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Foundations with Tulane Chi Alpha

Foundations with Tulane Chi Alpha

By Tulane Foundations
We'll be exploring the core tenets of the Christian faith, some core practices of Christian discipleship and some of the heart habits and heritage-specific beliefs of Tulane Chi Alpha.
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Jesus in Context and the Call to Discipleship
Who was Jesus and what was he up to in history? Olivia and Matt explore the grand narrative of the Bible and try to situate Jesus within the covenant plan of God, as well as within his historical situation (culturally and politically). From there they explore what Jesus did and said and why. What did he intend by doing miracles, eating meals with undesirables and forgiving sins, and what did he teach and why did he call himself the Son of Man or Lord of the Sabbath? The Two Year Bible Plan Pray a Psalm a day (Jan 1 = Psalm 1; Jan 2 = Psalm 2, repeat on day 151 of the year) Summer 1: NT Fall 1: Isaiah-Ezekiel Winter 1: Gospels or Advent Plan Spring 1: Daniel - Zechariah (Spring Semester 2021) Summer 2: Job, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Songs + NT Epistles Fall 2: Genesis-Deuteronomy Winter 2: Gospels or Advent Plan Spring 2: Joshua-Esther
April 06, 2021
What Went Wrong and Who's Going to Fix It?
Isaac and Matt explore the introduction of shame and brokenness, injustice and evil into God's good world through sin. What is sin and why is it such a big deal? What is God's response to human sinfulness and how does Jesus heal our hearts and our civilizations?
March 31, 2021
Humans and the Rest of Creation
What are we here for? Morgan and Matt explore what the Bible teaches us about the purpose, meaning and value of humanity, and how the answers to those questions impact our relationships and communities, our passions, personalities and professions, as well as our eternal futures.
March 17, 2021
GOD the Creator and the Power of Words
We start at the very beginning - who is God, and how do we know God? In this episode we explore God as the Creator who spoke everything  and everyone into existence. What do we learn about God from the  narrative of Creation in the Scriptures? Who does God reveal God-self to  be, and how? Is God far off or near? And what does all of this teach us  about ourselves and how we out to live? Session Notes
March 09, 2021