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Fuelling Futures, 5 Part Series

Fuelling Futures, 5 Part Series

By Tshepiso Phosa
Fuelling Futures podcast is designed to offer you inspiring lessons, insight and inspiration from the life of Tshepiso Phosa. This 5 part series follows the journey of Tshepiso Phosa through the Fuelling Futures book co-written by Tshepiso and Timothy Webster. This podcast is a conversation series between Tshepiso and Timothy.
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Fuelling Hope, Ep 5
Tshepiso closes out the series by inspiring you to think strategically and understand how to fuel your future through practical strategies.
October 23, 2020
Female Power leading to Female Fuel, Ep 4
Tshepiso shares with Timothy how she navigates the duel challenge of women pulling each other down and patriarchy but also how she inspires getting other women to pull each other up.
October 23, 2020
Self Love, Tshepiso unpacks how she learned to Love Herself, Ep 3
Tshepiso and Timothy go deep into conversation about how Tshepiso learned to love herself after all that she has been through.
October 23, 2020
Tshepiso Discovers Her Fuel, Ep 2
Tshepiso and Timothy explore what we call the Discovery of Self... every person has to go through a self- discovery phase of their life to find out who they are and why they exist... this episode explores the hard truth of discovering how to turn your pain into fuel power.
October 23, 2020
Getting to know Tshepiso Phosa, Ep 1
Timothy sits down with Tshepiso and finds a few fun facts that takes you behind the curtain of the woman and the name to get to know Tshepiso in a vulnerable but empowering way.  Meet Tshepiso Phosa.  You’ll even learn a little more than you get inside her book Fuelling Futures.
October 23, 2020