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By Troubled
Since the Assimilation of the Indigenous, which persists today, America has had a predatory preference for mass legal child abduction, trafficking, abuse, torture and murder.

The "Toughlove" based 'Troubled Teen Industry' was spawned by "America's Most Dangerous Cult", Synanon, and funded by the US Govt. WHICH has been simultaneously funding unethical and involuntary social psychology experiments on children while publicly decrying their tactics as "brainwashing" and "torture".

Still, this multi-billion dollar industry traumatizes hundreds of thousands a year leaving millions with CPTSD...
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Troubled: The First Episode


Troubled: The First Episode


Touching on Touchy Subjects with Wes Good of Deadwulf
While we've been talking about our brothers quite regularly recently, we haven't spoken WITH one of them in far too long. So enjoy this 2hr special with Wes Good, as we make up for a loss in the masculine perspective. Whether you know Wes from the Family School, his real world life, or his band Deadwulf; you're about to know him a lot better.  Consider this a conversational rant-esque catch-up. We follow a spectrum of shiny subjects into and out of the darkness including but not limited to: first/teen love, decking your dad while being "legally kidnapped", the impact of and impressions made by our captors, "what is Stockholm syndrome?", the glaring gender gap in representation of our Survivor brothers, talking with our parents about TTI etc.  If you aren't already familiar with Deadwulf, definitely checkout their YouTube (in particular "Hancock" a song about the Family Foundation School). Don't forget to check out Wes Good on YouTube as well.  You can connect with Wes on Facebook, and Deadwulf too.  This magical link brings you to EVERYWHERE you can listen to Deadwulf on.  Please support our Survivors, especially those who utilize their gifts to express the truth of our stories.  All feedback always welcome! If you would like to hear more from Wes let us know. Please subscribe, rate & write a review to make sure that others will find us as well.  #breakingcodesilence #iseeyousurvivor If you're on a platform that doesn't link through, here they are listed below:
September 30, 2020
The Salt Lake Tribune: Transforming Transparency in Utah's Troubled Teen Industry
If you're already in the anti-cool cult-kids club, then you're probably already following Pulitzer winning journalist, Jessica Miller on Twitter. Her current breakout series with the Salt Lake Tribune, is answering questions in Utah that generations of Survivors had previously dismissed as futile. The Tribune and their tenacious truth-seeker are definitely headed for yet another Pulitzer. Just the next, and certainly not the last, for both Jessica and the respectively revered legacy of journalists that put investigation first when it came to mass legal child abuse. If you haven't seen her LIVE #TribTalk with Breaking Code Silence founder, Jen Robinson, then click no further. Since the Tribune is a non-profit, and up against some serious obstacles in their quest for foraging facts (as detailed in this interview), please donate (if you can) HERE. If you are a Survivor, or Staff, or Parent who has personal experience with the Troubled Teen Industry in Utah, and would like to participate with the Tribune's ongoing investigation; fill out this survey.  If you are a Survivor and would like to participate the in the Disability Law Center's review of Utah's TTI; fill out this survey. THANK YOU to Paris Hilton's empowering exposure of this, America's deepest and darkest open secret. If you have not yet seen This is Paris then hop over to YouTube now. Please also support our sister Survivor and the generations of tortured youth that have overcame or have been overcome by the predatory perversion at Provo Canyon by signing THIS PETITION to shut it down now and forever, finally. To our Survivor community, please keep #breakingcodesilence. For some of us, the purpose in the pain then is the power to eradicate this perpetrator now and forever more. If we rescue the children of today and spare the youth of tomorrow, perhaps we can bring some semblance of peace to the child within. Until next time, #iseeyousurvivor
September 29, 2020
Since Assimilation, which persists today, America has maintained a historic predatory preference for mass legal for-profit child abduction, trafficking, detainment, torture & murder. The modern Toughlove Troubled Teen Industry was created by “America’s Most Dangerous Cult”, Synanon and is a multi-billion dollar machine built on brainwashing millions of Americans. We are Survivors, and we’re sick of watching our friends die while we keep your dirty little open secret. #iseeyousurvivor #breakingcodesilence
September 27, 2020
Meet NYRA: Age of Youth
Introducing Margin Zheng and Brian Conner of NYRA (National Youth Rights Association)!  We found two more humans alleging that youth have rights in these Un-united States of America. We tried to let them down easy, yet they insist, so much so that they're hosting a virtual conference on these "youth rights" next week so make sure you grab your Tickets so you don't miss Miranda on the Troubled Teen Industry Panel.   Conference signup:  Speaking of which, some of your other favorite advocates will be joining us! Amanda Househoulder, who recently shuttered her father's abusive girls ranch, Circle of Hope will be joining our Survivor brother Gabriel Gonzalez with the Freedom Village Experience, whose very own Jaz wrote the Covid Letter that Congress is still ignoring.   Also, please make sure that you're already stalking our favorite (Oregon) State Senator, Sara Gelser, so that you don't miss a moment of the revolution happening in real time.  It's time to ask yourself, do you REALLY believe in HUMAN RIGHTS, or just your own...  P.S. that’s Cicadas...and yes Miranda is heavy breathing while trying to run away from them. Thank you for your patience as we low cost off grid this #breakingcodesilence 
September 26, 2020
Sneak-Leak: Racism in Foster Care
Make sure that you subscribe to Troubled so that you don’t *accidentally miss this unmissable foster care deep dive with Children’s Rights, it will blow your mind! Until then, stalk their websites: #freeouryouth
September 26, 2020
#justiceforcornelius UPDATE: 16 & 6ft Under an Unmarked Grave
Please Share & Support the GoFundMe to provide murdered foster child, Cornelius Frederick, with a headstone. The 16yr old who was restrained to death for throwing a sandwich is currently lying 6ft under an unmarked grave: If you are unfamiliar with this situation please listen to EP18 of our podcast “Death Row Academy”
September 25, 2020
Please & THANK YOU Subscribe, Rate & Write Review
We’re just a small DIY Survivor podcast, so pretty please help us gain more visibility by subscribing, rating & writing reviews (esp on Apple podcasts). THANK YOU!
September 22, 2020
Circling back to Circle of Hope
TW: Per usual please heed the heavy trigger warning on ALL of our content. This episode discusses graphic topics such as institutional, religious, psychological, physical, mental, emotional, and sexual abuse of children. We also close out this episode with a reading of the final letter of our most recently stolen Agape Brother, to whom this episode is dedicated. We ask our Troubled family to support the family of Joe Barnett, who left this dimension early due to compound trauma from the torture he endured at Agape Boarding School for boys in Missouri (where Amanda Househoulder grew up as a Staff Child). Joe's wife is now a single mother, with no income, trying to survive during a global pandemic who has lost the love of her life and is now drowning under extreme debt due to a hefty trauma bill and funeral costs. If you are also financially struggling, we understand and just ask that you kindly assist in amplifying this GoFundMe and furthering the conversation of Mental Health Awareness. Exposing Circle of Hope is now a Nonprofit, and their first mission is to recruit trauma informed Mental Health professionals across the USA to provide free or low cost services to Survivors. We are just downright sick of burying our friends. If you would like to donate to this fund, please feel free to utilize their PayPal That is also the email to send affidavits and offers of support for Rachael Kellso and her sister's attempt to find and reunify with her. Since our original coverage of Circle of Hope, Rachael was removed so that we could "no longer use her against COH". Currently she is missing and none of her siblings that we have spoken with know where she is, but all believe she is currently institutionalized. Rachael is a 30-something year old Filipino woman who was adopted after extreme abuse, subjected to further abuse, and then dumped for over 14 years in an abusive IFB Lester Roloff Cult Ranch. Certainly, someone out there can help us. The Survivors of COH invite you to join them in Missouri November 14th & 15th where they will be protesting against Agape, COH, and their complicit compatriots. The will be lining up, in person, at the Sheriffs to file complaints against the Househoulders as well as petitioning Missouri to rescind their State's Religious Exemption which shields child abuse in the name of G-d. Pure blasphemy if you ask us. If you feel inclined to financially support this mission, please see this GoFundMe PLEASE make sure to subscribe to our podcast on your favorite platform as well as rate (with review) if possible. We sincerely appreciate all of your support breaking this curse of an open secret. Please check out the Pieces of Victory show on YouTube by our Survivor mentor, Jeneen Miller. A personally signed version of her book can be purchased HERE.  Email us COMING SOON!! #iseeyousurvivor #breakingcodesilence #whereisrachaelkellso
September 21, 2020
Meet the Music Man: Join Our Black Parade
[set to the tune of “do you know the muffin man”] Do you know the Music Man? Big little “man”, can’t run or tan. Do you know the Music Man? Who came to childrens’ pain.” TRIGGER WARNING: Let’s get too close and too personal to one of the Family Schools most prolific predatory pedophiles. While he’s not the only ex-staffer from FFS with a body trail from all the body autonomy he bulldozed through, he was the most voracious and indiscriminatory with his appetite. Often with cheeseburger in hand, the Music Man was ever present as was the threat that you might be next to be fed to him, few would survivor. Today, the first woman to name him in the NY Supreme Court steps forward to speak her truth and ask other Survivors to join her. If YOU were violated by the Music Man (or anyone in NY ever) and are ready to engage in this limited time offer of too-little justice too-late through the NY Child Victims act; email we are #breakingcodesilence #iseeyousurvivor
September 17, 2020
Survivors Assemble: It’s Time to Take on the Troubled Teen Industry
Photo from Joe vs Elan online graphic novel made by a Survivor. Make sure you checkout NEW EP48 It’s time to activate the Avenger Advocates battle cry buddy system. With the recent release of #ThisisParis, relaunch of the #breakingcodesilence campaign, continuation of #justiceforcornelius, and upcoming Troubled Teen Industry conference hosted by NYRA; there’s a lot of updates to go over in Survivor Land. #iseeyousurvivor founder, psychotherapist & traumatologist, Liz Ianelli is back from the frontlines of Covid to catch us up on the homefront frontlines against America’s predatory & profitable mass legal child abduction, trafficking, detainment, rape, torture & abuse club. Most importantly, the NY Child Victim’s Act has been extended until January, so if you have any questions on how to navigate the system, or be connected with an attorney, email
September 15, 2020
#Justiceforcornelius Mingus Mountain Academy
Today marks the 4 month anniversary since the death of Cornelius Frederick at Lakeside Academy in Kalamazoo, MI and our investigation into Sequel Youth & Family Services continues. In the latest installment of our #justiceforcornelius series, Emma investigates another crooked Sequel facility - Mingus Mountain Academy. Call to action at the end of the episode. As always, connect with us on TikTok or Twitter @talktroubled. 
August 31, 2020
Letters from Lakeside: Trash School
#justiceforcornelius  A former student shares his experience at Lakeside Academy 20 years ago.  If YOU have a letter you'd like to share about your experience at Lakeside Academy please email or call (469) 708-7859‬. Calling all former students, staff, teachers, parents, to come forward and share the truth about this institution.  
July 8, 2020
Death Row Academy #justiceforcornelius
An anonymous ex Lakeside staffer who knew Cornelius Frederick, speaks out about the young man who was murdered for throwing a sandwich. His testimony solidifies the public outcry for this 'homicide' to be treated as 'murder' instead of 'manslaughter'.  Please sign the petition and call the Prosecutor, Jeff Getting to demand that ALL individuals involved in this illegal restraint be charged, as well as their supervisors & management from both Lakeside and their owner, Sequel.  Speak up, or there can be no peace, #justiceforcornelius #blacklivesmatter
June 28, 2020
#justiceforcornelius Call To Action!
16yr old Cornelius Frederick was restrained to death after throwing a sandwich at Lakeside Academy in Kalamazoo last month. There are NO charges and NO arrests have been made. He was in foster care after his mother died & his stepfather incarcerated. For four years Michigan tax payers funded his abuse, and eventual murder. Please join us in raising awareness so that we can get some semblance of justice for our brother #sayhisname #icantbreathe #blacklivesmatter
June 19, 2020
3-Way Call with Family 3: Cult Sister Sass with Phylicia #macneil2020
Another 3-Way Call of the Slumber Party Girl Gab variety in our first unsupervised conversation in 15yrs between 3 girls from the same cult spawned boarding school. Also, vote for Colin MacNeil for President 2020 #iseeyousurvivor
May 19, 2020
Exposing COH: The British Girl Who Became “America’s Most Wanted” Runaway
The 2nd (published) Circle of Hope Interview features Chanel Mare, who joined us from across the pond to discuss her 4yrs at COH, the effects, and how she wound up on America’s Most Wanted. If you are a TTI Survivor in the UK, please reach out Chanel to join the mission. P.S. Thank you for your patience with our tech burps, and please enjoy the super long epically awkward pauses utilized to avoid “talking over in rendering” and chain smoking giveaways that we couldn’t edit out.
April 21, 2020
Troubled Talks TTI with OnBelief Podcast
We could not be more thrilled to share this EXCLUSIVE content with our Troubled Tribe! On Belief is a Canadian based broadcast by Karen Geier that digs deep into the Cults all around us. We've been a fan of Karen's work for a while now as her journalistic contributions have been featured in The Guardian, Vice etc; but On Belief definitely merges our worlds. While the program is subscription based, you can binge away on the 17min freebies for each episode HERE: OR you can join Karen's patreon and have full access to both seasons for $5/mo HERE:  However, since Karen and her OnBelief base are now allies of ours, she has given us full access to share OUR full episode with our Troubled Tribe, pretty cool huh?! Pretty please hop on the Twitters and give her some love for the gift of using her international platform to lift up our voices and support the cause. With allies like these, we WILL expose the Troubled Teen Industry and we should start drafting TTI's eulogy pronto.  We certainly hope that we represented our Survivor fam well, but as always, all feedback is appreciated.  Hit the socials and welcome/thank our new ally @onbeliefpod 
April 8, 2020
SIA: Survivors of Institutional Abuse #unitedwithonevoice
SIA President & Survivor Mentor, Jodi Hobbs, joins us to discuss the last decade in advocacy against TTI. We must start by honoring the advocates who made it possible to have the conversations we are having now while proactively working towards adding far fewer generations to that conversation. However, if you got into the Survivor club before it's too late and you're ready to activate, connect with SIA. We are stronger together #unitedwithonevoice #iseeyousurvivor
April 2, 2020
#iseeyousurvivor Anthem
This anthem was written by our big sis Liz Ianelli when the #iseeyousurvivor campaign was originally launched. We are taking this torch and passing it forward so that each Survivor & ally can light their own fire and send out their own call. If you feel called to, please write & record a poem or song or just the standard #iseeyousurvivor testimonial video. Survivors are still feeling invalidated and we need the truth to ring loud and clear on ever mountain top. No one is free until the children are. No more kids in cages!
April 1, 2020
"It's OK To Not Be OK & Love Yourself Anyway" with Laura Cowen
We connect with Laura (aka CJ) who was in Family 3 at FFS just like us. She outlines the most clear and comprehensive daily rundown at the Family Foundation School to date. In our 2nd part, her wife joins us for a rare opportunity into the mind of a Survivor Spouse. We apologize for resorting back to our low audio quality; during lockdown some episodes will be compromised as we are recording from off grid on a not-very-smart phone
March 29, 2020
Stolen Dignity: an Expose of the Troubled Teen Industry with Andy Hirschfeld
" I mean, there are very few protections in the juvenile detention system, but there ARE protections -- the Troubled Teen Industry makes the Private Prison Industry look tame." Join NY based Journalist, Andy Hirschfeld, whose work has been featured on ABC, CBS, CNN, NPR, NYT Syndicate etc (from the establishment media to the fringe). He's also literally the guy who wrote the book on TTI "Stolen Dignity: An Expose of the Troubled Teen Industry" so NBD Pre Order Now: Follow him & connect @andyreports for more on his work:
March 27, 2020
Introducing Infinity Metanoia
Infinity Metanoia is a Spring Creek Lodge Survivor who is ever healing and evolving into a facilitator of all mission based expressions in the Survivor Community. We discuss quarantine parallels and the TTI perspective. If you connect with our sister PLEASE reach out to her OR on IG @destination.infinite or on FB under Infinity Metanoia #iseeyousurvivor
March 26, 2020
Coping with Covid: Q&A with Traumatologist & Psychotherapist, Liz Ianelli
This is a recording of a LIVE Q&A from on Troubled's FB (@TalkTroubled) on 3/25/20 Liz Ianelli is a licensed NY Social Worker, Traumatologist, Psychotherapist (and the list of qualifications rambles on).  What makes this mental health professional perfectly tailored to support Survivors of Institutional Abuse? She IS one! Welcome, Survivor993 back to the show, we hope the recording of this broadcast is as helpful now as it was for the dozens of Survivors who were there live.  #iseeyousurvivor #panicdemic
March 25, 2020
"If the Table Won't Turn, Flip it the F*ck Over!" & More from Liz Ianelli
Liz Ianelli is a Psychotherapist - Traumatologist - Licensed NY STATE Clinical Social Worker - Mental Health Police Instructor who has appeared on national television, a Cover of the NYT, she was featured IN ICSA - and is first Troubled teen survivor featured in publication... (international Cultic studies association).... OR she's just Our Beloved Big Sis Liz, from the Family. Either way, she has finally graced her Troubled fan base with some EXCLUSIVE announcements including some URGENT calls to action for those abused within TTI in NY.
March 19, 2020
Exposing Circle of Hope #whereisrachaelkellso?
The daughter of Boyd Householder, owner of Circle of Hope, is coming forward with video evidence and witness testimony hoping that the public will advocate for the past/present victims of her father. We are especially Troubled by the life sentence currently being served by Rachael Kellso, a specially abled COH program attendee who entered as a teen and was later permanently committed and will never ever escape, without YOUR HELP. HEAVY TRIGGER WARNINGS: Child Abuse, Rape, etc #whereisrachaelkellso
March 19, 2020
Tough Love at Mystic Bay
TRIGGER WARNING: We discuss some of the most graphic abuses including the death of Aaron Bacon (albeit briefly) This episode is dedicated to our recently departed brother from FFS, Brandon Finkelstein who is the 110th life stolen by the unethical and systemic torture of children by the Argiros Family and their Family Foundation School.  We interview, Elizabeth Sowden, author of the fictional "Tough Love at Mystic Bay", which comes out on April 1st! You sent us your questions and concerns, we sure hope we covered them all, but let us know if we didn't.  Connect with us on IG & Twitter @TalkTroubled (we're on YouTube & FB as well)
March 16, 2020
Take the ACE (Adverse Childhood Experience) Survey with Troubled
Have you heard of the ACEs? The Adverse Childhood Experiences Survey can predict proclivity for a host of health complications, both physical and psychological. Studied since the 90s, back when all the high scoring ACE kids were on Ritalin, the ACEs are widely and highly reputed. Take your ACE with us and then educate yourself now that you're informed.
March 12, 2020
10 Minute Table Topics: Synanon
Welcome to our new 10 Minute Table Topics segments! Our first topic is Uncle Chuck & Big Daddy Synanon
March 10, 2020
Introducing Our House Brother
TRIGGER WARNING! This Episode of Troubled is dedicated to Tom Malkowski, we will NEVER forget, we are #breakingcodesilence for YOU! Our 1st 3-Way Call with our beloved Family 3 House Brother. Its been over 15yrs since we met at a cult run behavioral modification program within the multi-billion dollar "Troubled Teen Industry". We discuss our shared experiences, from Survivor bullying to watching our peer die together. #KidsinCages is historically American, let's stop repeating it. It's time to save the children and face our Shadow. Connect with us on social media. #iseeyousurvivor
March 6, 2020
"The Time Out Room" with Cross Creek (WWASP) Survivor, Rose Cardella
Rose Cardella is an Alumna of Cross Creek Programs (the "hub" of WWASP) in Southern Utah. She talks to us about her time there and what it was like. We may even talk about dating and sex! You’ll just have to listen to find out.
February 3, 2020
Miranda's Story: Part 2/2 "From the Least Abused Among Us..."
This week, Family 3's double trouble tale-tellers are sharing their stories separately. Neither of us heard the other's episodes before recording, so let the virgin ear orgy commence. From Miranda: "In a double wink back to our AA influence, I spent an entire day chugging coffee and chain smoking into my phone, to self indulge in a step I never took in the program. So here is four too many hours (split in halfsies), meant to summarize my "story" and chronicle my path into and through my current complex: Complex PTSD. Take a trip to the dark side of behavior modification, cult based reprogramming, and institutional child abuse. Just please try to remember, it didn't have anything to do with the tuna." TRIGGER WARNING: This Podcast contains first hand descriptions of child abuse, cults, brainwashing, sexual assault and death. If this is also relatable for you, please be gentle. We're glad you're still here and selfishly want to keep you, so tread lightly back down the rabbit hole.
January 16, 2020
Miranda's Story (Part 1/2): "And It Didn't Have Anything to Do with the Tuna"
This week, Family 3's double trouble tale-tellers are sharing their stories separately.  Neither of us heard the other's episodes before recording, so let the virgin ear orgy commence.  From Miranda: "In a double wink back to our AA influence, I spent an entire day chugging coffee and chain smoking into my phone, to self indulge in a step I never took in the program. So here is four too many hours (split in halfsies), meant to summarize my "story" and chronicle my path into and through my current complex: Complex PTSD.  In the 1st part of "my story", we visit mini me for a little background on who and how one gets served up into "The Troubled Teen Industry",  with some mundane 90s childhood memories thrown in there for good measure. 40 minutes into the podcast or 17 years into my life (in case you need to skip ahead; no judging - get it), we find ourselves in the Catskills where we get real Troubled real fast.  Take a trip to the dark side of behavior modification, cult based reprogramming, and institutional child abuse. Just please try to remember, it didn't have anything to do with the tuna." TRIGGER WARNING: This Podcast contains first hand descriptions of child abuse, cults, brainwashing, sexual assault and death. If this is also relatable for you, please be gentle. We're glad you're still here and selfishly want to keep you, so tread lightly back down the rabbit hole. 
January 15, 2020
Troubled: The First Episode
Two survivors of institutional abuse, Meredith Yannuzzi and Miranda Sullivan reunite after 15 years, on New Years 2020 in NYC. Listen in as they discuss the climate of the Troubled Teen Industry, and recount their personal experiences as teenagers at The Family Foundation “school” in Hancock, NY.
January 1, 2020