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The Still Mama Tribe

The Still Mama Tribe

By Sarah and Megan
This podcast is our platform to tell stories of ourselves and countless others, who have suffered unimaginable baby loss. We are here with open arms, to welcome those whose arms are empty.
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S2 Ep. 2 | Jenn Hepton - Certified Grief and Loss Coach, Event Hostess, Speaker, Healer

The Still Mama Tribe

S2 Ep. 2 | Jenn Hepton - Certified Grief and Loss Coach, Event Hostess, Speaker, Healer

The Still Mama Tribe

S2. Ep 6 | Pam Wakefield - (ex) Sonographer, Registered Arts Therapist, Counsellor
In this episode, we interview the lovely Pam Wakefield. We have a conversation about Pam's career that started as a sonographer, and how that inspired her to move into the loss space to provide healing for mamas and families. Pam has created 'Beyond The Silence' which is an Arts Therapy Program for loss mamas.  We discuss how sonographers can engage in the process of delivering the terrible news of a baby's death, the difficulties and joys of being a health professional. We discuss some of the many benefits of arts therapy, and some practical things you can try at home.  Pam is a beautiful person, who has the most compassionate spirit. Enjoy this wide ranging conversation. Find Pam Beyond the Silence Instagram Facebook Episode 6 sponsored by Memories of an Angel Memories of an Angel (MOAA) is a social enterprise created by Melbourne based Bereaved Mother Samantha Rowe Samantha created MOAA in 2016 following a string of personal losses which led her to discover that there was a lack of Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Keepsakes locally available for Bereaved women and families in Australia MOAA specialises in Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Ribbons, Wristbands, Pins, Jewellery, Ornaments, etc and also provides a variety of Memorial and community events Instagram Facebook
February 17, 2019
S2. Ep 5 | Lacey Barratt - Multi Award Winning Birth Photographer, Artist, Doula
In this episode, we interview the incredible Lacey Barratt. This is a wide ranging conversation not only about birth photography, but professionals operating from a place of humanity by using specific language, and paradigms to shift how we treat mamas, partners and families who experience birth and death in the same space.  We also discuss the importance of, and tips for involving the partner in the birthing and photography process. The episode wraps up with a passionate coversation about social media and trigger warnings.  Lacey is a world changer and a beautiful human. Enjoy! Find Lacey at Lacey Barratt Instagram Facebook Episode 5 sponsored by Bouncing back from Birth Bouncing Back From Birth is your ultimate postnatal online retailer. At Bouncing Back From Birth all births matter and YOU - warrior, rockstar, goddess - Mama - inspire everything we do. We approve long baths, massages and ignoring unhelpful thoughts. You won’t find anything complicated here, just simple and effective recovery options after birth.  Discover how our post-natal range, rich in native Australian essential oils can level up your comfort and confidence after birth Bouncing back from Birth has kindly offered the Still Mama Tribe listeners a generous discount which we will have available very soon.  Instagram Facebook
February 10, 2019
Celebrating a Memorial Birthday | Bonus Episode
Today we bring you a special episode, in the lead up for Sarah's preparation to Aksel's 1st Birthday. As loss mamas, we know this time can be difficult, lonely triggering and sad to face without having your baby and the life you imagined at this especially at during this time. Sarah and Megan asked our Instagram Tribe what kinds of things YOU do to remember, connect with and honour your baby on their birthday. We wish all of our listeners love and support through your baby/babies birthdays and the lead up. Sarah & Megan xx
February 3, 2019
S2. Ep 4 | Grace Miano - Nutritionist, Womb & Fertility Massage Therapist, Certified Infant Massage
In this episode we interview the knowledgeable, beautiful Grace. It is clear she is so very passionate about women's health, especially loss mamas.  Having experienced fertility issues and 3 miscarriages herself, she now works with women who wish to heal after miscarriage, become pregnant and stay pregnant, and prepare for birth and new motherhood. We take a deep dive into nutrition, blood test results, self care and practical tips for our listeners to implement at home to help the body heal after baby loss. There's so many gems in this one! Her new 4-week online support package, 'Healing with Grace: Pregnancy After Loss', supports women once they become pregnant following the loss of a baby; with a focus on keeping stress and anxiety under control, a positive mindset, and keeping mum and baby healthy to the end of pregnancy; using food and supplement expertise, lifestyle advice, tailor-made guided meditations and yoga flows, and many more resources specific to healthy mind and body during pregnancy after loss. Find Grace Goodness Gracious Health Instagram Facebook
January 27, 2019
S2 Ep.3 |  Sam Payne - The Pink Elephants Support Network
In this episode, we interview the lovely Sam Payne, co founder of The Pink Elephants Support Network. Sam and Gabbi started this not-for-profit charity after meeting for coffee and realising there needs to be more support for women who've experienced miscarriage. They have expanded their network to provide women, partners, hospitals and doctors with information about miscarriage, in the form of stunning pamphlets and information sheets. To find out more about Pink Elephants Support Network check out the Website or get in touch on Instagram / Facebook Episode 3 sponsored by Aila and Lior The beautiful cards 'I carried you' from Aila and Lior are personal declaration cards, because of Megan's belief in the power of words – declaring positivity and healing in a time that can be full of heartache. The belief in the power of positive psychology. And the belief that the emotions of pregnancy loss run deep, and that healing is a process. The brand, Aila and Lior is named after Megan's two babies. The two babies that she carried, but never held. The two babies that changed her life forever. Megan's hope is that these cards bring you what Aila and Lior brought to her - love and light. Aila and Lior has offered the Still Mama Tribe listeners a generous discount 10% off use the code: TSMT Instagram Facebook
January 20, 2019
S2 Ep. 2 | Jenn Hepton - Certified Grief and Loss Coach, Event Hostess, Speaker, Healer
In this episode, we interview Jenn from Loss in Transition and Loeys Hugs. We discuss Jenn's journey to becoming a loss coach and what kind of things a mama can expect if she wants to try loss coaching.  We discuss how society/culture reacts to stillbirth/pregnancy losses and what we can do to build some awareness on how to manage it, and how important it is to find support - your community. Jenn is an intuitive woman, filled with love and wisdom that she imparts in everyone around her. Enjoy this lovely conversation! Find Jenn: Loss in Transition Instagram Facebook Episode 2 sponsored by Kayelle Designs The philosophy behind Kayelle Designs is to create beautiful, meaningful jewellery that amplifies the wearer's intentions and desires. I believe jewellery should reflect quite literally wearing your heart on your sleeve. The wonderful Kylie has offered the Still Mama Tribe listeners a generous discount of 15% off across her site use the code: TSMT Instagram Facebook
January 14, 2019
S2: Embark | The Professionals | Social Media, Trigger Warnings, Professionals in Birth &Death space
Welcome to the first episode to embark the Still Mama Tribe podcast Season 2! Sarah and Megan discuss social media, and sharing the news of your baby's death on that kind of medium. We also touch on Trigger Warnings, and their use on social media, in particular photos. This is a topic we could have gone on for hours about, let us know if you feel the same! And finally, we come back to what Season 2 is all about- interviewing professional people about the birth and death industry, and the roles they play. We hope you enjoy this wide ranging, interesting season! Find us here Instagram Facebook
January 8, 2019
The Still Mama Tribe Holiday Special
Today we bring you a very special episode, just in time for the holiday season. As loss mamas, we know this time can be stressful, difficult and sad to face without having your baby and the life you imagined. Which can be even more difficult when everyone else seems to be merry and bright. ​ Sarah and Megan asked our Instagram Tribe what kinds of things YOU do to remember, connect with and honour your baby at Christmas and through the New Year season. We share some beautiful ideas that our Tribe wrote in, we hope you enjoy listening and maybe even adopt a ritual or two, if they resonate. ​ We wish all of our listeners love and peace throughout the holidays. ​ Sarah & Megan xx
December 21, 2018
S1. Ep 11 | Debrief - Kristen B
In this episode Sarah and Megan debrief after Kristen's episode on her story with her beautiful little boy Nicholas. The after effect for Sarah having felt like she was reliving her story in listening and bringing up the feelings when stories are so similar. We hope you have gained a lot out of our first season of TSMT and if anything you have felt less alone. Please remember to reach out and get in contact with us via social media. And if you want to share your story via the podcast or just on the blog, head to our website page: Until next season, which we will be bringing you the professionals with the birth and death space. So you might arm yourself with some information to help you find answers, making difficult decisions after your baby dies or that you might know how to help out a friend. Watch this space. Sarah & Megan
November 15, 2018
S1. Ep 10 | Kristen B - Stillbirth after compassionate induction, genetic testing, NTD, TFMR, VBAC
Today's interview is with the beautiful Kristen who is a business owner, wife and mother to two earth bound boys and to her beautiful boy Nicholas who was born sleeping March 2018. Sadly at Nicholas' 20 week ultrasound which Kristen and her husband had both joyfully brought their two boys along too, they received life altering news on Nicholas' and what this meant for him and their family. Kristen and Nicholas' story is one of unsurpassable love and the decisions no parent should ever be faced with. It is unfortunate that this is a space that is shared with so many families and Sarah our host has had to bear the burden of this life changing and lifelong "decision". Please remember this is a safe space and we are all here with empty arms no matter how the story unfolds, our wanted children sadly leave us. Kristen can be found at her business pages:
November 15, 2018
S1. Ep 9 | Debrief - Shaye Woodhouse
In this episode Sarah and Megan debrief after Shaye's episode on her beautiful baby girl Charlee lost to a true knot at 37 weeks. Find or connect with Shaye on the following platforms:
November 5, 2018
S1. Ep 8 | Shaye Woodhouse - Stillbirth, True knot, Charlee's Basket, Resilience
Shaye is a mama of 4. Her second baby Charlee died at 37 weeks due to a true knot lead to her being born sleeping in Dec 2015 when her big sister was only two years-old. A few months after the death and birth of Charlee while also being a mum and newly pregnant again. To help Shaye overcome her grief, anxiety and crazy mum life struggles as a new but bereaved mama. She set out the create something in honour of Charlee to support in what she felt had been totally missed from her experience aka Charlee's Basket, which is a not-for-profit organisation providing care package to families experiencing the trauma of stillbirth or the death of a baby in the first few days after birth. Find or connect with Shaye on the following platforms:
November 5, 2018
S1. Ep 7 | Debrief - Kylie Anderson
In this episode Sarah and Megan debrief about Kylie's story. Find Kylie on the following platforms:
October 29, 2018
S1. Ep 6 | Kylie Anderson - Miscarriage, sensing baby's gender, healing rituals, wombhealing, Reiki
Kylie Anderson is the founder of Be Your Radiant Self and is a reiki healer, holistic health coach, personal trainer, blogger, speaker and mama of two girls. Today we speak with Kylie about her baby lost to miscarriage at 9 weeks having had a suction curette and the beautiful 4 weeks Kylie had with her baby. Sensing the baby's gender, womb healing and guiding onto reiki. Find Kylie on the following platforms:
October 29, 2018
S1. Ep 5 | Debrief - Bianca Zara
In this episode, Sarah and Megan debrief about Bianca's story. The energy shift after talking to Bianca was palpable, and we both truly felt that we needed to honour Luna and Atlas, the two miscarriages and sit in the space of their story. We hope that our debrief helps the listener to process their own emotions as we open up in this special debrief episode. Find Bianca on Instagram:
October 21, 2018
S1. Ep 4 | Bianca Zara - Two stillbirths, Two miscarriages, TTC, Yoga, Healing, Feminine power
Today we interview the beautiful Bianca, a yoga teacher in the Adelaide Hills.  Her story of Luna and Atlas is beautifully raw, she speaks on her two recurrent miscarriages, trying to conceive as well as her wonderful support of family and friends.  This episode is one to take time with. If you are not ready or have the time for this episode do listen in on our debrief ep.   Key Topics: Pregnancy care, induction, Acupuncture, Conventional Medicine, the power of friendships, self catheterisation ​Bianca can be found and connected with on Instagram: Also please check out Still Aware, Bianca is very passionate about this non-for profit and please consider donating.
October 21, 2018
S1. Ep 3 | Debrief - Têya Foley
Megan and Sarah hold a short debrief after recording with each guest. This is the first debrief after their first ever guest Têya Foley. Têya Foley can be found on the following platforms
October 14, 2018
S1. Ep 2 | Têya Foley - Partial Molar Pregnancy, Miscarriage, Blood Donations, Waiting to try again
This episode we interview the beautiful Têya Foley, an empowerment blogger of all things women.  Têya created and so she thought in order empower and connect women by sharing their voices and stories, and by exploring the issues many of us face but don't talk about.  Key Topics: Partial Molar and Molar Pregnancy, Miscarriage, Surgery, Blood donations, Language, Partner's Trauma, Waiting to try to conceive for medical reasons, the infamous 12 week rule.  Têya Foley can be found on: instagram website facebook
October 14, 2018
S1. Ep 1 | Pilot - Journey. Baby Names. Meaning
To be honest, this episode started out as a sound check. Sarah and Megan were testing the microphone and sound set up, and kept chatting. We decided to start a few conversations and that ended up being the pilot episode! Enjoy. @thestillmamatribe website
October 7, 2018
Welcome to the Still Mama Tribe. With your hosts Sarah and Megan. We are here with open arms for those whose arms are empty. @thestillmamatribe
October 2, 2018