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Trope Stormers: Assassins of pop-culture tropes in TV & Movies

Trope Stormers: Assassins of pop-culture tropes in TV & Movies

By J.Carlberg & C.Jeeves Films
Join Chris & Jim - The Trope Stormers Podcast are assassins of pop-culture. They analyse Film, TV & video game media for tropes, passing judgement on whether it is good (Utropian) or bad (Dystropian). Narrative story beats are dissected for Mary Sue's, jumping the shark and dead horses. Recorded in London & Cambridge, England, United Kingdom. Abandon all hope all ye who enter. Listen, subscribe - tropestorm. Instagram: YouTube:
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14. Alien Vs Amazon Vs Predator – A.V.P (2004)

Trope Stormers: Assassins of pop-culture tropes in TV & Movies

14. Alien Vs Amazon Vs Predator – A.V.P (2004)
The intrepid Tropestormers navigate the labyrinth monster mashup versus movie Jim channels his inner Luddite against the snooping AI, Dr. Evil helps the “crab-faced” predator people fire a giant laser while Chris does a hand count and throws anyone wearing red under the bus. Survived this far, why not leave us a review?
June 21, 2021
13. "Anybody touches me, and we go" - The Thing (1982)
New year. New Tropes. The Trope Stormers return with their first instalment of 2021 and it's a barnstorming opener.  Boggly-eyed monsters, Kurt Russel's beard and overly camp aliens all feature as the boys drink their weight in J&B (or is it petrol?!) to discover the truth... Are they Mac-Ready? Will they be left in the frozen desolates wastes of Dystropia by the end? Or will they escape to the hallowed plains of Utropia? Turn on. Tune in. Trope Storm
March 25, 2021
Storm In A Teabreak: Reboot, Remake or Rehash?
2021 brings new topics and a bold new sound. Tropenauts assemble for the Storm opener debating the best (and worst) of the Reboot...Doctor Who, Total Recall, Robocop. One question is pertinent to all - ‘woo’ or ‘poo?’ What does that even mean? Well, ruddy well listen and find out! NEW SITE! THE TROPEVERSE ONLINE:
February 24, 2021
12 Minutes Of Tropestorming - A Year in Tropes
2020 and it’s predecessor were pretty crappy right? WRONG. TropeStormers was born and we’ve put together some bits we like whilst we storm tropes in Movies so you don’t have to. Here’s some bits we liked and think you’d like the ruddy lot tbh. Leave us a review and a sub and make our 2021! New site! Usuals:
February 03, 2021
12. A New Year To Trope Hard (Die Hard 1988)
Well 2020 kindly does one and the Tropestormers give one last ho-ho-ho on the eve of 2021. What better way to cap off the festive season & symbolise the hijacking of the year with a spot of Yippee-ky-ay & McClane? Ho ho ho have now we have a NYE podcast for you.
December 31, 2020
Storm in a (Merry Xmas) Teabreak: Franchise Sequels
MERRY CHRISTMAS! It’s the most wonderful time of the tropestorming year and we’ve another juicy dangler for you in the shape of the 1st of our double Christmas special episodes. A franchise Christmas quiz! All your favourite streaming and movie franchises to get stuck into alongside your Christmas pud. The 2nd part? Find out this Boxing Day!
December 25, 2020
11. Avengers Colon Endgame (2019)
Whatever it takes. A behemoth of an episode and the biggest trope storm yet. Cap. Stark. Cosmic crises. Kazoos. What battle sequence tops this for Chris? Problematic punctuation for Jim. Stand aside Asgardian two new storm gods are here to take the most supercharged of superhero flicks by storm. 
December 02, 2020
Storm In A Teabreak: Tropestormers - Origins...Best, Worst & Wanted
The Trope Stormer boys take a Teabreak to look at the original story trope...the origin. From Genesis to Jar-Jar Chris & Jim talk their faves & those they’d love to see adapted as well as those that can go back where they came from. Radioactive spider bites anyone? 
October 17, 2020
10. Van Damme those Tropes - Timecop (1994)
Time travel AND an 80’s Action Hero in one Trope Storming ep?! Jean Claude Van damn that’s roundhouse kicking good. Chris’ one man crusade against a certain time bending basic b*tch continues and Timecop trips the light tropetastic in an effort to avoid future Dystropia. Social media: and www.linkt.ree/tropestormers
September 29, 2020
Storm In A Teabreak: Who & What Makes An (80’s) Action Hero?
In the 80’s the action movie reached a pinnnacle. From our lowly beta male base camp your two favourite soy boys try to scale the mountain of Action Hero tropes. Weaver. Arnie. Stallone. Willis. Norris. Exploding dicks. Who makes it to the very top? What makes an (80’s) Action Hero? More content @ and at
September 10, 2020
9. Time Actually - About Time (2013)
After navigating time travel tropes - the Trope Stormers arrive in 2013 to tackle Richard Curtis’ innocent time travel rom-com. Is all as innocent as it seems or does a darker time bending underbelly lie beneath? Even more Benard’s watch talk. It may be about time but the tropes face the final countdown. Check us out here & socials -
September 03, 2020
Storm In A Teabreak (Gonna Need a Bigger Mug) - Time Travel Tropes ⏱⏳
Our biggest Teabreak trope chat yet overruns for one big reason - the big kahuna of Tropes - Time Travel. The theories, the science, the confusion. Jim and Chris risk cross-eyes & ethical dilemmas as they dissect your chronometer crushing faves. Groundhog Day, Terminator, Primer (eek) & BTTF all’s about damn time. 
August 25, 2020
8. Trope Up Or Shut Up: Zombieland (2009)
Resurrected like their beloved zombies - your two & only TropeStormers return for Zombieland. More dodgy survival tactics. Jim explains Apocalypse logistics, Chris espouses his love of Emma Stone & the greatest cameo of all time is dissected like a Zombie decapitation. Visit our site & social media
August 19, 2020
Storm in a Teabreak: Our Fave takes on...The Zombie 🧟‍♂️
The Tropestorming troupe talk their favourite Zombie examples and twists on the character trope before they tackle Zombieland. Zombies. Lawnmowers. Custard. Nuff Said... 
April 29, 2020
7.The End is Extremely Troping Nigh - 28 Days Later...(2002)
Parted though seldom downhearted, the TropeStormers are back to dissect a noughties cult classic in 28 Days later. With viruses spreading outside and speculation spreading in the podcast - will it be Utropia or the affliction of Dystropia for a zombie favourite? 
April 18, 2020
6. Hakuna Matropa - The Lion King (1994)
Your two loyal cubs are back to tackle the 1994 smash hit of stage and screen - Disney’s ‘The Lion King’ Who is the best British baddie? What is a Leagan diet? Who is Leaky Steve? And do Japan have a right to be angry? All this debate is mauled and more in this rip-roaring episode of TropeStormers... TS social media:
March 16, 2020
Storm In A Teabreak: Are We The Baddies? Great British Bad Guys
This Storm in a Teabreak brings some teaser content from next week’s upcoming podcast. We love talking bad guys and as two of the tightest ass (arse) Brits no one does them better than us. Do your favourite British baddies feature? TS social media:
March 07, 2020
February 29, 2020
February 29, 2020
5. Cancelling The Tropocalypse - Pacific Rim (2013)
The TropeStormers are fashionably late heading into 2020 and kick off with a monster podcast of epic proportions. The last decade’s best take on the the giant monster movie genre in our sights and set in 2020, how much has come true? Kaiju? Jaegers? Gary? What does it all mean and will Del Toro’s effort get the first Utropia or Dystropia of the new year? Give it a ruddy listen and a review! TS social media
February 28, 2020
4. An Hauer of Power: Lost In Tropes, Like Tears In Rain - Blade Runner (1982)
Last month saw the sad but eerily timely passing of Rutger Hauer. RIP. In his honour and back with a bumper episode. Chris and Jim decide whether Ridley Scott’s Sci-fi Noir spectacle is a Utropian dystopia worthy of comparison with views off the shoulder of Orion. 
August 07, 2019
Storm In A Teabreak: ‘Technology Is...?’
After a somewhat forced hiatus (Chris has an interview and now an IRL job besides Trope Storming and Jim was marrying his brother abroad (?!) But now the gents are back and are kicker off with an appetiser for their upcoming Blade Runner episode. Looking at technology tropes in film. Just how deep does the rabbit hole go? 
August 01, 2019
3. Got ‘em on the Tropes - Rocky (1976)
The Trope Stormers are back and the gloves are on/off. Delete as appropriate for the surprise hit boxing classic, Rocky. Who is Dr. Octagon? Would you 5 egg smoothie? Will Balboa’s story get a TKO Dystropian bruising? Or will it go the distance? 
June 17, 2019
Storm In A Teabreak - What Is...’A Dragon?’
Love movies? Got a teabreak? Tropestormers bring a mug sized dose of their film and TV deconstruction for your. Jim and Chris look at the character archetype of ‘the Dragon’ and discuss their faves. Subscribe and give the main pod a whirl.
June 14, 2019
2. Jeeves on Reeves - Point Break (1991)
The Trope Stormers return as threatened, with a look at the best (and worst) surfing heist movie of all time. Jim hates someone called Mary Sue and Jeeves passes judgement on Reeves... 
May 26, 2019
1.pt2 - Big Bird’s A Tw-t Jurassic Park (1993)
The Tropestormers continue their trope trial of Spielberg’s blockbuster classic adaptation. Dino science, a Jack Russell and more bad impressions feature. Will it be a first ever Utropia...or the unthinkable? 
May 09, 2019
1. Tropes, uh...find a way...Jurassic Park (1993)
Chris and Jim kick off the Film and TV pod series TropeStormers with a bite. A podcast over 65 minutes in the making. They talk movies, backstory and dubious Paleoentology credentials and introduce you to a cast of mammoth stars of one of Jim’s favourite films...can he stomach tearing it apart? Keep a giant yellow torchlit eye out for part 2 tomorrow... 
May 08, 2019