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20 - Strange Times and Unframed Minds

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Four masters of none tackle politics, culture, and conspiracies. We're not right, left, or center, we're all over the place. Taboo and controversy are our bread and butter. It's time to get a conversation started, and if it's uncomfortable, we're addressing it from every angle. We'll have you laughing, thinking, and offended in no time. This is Trouble Speak.
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20 - Strange Times and Unframed Minds
It's the season finale!  This week we welcome Daniel and Anthony from the Unframe of Mind Podcast to get their perspective on the social and political landscapes, but that's not all!  Rob finally gets in the driver's seat to host, and we're covering a lot of ground.  We talk border wall and government shutdown, revolution and anarchy, black mirror's bandersnatch, bullying and the meaning of dreams.  We wanted to give you plenty to listen to while we take a break, so kick back and enjoy our longest cast to date! 01/10/19
January 17, 2019
19 - What to Expect When You're Reflecting
Happy new year!  Bringing in 2019 with episode 19 and we've got a lot to talk about.  Game of Groans returns to get us through current events.  Jo doesn't believe the wars are ending, Gabba shares a story from her school days, Nate has beef with the pedophile empire, and Rob gives us some straight talk when it comes to parenting.  After our Jingle Speak chaos, this episode is a (hopefully) welcome return to form.  Thanks for listening! 01/01/19
January 6, 2019
18 - Jingle Speak: The King of Winter Solstice Tournament
The most offensive of christmas specials?  You decide.  We're back with an action packed episode just in time for the holidays!  Current events is overshadowed by a slew of games and nonsense.  Who is the most useless reindeer?  When did you lose your santa virginity?  Is die hard a christmas movie?  Finally, we wrap up with a monumental event.  Who will be named the king of winter solstice!?  Enjoy, because we might be cancelled after this one.  Welcome to Jingle Speak! 12/19/18
December 24, 2018
17 - Secret Spices and Existential Crisis
Did you miss us? I know you did! Very excited to welcome Brandon and Jordan from Secret Spice of Life podcast to cover all kinds of topics. We're all hyped for the smash bros release, reading to gaming comparisons are made, we all get triggered over the entertainment industry, we have a conversation with our ten year old selves, and discuss what role shaming plays in today's society. Finally, the main event is all about escapism, and if the good outweighs the bad. If you still haven't had enough [spoiler warning] we have a long overdue conversation about Bojack Horseman. 12/06/18
December 15, 2018
16 - Thots and Transgressions
Welcome to the newcomers, and welcome back to our fans! Sick of Nate hosting? So were we! Gabba takes the reigns this week, and that means current events is taking a back seat to the issues she's been dying to debate. Are microaggressions the bane campus goers claim them to be? How do the casters feel about the transgender movement? Is college really worth your time and money? What are a woman's options in a desperate situation? All these questions and many more this week! 11/28/18
December 5, 2018
15 - Voting Is A Good
We're playing a little catch up this week as we sift through the election day fallout, and discuss the importance of voting. California is on fire if you haven't heard, Jim Acosta earns his karate black belt, another event shooting has taken lives, and Jo has beef with George dubya. All of this with more conspiracy mode than anyone asked for! 11/15/18
November 19, 2018
14 - The Podcast Formally Known as the Midterm Special
Sorry for the delay! Numerous issues won't stop us! Our resident liberal takes over the show for midterm discussions, and things go... in unique directions. We reminisce about the president's visit to our neck of the woods, catch up with the MAGA bomber, touch on the google walkout, and wrap up with Caravania. Adam attempts to join the conversation, but technical difficulties were abound for this recording session. Thanks for bearing with us! Looking for order in the chaos. 11/01/18
November 7, 2018
13 - Trouble Spook: Candy, Screams, and NPC Memes
Grisly ghouls from every tomb are closing in to seal your doom... In this spoopy episode we're having a little fun, but hitting the serious topics in between. Game of Groans is back, the NPC meme can't be ignored, and nudity is censored while violence is everywhere. Nate pits the casters against one another in a series of games, and we debate the true identity of the so-called "MAGA bomber" terrorizing the country. What is Saudi Arabia thinking? Who will emerge victorious and claim their mysterious prize? Where do babies come from? We're answering the questions nobody asked tonight. 10/25/18
October 30, 2018
12 - Wrestling with Wealth and Mental Health
Strap yourselves in because we're knocking out current events in record time! We get deep into the mental illness epidemic, and due to Jo demand, we weigh the pros and cons of universal basic income. This episode is packed to the brim, and might even have a few surprises before it's all said and done. 10/15/18
October 21, 2018
11 - Can We Kavanaught?
We're back! In season two we hit the ground running with a familiar face as a new caster. Our team is now four strong, and this week we're sifting through the supremely unjustified courting of one Brett Kavanaugh. Fan service has us touching back on 9/11 to debate the physics of a building collapse, and somehow we end up on toxic masculinity? The main event gets surprisingly deep when we discuss the rapidly changing world from the last generation to the current. 10/04/18
October 7, 2018
10 - Her Story, and the Official Story
It's the season finale! What do you mean podcasts don't have seasons? You don't control us! Another September 11th goes by, and naturally we're going to talk about that fateful day. We are delighted to welcome Gabba to the show to discuss women's issues, and whatever else the conversation might lead us to. Serena Williams, Manafort, Kavanaugh, and Puerto Rico are in the news cycle, but the plight of the modern woman is the focus of the episode. 09/12/18
September 20, 2018
09 - Genetic Mexification
Our most controversial episode yet? You decide. The Kavanaugh hearings go as expected, the most damaging revelations on Trump yet rumored to be in Bob Woodward's new book, social media is obsessed with Nike, Russia prepares for war, and Alex Jones storms the capital! We welcome Rob's brother Jose to the podcast for some extra spice, and more importantly, to talk CRISPR. It's one small step for man, and one giant leap toward getting banned. 09/06/18
September 9, 2018
08 - Don't Need Jo Religion
It's that time again. Pretty average news week, all things considered. We're hashing out the complexities of the never ending Trump/Russia spy thriller, as well as theorizing where the indictments are headed next. Another 'mass-shooting' in Florida, children are representing themselves in court, deja vu in the middle east, and much more. The main topic this week is the sequel to the religion/beliefs debate. This time Jo weighs in on the subject, and fireworks ensue. 08/29/18
September 2, 2018
07 - We Need To Talk About Heaven
Too much news to cover this week. Manafort and Cohen are jail-bound, Verizon wants to watch the world burn, Facebook assigning trust scores to profiles, and Mollie Tibbits is exploited faster than you can say illegal immigration. Also this week, we're deep diving on religion, but some technical difficulties leave Jo largely out of the conversation. Once his computer goes down for the count, Rob and Nate are left to their own devices... Muahahaha! 08/25/18
August 27, 2018
06 - Slow News Week
Welcome back! Nothing too controversial this time around. We're checking in on the Manafort trial, Omarosa has the tapes, unite the right 2 flops, and we deep dive into the problem of tribalism. Playing it fast and loose this episode. Don't worry, there's much more. 08/14/18
August 19, 2018
05 - The Best Laid Bans of Frogs and Men
We're back with a quick one this week. Clearly we had to talk Alex Jones and what his situation means for the rest of us on social platforms. Jo kicks off conspiracy mode with a new take on corporate control, Nate has beef with the IDW, and Rob brings a lesser known conspiracy theorist to light. 08/07/18
August 19, 2018
04 - Roe your Boat, or Wade Through?
This week we have our first guest to give us a religious perspective on one of the most sensitive topics on your facebook and twitter feeds. We touch on the pope's relevance in christianity today, and spend some time on the outrage culture in social media. Finally, strap yourselves in, because we're talking abortion. 08/02/18
August 19, 2018
03 - A Civil War of Words
This time around we're debating gun violence, and pitching solutions. We touch on facebook, and Trump's tariff plans... And Rob has a particularly sensitive subject to delve into. 07/26/18
August 19, 2018
02 - Russian to Trumpclusions
The Trump/Putin bromance seems to be on everyone's mind. We talk about the future of the Democratic party, the border issues abroad and at home, and touch on growing censorship concerns. 07/19/18
August 19, 2018
01 - Skipping the Tutorial
Probably should have figured out how to do this before we started. The first week is politics, current events, the state of the media landscape, and the importance of discourse. 07/11/18
August 19, 2018
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