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Tuesdays with Mummy

Tuesdays with Mummy

By Kala and Tejas Rao
Weekly conversations between Kala and her son, Tejas Rao essaying their lives and their learnings. Episodes out every Tuesday, with surprises in the middle of the week.
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Episode 61 | Relocation and Renunciation
Moving houses has been a delightful experience and in this episode, Kala and Tejas discuss their latest move and learning how to keep only things that bring joy 
May 31, 2022
Episode 60 | Happiness: Meeting School Friends
Tejas and Kala talk about the excitement of meeting childhood buddies and wonder if the priorities in sustaining the friendship has changed
March 19, 2022
Episode 59 | So Near, Yet so Far
After two months of stay with parents, Tejas returns to Cambridge leaving behind an empty nest. Kala and he discuss how the immediate week has been bereft of the comforting presence of each other.
February 22, 2022
Episode 58 | Sing Us A Song, You're The Piano Woman
Your favourite mother-son duo is back, to discuss how, inspired by Billy Joel, and with a grand-old-shove from Tejas, Kala (and Anil) have taken the bold step of enrolling in piano lessons in a bid to accomplish one of several goals they've set for 2022.
January 18, 2022
Episode 57 | Welcome Home, Tejas
After two long years apart, Kala and Tejas get-together in-person to record an episode of the podcast, discussing changes in their relationship and the growth they've each experienced during this pandemic. 
December 30, 2021
Episode 56 | Combating the Climate Crisis
Kala speaks to Tejas about his recent travels to Glasgow to the COP26 summit, discussing what his motivations are toward ensuring a sustainable environment for future generations - and what his causes for optimism are.
November 26, 2021
Episode 55 | Welcome Home, Kala
After nearly two years, Kala meets her parents, family and friends and she shares with Tejas the joyful sentiments during her memorable visit home.
November 09, 2021
Episode 54 | Planning Meet-Ups & Gatherings
Reflecting on the last weekend where Kala coordinated an in-person gathering, Tejas queries whether event-management skills are inherent or acquired and how they each find joy, without being overwhelmed the prospect and process of planning.
November 02, 2021
Episode 53 | Express Yourself
Kala and Tejas recap an enthralling week of self-expression by querying its importance and place in their lives, and thinking creatively about entrance examinations 
September 06, 2021
Episode 52 | One Year On
Kala and Tejas celebrate 52 weeks and 52 episodes by looking back to their ambitions and outlining aspirations for the year ahead.
August 30, 2021
Episode 51 | Seeking Closure
As Kala shares the completion process of a significant chapter in her life, Tejas talks about his views on why it is an integral part of the "moving on" process. 
August 16, 2021
Episode 50 | Graduation Day
Marking a significant milestone in Tejas’ journey, his parents Kala and Anil discuss his Graduation Day and fond memories associated from when he was much younger, in red-robes proudly holding the Pre-school Diploma. 
July 27, 2021
Episode 49 | Chicken Soup for the Soul
Kala and Tejas chat about a beloved book series - which they enjoyed in, safe to say, very interesting locations. 
July 13, 2021
Episode 48 | It's All in the Family
Tejas and Kala discuss last week's family meet, which although virtual, kindled several nostalgic memories and marked strengthened relationships. 
July 06, 2021
Episode 47 | Happy Birthday, Kala!
After a month away from the podcast, Tejas helps Kala celebrate her birthday, belatedly, discussing nostalgic memories and the emotional value of a birthday outfit.
June 29, 2021
Episode 46 | Competition
Kala and Tejas reflect on how competitive they are - against each other and against the wider world, sharing ideas from what they've learned on their journeys.
May 25, 2021
Episode 45 | Eat Pray Love
Kala speaks to Tejas' paternal grandmother, Rathnamma Rao about cooking for oneself - and learning to enjoy it!
May 17, 2021
Episode 44 | Happy 23rd, Tejas!
Tejas celebrates his 23rd birthday by talking to his parents about their favourite memories from his birthday celebrations.
May 10, 2021
Episode 43 | Back to Baa Baa Black Sheep
Kala and Tejas talk about his memories of nursery rhymes and their nostalgic appeal for adults, comparing today's songs to the eloquent lyrics from the past.
May 04, 2021
Episode 42 | No Change
Tejas talks about his desire to stop trying to force change on his parents and instead, accept and embrace their individualities.
April 27, 2021
Episode 41 | Shared Experiences
Kala and Tejas talk about supporting individual experiences without being judgmental - and allowing each member of their family to traverse their own path.
April 20, 2021
Episode 40 | Love the Givers More Than Gifts
As Tejas wonders why men in the family don’t get as many gifts, Kala shares the amusing ‘toy car’ gift she received from him as a child.
April 13, 2021
Episode 39 | Just for Laughs, Gags
Is it really a laughing matter? Kala and Tejas talk comic relief and their shared love for humour.
April 06, 2021
Episode 38 | Solo Flight Delights
After covering travels with his dad, Tejas has the opportunity to explain to Kala the excitement of his first solo flight & how much he dislikes traveling with her.  
March 30, 2021
Episode 37 | Travel Tales ft. Anil Rao (Part 2)
Kala takes a break from the podcast, so Anil & Tejas continue discussing Anil's adventures - and how his love for travel doesn't discriminate between work & family trips. 
March 23, 2021
Episode 36 | Travel Tales ft. Anil Rao (Part 1)
Kala takes a break from the podcast, so Anil & Tejas catch up about their mutual love for traveling. On this episode, the two discuss Anil's first forays into travel, by road, rail, and air!
March 16, 2021
Episode 35 | Two Eyes, Four Eyes
Kala and Tejas chat about their histories with glasses and eyewear, in light of persistent eye troubles. 
March 09, 2021
Episode 34 | Down and Out
Tejas and Kala chat about recent disappointments, and how each person’s coping mechanism for dismay is different.
March 02, 2021
Episode 33 | Hostel Life
Kala peeks into Tejas' life living in a hostel at the Gujarat National Law University, leaving home as a teenager and returning as a half-baked adult.
February 23, 2021
Episode 32 | Exam Time
As Tejas begins to turn his attention to his end of year exams, Kala takes a trip down memory lane to relive stories of study holidays and her own exams from school and University. 
February 16, 2021
Episode 31 | Vipassana Meditation (Part 2)
Kala speaks to Tejas about her experiences with continuing the Vipassana meditation technique and the challenges and changes it has presented in her life. The two discuss its overlap with religion and the benefits Kala has felt. 
February 09, 2021
Episode 30 | Vipassana Meditation (Part 1)
Tejas speaks to Kala about her first Vipassana Meditation Course three years ago questioning the motive and her experience. She shares information about S.N. Goenka and the most challenging changes that Vipassana suggests for life.
February 02, 2021
Episode 29 | The Curious Case of a Friend for a Lifetime, ft. Arun Kalluraya (Part 2)
With Arun Kalluraya, Kala and Tejas found a friend that pushed them both beyond their comfort-zones, opening up new perspectives. On this episode, the trio discuss some of the things Arun exposed young Tejas to - and how his thinking was better off as a result.
January 26, 2021
Episode 28 | The Curious Case of a Friend for a Lifetime, ft. Arun Kalluraya (Part 1)
With Arun Kalluraya, Kala and Tejas found a friend that pushed them both beyond their comfort-zones, opening up new perspectives. On this episode, the trio discuss some of the things Arun exposed young Tejas to - and how his thinking was better off as a result. 
January 19, 2021
Episode 27 | Peternity
Kala speaks to Tejas about his childhood exposure to pets, recounting some memories of her own. The two discuss how animal rights ought to be at the forefront of these conversations a lot more. 
January 12, 2021
Episode 26 | New Year, New Us
Kala and Tejas talk about New Year's Resolutions, Themes, and how they plan to commit to what they ideate in 2021. 
January 05, 2021
Episode 25 | New Year, New Party! ft. Anil Rao and the Amur Family
On New Year's Eve, Kala and Tejas ring in 2021 by rounding up the New Year party gang - the Amur family from Abu Dhabi, to walk down memory lane and revisit highlights from two decades of familial fun and celebration.
December 31, 2020
Episode 24 | Rewind 2020
Kala and Tejas look back on what 2020 has taken away - and brought to their lives, discussing the trials and learning in being away from family during the COVID-19 pandemic.
December 29, 2020
Episode 23 | Be Our Guest
Tejas speaks to Kala about hosting guests from out of town, and extending hospitality in a way that makes them feel at home. 
December 22, 2020
Episode 22 | On Writing
Kala's always been a prolific writer, but Tejas didn't get to see much of this as he grew up - relying on the past to catch glimpses of her writing. That changed when she wrote two books and did the Global Poetry Writing Month. The two talk about their writing journeys and styles, figuring out resolutions for 2021.
December 15, 2020
Episode 21 | Weathering Heights
Tejas and Kala chat about new weather experiences: harsh summers and snowy winters. The two talk about Tejas' passion for the environment and how his journey is inspired by weather extremities and the climate crisis. 
December 08, 2020
Episode 20 | 25 Years of Love ft. Anil Rao
On Anil and Kala's 25th Wedding Anniversary, the family sit down and discuss these years of love, with the lawyer in the trio bringing Shams-i-Tabrizi's 40 Rules of Love as found in Elif Shafak's novel of the same name to the conversation. 
December 01, 2020
Episode 19 | Academics, Applications and Aspirations ft. Anil Rao
Tejas is joined by Anil this week to discuss their mutual love for academics and applications. The two look back on what got them both to enjoy the process of finding their aspirations, and Tejas says a heartfelt thank-you on air for everything his father has done for him. 
November 24, 2020
Episode 18 | Diwali Dhamaka
Along came the festival of lights triggering childhood memories of Diwali. Tejas and Kala discuss what the festival means to them and remember their good old Samarpan days of community celebrations.
November 17, 2020
Episode 17 | Photographic Memory
Capturing images is Tejas’ latest fancy in Cambridge. As a technology geek, he shares with Kala how his perspective about photography changed after their wildlife trip to Kenya, with the two agreeing that captions make the process of documenting moments more fun! 
November 10, 2020
Episode 16 | Never Board, Always Gaming
Kala shares childhood memories of traditional board games and what it means to be a Loser, much to Tejas’ delight! While personal interactions bring communities closer, the two discuss the evolution of games onto online platforms.
November 03, 2020
Episode 15 | The Lion Smiles Tonight
Kala and Tejas discuss how integral perspective is to art (through a hilarious misadventure), and the wonderful ability that artists have to produce output that is visually stimulating. 
October 27, 2020
Episode 14 | Cheers to Chaddi Buddies
Reconnecting with high-school friends brings immense joy. In this episode, Tejas and Kala recount the return of their school-friends into their lives while understanding the expectations that come with friendships as an adult.
October 21, 2020
Episode 13 | Time and tide wait for no one
Kala prods Tejas on how he plans and manages to keep up his commitments - blog, newsletter, academics, gaming, social space to glean what time-management tools he uses. They agree that what is important is to get priorities right.
October 13, 2020
Episode 12 | Bully for You!
Kala shares how she's inspiring children and building their public-speaking confidence through webinar sessions. The two discuss bullying, which was the chosen topic for her previous session, with Tejas talking about his own personal experiences as a kid.
October 06, 2020
Episode 11 | Quarantine Rewards
A happy Tejas shares with Kala the first feel of seeing St. Edmund's College, its awe and rich legacy as he steps out to explore the University of Cambridge. Joshi Uncle, one of his local guardians, speaks about the lovely day the two spent together.
September 29, 2020
Episode 10 | Mr Rao goes to England
Kala asks about Tejas' quarantine, speaking about the value of local visits & comfort food, and the two discuss their shared Anglophilia.
September 22, 2020
Episode 09 | (Re)Location, Location, Location
Kala picks her son's brains about his feelings prior to relocating to the United Kingdom, which allows Tejas to recollect how his childhood experiences have prepared him for the big move.
September 15, 2020
Episode 08 | Verbal Caricatures featuring Sudish B.S.
Tejas’ uncle Sudish shares some crazy confessions about family members and the impressions they have created. Kala also finds out if they were both acquainted earlier, would Sudish have still married Smitha. 
September 08, 2020
Episode 07 | A Teacher’s Witty Talks, featuring S K Padma
Tejas' maternal grandmother,  Padma shares her secret to a cheerful life despite experiencing chronic pain. Kala also picks her brains about being an educator, and she offers some tips for prudent financial planning.
September 01, 2020
Episode 06 | Small Mummy, featuring Smitha Raman
Kala’s sister Smitha visits the podcast this week, speaking about the joy of being Tejas' aunt and recollecting his summer breaks and the difficulty of maintaining harmony during mother-son spats.
August 25, 2020
Episode 05 | A Love for Learning, featuring BS Venkata Raman
Kala and Tejas speak to Tejas' grandfather, who has an indomitable appetite to learn new skills and seek knowledge, to understand what drives him to keep pursuing new passion projects such as Visual Basic while continuing to paint, and what joy he gains out of sharing these hobbies with others.
August 18, 2020
Episode 04 | Poetry
Discussing Global Poetry Writing Month and recalling verses by Wordsworth and Frost, Kala and Tejas talk about their early memories of poetry, deliberating whether inspiration or competition drives them on to write more. 
August 15, 2020
Episode 03 | Marmalade, Masterchef, and Memories
Inspired by a long-read on Marmalade and Paddington Bear, Kala and Tejas talk about some of their food-related memories, eating a variety of sandwiches, watching Masterchef together, and learning to respect food and people's choices around the same.
August 11, 2020
Episode 02 | Passion Projects, featuring Anil Rao
Kala and Tejas call upon Tejas' father, Anil, to discuss why personal passion projects always become family endeavours, and how each of them gain from working as a family unit on everyone's goals.
August 08, 2020
Episode 01 | Why We're Starting A Podcast
Kala and Tejas discuss what they're hoping to achieve through the recording of weekly conversations and what their apprehensions are, as they embark on this journey of podcast-making.
August 04, 2020