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Catalysts of Change

Catalysts of Change

By Morgan Mercer
Catalysts of Change is a series where we get direct insight from leaders on innovating change within the world. The Podcast hosted by CEO and Founder Morgan Mercer will include special guests from HR Leaders to Social Activists, innovating change in our society, and offering their insights to listeners.
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EP2. Mental Health's Impact on D&I feat. David Hanrahan
David Hanrahan is the Chief Human Resources Officer at Eventbrite, and as Senior HR leader he has demonstrable success in building strong HR teams and innovative talent practices in rapid environments (at both start-up stage and at scale). Hanrahan’s career has spanned 18+ years building strong HR teams and fostering a collaborative team culture across global organizations. He's built and led teams at tech companies like Twitter, and Electronic Arts. And previously held HR roles at Universal Pictures and Shell Oil. He has proven success in private and public companies in the technology and media space. Is an excellent communicator and strategic partner seen as both a creative visionary as well as a focused executor. He is known for building processes to analyze performance and drive accountability and an analytical thinker, who applies a critical lens to both HR and business strategy.
December 10, 2020
EP1: Cultivating Identity Feat. Tami Rosen
Tami Rosen is a Senior HR Executive with leadership expertise at startups and Fortune 100 companies like Atlassian, Luminar Technologies, Apple, and Goldman Sachs. She approaches HR with an agile, people-centric philosophy, developing cutting-edge initiatives that foster the inclusion and advancement of underrepresented populations, including Wall Street's first, award-winning LGBT Ally Program. Tami not only sees people as a company's most important asset but also envisions HR as a disruptive technology—an innovative force that redesigns and elevates businesses' operations and capabilities beyond what was previously imaginable
November 19, 2020