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Learning Little Lessons

Learning Little Lessons

By Trudie Schar
The Learning Little Lessons podcast is where we talk about the little lessons God is teaching us.

Learning how to fill up on Jesus, so we can pour out to others. All the while bringing Him more glory.

Grab a salted-carmel hot cocoa (my favorite), put your feet up .... okay, okay, I know all that sounds blissful, but reality is you got work to do ... so what ever you’re doing put in those headphones and let’s tune it all out and have a chat.

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04. Why Learning Little Lesssons

Learning Little Lessons

Sister Share 2022 — Workshop & Question Panel — Spiritual Gifts with Carolyn Andrej & friends
Recording from Sister Share. This recording starts with a workshop from Carolyn Andrej titled “Discovering what God has Given You”. The recording then jumps to a question panel titled “Finding & using My Gifted Passion”. Diane Jarrett (administration thru board membership), Becky Bauman(serve/help thru family), Courtney Ramsier (serve/help thru teen girls), Kelsey Ballard(hospitality thru foster care), Larisa Maibach (teaching), Connie Bauman (hospitality), Melanie Tomic (service/evangelism)
April 14, 2022
Sister Share 2022 — StoryTime with Bea — Thriving Through Seasons of Survival with SueEllen Maibach
Listen in as SueEllen shares her story of her husband’s illness and passing and how she survived through that with four young children.
April 06, 2022
Sister Share 2022 — Courage in the Face of Survival — Sheila Gucker
Keynote Speaker at Sister Share March 19th, 2022
March 28, 2022
53. Doing the Next Right Thing with Julie Bauman
Listen in to Julie’s story. She shares the amazing story of how God lead her as a single mom of three young children. She also gives us advice for how to support your friends that seem to be doing crazy things for God.
February 10, 2022
52. When You are in a Fearful Place with Marsha Rufener (part two)
Part two of my conversation with Marsha. On this episode Marsha shares practical ways to manage when you are fearful of the future.
February 03, 2022
God’s Faithfulness to the Widow — with Marsha Rufener
Join me as I talk to Marsha Rufener about how she has seen God’s Faithfulness this past year.
January 27, 2022
50 Why you should join us for the Ruth Study with Abbie Gramm
Meet the author and get a inside peek at the new study!
January 05, 2022
Best Yes Book Club — Week Six
December 12, 2021
Best Yes Book Club — Week Five
December 06, 2021
Best Yes Book Club — Week Four
November 29, 2021
Best Yes Book Club — Week Three
November 22, 2021
Best Yes Book Club — Week Two
November 15, 2021
44. Three Ways to Get Out of the Slump
*Self - explanatory
December 30, 2020
Sister Share - Ann Gerber
A recording of a workshop from Sister Share
October 30, 2020
Sister Share 2020 — Marsha Rufener; Holding on to Hope
A recording from Sister Share
October 30, 2020
Sister Share 2020 — StoryTime with Bea; Carolyn Andrej and Becca Steiner
A recording from Sister Share
October 30, 2020
Sister Share 2020 — Larisa Maibach; The First Believer
A recording from Sister Share — 2020
October 30, 2020
43. Leaving a Legacy for Our Children — with author and speaker Ruth Adams
On the podcast today I am chatting with Ruth Adams. Ruth shares five ways to leave a legacy for our children. * pointing them back to the Gospel * having a Word-Saturated home * using intentional discipleship * becoming a prayerful family * adding singing into the day Ruth shares tips for doing these things during the every day routines. And she shares the “why” behind leaving a legacy for our children. You can find Ruth at her website where she writes and podcasts. You can find her book, Legacy also on her website or on amazon. Ruth has a podcast called Legacy Homeschool Reflections Podcast. Follow her on Instagram @heartathome24
August 10, 2020
42. Are You Feeling Discouraged?
Do you feel confused right now? Me too! Here are three tips I’ve been trying to keep in mind 1. We don’t have to understand. 2. We don’t have to look the same. 3. We need to love. Listen in!
August 07, 2020
41. Letting Our Kids Grow Up On Their Own Time with Author and Speaker Sherri Seligson
A couple of years ago Sherri told me a story that breathed hope into my homeschool mom life. Today I get the extreme honor of letting you hear this same story! I’m so excited to have Sherri as a guest on the podcast today! I think this episode will remind you that even if it “seems” like your kids are behind… they really are not. Sherri shares practical ways to cheer your child on without labeling or pushing them too hard. She also reminds us that motherhood is important. Listen in you will find out that — You ARE doing a good job. Be sure to follow Sherri on all the socials @SherriSeligson, her website at, and YouTube also at Sherri Seligson.
July 28, 2020
40. Doing It Distracted
So many times we are distracted — by other people or by our circumstances. In this episode I chat about Martha and something that stuck out to me in her story. I share a couple times where I was distracted. And a couple things to keep in mind when you find yourself distracted. Hopefully your biggest takeaway is that satan wants us distracted... because then we are not looking clearly at the things we can actually do something about — the people hearts right in front of us.
July 20, 2020
39. If you are called - He will make a way. Exploring the homeschool life With guest Cheryl Kischuk
Listen in as Cheryl shares about her experiences as a public school, private school, and now homeschool teacher. She also gives great advice for the Mama you doesn’t feel qualified. And for when you are having one of “those days”. Give it a listen, you will be glad you did so. Follow Cheryl on Instagram and her website at Epiphanies365
July 13, 2020
38. Surrounding yourself with the right crowd isn’t just for kids.
I share about a sermon that encouraged me a while back. It was meant for kids... but as adults I realize it’s pretty important. Get in the right crowd. P.S. For the full, accurate, and complete softball story google... “Sara Tucholsky”. ;)
July 01, 2020
37. BURNOUT; Finding Rest in the Midst of It. With Rachel Rauch, BCND from Eiro Wellness
Join Rachel and I for part three of this series on BURNOUT. Today we are talking about REST. Emotional, relational, and spiritual rest. We chat about how to make a weekly Sabbath rest priority. Rachel retells the story of Elijah and what God did for him when he was burnout. Rachel shares how she helps women work through adrenal recovery through her website at Go check it out!
June 23, 2020
36. BURNOUT; practical answers for dealing with it. With Rachel. Rauch, BCND from Eiro Wellness
Part Two of our series on BURNOUT is here!! In this episode Rachel and I talk about practical answers for dealing with with burnout. The list includes caffeine, diet, exercise, rhythms of rest, and herbs. Don’t expect a list of rules or list of things you use not do. Really, I think you will be pleasantly surprised! There is one little thing on this list that you’ve been meaning to do anyways... Rachel will encourage you to take that one next step toward living without burnout. Go have a listen! You will be glad you did!
June 16, 2020
35. Burnout; the symptoms and causes. With Rachel Rauch, BCND from Eiro Wellness
Rachel and I sit down to talk about BURNOUT. We discuss why burnout is a concern, and what it looks like. She shares how our body reacts to burnout and stress by increasing the cortisol levels to help us adapt. Rachel points us things that we do that also inadvertly add to increased cortisol. Lastly, she shares the negative symptoms that we begin to experience with cortisol is at a high level for too long. She got me at ”stress without margins” and ”tired but wired”. Go give it a listen you will be able to relate.
June 09, 2020
Musings of a hurt toe... and the Body of Christ
A bit of musings about things I learned in the middle of the night as I dealt with a painful toe. Seems kind of silly to even write that, but go give it a listen. I think you will look at the body a little differently. I speak first to myself, but I think you can relate... when we are hurting with something that others can’t see. When we are stopped in our tracks... discouraged, worried, fearful... There is a piece missing from the body. And of course, satan loves that. Satan doesn’t mind how he does it, he likes the body to stop working together. God doesn’t need any of us. Yet He gets joy and pleasure when we as a body of Christians work together, when we hurt when others hurt and when we go out and be the part of the body we were created to be. That brings Him glory! I hope you will come away with the reminder that EVERY part is important, every part is needed, and every part needs to care for each other.
June 04, 2020
33. The Introverted Mom Life with September McCarthy
During this episode I chat with author and speaker September McCarthy. We are talking about the introverted mom life; boundaries and balance at home, in ministry, and social invitations. September gives introverts permission to make time to refuel in purposeful ways. Be sure to connect with September on Instagram at SeptemberAnne. Check out her products for moms also on Instagram at SeptemberandCo
May 27, 2020
Dealing with the Lion in Your Back Yard.
This week we are chatting about how satan is out to get us. I share seven ways to fight that ole devil. During the episode I read a “satan says... God says” list I read that my friend @marsharufener created. Her list proves Satan’s been lying to us. Go take a listen!
May 13, 2020
31. Clear Vision. Two Questions to Ask Yourself in 2020
What is really important? You know lots of people had tag lines for this year “the year of perfect vision” Imagine if God was out to give us perfect vision in 2020. Imagine if He was out to show us the things that really matter to us. . . . What would He do? Give us time to rest? A lot of time to be with our favorite people? Time to step away from the traditions and rules we’ve created for our worship at church. A time to get a good look at what are kids are learning in school, and perhaps see where they are struggling. A good chance to get back around the kitchen table with our family again. . . I am asking myself two questions. Listen in.
May 04, 2020
30. Stop hanging out in the Lobby — there is so much more with guest Hannah Nitz
My friend Hannah Nitz has been Christian for almost forever, but recently she found out there is so much more. She tells her story of how God wrecked her and took her to a place where she realized there is so much more to a relationship with God. She tells how she’s been hanging out in the lobby of the resort, but there is a whole resort full of goodness. Listen in you will love her energy :)
April 27, 2020
29. Holy Hustle & Quieting the Shout of Should with Author Crystal Stine
Join author and speaker Crystal Stine as we chat about her book Holy Hustle and that balance between work and rest. She shares about her new book Quieting the Shout of Should and the message inside it. (Whew! It’s an important topic!) Go listen to the episode, get introduced to Crystal’s books, and hear her sweet servant heart. Be sure to give Crystal a follow at @crystalsine or sign up for her email list at to be the first to hear about her book birthday celebrations.
April 20, 2020
28. Disappointments
We all have disappointments. Maybe even more today than we did at the start of 2020. We can’t stuff it all inside us, we can’t give satan an inch. Get the disappointments in the open, grieve them, that way you can move on. Move on and Worship!!
April 15, 2020
27. Not changing the view. But the perspective.
I found myself looking out of a dirty window. Cleaning it did not change my view. But boy... it sure changed my perspective. Maybe you need a little perspective change with COVID-19. Listen in as I tell a couple stories from history that gave me a bit of perspective change.
April 11, 2020
God’s Timing is Perfect
Special Sister Share Online Episode... featuring three stories of God showing up in the perfect timing. These stories are from Sue Weaver, Larisa Maibach, and Jill Welti
March 21, 2020
26. Take Two. Five little lessons about marriage
Marriage is such a learning process. I don’t think I’ll ever have it all figured out. This episode I share five little things I’ve been learning. 1. Team. 2. Be a Student of your spouse. 3. Intimacy is glue. 4. Go to bed angry sometimes. 5. The enemy is satan.
February 28, 2020
25. Coming Alongside Our Children
Join me, as Kira and Kenzie from Alongside Them, chat about discipling our children. We talk about what discipling looks like, why it’s important, and how to go about doing it.
February 21, 2020
24. Dealing With Difficult People. Boundaries; part 3 of 3. With Podcast Guest Erica Steffen
In episode two of our series on Boundaries we talked about lots of practical things. In episode three Erica shares some advice she learned that helps us deal with these difficult people. We chat about what to do if you are struggling with the first steps of setting boundaries. We end the series by reminding everyone the end goal; more balanced relationships, healthy boundaries, all framed in God’s love.
February 05, 2020
23. Dealing with Difficult People; Boundaries. Part 2 of 3. With Podcast Guest Erica Steffen
Last week we chatted about trash dumping neighbors... this week Erica and I are putting some words to this analogy. We paint some pictures of what this looks like in real life. We add some feeling words to how it feels when our boundaries are violated. During the episode, Erica mentions the book Boundaries for Your Soul by Alison Cook and Kimberly Miller. (Find link here: We chat about practical ways to deal with boundaries pushers... react/respond.
January 29, 2020
22. Dealing With Difficult People; Boundaries Part 1 of 3. With Podcast guest Erica Steffen
How do you love people that are a negative force in your life?? The answer to that question really begins with learning about boundaries. My friend, Erica Steffen and I sat down and chatted about Boundaries. We talk about the book by Dr Henry Cloud and John Townsend. We talk about how difficult people tend to put their “trash” inside our fence. We chat about how to live by a trash dumping neighbor. This is part one of a three part series. The trash dumping analogy, in this episode, sets us up to discuss what these trash dumping neighbors look like in real life. Be sure to look for part two next week!
January 22, 2020
21. Because You Ask Not
What have you been asking God? Have you really asked or are you whining? What do you actually want? I chat about some lessons I’m learning about asking and know what I really want. And then, what am I really doing about it. Is my everyday life pointing to what is really important to me?? Take a listen! I pray you are blessed.
January 19, 2020
20. The value of the elderly with podcast guest Isabel Tom
Isabel Tom came on the show to talk about one of her great passions, the elderly. Isabel is the author of the soon to be released book “The Value of Wrinkles” During the show we chat about all things elderly; their value, the lessons we can learn by watching them, why it’s important to lean in and listen, and how we can come alongside and bless them as they age. I think you will really enjoy her sweet stories and lessons she shares for us today. Isabel’s book, ”The Value of Wrinkles” is coming out in March. You can preorder now on Amazon ( Be sure to check it out! You can connect with her on Instagram at @isabelctom. Join her facebook page at The Value Of Wrinkles. ( Visit her website at
January 08, 2020
19. Soul care; health, happiness, and Heaven
This week on the podcast I’m chatting about an idea my friend Becky thought of. It’s about Soul Care; a 30 day focus on Health, Happiness, and Heaven. I think this idea is something that could really work for you!  It sure has helped me.  Listen to the podcast episode here. And when you are finished listening be sure to download the 30 day challenge worksheet. You can find this free download (along with all the other freebies on my site) at
January 05, 2020
18. Women of the Christmas Story
Have you thought about the women found in the Christmas Story? In this episode I chat about these seven women. I share what lesson stuck out to me most in each story. I also share three ways that you and I are called to be a part of the great Christmas Story this year. Jesus also invites us to be a Woman of the Christmas Story. . . . Want to dig in more? Here is where you can find these women’s stories: Tamar, Genesis 38 Rehab, Joshua 2 & 6 Ruth, the whole book of Ruth Bathsheba, 2 Samuel 11 Elizabeth, Luke 1 Mary, Matthew 1 and Luke 1 & 2 Anna, Luke 2 . . You can also grab a copy of my book Women of the Christmas Story at or search “Women of the Christmas Story Trudie Schar” on Amazon. . . . . #womenoftheChristmasStory #learninglittlelessons #hellojesusco #ChristmasHope #momlife
December 23, 2019
17. Clinging to Hope in the Lord
I have a short little podcast episode for you. Its a honest chat about last week and some mistakes I made. And what I learned about hoping in the Lord.
December 23, 2019
16. Making new pathways - practically speaking
Last week we were chatting about making new brain pathways... this week I wanted to show you what this has looked like in the past for me. Practically. Picture a stack of sticky notes. Putting Truth in our brain in a very intentional, almost elementary way. — I’d love to hear from you! What truth is on your stack of sticky notes? Email me at
December 03, 2019
15. New Brain Pathways
It’s thanksgiving. We are thinking about everything we are thankful for. We are talking about it with our kids. We are making our lists. We all know we should be thankful all year. We’ve heard it. Yet can we talk about the opposite? Can we talk a moment about what happens when we aren’t thankful? What happens when we don’t do this thankful thing the rest of the year? In this episode we will touch the tip of the iceberg of what happens in our brain when we are thankful. And what might happen if we do otherwise. And why we might want to start making new brain pathways. The link to the article I mentioned in the show, from Sheri is::
November 27, 2019
14. The ACTS prayer method {with podcast guest Darcy Schock}
I’m excited to have Darcy join me on the podcast agian! This week we are chatting about the ACTS method of prayer. What ACTS stands for and how this can help focus your prayer life. I get a little geeky and talk about how Nehemiah prayed this method.
November 17, 2019
13. Prayer Journaling - With podcast guest Darcy Schock
Darcy and I sit down to chat about prayer journaling. We chat about how reading Psalms is peeking into someone’s prayer journal, why she started prayer journaling, and 5 benefits she’s found by keeping a prayer journal. Run to her website to check out the prayer journal she mentions during the show. Use the coupon code “prayerjournal10” to save $10! Code ends November 17th, 2019. Link to the journal is here:
November 10, 2019
12. When Motherhood Feels Like a Wilderness; part four. Worship
This episode is the last of the four part series on “When Motherhood Feels Like a Wilderness” We are chatting about why Moses would do a thing like leading 4.5 million grumbling kids through a wilderness... (contrary to possible belief, it was NOT so his instagram post would go viral) We have a choice, but when we choose to bring God glory through our calling as a Mama... then Motherhood is worship!
November 01, 2019
11. When Motherhood Feels Like a Wilderness; part three. What’s the Point?
As Moses led 4.5 people through the wilderness I wonder how often he asked himself; What’s the point of all this work I’m doing? As a mom, I hate to admit it but I used to often wonder the same thing... What’s the point of doing all this work I’m doing for my kids?! Time in this episode didn’t allow me to go into all the “What’s the point questions” that I ask myself. . . But we dig into the circumstances when Moses could have said “What’s the point? I’m never going to make it!” I share six tips we can get from Moses’ story to apply to our life when we are facing a large fear. When WE whisper... “What’s the point... I’m never going to make it”
October 23, 2019
10 When Motherhood feels like a wilderness: part two Moses and Mama and the calling they didn’t want
Have you ever found yourself some where you never thought you’d be? Found yourself doing something you didn’t ever dream of ... or never wanted to do. Perhaps it’s you wanted children and didn’t get them, perhaps it’s a job you didnt want and you have it now, maybe a marriage that didn’t turn out “happily ever after” Moses found himself with a calling I don’t think he ever set out to have; being a mom figure for 4.5 million grumbling, complaining, whining people. Before he could accept this calling he had lies that he had to sift thru. Things he thought and reasons he didnt want to accept the calling. This week we are chatting about those lies. We are chatting about how God’s responses to Moses’ lies might be the answers you need as you try to accept a calling you may not have ever wanted. Take a listen to part 2 of When Motherhood Feels Like A Wilderness titled Moses and Mama; the calling they didn’t want.
October 15, 2019
09. When Motherhood Feels Like a Wilderness; Part 1
This episode is part one of the new four week podcast series, titled “When Motherhood Feels Like a Wilderness” Go take a listen. And I’d LOVE to know... can you relate?
October 08, 2019
08. Wilderness Seasons - With Podcast Guest Kara Stoller
I am so excited to share this podcast episode with you! My friend Kara, joined me this week! We are chatting about Wilderness Seasons. They can be tough (those seasons that God says stay... and really all you want to do is run.) Kara’s been through a wilderness season or two. Please make this a podcast you listen to. You will be glad you did!
September 30, 2019
07. Decisions That We Question
Do ever have times when it’s hard to make a decision? When it starts going rough do you ever start questioning a decision you just made? Today’s podcast we are chatting about those decisions. I’m sharing four things I’ve been learning about making decisions. They’ve sure helped lesson the crazy in my head.
September 23, 2019
Empty Girl
Empty Girl was a talk I gave at Homeschool Mom’s Night Out - March 2019 - Based on the story of the Empty Girl in John 4.
September 19, 2019
06. Who are you really?
When I remember who I am, what I was made for, and who I was made to serve; I don’t need to step on any of the other “scales” I might try to measure myself on. When my realtionship with Jesus is strong, the other scales fade. Be sure to grab the free download that I mention at the end of the episode by visiting Production in collaboration with Jersey Limited Media. ©️2019 Learning Little Lessons
September 16, 2019
05. The Bathroom Scale is Not My Friend
My bathroom scale and I are not getting along . . . But while fighting it I learned a little lesson. A lesson about the other “scales” I sometimes step on. You know, those places I try to measure my value and worth against. Stepping on those scales, I don’t always feel great about myself. Because I listen to what these scale say, I sometimes stop being the person I was made to be. ((It’s a two part series, so be sure to listen again next week))
September 16, 2019
04. Why Learning Little Lesssons
I’m a private person. {INFJ personality} I’d rather talk about you, then to share what’s going on inside my heart. Yet somedays God pushes me out of that comfort zone and says share. That’s today. • • • So here’s a little about my story {don’t worry, it’s the short version 😃}
September 16, 2019
03. End of Summer Regrets
For a lot of people this week marks the beginning of school… the end of summer. Sniff sniff! Today LearningLittleLessons Podcast Episode 3 is live. We are talking about end of the summer regrets. And how Paul sent a letter that he kinda-sorta-but-not-really-regretted. Go visit the blog for a printable to go with this episode!
September 16, 2019
02. Just Washing Nets
I’ve been thinking about doing that stuff right in front of me. Then I stumbled upon Luke 5. It’s the story of Simon(Peter) washing nets. Just washing a net. What a life. {Kinda reminds of myself leaning over the sink washing dishes. } Today on the podcast episode I unpack this story and the four lessons I found in this washing net story. Go take a listen below.
September 16, 2019
01. Tomorrow’s Dreams
Is there a big dream you’ve been staring at? Do you ever zone in on that dream … and nearly end up missing the little joys right in front of you? In today’s episode I talk about a big dream of mine and the lesson I learned about the best way to prepare for those big dreams.
September 16, 2019