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The Scarf Bergara Wore

The Scarf Bergara Wore

By The Scarf Bergara Wore
The original Stockport County fans podcast | est.2015 | For County fans, by County fans. Started in January 2015 by Phil McKeigue & Russ Johnson as County Podcast. Now TSBW, and hosted by Russ Johnson, Nick Lee, Dave Espley, Dave Long and Pete Wilson - we are independent from any other organisation or movement around the club. We aim to have guests on from all walks of County life, from players to fans. This podcast is for everyone that loves County, and has the interests of the club at heart.
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S7 E26: RPS: Vita-Sponsored Gloryholes

The Scarf Bergara Wore

S7 E36: With Bill Williams
In this first live stream of the podcast, we have 30 minutes of County before we're joined by former County stalwart Bill Williams.
August 5, 2021
S7 E35: RPS: Do You Fancy Half A Bisto?
This week Russ, Nick and Dave are joined by Brighton & Hove Albion blogger Scott McCarthy.  Scott blogs for @wearebrighton and gave us some insight on our Brighton contingent. We also discussed Will Fish with all the dreadful puns you'd expect from such a discussion. Loan players from big clubs, friendlies - and is City U23s at home a big game? Brighton connections and Dicko. Dicker and 2009. Rusk, Beard. Good and bad ownership. County and Brighton parallels. McGhee stories. Stockport Town and loan agreements. Buffets, the FCA awards and a speech to make your toes curl. If you want to help us provide infinite content, please consider downloading the FanHub app and using it as your one-stop shop for all TSBW stuff. You can find out more in the podcast. To all those who've already seen the FanHub light, rest assured you're part of a movement that is changing the game for the better. For more, visit
July 29, 2021
S7 E34: RPS: The Right Side Of Bedwettery
In this week's review preview show, Russ and Nick chew over the fat of all things County. Friendlies, trialists and squad numbers all feature, via James Corden and the Friends cast, gin partners and so much more. We also chat to Supporters' Cooperative chair Pete Towey to get the lowdown on the proposed Bergara statue. If you want to help us provide infinite content, please consider downloading the FanHub app and using it as your one-stop shop for all TSBW stuff. You can find out more in the podcast. To all those who've already seen the FanHub light, rest assured you're part of a movement that is changing the game for the better. For more, visit
July 22, 2021
S7 E33: RPS: Is That A Horticultural Term?
Russ, Nick and Dave L get Sunday's disappointment off their chests with a look at all things County. It's all here - new signings, fixture changes and the acquisition of Stockport Town. This week, we were jojned by County head groundsman and Friend Of The Podcast Liam Cash, who gives us the lowdown on just what's been happening with the Edgeley Park turf, as well as sharing his disappointment surrounding the national team. Penalty woes, World Cup bids in jeopardy, inferiority complexes and viewing the Andorran scenery with a famous nutter. It's all here in your weekly review preview show, from the podcast once described as 'not as bad as some other podcasts'.
July 15, 2021
S7 E32: RPS: It's A Transatlantic Boat Race, Not A.....
This week we welcomed two Oldham Athletic lads to the pod in Matt Dean and Steve Shipman - Matt comes from the Boundary Park Alert System podcast, and Steve from Push The Boundary. We chat about County and Oldham, away days, signings and the health of our clubs.  We then turn our attention to England and the Euros, as we cover the Ukraine and Denmark matches, and look forward to Italy in the FINAL!!  There's a Monkey Face thrown in too for good measure.
July 8, 2021
S7 E31: RPS: A Haze Of Tears & Beers
This week Russ and Dave are joined by Chloe Beresford of Curva e Calcio as we chat about friendly fixtures, kits and rumours - plus we delve into the Euro's.  Obviously chatting about our 2-0 win against Germany, but also discussing the fortunes of our potential rivals in Italy, and laughing at France, Portugal, Netherlands and again, obviously Germany.
June 30, 2021
S7 E30: RPS: The Scots Czech Out
This week we welcome Sam Sam the City fan for a Euros special as we chat about England vs the Scots, and vs the Czechs.  With a sprinkle of County thrown in, we discuss the seats, the pitch, departures and statues.  Plus, what are England's chances?  And are we really going to go any further?  
June 24, 2021
S7 E29: RPS: The Marco Polo of Pear Cider
It's this week's review preview show with Russ, Nick and Dave L. You know the drill by now, innit. All the stuff you'd expect (and a lot that you wouldn't) including playoff disappointment, retained players, Blue Peter time capsules and the moral implications of wearing a Man City shirt to a County game. In the second half we welcome comic, performer, Bradford fan and friend of the podcast(er) Ben Schofield, who joins us to talk formative football experiences, England then and now, and we share our thoughts on the first few days of high-end Euro soccer. All that plus Keith Allen's cock, commentator woes and Dave's discovery in the New World.
June 16, 2021
S7 E28: RPS: Nevermind the Ballots
This week Russ, Nick and Dave Espley aren't joined by anyone and don't have anything to talk about as County didn't play. So it's amazing how we managed to stretch nearly an hour of County and general football chat.
June 9, 2021
S7 E27: RPS: It's Not 9/11, Russ
Russ, Nick and Dave L review the Yeovil game, preview the playoffs and discuss events from EP.  We also cover the usual (and some unusual) stuff along with Dave's Flashscore notification hell, we hear of Russ' annoyance at a Liverpool fan who just didn't get it, and we discuss the first County signing to be named after a font. Carrington cupboards, the nonsensical National League board, development dreams. It's all here in your latest Review Preview Show. As an added bonus, we look forward to the Euros and give a taste of our forthcoming podcasts on that very theme. As if anyone really wants to listen to what fans of a grassroots club think about stuff, innit?
June 3, 2021
S7 E26: RPS: Vita-Sponsored Gloryholes
Russ, Nick and Dave L are joined by County fan and all round good egg Scott Thompson (take two!) to go over the latest from SK3. There's talk about the Woking game, shithousery and we explore our feelings about the return of fans to EP.  We discussed the latest season ticket news that nobody has got their knickers in a twist about at all, loyalty schemes, local sponsors and shades of the opening five minutes of Casualty during the Woking game. We also joined forces with our our Yeovil counterparts at Gloverscast to preview the final game of the season, and Dave L's crusade against bird shit on the seats continues apace.
May 27, 2021
S7 E25: RPS: Glory Hunting Mums
Join Russ, Nick and Dave L for this week's Review Preview Show. There's all the big match insight you've come to expect, plus we discuss progression v expectation, Adam Virgo's propensity for talking utter shit, playoffs, ticket ballots, 'Dave' as a rapping name and loads more. Followers of our social media may have seen us going on about FanHub - we give you the lowdown on that as well.
May 13, 2021
S7 E24: Co-operating with the Co-op
In what we hope will be a regular feature, Russ spent 45 minutes chatting with County Co-op board members Pete Towey (chairman) and Ian Brown (comms) about all things Co-operative. We discussed the health of the organisation, member numbers, initiatives, direction, objectives and of course the recent survey. Enjoy this bonus episode.
May 7, 2021
S7 E23: RPS: Bergara, Jones, Gannon.....Espley?
In this week's Review Preview Show, Russ and Nick are joined by California-based County fan and Friend Of The Podcast David Maxwell, who gives us his County story and provides an exile's perspective of goings on in SK3.  There's chat about this week's matches, a look forward to the run-in and we get very excited about going back to God's green acre. We discussed the new Cheadle End facilities whilst wondering whatever happened to Mark Kitching (remember him?). As if that wasn't enough, there's stuff about forum bedwettery, County on the telly and a story you may have heard about a towel-clad former international emerging like someone from Stars in their Eyes. To follow David's groundhopping (and sporthopping) adventures, go to
May 6, 2021
S7 E22: RPS: Southam-Hales' Clinky Gin
This week we welcomed Thailand based fan guest, Jon Fairfield where we look back at the Boreham Wood and Kings Lynn victories, and look ahead to the Halifax. We chat about Bennett's return, the social media blackout, penalty takers and certain player Q&As. Sit down, get a brew and listen to your weekly helping of County fan chat.
April 29, 2021
S7 E21: With Daz Sampson
Russ, Nick and Dave E are joined this week by Daz Sampson, the UK's 2006 Eurovision Song Contest entrant. After the usual look back and forward at the great County we've watched... on the tellllyyy... we talk about Daz's career both in football and in music. It's quite a contrast between being kicked in the air by an old pro you've just made look silly, and almost forgetting the words to the song you're about to sing in front of 150 million TV viewers - and would they have noticed if he'd rapped the words from "Kung Fu Fighting" instead of "Teenage Life"..? Daz also talks about being in Athens for Eurovision, and desperately trying to find out how County were going in in their battle to avoid relegation. And for everyone who thinks Daz is merely a pop star ("merely"!), he tells us about his remarkable managerial record, and the frustration regarding why someone like him can't get a job in the English game. Finally, Dave talks about resurrecting the TTP podcast, under the TSBW umbrella, and yes, okay, we might also mention the silliness of last Sunday and Monday. By the way, the link to the video Daz mentions ("Daz Sampson How It Happened") is here:
April 22, 2021
S7 E20: RPS: All Fur Coat & No Knickers
Russ and Dave are joined by Singapore based County fan, Andy Goodliffe (not, Goodcliffe), as we discuss the wins against Wrexham and Kings Lynn and our seemingly never ending unbeaten run. We leave no stone unturned by discussing Bennett, Madden, Rooney and their influences on the squad and results.  A head vs heart question when it comes to the end of the season, and 'Has Rusk's transition period positively or negatively affected our promotion chances?'. Plus, we chat to Andy about his County connection and supporting County from afar. All this, and lion's hiding in bushes - on your weekly Review Preview Show.
April 15, 2021
S7 E19: RPS: Scooping The Stuff Out Of Creme Eggs
In this week's Review Preview Show, Nick Lee and Dave Long are joined by Will Howells for his second appearance on the pod.  The lads spent an hour discussing the Easter fixtures, flags, pissy drawstrings and that weird orange thing in the sky. In addition, there's stuff about Wrexham, keepers on the bench, Football Manager, fan communication and speculation on a future relationship with Macc.
April 6, 2021
S7 E18: RPS: Yak Wanking In The Himalayas
This week, Nick Lee and Dave Long are joined by guest Alex Skinner to discuss the latest happenings at EP.  Topics include but are not limited to: Hartlepool, Aldershot and Bromley, goals the Cheadle End didn't see, County on telly and Sir Elton John as a monkey hanger. In addition to this, Dave has done some thorough research on the final run-ins for our playoff rivals.
April 1, 2021
S7 E17: RPS: Radio Gaga
Russ Johnson and Nick Lee are this week joined by County fan James Lister to discuss all the latest from SK3. There's reaction to this week's games, a look forward to the weekend's clash with Hartlepool, and we debate where the returning John Rooney fits into a winning side. In addition, there's talk about the Hall of Fame, County on FM21, Dangermouse villains and everything in between. Before that though, we've got a classic from soft rock cocaine enthusiasts Fleetwood Mac, and a disco hit from Chic. For County fans, by County fans.
March 25, 2021
S7 E16: RPS: Paddy's Day?
In this week's Review Preview Show, Russ and Nick chew the fat over the win over Barnet, there's reaction to the signing of Paddy Madden and we look forward to three games that could go a long way to defining the season.
March 18, 2021
S7 E15: With Andy Preece
In this bonus episode Russ and Dave spent nearly 2 hours with the legend that is, Andy Preece. We discussed his footballing and managerial career, 'that goal' vs QPR, all of his own stand out moments playing for County and ask 'did he ever go for the County job?'. Enjoy!
March 18, 2021
S7 E14: RPS: Communication Is The Key
In this week's Review Preview Show, Nick Lee is joined by Dave Long and Peter Wilson for analysis of the trips to Weymouth and Solihull, as well as a look forward to the two home games coming up. In addition, we discuss the extremes of streaming, alternative commentaries and the most handsome bastards to ever wear the shirt. More importantly, we get to the bottom of just what one would expect Simon Rusk to order in the boozer. Let's face it, that's why you listen innit.
March 10, 2021
S7 E13: The Alternative 96/97 Episode
You thought you'd heard it all when it comes to the triumphant 96-97 season. Until now. Nick Lee and Dave Espley are joined by Friend Of The Podcast (FOTP) Ben Walker for a free-wheeling discussion about some of the subjects that don't normally crop up when it comes to 96/97. When we say 'free-wheeling', we mean it. This is proper jazz podcasting. We get the lowdown on what exactly the senior players said to Dave Jones ahead of the Plymouth game. There are some surprising names as we bring back the occasional feature 'Players that you thought weren't at the club but somehow got in the team that season', and we revisit a classic Ken Boxshall moment that makes us miss being at games more than anything that's happened since lockdown started. For the most comprehensive County shirt collection in existence, go to
March 10, 2021
S7 E12: RPS: The Goals Are Flying In
After last weeks technical debacle we invited massive County fan (and at 6ft 6in tall, we mean massive!) Matt Blake onto the show to discuss all the goals* from the Eastleigh, Notts C and Chesterfield games.  Plus we look forward to Weymouth and Solihull in the next two. The training ground, our excitement and the 9-in-a-row all get a mention. It's all here, and it's not liiiiive.
March 4, 2021
S7 E11: RPS: Hidden Agendas & Propaganda
In this episode Russ, Nick and Dave welcome local band Palava bassist, and friend of the podcast Rob Britner - where we discuss a myriad of County related stuff. Including but not limited to the recent goalless run, forgotten players, building from the back, touchline shouts, fan reactions to recent games as well as other notable events this week.  The Stockport County Supporters Group website/initiative, and what that was all about? Plus, we chat with Rob about Palava and County. Enjoy.
February 18, 2021
S7 E10: RPS: All About The Fans / Defacto Whip
This week we welcome fan Lee Townley onto the podcast, where we cover the Yeovil and Aldershot games.  We discuss the effects on fans of watching the streams - have we changed out view?  We talk flags, blog defending, terrace culture, Director of Football (do we need one?), is there a disconnection between the club & fans - and, the National League voting.... It's all here, and it's NOT LIVE!
February 11, 2021
S7 E09: The C Word 2: Electric Boogaloo
Nick Lee, Dave Espley and Dave Long met remotely for this month's feature-length episode. Subjects up for discussion include this week's games, awful pitches, discipline and a vegetable segue (saw them supporting the Pistols m8). Almost inevitably, the C Word appears. Our guest this month is long-time County fan and Tea Party contributor Martin Frost. For those not aware, Martin is the brains behind, described within as 'Wikipedia for County'. Martin and Dave talk us through TTP 26 where we get the lowdown on the actual Arthur Brownlow. Meanwhile, Darren Miller doesn't care for individual honours and we find out just what would get you kicked out of a Stockport newsagent in the 90s.
February 4, 2021
S7 E08: With Stephen O'Halloran
We welcome special guest and former player Stephen O'Halloran, where we chat about his footballing journey from living in Cobh, playing for Aston Villa through to County and beyond. As well as covering former managers and not having any boots. Enjoy.
January 30, 2021
S7 E07: RPS: Everyone's Favourite C Word
Join Russ Johnson, Nick Lee and Dave Long for our latest weekly Review Preview Show. Featured this week: - The Gannon aftermath (saw them supporting the Pistols, m8) - Boreham Wood, King's Lynn, Woking. - Rusk and co. - The end of the season? - Shit and mushroom sandwiches.
January 28, 2021
S7 E06: With Darren Ryan
This week Russ & Dave welcomed Darren Ryan onto the pod to chat all things County, Wolves and coaching. Darren was part of the Danny Bergara era that saw us reach Wembley, before his departure in 1994 after the Burnley play off final. This episode was recorded before Jim Gannon's departure earlier in the week.
January 23, 2021
S7 E05: Emergency Broadcast: Ghost Protocol
Well what can we say - this is our emergency podcast following the departure of club legend and most successful manager in the history of the club, Jim Gannon. Enjoy....
January 21, 2021
S7 E04: RPS: West Ham, Notts County, embroidery and expected beans
Russ, Nick, Dave L and Peter convened remotely to talk over this week's games, We ask which club we'd most like to resemble as we make our way up the leagues, there's analysis of BT's coverage, and we discuss how good it is to see that all the players are singing from the same hymn sheet. Also, xG gets another inexplicable mention to make Nick very angry, For County fans, by County fans.
January 14, 2021
S7 E03: RPS: Alty, West Ham and why xG is for virgins
Get yourself up for the cup with our latest Review Preview Show. Russ, Nick and Dave L discuss the first game of 2021 and look forward to the televised cup clash. All the usual stuff, plus we talk about why the PPG table is the one to look at, and hear about Dave's brief spell with the Hitler Youth. For County fans, by County fans,
January 10, 2021
S7 E02: With Knees Up Mother Brown (WHUFC)
Russ & Dave welcome Graeme and Gordon from Knees Up Mother Brown - a West Ham United fans podcast. We chat about our chances in the FA Cup 3rd round match on Monday, the lineups, the setups and of course no County / West Ham podcast would be complete without a discussion about THAT Iain Dowie goal. So get yourself fired up for the game..... Knees Up Mother Brown (KUMB) are a fans content group that have been well established since 1997, boasting over 15k followers on Twitter.
January 8, 2021
S7 E01: With Man v Fat's Roman & Ben
Russ & Nick chat with County fans and Man v Fat representatives Roman Conrad and Ben Meek.  They talk us through the origins and objectives of Man v Fat, as well as the positive effects it has on weight loss, mental health and playing football.  We also chat with them about County - obviously. To find out more, you can visit:
January 3, 2021
Deadpool & the Other Guy
In what is the last Preview Review show of 2020, Russ, Nick, Dave and Pete look back the 1-1 draw at Alty - we discuss the Wrexham win, plus their takeover (hence the episode title!), plus, we look forward to the first game of 2021 against Alty. Enjoy....
December 30, 2020
With Keith Briggs
Special guest Keith Briggs talks to Russ & Dave L about his time at County as a youth player and breaking into the first team.  As well as sharing some of the stories away from the pitch, including the China tour, Tenerife pre season and Carlton Palmer's ability to recall player names. Sit down with a cuppa and enjoy just over an hour of chat with a former County player, captain and product of the youth system. Episode art credit:  Getty Images.
December 27, 2020
Pandering to Bedwettery
It's the Preview Review show as Nick, Russ & Dave L look back at the Guiseley FA Trophy win, and discuss the fall out of the heavy defeat at Hartlepool.  Plus we look ahead to the Alty match on Boxing Day.
December 24, 2020
Dying On Shithousery Hill
In this new episode filled with more features than Iain Dowie, we join Russ Johnson, Nick Lee, Dave Espley and Dave Long as they go over the defeat to Notts County, and look ahead to the visit of Guiseley. Find out which illicit activities are subjects of a Cheadle End clampdown, while the difference between shithousery and retribution is definitively explained once and for all. As if this wasn't enough, Dave E takes us behind the scenes of another classic issue of that bastion of County culture; the Tea Party. For County fans, by County fans.
December 18, 2020
'Labels are for Tins' - With Chloe Beresford
Russ Johnson, Nick Lee & Dave Long are joined by County fan and Italian football podcaster, writer and consultant Chloe Beresford. As well as discussing Italian culture, cappuccinos and curvas - we discuss the Bromley and Barnet games, plus the recent upgrades to the ground. Strap in for nearly 2 hours of County chat.
December 10, 2020
Dark Days Part 5
We continue the Dark Days series with part 5.  Russ, Dave Schofield and Phil Brennan take you through the latest installment.
December 4, 2020
Preview Review Show: Yeovil (H), cup draw, Bromley (a)
Join Nick Lee, Dave Long and Peter Wilson as they dissect the last few days of happenings in SK3. There's analysis of the Yeovil game along with reaction to Monday's cup draw. We also take a look forward to the Bromley game and work out where exactly West Ham belong in relation to the big six. More importantly, we find out where exactly Ronnie Radford, Ricky Villa and Micky Thomas fit into Nick's bathtime routine. For County fans, by County fans.
December 2, 2020
With Mark Robertson
In this episode, Russ & Nick welcome former captain and Australian international - Mark Robertson. We discuss in depth Mark's career from Sydney to Stockport and everything in between. Mark is a top bloke and spoke openly and candidly, so sit back and enjoy an hour of County chat.
November 29, 2020
Yeovil FA Cup Preview
Russ Johnson, Nick Lee and Dave Espley look forward to the massive cup game with Yeovil. There's discussion on DIY Covid testing, all the latest from the TSBW World Cup of County Goals, and Dave brings back a classic TTP feature; Camp Referee. www,
November 26, 2020
Dark Days Part 4
Part 4 of the Dark Days series.  Russ is joined by Phil Brennan, Dave Schofield and Dave Espley.
November 23, 2020
Dark Days Part 3
Part 3 of the Dark Days series.  Russ is joined by Phil Brennan, Dave Schofield and Dave Espley.
November 23, 2020
Dark Days Part 2
In this episode we cover mismanagement, Gannonites, jamborees, Jamie Vardy, Paul Simpson, Barry Conlon and the difference between shareholders and board members, if you didn't know.
November 23, 2020
Dark Days Part 1
TSBW presents a guide to the dark days of Stockport County FC. Part 1 covers the period between 2005 and 2011, and we'll be bringing things up to date in the next few months with parts 2 and 3. This episode has had some of our best reviews and feedback, so get on it and see what the fuss is about.
November 23, 2020
It's just a trailer.
November 23, 2020
The Takeover Special
It's January 2020 - just before recording news came in that Mark Stott had taken over the club.  This podcast captures our reaction literally as it happened.  The rest is history as they say.
November 23, 2020
With Robin Richards (Aug 2018)
Back in August 2018 we welcomed Robin Richards on the show.  The Dutch Uncles bassist is a massive County fan and can often be seen at home & away games.
November 23, 2020
With Liam Dickinson
Russ & Nick are joined by none other than the 2008 play off hero and legend Liam Dickinson. Strap in for an hour of Dicko's stories from being given his professional debut under Jimbo, through to his time at Leeds Utd, with play off goals, play off celebrations, stag dos and pre season in Ibiza and Dundalk, all boxed off with a present left in the fitness coaches hotel room!
November 20, 2020
The Scarf Bergara Wore October 2020
It's a whopper of an October podcast coming right into your ears, with the special guest this time being Friend of the Podcast/Original Instigator of the Podcast (delete according to taste) David Schofield, who joins us to talk about his initiative n:gage life, which provides free mentorship, sport, music, life skills & paid work opportunities to vulnerable young people aged 13-18 across Greater Manchester. And in slightly more frivolous content, we talk about County being great at the moment, live streaming, and discuss a copy of TTP from 1995, during which Dave Espley laughs worryingly hard at a fanzine piece he wrote himself. The narcissistic get. Oh yes, and we've had a (slightly damp) letter sent into bedwetters corner. We are top of the league, I said... what did I say? That's right!
October 25, 2020
The Famous 96-97 Coca Cola Cup Run Pod
Strap in for nearly 2 hours documenting our 1996-1997 Coca Cola Cup run to the Semi Finals. Don't forget, at the start of this season we couldn't buy a win - then it clicked. Our very own Dave Espley wrote a book about it, at the time, and went to every home & away game that season. Details about how to get a copy are in the podcast. Relive, or discover where we used to be..... Enjoy.
October 2, 2020