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Tuff Divas

Tuff Divas

By Tuff Divas
Two mums, battling, laughing, swearing and winging our way through motherhood and mental health.
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Believe In Happy
Steph & Amy discuss how you can believe in happy whilst living with mental and physical illness.
May 01, 2022
Starting School
A lighthearted (but sweary) chat, about the trials faced when your children start school. School mum cliques, and new chapters. Please do leave us a review if you like the ep!
September 25, 2021
Everyone Holds The Baby But Who Holds The Mum?
This month we talk about things we needed during those first throes of motherhood. We also share answers to our question ‘What did you say you’d never do as a parent before becoming a parent’ and shout out some of your favourite small businesses. As per, this episode contains strong language throughout, and talks of maternal mental ill health and NICU babies.
June 19, 2021
Stupid sh!t people say to pregnant women/new mothers
Steph & Amy tear apart archaic mumshaming comments whilst giving their own account of how these ‘well meaning’ phrases can be negatively received. TRIGGER WARNING** Ante & Postnatal Depression, birth trauma, NICU, mental health and motherhood. CONTAINS STRONG LANGUAGE THROUGHOUT
May 17, 2021