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Tune into the Cloud

Tune into the Cloud

By Gregor Petri
In this music inspired blogcast Gregor Petri takes you along on his music inspired journey into the world of cloud and edge computing.
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Tune into the Cloud – The Blogcast – The Business (in 2021)
Transcript: 2021 is just underway and Tiesto is once again topping the charts here. This time with a track called "the Business". So a good time to look at what the business in cloud in 2021 will be about.  For example, how will leading cloud providers be able to maintain their unprecedented growth rates during 2021? *As always the disclaimer: "These thoughts and views are my own and do not represent those of my employer" When looking at this years product and technology announcements at the annual customer events of the leading cloud providers, it is a bit of deja vu, it feels like more of the same. More and faster instance types, more deployment locations, be it new regions and new (local of global) zones, more refinement of existing products in areas like serverless, AI and machine learning and of course another bunch of Kubernetes distro's. But technical refinement typically does not lead to exponential growth. My feeling is that the more disruptive cloud news this year could be found in the partner track of one of the cloud leaders. Although that news was presented as a list of new features and refinements to that providers cloud marketplace offering, the underlying story seemed to be much more about the cloud provider taking a page from the playbook of its parent retail company. Namely, that exponential growth can be more easily achieved by accommodating third party sellers. A principle that was also, be it briefly, mentioned in the close to three hour CEO keynote of that provider under the heading: "Acknowledge that you can’t fight gravity". [...] Full transcript text here In short enough exiting twists and turns to contemplate and research during 2021, even if the underlying technology developments may seem to become more and more of the same. The Business is a 2020 song by the well known Dutch DJ, Tiesto. DJs, unlike cloud providers, started their industry by distributing other people's products. Simply by playing records from third party artists. But the professional DJ scene quickly  pivoted towards  becoming full fledged music producers, that create and  control most of their content themselves. With one notable exception, namely the vocals. Singing voices are still largely sourced from third parties, such as in the case of "The Business" from James Bell, an artist better known as YAMI. But the brand, the recognition (and the revenue) has shifted away from the individual performing vocalist towards the DJ or orchestrator. To play the song, please click the below link in the show notes.
January 11, 2021
Tune into the Cloud - The Blogcast - Rollercoaster
Tune into: Disruptive Change  One day, when - with the benefit of hindsight -  we look back at  2020, we will likely remember it as a period of  unprecedented, tumultuous and continuous change. The type of change that makes you a bit nauseous and scared at the same time.  Like a rollercoaster ride, but a lot less predictable and with widely different outcomes and impacts per person, per industry and per country, even though we were essentially on the same ride. In our industry forecast we referred to this as "the end of averages" (or at least the end of meaningful averages). Within the same country, one industry was experiencing record growth, while another would be fully locked down with no revenue left.  The IT industry as a whole did relatively well,  while cloud came out with flying colors. As we mentioned in our cloud predicts, try to imagine lockdowns and mandatory work from home without the benefit of collaboration platforms like Zoom ,Teams, Webex or without sharing platforms like Dropbox, Sharepoint. Telecom providers tweaked th e dials of their networks and reaped the benefits of their fairly recent software defined and virtual networking investments. Keeping everyone connected in realtime, despite massively different traffic patterns and volumes. And as always they got little recognition or reward. Communication pipes are very much like the pipes of sewer systems, nobody gives them much    thought, until they overflow of cog up. All the attention, and most of the money, went to what ran Over The Top. Some things never seem to change, not even in 2020. Looking further ahead, let's say towards 2025, we do expect some significant change in how the competitive landscape will look. The cloud disrupters of just a few years ago have now become - at record speed - the incumbents of the cloud market. But that market is about to change significantly with the entry of Edge computing. And all market players feel they have a historic right to play there. Cloud provider see Edge computing as a way to distribute their cloud offerings to be nearer to their customers (distributed cloud). Traditional on-premises infrastructure players feel that near premisses (Edge) is a lot closer to their on-premises offering. And telecom players are all eager to finally combine their old (metropolitan real-estate locations, once occupied by massive rotary switches) and new (5G spectrum and close nit antenna coverage) investments into a monetizable offering. The next 5 years promise to be an interesting chess game, where who blinks first will loose and where  unexpected turns and twists will cause plenty of nausea and fear. Although hopefully only off the professional and commercial kind. Stay Safe and all the best for 2021. Rollercoaster is a song by Dutch artist Danny Vera, who during the traditional end of year Top 2000 competition, managed to displace incumbent powerhouses that occupied the lead spot for decades, such as Queen, The Eagles and Led Zeppelin. Already considered as a timeless classic when it was introduced in 2019, the song helped numerous people to cope with the rollercoaster life we got to know during 2020. 
January 2, 2021
Tune into the Cloud - BlogCast Trailer - Thank you for the Music
Transcript: Hi , My name is Gregor Petri, Let's start with a disclaimer, please note that “These thoughts and views are my own and do not represent those of my employer.” For questions regarding this please review the full social media policy webpage listed in the show notes. Welcome to the trailer of the Tune into the Cloud Blogcast. a weekly rendition of one of the Tune in the Cloud blog posts, in a podcast. Podcasting is hot. Red hot. Some expect podcasting to shake up the media industry as fundamentally as cloud computing shook up the IT industry. So a podcast version of Tune into the Cloud, a music inspired cloud blog, seemed a no brainer. Were it not for the fact that including specific songs in a podcast is not trivial from a legal and copyright perspective. I would go as far as to say it is jstill as complex as trying to build a business importing Karaoke machines and bundling them with popular local music on VHS tapes in the nineties (trust me , I tried). But as always, complexity and difficulty for one can spell opportunity for another. And in this case Spotify stepped up to the plate by offering the possibility to use songs from their vast catalog in any podcast, as long as it is distributed exclusively on the Spotify Platform. Now, personally I am generally not a big fan of exclusive arrangements, but am rather a big fan of free (as you will have heard by now, I am Dutch). So I signed up with a free account to create this first Blogcast. A blogcast is a little bit less informal than a classic podcast. It wont feel like sitting with (distant) friends around the kitchen table and listening to them chitchat away about variety of related topics. Think more of listening to a short Sunday column, read out to you as a conversation starter over the breakfast table. Over time the Tune into the Cloud Blogcast may very well turn into more free form chatter with guests and regular agenda items, and thus follow in the footsteps of some of the early pioneers of the cloud computing podcast genre such as the one and only original "The cloud computing podcast" and the still running "The CloudCast". But first we will turn to the current library of cloud topics and tunes, and render them as integrated audio experiences. With integrated basicaly meaning that each podcast will end with a song, either the full song for premium subscribers to the mentioned distribution platform or a 30 second clip for the rest of the audience. Today's warm up clip "Thank you for the music" [...] Ok, I am sure that at this point your expect to hear ABBA blast over your speakers or earpods, and it literaly did blast. Balancing volume across different clips apparently is still an art rather than a science. But beside that smal snafou, it also did not last (might have to do with the fact I am not actualy based in one of the countries this function was released so far). And you can fool some website some of time, but ... etc. So instead there is a good old link in show notes, right below this. Unexpected benefit of this, this podcast, or Blogcast now plays on most regular podcast players. Music Clip: LINKS: Notable Cloud Honourable mention: Cloud Computing Weekly Podcast (up to 2017) By David S. Linthicum Used Podcast Platform : Anchor.FM (production) Anchor.FM (distribution) Audacity (recording) Social Media Policy of my Employer
November 1, 2020