrilled to say that she has one more notch in her belt, as the very first guest on A Mighty Blaze's newest show, Blaze Boudoir! Jayne chatted with hosts Mary Webber O'Malley and Kate LeBeau about her long career and her latest blockbuster, WHEN SHE DREAMS. Hosted by Trisha Blanchet
June 19, 2022
Season 6, Episode 2: EDWIN HILL
Edwin Hill, author of the popular Hester Thursby mysteries, is back--this time with a gripping suspense novel called THE SECRETS WE SHARE. He stopped by A Mighty Blaze to spill secrets with NYT bestselling novelist and AMB cofounder Jenna Blum on the Friday Frontliner show. Hosted by Trisha Blanchet
June 12, 2022
For the Season 6 Premiere, we're going big! Jacqueline Mitchard is the beloved, bestselling author of 22 novels, including the first Oprah Book Club pick, THE DEEP END OF THE OCEAN, all the way up to her latest: THE GOOD SON. She discussed it all in depth with fellow author and AMB Cofounder Caroline Leavitt. Hosted by Trisha Blanchet
June 05, 2022
Season 5, Episode 12: LISA JEWELL
For our Season 5 Finale episode, we're thrilled to welcome the Queen of Thrillers herself, Lisa Jewell! She chats with fellow bestselling author Hank Philippi Ryan about what makes a thriller...well, thrilling, and of course about her latest hit, THE NIGHT SHE DISAPPEARED. Hosted by Trisha Blanchet
May 13, 2022
Season 5, Episode 11: ANNA LEMBKE
The renowned author of DOPAMINE NATION: FINDING BALANCE IN THE AGE OF INDULGENCE visits A Mighty Blaze to talk with Jane Roper about how we can all get a handle on the myriad modern addictions that seem to be ruling our lives. Hosted by Trisha Blanchet
May 01, 2022
Season 5, Episode 10: HAYLEY MILLS
We've been watching her on big and small screens for more than 60 years in productions like THE PARENT TRAP, WHISTLE DOWN THE WIND, and SUMMER MAGIC. Now, beloved actress Hayley Mills chats with NYT bestselling author (and A Mighty Blaze cofounder) Caroline Leavitt about her new memoir, FOREVER YOUNG. Hosted by Trisha Blanchet.
April 24, 2022
Season 5, Episode 9: MITCH ALBOM
His book TUESDAYS WITH MORRIE is the bestselling memoir of all time, and his latest, THE STRANGER IN THE LIFEBOAT, promises to make similar waves! We're so thrilled to welcome author Mitch Albom to A Mighty Blaze for a fascinating and eye-opening conversation with fellow writer Mark Cecil on The Thoughtful Bro. Hosted by Trisha Blanchet.
April 10, 2022
Jo Piazza and Christine Pride used their own interracial friendship as the clay for sculpting a twisty, facinating story about two women--one white, one black--entwined in a racial incident. They joined The Zeitgeist host Jane Roper to talk about the challenges and joys of cowriting with a friend and confronting a hot-button issue head-on. Hosted by Trisha Blanchet.
April 03, 2022
Season 5, Episode 7: TOM PERROTTA
Bestselling author Tom Perrotta is the author of nine novels, including ELECTION, LITTLE CHILDREN, AND THE LEFTOVERS, which have all been adapted for the big and small screens. He stopped by Authors Love Bookstores to chat with fellow author Joe Moldover and Mary Cotton from his favorite local bookseller, Newtonville Books. Hosted by Trisha Blanchet
March 27, 2022
Season 5, Episode 6: ALEXIS DARIA
Time to turn up the heat at A Mighty Blaze Podcast! For Season 5 Episode 6, we're welcoming one of the hottest romance authors around: Alexis Daria! Alexis sat down with fellow writer Alex Hoopes to dish about the secrets behind creating all those slow-burn love scenes. (Spoiler alert: The writing part is not nearly as romantic as the reading part.) Hosted by Trisha Blanchet.
March 20, 2022
Season 5, Episode 5: JENNA BLUM
A Mighty Blaze's very own cofounder Jenna Blum has a new book to share with the world! On the heels of her bestselling novels THE LOST FAMILY, THE STORMCHASERS, and THOSE WHO SAVE US comes a wonderful, touching memoir about her last months with her beloved black lab: WOODROW ON THE BENCH. Jenna sat down during the book's launch week to talk with Operation Delta Dog founder Trisha Blanchet about dogs, and books, and...well, more dogs. 
March 13, 2022
Season 5, Episode 4: WANDA MORRIS
Everyone is talking about HER LITTLE SECRETS, Wanda Morris's roller coaster of a debut thriller. She came to A Mighty Blaze to chat with fellow bestselling author Hank Philippi Ryan about her whirlwind release, the C-suite setting, and what the book's original title had to do with...elephants? It's a conversation you won't want to miss! Hosted by Trisha Blanchet
March 06, 2022
Season 5, Episode 3: OLIVER BURKEMAN
Oliver Burkeman's latest bestseller, 4,000 WEEKS: TIME MANAGEMENT FOR MORTALS, is designed to release your pressure valve. No, you can't do it all! And no, you shouldn't even try! He visited the Thoughtful Bro show to talk with host Mark Cecil about how we can get off the so-called "infinite ladder," break out of our productivity prisons, and make the most of our limited time. Hosted by Trisha Blanchet
February 27, 2022
Season 5, Episode 2: CURTIS SITTENFELD
What if Hillary had never married Bill? Author Curtis Sittenfeld explores that intriguing fictional question in her latest bestselling book, RODHAM. She sat down with host and writer Kimberly Hensle Lowrance and Jan Weissmiller, owner of Prairie Lights Books, to discuss the book and much more on an episode of Authors Love Bookstores. Hosted by Trisha Blanchet
February 20, 2022
Season 5, Episode 1: LAUREN GROFF
Lauren Groff was positively ebullient when she visited A Mighty Blaze to talk with fellow bestselling author and AMB cofounder Caroline Leavitt. The two writers talked about their mutual fascination with nuns (among other weird things) and of course about Lauren's latest blockbuster of a novel: MATRIX. Hosted by Trisha Blanchet
February 13, 2022
Season 4, Episode 12: JENNIFER WEINER
Jennifer Weiner's books have been bestsellers for decades: GOOD IN BED. IN HER SHOES. THEN CAME YOU. And so, so many more! She stopped by A Mighty Blaze to chat with fellow NYT bestseller and AMB cofounder Jenna Blum about her two latest novels, BIG SUMMER and THAT SUMMER, and to delve into the complications we all face in this strange pandemic and social-media-driven life. Hosted by Trisha Blanchet
January 23, 2022
Season 4, Episode 11: CHRIS BOHJALIAN
We've all seen "The Flight Attendant" on Netflix: Now let's meet the man behind the book that the series was based on. Chris Bohjalian visits A Mighty Blaze to talk to fellow bestselling author and A Mighty Blaze cofounder Caroline Leavitt about that story and of course his latest runaway hit: THE HOUR OF THE WITCH. Hosted by Trisha Blanchet
January 16, 2022
Season 4, Episode 10: MIKEL JOLLETT
It's not every day we get to welcome a rock star to A Mighty Blaze! Frontman and author Mikel Jollett visited Authors Love Bookstores to talk with fellow author Joe Moldover about his love for music, writing, and his fave bookstore: Skylight Books in Los Angeles. Hosted by Trisha Blanchet
January 09, 2022
Season 4, Episode 1: ELIZABETH STROUT
In this world premiere and podcast-exclusive episode, we start Season 4 with a bang by welcoming Pulitzer Prize-winning author Elizabeth Strout to A Mighty Blaze Podcast! Elizabeth talks with fellow NYT bestselling author Caroline Leavitt about a career that includes such notable books as OLIVE KITTERIDGE, OLIVE AGAIN, MY NAME IS LUCY BARTON, and her latest, OH WILLIAM! Hosted by Trisha Blanchet 
January 06, 2022
Season 4, Episode 9: CAROLINE KEPNES
The binge-worthy Netflix show YOU is based on Caroline Kepnes' equally addictive novel, and the story continues with her latest book, YOU LOVE ME! Caroline came on the Blaze to chat with "The Thoughtful Bro" Mark Cecil about her latest release, the anti-social side of social media, and much more. Hosted by Trisha Blanchet 
December 19, 2021
Season 4, Episode 8: DENNY S. BRYCE
WILD WOMEN AND THE BLUES is a wild ride of a novel, and its author, Denny S. Bryce, proves to be just as interesting as her story when she visits with Lit Chick host Jenna Paone to chat about historical fiction, fan fiction, and the fascinating personal connections that inspired her to write her book. Hosted by Trisha Blanchet. 
December 12, 2021
Season 4, Episode 7: SAMANTHA DOWNING
For fans of psychological suspense, a new Samantha Downing book is always reason to celebrate. Samantha joins fellow bestselling author Hank Phillippi Ryan on Mighty Mysteries to talk about her latest release, FOR YOUR OWN GOOD, which explores the dark corners, characters, and motivations at a private school. Hosted by Trisha Blanchet.   
December 05, 2021
Season 4, Episode 6: IAN MANUEL
Memoir writer Ian Manuel has a unique and heartbreaking story to tell: He was sentenced to life in prison at just 13 years old, and his stint behind bars included an unbelievable 18 years in solitary confinement before a groundswell of community and legal support finally freed him. In this episode, Ian talks with writer Jane Roper about his experiences--and even shares some of the poetry that helped see him through the darkest hours. Hosted by Trisha Blanchet. 
November 28, 2021
Season 4, Episode 5: KRISTIN HANNAH
You already know her from blockbusters like THE NIGHTINGALE, TRUE COLORS, and FIREFLY LANE. In this episode, renowned author Kristin Hannah joins A Mighty Blaze cofounder and NYT bestselling author Jenna Blum to talk about her latest historical fiction tale, THE FOUR WINDS, which sets its sights on the Dust Bowl period in American history. Hosted by Trisha Blanchet.
November 21, 2021
Season 4, Episode 4: ALEXANDER VINDMAN
Ret. Col. Alexander Vindman's whole life changed the day he witnessed a phone call between then-President Trump and Ukraine's President Zelinsky. That phone call would eventually lead to Trumps's impeachment...and turn Vindman's life upside down, as well. Join us as Vindman talks with The Thoughtful Bro's with Mark Cecil about his new book, HERE, RIGHT MATTERS: AN AMERICAN STORY. Hosted by Trisha Blanchet
November 14, 2021
Season 4, Episode 3: JENNY LAWSON
Join host Kimberly Hensle Lowrance for a fun and fabulous conversation with the very funny and talented Jenny Lawson, a.k.a. The Bloggess! Jenny is the author of BROKEN, FURIOUSLY HAPPY, and LET'S PRETEND THIS NEVER HAPPENED, as well as the owners of a bookstore AND the host of the uber-popular Bloggess website, where the tagline is "Like Mother Theresa, only better." :-) Hosted by Trisha Blanchet
November 07, 2021
Season 4, Episode 2: PETER COYOTE
You already know him as a performer in films and TV shows like E.T., ERIN BROCKOVICH, LAW & ORDER, and numerous Ken Burns documentaries. But Peter Coyote is also a writer! He recently sat down with AMB's own Allison Adair to talk about his latest book, a collection of poetry called TONGUE OF A CROW, and a host of other fascinating topics. Hosted by Trisha Blanchet  
October 31, 2021
Season 3, Episode 12: JUDY BLUME
For generations of readers, the titles of her books are like the siren song of childhood: ARE YOU THERE GOD? IT'S ME, MARGARET. TALES OF A FOURTH GRADE NOTHING. TIGER EYES. And so many more. Judy Blume sits down for pandemic-era chat with fellow writer Kimberly Hensle Lowrance about the beloved author's late-in-life pivot to help open an independent bookshop in Key West. Hosted by Trisha Blanchet
October 03, 2021
Season 3, Episode 11: KEVIN KWAN
Buckle up for glamour, sex, and money, honey, as we welcome internationally bestselling author Kevin Kwan! Kevin chats with fellow writer Jenna Paone about his methods, his intentions, and of course his blockbuster books, including CRAZY RICH ASIANS, RICH PEOPLE PROBLEMS, CHINA RICH GIRLFRIEND, and his latest, SEX AND VANITY. Hosted by Trisha Blanchet
September 26, 2021
Season 3, Episode 10: MARY GAUTHIER
Get ready for soul-stirring conversation AND music as we welcome the very talented, Grammy-nominated Mary Gauthier to A Mighty Blaze! Mary talks with AMB cofounder and NYT bestselling author Caroline Leavitt and writer and publicist Laura Rossi about her debut book: SAVED BY A SONG: THE ART AND HEALING POWER OF SONGWRITING, and even shares a few songs from her latest album, RIFLES AND ROSARY BEADS. Hosted by Trisha Blanchet
September 19, 2021
Season 3, Episode 9: LISA GENOVA
This is one you won't forget! For Season 3, Episode 9, we're thrilled to feature neuroscientist and memory expert Lisa Genova, best known for her novel STILL ALICE, which was made into an Oscar-winning film in 2014. She talks with NYT bestselling author and AMB cofounder Jenna Blum about her latest book, REMEMBER: THE SCIENCE OF MEMORY AND THE ART OF FORGETTING. Hosted by Trisha Blanchet.
September 12, 2021
Season 3, Episode 8: PETE DAVIS
Time to commit, people! In this episode, "The Thoughtful Bro" Mark Cecil welcomes Pete Davis, whose book, DEDICATED: THE CASE FOR COMMITMENT IN AN AGE OF INFINITE BROWSING, argues for the benefits of ditching FOMO (the Fear of Missing Out) for JOMO (the Joy of Missing Out) and for the power of truly dedicating yourself to a person, career, or cause. Hosted by Trisha Blanchet.
September 05, 2021
Season 3, Episode 7: ANN GARVIN
Time for a road trip with Ann Garvin! The USA Today bestselling author of the madcap and touching novel about a cross-country journey, I THOUGHT YOU SAID THIS WOULD WORK, talks with host Trisha Blanchet about their two favorite subjects, books and dogs, as well as writing, motherhood, and women supporting women.
August 29, 2021
Season 3, Episode 6: RUMAAN ALAM AND DAN CHAON
We're excited to welcome TWO distinguished writers for Episode 6: Rumaan Alam, whose latest novel is the much-heralded LEAVE THE WORLD BEHIND, and Dan Chaon, author of the national bestseller ILL WILL and other books. Dan and Rumaan talked with host Jane Roper about all sorts of writerly struggles and victories on their journey through the publication process. Hosted by Trisha Blanchet.
August 22, 2021
AMB's new show, "Blaze Baking With Rach," combines our two favorite things... books and dessert! In this episode, host Rachel Levy Lesser talks with two very special guests, who happen to be sisters-in-law: Author, podcaster, bookfluencer, and mom of four Zibby Owens, and Stefanie Owens, cofounder of the wildly popular Nene's Treats Bakery. They are joined by AMB cohost Jenna Blum for a touching conversation about love, loss, and, of course, crumb cake. Hosted by Trisha Blanchet.
August 19, 2021
Season 3, Episode 4: RUTH WARE
We're thrilled to welcome the thriller queen to A Mighty Blaze! (See what we did there?) Bestselling author Ruth Ware talked with Mighty Mystery host Sara DiVello about her latest novel, ONE BY ONE, and a career that includes so many other page-turning reads. Hosted by Trisha Blanchet 
August 07, 2021
Season 3, Episode 3: PRIYANKA CHAMPANERI
Her debut novel THE CITY OF GOOD DEATH made a huge splash in early 2021; in today's episode, Priyanka Champaneri talks with A Mighty Blaze's "Thoughtful Bro" Mark Cecil about navigating debut waters, connecting with her heritage, and the challenges of creating a fictional story set in India's holiest city. Hosted by Trisha Blanchet
July 31, 2021
Season 3, Episode 2: LEV GROSSMAN
Join novelist Joe Moldover, author of EVERY MOMENT AFTER, as he chats with NYT bestselling author Lev Grossman about The Magicians, his other speculative works, and his favorite bookseller, Greenlight Bookstore in Brooklyn! Hosted by Trisha Blanchet
July 23, 2021
Season 3, Episode 1: ELIN HILDERBRAND
Forget the calendar... It's always summer in the world of Elin Hilderbrand! In the Season 3 Premiere episode, the NYT bestselling author talks to fellow writer Jenna Paone about her motivations, her Nantucket home, and that famous work ethic that keeps her books coming year after year. Hosted by Trisha Blanchet
July 12, 2021
Season 2, Episode 12: GEORGE SAUNDERS
George Saunders is the multi-award-winning, bestselling author of LINCOLN IN THE BARDO and ten other books. He talks about his latest, A SWIM IN THE POND IN THE RAIN, and all things literary with A Mighty Blaze host Mark Cecil, a.k.a. "The Thoughtful Bro." Hosted by Trisha Blanchet. 
July 04, 2021
Season 2, Episode 11: J. COURTNEY SULLIVAN
Bestselling author J. Courtney Sullivan talks with A Mighty Blaze host Jenna Paone about her latest hit, FRIENDS AND STRANGERS, divulging the story's origins and discussing the complex navigations of working motherhood. Sullivan is also the author of MAINE, SAINTS FOR ALL OCCASIONS, COMMENCEMENTS, and THE ENGAGEMENTS. Hosted by Trisha Blanchet. 
June 27, 2021
Season 2, Episode 10: DARIN STRAUSS
I love Lucy! And so does Darin Strauss! Lucille Ball is the focus of his latest work, THE QUEEN OF TUESDAY, a part-biography, part-novel, part-memoir creation that fuses Lucy's life with a mystery from the author's own past. Darin chats about the book and its origins with AMB cofounder and bestselling author Caroline Leavitt, who just released the paperback version of her own latest novel, WITH OR WITHOUT YOU. Hosted by Trisha Blanchet.
June 20, 2021
Season 2, Episode 9: LIONEL SHRIVER
Lionel Shriver is perhaps best known for her blockbuster novel (and its subsequent film) WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT KEVIN. In this episode, she talks with NYT bestselling author Jenna Blum about her latest book, THE MOTION OF THE BODY THROUGH SPACE, in which she tackles big issues like aging, marriage, and what Lionel calls the "cult of fitness." Hosted by Trisha Blanchet. 
June 13, 2021
Season 2, Episode 8: JEFF VANDERMEER
Join Mark Cecil, a.k.a. The Thoughtful Bro, as he dives deep into the world of speculative fiction with legendary fantasy author Jeff VanderMeer, author of The Southern Reach Trilogy, WONDERBOOK, A PECULIAR PERIL, HUMMINGBIRD SALAMANDER, and so many more. Hosted by Trisha Blanchet
June 06, 2021
Season 2, Episode 7: JOYCE MAYNARD
Joyce Maynard is the NYT bestselling author of 18 books, including LABOR DAY, TO DIE FOR, and her latest, COUNT THE WAYS. She sat down to with AMB cofounder and author Caroline Leavitt to chat about writing, truth-telling, and the difficult task of separating private and public lives. Hosted by Trisha Blanchet
May 30, 2021
Season 2, Episode 6: JANE GREEN
There is perhaps no bigger superstar in Women's Fiction than this episode's featured guest: Jane Green! As the author of blockbusters like THE BEACH HOUSE, DUNE ROAD, and her latest, THE FRIENDS WE KEEP, Jane can boast that more than ten million copies of her books are in print around the globe. But since she's not the type to boast, co-hosts Jenna Blum and Jenna Paone will do it for her! Hosted by Trisha Blanchet
May 23, 2021
Season 2, Episode 5: LESLEY M.M. BLUME
Nonfiction time! Season 2, Episode 5 features award-winning journalist and author Lesley M.M. Blume, whose fascinating book FALLOUT was released in August 2020. She talks with AMB host Mark Cecil about history, truth, and the constant tensions that exist between journalists and the government. Hosted by Trisha Blanchet
May 16, 2021
Jane Roper welcomes Angie Cruz, the author of DOMINICANA, LET IT RAIN COFFEE, and SOLEDAD, and Jennifer De Leon, the author of DON'T ASK ME WHERE I'M FROM and WHITE SPACE, for a fascinating conversation about the Latinx immigrant experience, getting out of your comfort zone, and learning to trust yourself as a writer. Hosted by Trisha Blanchet.
May 08, 2021
Join bestselling author Caroline Leavitt for a fun conversation with the husband-and-wife duo of Ann Hood and Michael Ruhlman, both superstars in their own right. Ann is the author of 10 novels and 4 memoirs, while her husband Michael is a world-renowned chef and the author of nine bestselling cookbooks. Time to talk food! Hosted by Trisha Blanchet. 
May 02, 2021
Season 2, Episode 2: DANI SHAPIRO
Dani Shapiro is a podcaster and the bestselling author of five novels and seven memoirs. Her latest, INHERITANCE, explores the shocking family secrets uncovered by her own DNA test. In this episode, Dani talks with A Mighty Blaze cofounder Jenna Blum about finding the truth behind every fiction as well as nonfiction. Hosted by Trisha Blanchet
April 25, 2021
Season 2, Episode 1: SUE MILLER
From THE GOOD MOTHER to THE SENATOR'S WIFE, THE ARSONIST, and many others, author Sue Miller's work has come to define the literary notion of the modern American family. In our premiere episode of Season 2, she talks with fellow bestselling writer and A Mighty Blaze cofounder Caroline Leavitt about creating character webs, notions of betrayal and grief, and the sometimes winding path to publishing success.
April 18, 2021
Season 1, Episode 12: ERICA JONG
Erica Jong smashed countless taboos when she released her now-legendary novel, FEAR OF FLYING, in 1973. In the four decades that followed, Ms. Jong published more than 25 fiction and nonfiction titles, cementing her status as one of America's all-time favorite writers. In this episode, she talks with fellow author and A Mighty Blaze cofounder Jenna Blum about the perils and pleasures of female sexuality, creativity and power in our modern age. Hosted by Trisha Blanchet
April 04, 2021
Season 1, Episode 11: YAA GYASI
Yaa Gyasi's first novel, HOMEGOING, was showered with praise and awards when it was released in 2017... and her latest book, TRANSCENDENT KINGDOM, has kept that streak alive. In this episode, AMB's Mark Cecil talks to Ms. Gyasi about her pandemic release and the importance of approaching each new project with a clean slate and an open heart. Hosted by Trisha Blanchet  
March 28, 2021
Season 1, Episode 10: ANNA SOLOMON
Anna Solomon's third novel, THE BOOK OF V, rocketed her into the literary stratosphere (and gave us all a much-needed great read during quarantine) in 2020. In today's episode, Anna talks with NYT bestselling author and A Mighty Blaze cofounder Jenna Blum about publishing in a pandemic, and the unique and enduring challenges of womanhood through the ages. Hosted by Trisha Blanchet
March 21, 2021
Season 1, Episode 9: MARGOT LIVESEY
Margot Livesey discusses her rich and layered ninth novel, THE BOY IN THE FIELD, with fellow author Christopher Castellani, author of LEADING MEN, THE SAINT OF LOST THINGS, and others. Hosted by Trisha Blanchet
March 14, 2021
Season 1, Episode 8: DAVID DUCHOVNY
You might know him from his starring roles in THE X-FILES, CALIFORNICATION, and other hits. But David Duchovny is also the author of acclaimed novels like HOLY COW, BUCKY F*CKING DENT, MISS SUBWAYS, and his latest book, TRULY LIKE LIGHTNING. David sat down with A Mighty Blaze co-founder Caroline Leavitt to talk about his inspirations, frustrations, and fascinations. Hosted by Trisha Blanchet
March 06, 2021
Season 1, Episode 7: ELIZABETH BERG
Elizabeth Berg is the wildly prolific and bestselling author of 30 books, including TALK BEFORE SLEEP, TRUE TO FORM, OPEN HOUSE, and her latest release, the heart-tugging I'LL BE SEEING YOU. She talks to A Mighty Blaze cofounder Jenna Blum about everything from sandwiches to writer envy in this fun and touching conversation between two writers with a genuine fondness for each other. Hosted by Trisha Blanchet 
February 28, 2021
Season 1, Episode 6: JESS WALTER
Join us for an enlightening conversation with Jess Walter, the award-winning author of nine books, including his runaway bestsellers BEAUTIFUL RUINS and THE COLD MILLIONS. Jess talks to A Mighty Blaze host Mark Cecil about his inspirations for his latest book and his fascination with the issues of labor, class, and wage inequality in America. Hosted by Trisha Blanchet 
February 21, 2021
Season 1, Episode 5: PAM HOUSTON
Beloved author Pam Houston is known for embodying the spirit of the American West through novels and memoirs like DEEP CREEK, CONTENTS MAY HAVE SHIFTED, and SIGHT HOUSE. In this episode, Ms. Houston talks to A Mighty Blaze cofounder Jenna Blum about finding inspiration and solitude during a pandemic and fraught political times. Hosted by Trisha Blanchet.
February 14, 2021
Season 1, Episode 4: CHERYL STRAYED
Cheryl Strayed gave a whole new meaning to the phrase "take a hike" in 2013 when she released her bestselling memoir, WILD. In this episode, Ms. Strayed talks to A Mighty Blaze cofounder Jenna Blum about her other life journeys, branching out into new directions, and the various times these two authors have bumped into each other in elevators! Hosted by Trisha Blanchet.
February 07, 2021
Season 1, Episode 3: EDWIDGE DANTICAT
Her writing has been called "powerful," "heartbreaking," "profound," and "masterful." In this episode, we'll hear insights from beloved Haitian-American novelist Edwidge Danticat, author of THE DEW BREAKER, BROTHER I'M DYING, BREATH, EYES, MEMORY, and so many more. Ms. Danitcat talks to fellow writer Nancy Johnson, author of THE KINDEST LIE, about their writing processes and the special joys and challenges faced by American writers of color. Hosted by Trisha Blanchet
January 31, 2021
Season 1, Episode 2: ANNA QUINDLEN
Join novelist, memoirist, and all-around superstar Anna Quindlen in conversation with A Mighty Blaze co-founder and bestselling author Jenna Blum. Hosted by Trisha Blanchet. 
January 24, 2021
Season 1, Episode 1: JOHN IRVING
Welcome to the premiere episode of A Mighty Blaze podcast! For Season 1, Episode 1, AMB co-founders Caroline Leavitt and Jenna Blum talk with none other than John Irving, author of THE WORLD ACCORDING TO GARP, THE CIDER HOUSE RULES, and so many other classics of American literature. Hosted by Trisha Blanchet
January 19, 2021