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E11: Church Hurt: Dedicated to Meagan Good + Others Hurt by "Church Folk"

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Truth + Fire: The Podcast picks up where Truth + Fire, the blog, leaves off. As it continues to explore faith and pop culture from a witty, Christian perspective, here we also respond to critiques & critics, answer our readers' most pressing questions, and clarify points made in the blog’s original content.
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E13: Online Dating + the Single Christian: A Candid Chat
Christians aren't called to "date" as the world does. But does that mean we're to avoid the world's tools and resources for finding a mate? In this episode host Veriteetfeu is joined by guest Zaina K., a single Christian woman presently exploring online dating. In this candid chat the ladies share their personal convictions and experiences with online dating and the pros and cons of using online dating platforms in seeking a Christian spouse.  Winners of the Truth + Fire #GospelChallenge are also announced. Related Content from "God Told Me to Marry You"...And What God Really Said “Hello, I’m a Christian and Physical Attraction is Important TO ME” "Protected Sex" Doesn't Make Sense...There, I Said It What Your Single Friends Really Think About Your Engagement
July 6, 2019
E12: Submission
Submission is a highly controversial concept in our culture, and, as of late, this topic has also been hotly debated amongst professing Christians. But what is submission, exactly? Is it something only wives should do? What does it look like in a marriage, on the job or in other facets of life and faith? In this episode host Veritéetfeu explores this topic Biblically with the help of special guests Elder Tyrell and Marie Samuels of Temple Hills Baptist Church.
June 22, 2019
E11: Church Hurt: Dedicated to Meagan Good + Others Hurt by "Church Folk"
In response to Meagan Good's recent commentary on her "not so positive" experience with "church folk" host Veritéetfeu explores the concept of "church hurt" - what it is, what it isn't, and whether Meagan and others hurt by "church folk" are justified in loving the church "from a distance".  Related Content at TRUTHANDFIRE.COM Why the Church Ain't No Good to Meagan Good: The Truth About Church Hurt Something in the Milk Ain't Clean: Avoid Devon Franklin in 2018 What the Church Must Do to Address #ChurchToo Third-Party Audio Sources  [TV One]. (2019, May 7). "Meagan Good Says Her Husband Encourages Her To Make Sex Scenes "Look Real"" [Video File]. Retrieved from *DL Hughley/TV One clip excerpt appears under Fair Use for the purposes of criticism and commentary.* 
June 8, 2019
E10: Pro-Life, Pro-Logic: More Thoughts on Abortion
Picking up where her recent article Pro-Life, Pro-Logic: Thoughts on Abortion leaves off, host Veritéetfeu recaps a few of her thoughts on the fierce pro-choice/pro-life debate, discusses the real possibility of the Supreme Court overruling Roe v Wade, and she asks where, in the midst of everything, does the Gospel stand. Related and Referenced Articles Pro-Life, Pro-Logic: Thoughts on Abortion God Trumps Man: Why Donald Trump is Perfect for America
May 25, 2019
E9: T + F Reader Feedback Part 2: On Michael Todd, the Catholic Bible + More
In this continuation of episode 8, host Veritéetfeu responds to reader feedback on a myriad of topics.  This episode includes commentary on pastor Michael Todd of Transformation Church, the Catholic Bible and more.  Related content from Why I Renounced My Letters in AKA: Guest Feature Something in the Milk Ain't Clean: 8 Preachers to Avoid in 2018 No. Women May NOT Be Pastors: Where's the Lie? Christianity: The White Man's Religion or Nah? For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Self-Segregation / When the Gospel is Enuf Clarifications + Corrections During my commentary on the Catholic Bible in this episode, I casually said there were "five or however many" additional books in their Old Testament. The actual amount is 14 and, collectively, they are referred to as the Apocrypha. Note: This point of clarification does NOT change the context of my commentary. This detail is only meant to give the actual number of the books in the Catholic Bible that are not God-breathed Scriptures. ;-)
May 12, 2019
E8: T+F Reader Feedback Part 1: On Real Talk Kim + Lecrae
In the first of a two-part episode, host Veriteetfeu responds to recent reader comments and questions. This installment includes commentary on her previous articles on female pastor Real Talk Kim + recording artist Lecrae.   Related Posts at Something in the Milk Ain't Clean: 8 Preachers to Avoid in 2018 We Just Lost One: Bye Lecrae 
May 11, 2019
E7: W.I.T.C.H.
As far as many "modern" witches are concerned, "WITCH" stands for "Woman in Total Control of Herself". Yet, according to the Scriptures, a better acronym would be "Woman Ignoring the Truth and Condemned to Hell" (unless she repents). Tune in for the 7th installment of Truth + Fire: The Podcast as host Veritéetfeu discusses the rise in witches and witchcraft among women, millennials and even professing Christians. What's suddenly drawing these individuals to this occult spiritual practice? And what, if anything, can the Church do about it? ********** SHOW NOTES Sources [euronews]. (2018, May 11). Why Witchcraft is Making a Comeback Among US Feminists [Video file]. Retrieved from [HuffPost]. (2018, October 25). How Practicing Witchcraft Helped this Woman Heal from Trauma I Personals [Video file]. Retrieved from Interview with Haylin Belay (Writer, Sex Educator, Witch) [Teen Vogue]. (2016, October 27). Why I Decided to Become a Witch [Video file]. Retrieved from [Rhea Lite]. (2019, February 27). Catholic Witchcraft. [Video file]. Retrieved from Denny, F. F. (2019, March 20). Witches in America: See Stunning Photos of Modern Witchcraft Community. Revolver. Retrieved from Bethel Church. (2018, January 5). Bethel Statement Regarding Christalignment. Retrieved from Kolosky, K. (2019, February 26). ‘Christian Witches’ to Host ‘Majikal’ Convention in Salem. Retrieved *Corrections / Clarifications* Testimony: During this episode I go on an unexpected tangent and share my own testimony with dealing with the occult, during which I detail how a therapist I was seeing at the time treated me by recommending various occult practices. At one point I state the following: "I'd gotten saved during my sessions with her."  To clarify, I did NOT  "get saved" during my therapy sessions (as in I didn't get saved at nor as a result of my therapy sessions). I meant that within the timeframe that I was still seeing a therapist, I'd also begun to study the Scriptures and eventually came to understand the Gospel. As I matured in my faith, I shared what I was learning with my therapist along the way. As God's word healed me of the various things that actually led me to therapy in the first place, I informed my therapist and she, in turn, recommended that I continue in my faith.  While she'd originally recommended energy/spiritual work that she likely wasn't aware were occult, once she realized God's Word and my faith in Christ were actually helpful to me, she switched her approach and encouraged me to instead continue in my Christian faith.  
April 27, 2019
E6: Nipsey Hussle + The Definition of a "Good Man"
In our sixth episode of Truth + Fire: The Podcast, we're discussing the life, legacy and death of fallen rapper Nipsey Hussle. More specifically,  host Veritéetfeu offers Scripturally-based commentary on the world's categorization of Hussle as a "good man", his depiction as divine and their emphatic determination that he's earned an eternity in a "better place" according to his "good works".  *SHOW NOTES FORTHCOMING*
April 12, 2019
E5: Why I Renounced My Letters in AKA
In recent months, there has been an undeniable trend in Christians renouncing their membership in historically Black greek letter organizations. From YouTube testimonies to social media posts to personal blogs, Believers in Christ who once belonged to some of the most revered organizations in the world are publicly denouncing their greek affiliation and (re)affirming their faith in Christ. In this episode, host Veritéetfeu interviews writer Lily J, who renounced her letters in Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc in 2016.  Related Truth + Fire Content  Why I Renounced My Letters in AKA: Guest Feature by Lily J. Originally published at Republished with permission.  Works Cited Johnson, S. [Shaheed Johnson]. (2018, October 8). Why I Denounced Omega Psi Phi (PART 1) [Video file]. Retrieved from [PEACEMAKERS]. (2019, January 13). Why I Renounced Delta Sigma Theta Sorority [Video file]. Retrieved from Stevenson, A. [Atalah Stevenson]. (2019, March 4). Denouncing Phi Beta Sigma Testimony [Video file]. Retrieved from *Audio excerpts used under Fair Use for the purposes of criticism and commentary.*
March 29, 2019
E4: Francis Chan + "Man-Made Waves"
After recent, repeated and blatant instances of endorsing and partnering with false teachers of the Scriptures, famed pastor and best-selling author Francis Chan has come under much scrutiny and rebuke by many in the Body of Christ.  In this week's episode, Veritéetfeu humbly shares a sober and biblical analysis of Chan's curious behavior and echoes requests to pray for his repentance.  Works Cited Chan, F. (2019, March 16). "A Response to Some Concerns" [Blog post]. Retrieved from Christianne Z. (2019, February 27). "Francis Chan - The Send 2019" [Video file]. Retrieved from Nathan Griffith. (2019, January 6). "Onething 2018// Francis Chan Shares Why He Loves Mike Bickle and IHOP" [Video file]. Retrieved from
March 22, 2019
E3: Pastors, Podcasters + Pulpit Pimpettes
In honor of Women's History Month, host Veritéetfeu discusses the role of women in ministry and sheds light on what Scripture permits and prohibits of women in the local church.   A few Truth + Fire articles that will help you follow her commentary include:  "No. Women May NOT be Pastors: Where's the Lie?" "The Grace + Knowledge of Heather Lindsey" "No. Women May NOT be Pastors: But Can They Be Deacons?" "Something in the Milk Ain't Clean: 8 Preachers to Avoid in 2018" Works Cited [Heather Lindsey]. (2019, January 7). Urgent Care [Video File]. Retrieved from *Heather Lindsey excerpt appears under Fair Use for the purposes of criticism and commentary.* 
March 15, 2019
E2: Why is the Gospel the "Good News"?
In this special edition of Truth + Fire: The Podcast we hone in on the Gospel, which simply means "the good news". But why is it "good news"? Listen in then feel free to share this episode with any and all who may also have an ear.  Related episode content from Why "Natural" is not Always "Normal" Before God Ummm...That Ain't in My Bible: Stuff Lukewarm Christians Say (Part 1) Ummm...That Ain't in My Bible: Stuff Lukewarm Christians Say (Part 2) Ummm...That Ain't in My Bible: Stuff Lukewarm Christians Say (Part 3)
March 8, 2019
E1: A Lil' Bit of Eschatology
In this inaugural episode of Truth + Fire: The Podcast,  host Veritéetfeu (very-tay-eh-foh) explores a little bit of eschatology - nothing too fancy, nothing too deep. As she encourages listeners to study this area of God's counsel for themselves, Veritéetfeu presents and defends her own position in the pre-tribulation vs. post-tribulation debate.  Context for this episode comes from "The End is Near: 5 Things You Need to Know about the Rapture" available at
March 1, 2019
E0: Podcast Trailer
Introducing Truth + Fire: The Podcast in 30 seconds.
February 24, 2019
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