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By Maya David Garcia
truthbytwo is an experimental multimedia experience, incorporating music and spoken word pieces. I’m sharing segments from this creative project, and inviting listeners to interact, and share their questions with me. There will be some occasional collaborators too as this project continues. Raw, uncut, unfiltered, unapologetically authentic voices from historically marginalized communities are the focus. Restorative justice-forward, and inclusive.
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Truthsgiving and Holicide
Episodes with music are only available on Spotify.
Taken from a recorded vlog, presented in three parts. You can watch the video version of these pieces “Truthsgiving, Gratitude and Holicide“ on my Tik Tok page, (@papalotlmx). My Truthsgiving message: Native and Indigenous people are still here. WE’RE still here! And my story is one of many. We are NOT a monolith! Many of us are mixed, multiracial, and are fighting for recognition in a system that was designed to wipe us all out of existence. Give support to and uplift ALL Native and Indigenous people of the Americas, and beyond! See my & others’ mutual aid retweets (I’m on Twitter as both and Donate to mutual aid orgs that support Black and Indigenous people. Learn our REAL histories. Ending Music: “Déhé in the Kitchen Sink” by me, truthbytwo. Download this track on my artist site:
November 26, 2021
A spoken word exploration of soul connection, specifically twin flames. Have you experienced this kind of connection? Drop me a line, tell me all about it! Like my music? You can stream it on Spotify, SoundCloud or Apple Music, under the name truthbytwo. “Indigenish” the album is out now!
November 12, 2021
Pride and Intersectional Truth: Survivor Stories.
This episode features spoken word pieces by Maya David García ( and Qi. Qi is a black demi/graysexual kink/bdsm friendly licensed mental health professional female who runs a podcast (The Q Podcast available on spotify), dances like no one is watching and reads books in her spare time. Qi’s podcast:
July 01, 2021
Words Spoken in Hushed Tones
Episode filled with audio art and spoken word pieces, dealing with mental health, trauma survival and gender identity. Most music (excluding interludes) by truthbytwo, words by Maya David Garcia.
April 01, 2020