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Wilderness Seasons - With Podcast Guest Kara Stoller

An episode of Learning Little Lessons

By Trudie Schar
The Learning Little Lessons podcast is where we talk about the little lessons God is teaching us.

Learning how to fill up on Jesus, so we can pour out to others. All the while bringing Him more glory.

Grab a salted-carmel hot cocoa (my favorite), put your feet up .... okay, okay, I know all that sounds blissful, but reality is you got work to do ... so what ever you’re doing put in those headphones and let’s tune it all out and have a chat.

When Motherhood feels like a wilderness: part two. Moses and Mama and the calling they didn’t want
Have you ever found yourself some where you never thought you’d be? Found yourself doing something you didn’t ever dream of ... or never wanted to do. Perhaps it’s you wanted children and didn’t get them, perhaps it’s a job you didnt want and you have it now, maybe a marriage that didn’t turn out “happily ever after” Moses found himself with a calling I don’t think he ever set out to have; being a mom figure for 4.5 million grumbling, complaining, whining people. Before he could accept this calling he had lies that he had to sift thru. Things he thought and reasons he didnt want to accept the calling. This week we are chatting about those lies. We are chatting about how God’s responses to Moses’ lies might be the answers you need as you try to accept a calling you may not have ever wanted. Take a listen to part 2 of When Motherhood Feels Like A Wilderness titled Moses and Mama; the calling they didn’t want.
October 15, 2019
When Motherhood Feels Like a Wilderness; Part 1
This episode is part one of the new four week podcast series, titled “When Motherhood Feels Like a Wilderness” Go take a listen. And I’d LOVE to know... can you relate?
October 8, 2019
Wilderness Seasons - With Podcast Guest Kara Stoller
I am so excited to share this podcast episode with you! My friend Kara, joined me this week! We are chatting about Wilderness Seasons. They can be tough (those seasons that God says stay... and really all you want to do is run.) Kara’s been through a wilderness season or two. Please make this a podcast you listen to. You will be glad you did!
September 30, 2019
Decisions That We Question
Do ever have times when it’s hard to make a decision? When it starts going rough do you ever start questioning a decision you just made? Today’s podcast we are chatting about those decisions. I’m sharing four things I’ve been learning about making decisions. They’ve sure helped lesson the crazy in my head.
September 23, 2019
Empty Girl
Empty Girl Talk that was given at Homeschool Mom’s Night Out - March 2019 - Based on the story of the Empty Girl in John 4.
September 19, 2019
Who are you really?
When I remember who I am, what I was made for, and who I was made to serve; I don’t need to step on any of the other “scales” I might try to measure myself on. When my realtionship with Jesus is strong, the other scales fade. Be sure to grab the free download that I mention at the end of the episode by visiting https://mailchi.mp/6847be136409/who-am-i-realy Production in collaboration with Jersey Limited Media. ©️2019 Learning Little Lessons
September 16, 2019
The Bathroom Scale is Not My Friend
My bathroom scale and I are not getting along . . . But while fighting it I learned a little lesson. A lesson about the other “scales” I sometimes step on. You know, those places I try to measure my value and worth against. Stepping on those scales, I don’t always feel great about myself. Because I listen to what these scale say, I sometimes stop being the person I was made to be. ((It’s a two part series, so be sure to listen again next week))
September 16, 2019
Why Learning Little Lesssons
I’m a private person. {INFJ personality} I’d rather talk about you, then to share what’s going on inside my heart. Yet somedays God pushes me out of that comfort zone and says share. That’s today. • • • So here’s a little about my story {don’t worry, it’s the short version 😃}
September 16, 2019
End of Summer Regrets
For a lot of people this week marks the beginning of school… the end of summer. Sniff sniff! Today LearningLittleLessons Podcast Episode 3 is live. We are talking about end of the summer regrets. And how Paul sent a letter that he kinda-sorta-but-not-really-regretted. Go visit the blog for a printable to go with this episode! https://mailchi.mp/275b4a1f0544/freenoregretjournaling
September 16, 2019
Just Washing Nets
I’ve been thinking about doing that stuff right in front of me. Then I stumbled upon Luke 5. It’s the story of Simon(Peter) washing nets. Just washing a net. What a life. {Kinda reminds of myself leaning over the sink washing dishes. } Today on the podcast episode I unpack this story and the four lessons I found in this washing net story. Go take a listen below.
September 16, 2019
Tomorrow’s Dreams
Is there a big dream you’ve been staring at? Do you ever zone in on that dream … and nearly end up missing the little joys right in front of you? In today’s episode I talk about a big dream of mine and the lesson I learned about the best way to prepare for those big dreams.
September 16, 2019
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