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Trojan Talks

Trojan Talks

By Trojan Talks
This is the official podcast for the Midlo Scoop, Midlothian High School's news magazine.
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4. A professional's view on Mental Health: A conversation with Dr. Catolico
We are proud to feature Dr. Maria Angela Catolico, M.D., a psychiatric specialist who works in the mental health field, specifically in cases of depression, anxiety disorders, substance abuse, and schizophrenia. Dr. Catolico works in Chesterfield and is affiliated with VCU Medical Center. In this episode, Dr. Catolico helps us understand mental health by providing resources and strategies that promote mental wellness.
September 23, 2021
3. Venturing Through Boredom and Social Media: A conversation with Kyle Reeder
This episode features students explaining their journey through quarantine and how they coped with boredom. We interview our guest Kyle Reeder, who invited boredom upon himself when he deleted all of his social media platforms. Tune in to hear how it has changed him!  Also make sure to check out Kyle's article about his experience with social media on the midloscoop website(!
September 1, 2021
2. Studying Abroad: A conversation with Ashley Jennings
In this episode, Midlo students weigh in on whether they would consider studying abroad, then we chat with junior Ashley Jennings who is doing just that! Tune in to find out the details behind Ashley's decision to study abroad in Germany for her senior year. 
May 19, 2021
1. Running Queen: A conversation with Caroline Bowe
In this episode, we chat with VHSL Hall of Fame Inductee Caroline Bowe about running, life, and making it all fit together. 
April 26, 2021