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Trucking Breakfast Club

Trucking Breakfast Club

By Trucking Breakfast Club
A morning talk discussing all things trucking & the transportation industry!
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Thomas Tank Johnson Interview
Had the pleasure to speak with Thomas Tank Johnson about the Unite Us consortium and how we can be a part and participate. Mr Thomas has been able to work with large Corporations like UPS and Target to help smaller minority carriers move frieght with the same companies without needing 50 or more trucks to get onboard.    Make sure to check out for more trucking and logistics information.   Unite Us Global - Consortium Trucking Breakfast Club - Logistics Resource Road To Riches Academy - Trucking Academy by Jay Rich Freight Dispatch Course - Dispatch Course by LaKisha Truckers Profit - Profit Calculator for your trucking business by Henry HMMediaGroup - Websites for Carriers and Dispatchers   Desi - IG Lakisha - IG Henry - IG
September 03, 2021
What Are Your SMART Goals For Yourself and Your Business
For those that fail to plan are planning to fail. One way to keep yourself on track is to create SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely) goals for yourself. In this chat we speak about our different goals and what we do to maintain our focus on those goals. We even spoke a marketing strategies as well. Make sure you tap in.   Trucking Breakfast Club Mastering Your Back Office - Compliance and Back Office Course by Kelsey Road To Riches Academy - Trucking Academy by Jay Rich Freight Dispatch Course - Dispatch Course by LaKisha Truckers Profit - Profit Calculator for your trucking business by Henry     Desi - IG Kelsy - IG Lakisha - IG Bre - IG Henry - IG Delana - IG Jay Rich - IG
June 07, 2021
Oh, we talkin teams!?
Is this chat we talked about about team drivers. How to be one, the pros and cons, how they are paid and how they move. We even deep dived on truck maintenance and what companies need to do to hire and keep a driver. Industry news and more.   Make sure to tap in.   Trucking Breakfast Club   Mastering Your Back Office Course   Dispatching Course June 5th and 6th   Truckers Profit - Profit Calculator for your trucking business       Desi - IG Kelsy - IG Lakisha - IG Bre - IG Henry - IG Delana - IG Jay Rich - IG
June 02, 2021
Is Having An Authority For You?
This was a great discussion about what it takes to have have a motor carrier authority and how keep it, when is a good time to start it and how to protect it. Would it be better to lease on with a mega carrier or a small carrier? What kind of pay should you expect? Just really too much to mention you really need to tape in and listen. We also speak about working together to compete against mega carriers and so much more.   Trucking Breakfast Club Mastering Your Back Office Road To Riches Academy Freight Dispatch Course Truckers Profit Calculator
May 29, 2021
Motor Pool Monday
In this episode we speak about new things in the trucking and logistics industry and surprises that have happened in our field. We also spoke a lot about compliance and also Sylvia Mayfield-Chess spoke about opening a trucking academy to help people earn their CDLs. Back Office and Compliance CourseMaster Your Back Office Trucking Edition Profit
May 18, 2021
Building Business Credit
In this finance Friday discussion Delana talks all about setting up to get busness credit, what to do to improve or raise your business credit and so much more. Make sure you tap in and take notes. She give you action items you can use now to get started or get more business credit.
April 05, 2021
Do You Lease on, Get Your Authority, Or Let Owner Ops Lease With You?
In this chat we talk all about leasing on other companies authority, getting your own authority and letting others run under your authority. It was a great discussion and an eye opener. So if your new and wondering if you should start with your own authority or lease on. You will get a lot from this episode. If you have an authority and wondering about leasing other people on to you, there are some gems for you as well. Tap in.   And we was celebrating Bre's Birthday. Happy Birthday BRE!
April 03, 2021
All About Credit Building, Credit Laws and Credit Rebuilding
In this chat we speak with Dawan, owner or Generational Curse Breakers, about building credit, repairing credit and knowing what laws to use to get creditors off your back. There were too many gems that was dropped in the chat to mention in this short summary. Just tap in and make sure to have your pen and paper handy to take notes. GenerationalCurseBreakers
March 26, 2021
Systems To Use In Your Trucking Business
In this chat we spoke with TJ and she gave plenty of gems about being organized and using systems in your business so you can grow and scale. And what should you do to start implementing systems in your business. TJ has 15+ years of IT experience in various industries including Dot com’s, Government, Telecommunications, Entertainment, and small-medium businesses.
March 23, 2021
Free Online CDL Training & 350K a Month for Renting Trailers!?
Mr Ken, from KBC Transport who does free online CDL training, spoke about making money transporting trucks for dealers while using their trucks. And Delmar, who owns the largest black own trailer rental company in GA, spoke about the trailer rental game. Making 350K in a month and other major gems about the trucking industry. His hustle and thinking outside the box allowed him to let his equipment work for him. There was some many gems and nuggets dropped in this Freestyle Friday make sure to listen twice.   Tap in
March 19, 2021
Women in Trucking
Although trucking is a male dominated industry, WOMEN Do TRUCKING TOO! Whether brokering, driving, dispatching, or other, the women in logistics came on stage to talk about how they got into the business, what hurdles they faced and what kept them in logistics.
March 17, 2021
Second Chance Trucking
In this chat we discuss giving people second chances via the transportation and logistics industry. We all know someone who's been in trouble. Now that we're in the ownership position, we can make the decision to hire & change lives.
March 16, 2021
Hotshot or HotNOT?!
In this chat we discuss getting started in the hotshot niche and we had the pleasure of having Saint come in and he explained thisbusiness of car hauling with hotshots.
March 15, 2021
Setting up Your Trucking Company 3 of 3
Today we are finishing strong with the starting your truck company checklist. We discuss best kind of trucks to buy, IFTA, portion plates, cab cards, what to look for in a factoring company and more.
March 12, 2021
Setting up Your Trucking Company 2 of 3
Today we talked about get your DOT number, MC number and your authority. Also spoke about what you need to now about insurance, getting an audit, BOC-3 and more.
March 11, 2021
All Star Weekend Freestyle Friday
We had a great discussion to kick off the weekend before we have our 1st meet up in Atlanta. Also touched on 3PL, learning freight and so much more. Tap in.
March 05, 2021