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On The Flip Side

On The Flip Side

By Wingman
On the flip side is a podcast for sales folks who want to lead their best sales life. On every episode, we interview sales and marketing folks and ask for their hot take on traditional selling norms, established sales best practices and much more. If you believe in challenging the status quo and taking a walk down the other side, this podcast is for you.
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Hustling vs hunting for sales: Illia Prokopenko on the difference and why it makes all the difference
Illia Prokopenko is the AE Team Lead at Growbots. From learning the ropes at his father's business as a child to door-knocking sales and now managing a sales team that works across time zones, Illia has seen it all.   In this episode, he gets into the weeds about the hunter-rockstar-killer mindet in sales. You'll learn why it's important to not treat your prospects as resources to be exploited but rather think of them as people to create meaningful relationships with. More problem solving, less selling. More honest conversations, less convincing.   And here's Illia's LinkedIn post about the hunter mindset.
February 23, 2021
Everyone can learn sales: Calvin Patterson on the importance of mentorship
Calvin Patterson is a Founding AE at Concert and Founding Member and Head of Mentorship at Revgenius.   In this episode, he talks about how it's important to take charge of your own development, asking the right questions, the importance of finding a mentor, and the metrics to track when you're starting out in sales. Hint: They go waaay beyond just numbers.    Bonus: Calvin talks about changing sales compensation plans and how to set yourself up for success.
February 15, 2021
Landing a sales job in 2021: Larry Long Jr on the EPICCCC way
Larry Long Jr is Director of Collegiate Sales at Teamworks.   In this episode, he talks about the EPICCCC things that sales reps need to do to find jobs in 2021. You'll also hear about how to choose the right community for yourself, the importance of social selling, and going beyond the echo chamber on social media.    Bonus: Practicing empathy is key for sales managers and leaders to help their teams win.
February 8, 2021
Micro-management is gross: Molly O'Sullivan on managing sales teams
Molly O'Sullivan is an independent consultant for technology integration, business process analysis, sales, marketing, social media, and branding services. In this episode, she shares her experience on managing today's sales teams. You'll hear about the best way to give feedback, the KPIs that matter, and how to break through the noise to reach your KPIs.
February 1, 2021