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Tumo Speaks to The World

Tumo Speaks to The World

By Tumo Maokisa
Tumo Speaks to The World, is a podcast about Travel, Mental health, entrepreneurship, identity and everything in between.

Tumo is a wanderlust struck Pan-African traveller, writer, content creator and entrepreneur dedicated to sharing the most thought-provoking conversations, videos and blogs to inspire you to think more, dream bigger and do better.

Welcome to Tumo Speaks to The World
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From Africa 101 to African Content Fellowship
I have spent a while building up Africa 101 as a way to demystify the African continent but I have since realised we should be focusing on empowering African Content Creators across the world to tell their African stories to demystify the African Continent. This Vlog episode marks the beginning of the African Content Creators Fellowship, a platform to amplify and encourage Africa content creators. This does not mean the Africa Explained videos will stop. Simply they will take less priority while we focus on building up the ACC Fellowship. The ACC Fellowship will amplify content that celebrates African creators from across all 6 regions of the African continent and Diaspora by connecting likeminded creators, providing financial assistance and training through mentorships, webinars and more. 
July 15, 2021
African Entrepreneurs are F*&ken Awesome
MY journey to explore the African Continent is not just a leisurely stroll along the best beaches in the world. I am also very interested to meet African Entrepreneurs everywhere I go. I am Always delighted to meet he ambitious, focused and dedicated entrepreneurs making big waves across the continent. I can not wait to meet more entrepreneurs and learn from them and share their stories.
February 17, 2021
I Found an old Bitcoin Wallet
I've found an old Bitcoin wallet form 2016 that I had almost forgotten about. The only reason I remembered this wallet is that Bitcoin grew in value from $4000 in January 2020 to $40,000 in January 2021. My little Bitcoin stash has grown 70 times from 2016 till 2021. Imagine that! In a mere 5 years the value of my locked Bitcoin wallet has grown exponentially. This has inspired me to share more Bitcoin and cryptocurrency stories to educate those that are interested to learn more.
February 3, 2021
Save the Nostalgic moments for later
On this episode of Tumo speaks to the world I'm reminiscing about my time in India and the importance of keeping as many mementos of your travel experience as possible. whether it's a journal, photos, videos or an audio log. Save the nostalgic moments, you'll definitely thank me later
January 20, 2021
My 2020 COVIDcation: Challenging, so much Growth, Travel Goals and everything else between
2020! What a year, what a rollercoaster ride of an year. It was tough, rewarding and also downright turnt upside down. Through all of it though I got to grow, learn and also appreciate the important things in life. I look forward to an amazing 2021 and even more growth, travel adventures and a whole lot more. Read my Blog: Follow my travel adventures on: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter:
January 6, 2021
TSTW Daily Vlog Challenge: Tumo Sees The World, House of Fame, 1 minute vlog
To kick off my 2021, I will be starting a mini vlog series from January 1st all the way to January 31s. That's 31 episodes of the Tumo Sees the World mini-Vlog. This mini vlog is an experiment in  creating content that requires as little post production work as possible. The content will cover everything, from content creation tips, productivity hacks and some dope travel videos.  The content will also help me maintain visibility as I try to get into the House Fame next year February. I am excited to try out new thig sin my journey to create amazing content.  Read my Blog: Follow my travel adventures on: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter:
December 23, 2020
I am on an Adventure to meet the 55 nations of the African Continent
So I'm on this amazing adventure to explore all the 55 nations on the African continent and I can not wait to share why I am on this enchanting pilgrimage to explore the most beautiful part of the world. Celebrating the loving and welcoming feeling of being embraced by the motherland, on a personal pilgrimage to find my African identity by interacting with African's all across the continent. In the process clearing up the misconceptions that Africa's colonial history has created in Africans and around the world alike. Embracing the breathtaking nature of Africa's people, cultures, languages, landscapes and Wildlife. All to inspire my fellow Africans to embrace our home and explore it and share the beauty of our wonderful continent with the world, through our entrepreneurship, dance, creativity and unwavering passion.  Read my Blog: Follow my travel adventures on: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter:
December 9, 2020
Tell your story to the world
Story time! I dive into the motivation behind Tumo Speaks to The World and Tumo Sees the World. Following my first ever trip outside the mother continent to see the world for the first time. I hope this inspires you to share your story with the world too. Your view and perspective is important and now is the time to share it with the world.  Read my Blog: Follow my travel adventures on: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter:
November 25, 2020
Who is Tumo?
A brief intro to Tumo, why he Speaks to The World and the "Why" behind the podcast, my love for storytelling and why I encourage everyone to do the same. Read my Blog: Follow my travel adventures on: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter:
November 18, 2020